David was one of the best people in the world, his personality was one of a kind, his joyful nature and kindness was always loved and was just what we had come to expect from Dave.. he was the most amazing person i have come to love in my life thus far and as i sit here cry i wonder if this could be all true or just a bad bad dream.. David Andrews was traveling over razorback from camden at around 9.30pm Friday the 29th of October 2004, were he lost control of his car on a bad stretch of road and rolled out of control into a enbankment. on this night he lost his life.. its just not fair. hearing this is truly the worst moment in my life, i now sit and wonder how this could happen to such a great person.. it has made me realise how fragile life is and to make the most of the people around you while you can. My thoughts are with his family and the people around him, Dave was too young to die and didnt deserve this... You will always be part of the crew and I know you will always be there watching upon us... im sure i speak for absolutely evryone when i say we will always miss you dave and will always love you with all our hearts.. You will be truly missed by everyone! especially me.

Ride on David Neil Andrews.. You Will Never Be Forgotten


Your Thoughts:
William " wil " Carraro
dave andrews you are the one guy that you could always count on for a laugh and a good time ...i know every member of the dilly crew will sadly miss you and will make sure you are never forgotten by anyone .......... i give my deepest regards to daves family and all you guys that where real close friends of dave........your the best dude

glenn dagg
this hurts way too much.weve all lost a brother,someone we all love so much.someone we refuse to lose.dave will live on in the hearts of everyone,everytime i take a pedal dave will be there.we all love you dave,the dillys nothing but a shell now.the good times we had will never beat the good times well have.so much love and respect love daggs

No Name
i dn't know wat a lot of people are goin to do without dave.... I do not know a single soul who didnt like him, and never heard a bad word said against him.. What i do know though is that everyone has so many good memories when it comes to dave and he is never goin to be forgotten by a single person in the Dilly. He will always be remembered for his craziness, and just the little things that made him who he was... It jus goes to show you never realise how much somebody means to you until they're gone, and what a huge impact they have on your life. Everyone will miss you Dave R.I.P , look over us won't you xxxx

sorry dave we all miss you man but we gotta move on we all miss you and luv ya ill always remember you

Jarrad Peter Carraro
Dave......I havent known you for very long, but in the short time i have you were an awssome guy, you always had that cheeky grin on your face and made me laugh. You were a true friend to many and will never be forgottne by me or anyone. My thoughts go to your family and those who had the pleasure of being your closest friends........Rest In Peace Dave. love jarrad

dude from the first day i met you it's been a day in paridise.every time we were together it seemed like we always had the best of times from taking a shit together at gerringgong to telling michelle to get your bobalon's out.....words can not describe who or what you were, you were inreplacable dude.One day i will own a toaster and it will be for you...... you were one of a kind brother R.I.P

I remember dave i met you back in 95 and we were on the same soccer team. we won the grand final that year the team was thrilled. im so glad for being on the same team because i became friends with you. you were one of the most down to earth people i know and i loved that, you were so easy going and made everyone laugh. You will never be forgotten by me or anyone else we all love you dave, rest in peace my friend...

Clint Bensly
Dave will be missed by all he knew him even those who didnt. He was the guy who rocked up at the park and made it fun. Just one of the memories i have of dave was him challanging me to a crashing comp, stunned i accepted and he smashed me. R.I.P Dave we will miss you

It is very hard to comprehend the loss of any life, and the fact that they wont be seen in an awfully long time. Especially when they're so close to everyone you spend your time with. R.I.P and respect Dave.

Ever since we met... you have definately been the funiest guy to be with and to ride with. You always made riding so fun. My thoughts go to your family and all that were... and will be still close to you forever. R.I.P

Jamie Bunning
Even though I bearly knew you and you bearly knew me... When I got the news it hit me preety hard.... I had only met you once or twice.... You we're a top guy and will always be a top guy and will remain in all our hearts and never be forgotten.... On behalf of the Fisher's Ghost Festival and Campbelltown BMX we will be holding a 1 minute silence at the 13th of November BMX Competition at Campbelltown Skate Park... R.I.P Dave.... ....You'll Forever Be In Our Hearts....

Seems as if you've made the same impression on every person you've ever met as you made on me champ. And you know what, it aint often that you will find someone and no matter who you are or who you hang around, you could always be their mate. Moments shared with you were always good times! And from reading all of these messages your whole life must have been a huge party! This has to be the biggest kick in the guts everyone has ever had! You don't have to ever worry that we will never stop thinking of you...unless we're thinking of what the time is, or where the fuck we left our keys, but really, you have left a massive impression on everyone you'v ever met. We will never forget you mate! Tell old mate up there that I'm gona have 2have a word with him about this one day. What was he thinking! the guy must be on drugs! R.I.P. champ!!!

jason cairns
from day one dave u have bin the bigest champion i dont no one person who could say a bad word about you you have bin loved for such a long time by so many people now your going to be loved for ever we will never forget the way u smiled or the way u made everyone else smile even at the worst of times dave could pick you up and make you feel good about anything there is not one person who compares to you dave R.I.P dave you will never be forgotten

Bargo Megs
Dave.. There's really not much to say. You've brought so many smiles to so many faces, and there's no way anyone could possible begin to say goodbye. We will never forget you and you will never stop living on in all of us. I jst wish I could hear you say "give us a kiss sweetheart" one more time! I'll never forget you! xox

Dean Wall
You were the one person that i could always be around to make me happy. You were a brother to me and always will be. From the day i met you when i was around 7 or 8, I always looked up to you as something that i would become, and i still will. It's going to be hard to foget you and live without you, the memoreis we shared and the times we had will never be forgotten . You were one of a kind dave. In my eyes you were a hero. My life will never be the same without you. I love you dave.

girls from picton high
its goanna be sad u not around we will miss you heaps ur a funny guy and u didnt deserve this but least you lived your life to the fullest you have so many good friends and a good family who love you so much and miss you!!!! we wish we got to know u better but when were up with you we will catch up :) and make up for lost time love u lots dave and we will miss you. c ya mate xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxox

No Name
even thou i didnt know dave very well, this news has been a major shock 2 the system,and by seeing all ur msgs 4 dave,it hit me even harder. no-one deserves this.it hurts to see such a gr8 guys life wasted in just a moment,goes 2 show how short life is..never take it 4granted. time 2 reflect on wat a gr8 and 4filling life dave had, and be thankful that he was all part of our lives for as long as he was. hugs and kisses out2 all his loved ones.. especially u boys! RIP dave xxx

Dave this is just so hard you have to be the most loved person i know and i now know its because u loved everyone you were always there to make us laugh theres so many memeories a good 13 or so years worth with me you will never be forgotten and just make sure youre watchin out for all yours boys from up there we love you so much and i just hope we told u often enough while u were here! no goodbyes just cya later my friend! xoxoxo bargo misses ya mate

i never got to meet Dave but i hear from a lot of people he was a great guy. He meant a lot to every one and that will never change. If i got to meet dave i'm sure he is as great as every one says he is. Every one loves you and respects you for who you were and your some body no one will ever forgot. You will always be in our heart..

all i can really say is that dave was a good bloke even though i didnt see him much but every time that i would ride with him it would be the funniest thing he can make anyone laugh, but it will be hard for everyone at this time as it is like something is missing from yourself i know how all you guys feel at the moment its will be hard going out as a group and doing stuff but at least you no he is always watching yous and will always remain inside each and everyone that has been touched by this ,dave you will always be remembered as we will always remember the good moments we had with you rest in peace mate

Dave, we will all miss your cheezy grin and you will always live on forever in our minds and our hearts. i miss you dave and so does everyone else. deepest regrets to the loved ones and family.. love you XxX why is life so far from a fairytail?

Dave. Goodbyes are much to strong a word for goodbyes are forever and never reoccur this is just a temporary part we will soon meet again but until then, you will always be remembered in my heart i think of you all the time i wish sometimes i could just rewind, and be there when you needed a hand, help you when you could not stand, be there in your time of need how could someone just let you leave, I'm sorry this had to happen to you such a young boy, i cant believe this to be true my eyes filled with tears of sadness when i heard such news to me, it seemed unreal and so absurd it hasn't hit me yet, that your gone for real, but you had no regrets you lived your life to the fullest everyday and you didn't let troubles get in your way that is what i loved about you no one could replace a person like you, so beautiful inside and out how could god take you away? never did i really say, how much i loved you so, I'm telling you now and yes its true I Love you xxx

Im never going to forget your smile, you were one of the only people iv known that had a smile on there face 247, you were a gift to know and you will always have a place in my heart, ill miss you xxxxxx

We only met a couple of times, but even those few times u made a huge impression; not just on myself, but pretty much everyone you have ever met it seems. Dave must have been one of the most loved guys I know. Virtually everyone knew him, and everyone had nothing but praise, admiration & respect for him. You'll be sadly missed, though never forgotten. RIP Dave

I only met dave a few times but my memories of him are only good ones. He always made everyone around him laugh and i can remember when i saw him at partys he'd have a can in one hand.. the other on his hip and a huge big smile on his face. When i heard about what had happened i couldnt believe it and still cant. You didnt deserve this dave you have so many friends that love u so much and will continue to until forever. u will never be forgotten and always have a place in our hearts. i'll miss u xx

Dave,you were obviously a blessing to every single one of your friends and your presence will be greatly missed by so many kids. Now u walk with your own kind,u walk with the angels.

i never met him but readin these comments and messages makes me wish i had my thoughts are with the family and close friends

hey dave hows doin man, out of all da times ive riden with ill always remeber, skool holidays i was at tahmoor trails he was pullin some funny joke and pullin some shockin farts aswell. it will b hard for us all goin on with out u but easier knowing that wen our time comes we'll all be up there wit u goin for massive ride brother. R.I.P dave... you'll b missed my many Love Mitch.....

peter irving aka bargo pete
i got nothing man.... help me out here

No Name
On Friday, we wont be mourning your death, but celebrating your life. You were one of those people in life who's large array of friends can not be mistaken as a symbol of your bubbly and euphoric personality. You obviously have a way with people, and although you can't help but feel as though we've lost someone great, we should all try to realise that you've gone to a better place (athiest wise, god knows where that is).

dean jones
dont no u but by the sounds of things u didnt deserve to go, rip

peter irving aka bargo pete
i cant say u didnt deserve this cause im backin ur somewhere better, and if u are thats what u deserve the best of everything, its just i wanna be selfish and have u around again... not good bye at all its just goin to be awhile til we can have another surf and turf and a beer but it will be the best yet i no it...i love u man

Dave was an incredible guy he was always making people laugh and he got me drunk for the first time all my regards we will love you foreva Dav

wil carraro
its only been a few days and everyone is missing you like hell i know ur up there watchin out for us all cause thats the sort of guy u are. it is soo hard to say good bye to you so we will leave it at cya later untill next time dave" peace out"....

Rach Smith
I didn't know dave much but what i did know was he was an amazing guy. I realized this after watching many of his soccer games, and also being saved from falling off my retaining wall while drinking with him at one of the parties i bumped into him at..... He made everyone laugh and hopefully will keep on doing so up in heaven... U were loved m many mate and you always will be, keep smiling and looking down on all the people that love you.... You didn;t deserve this mate.... WE LOVE YOU xxxxx

dave u were such a cool guy. its such a shock to the system to hear the news. the dilly has lost a very special person, but u will still live on..love u lots.. r.i.p mate

kyle-little tilsey
Dave was a genuine bloke. He made everyone laugh even at the worst of times. I didnt know him alot through riding but i knew him thruogh soccer and he was just like a brother to everyone.My thoughts go to his family R.I.P Dave

cam bishop
i cant remember not riding my bike with you.You running up to me to see if i got the pic for the weride site and running msn hot while the pics download then once then sun goes the beers come out and a whole new stage in my life gets changed by you...

cam bishop
i will never forget you WERIDE FOR LIFE

Billy williams
Dave u filled a hole in my hert you are the funniest guy i know i want remember you mukkin round trying to adopt me you will always be the farther i neva had

Liam "mini showtime" kilgannon
when i was comin home from training at the track and i found there was a crash on razorback the last person i thought it would be was someone like you but when i found out it was u my heart was torn in half i just wish i could speak to you atleast onemore time but its happened now theres no turnin back so all i have to say is thanks dave for such great memories and such a good laugh now atleast we know your lookin down on us peace out see u in a while peace Liam aka mini showtime

billy williams
sorry i meant i will always remember

people i ask 2 thing of every 1 in this world........ prey for dave and hid family and firend but mostly...... jus pllllzzzzzzzzz wear a seat belt lets all share the love on friday

Energetic,Funny,didn't matter what it was or even where it was you made fun out of everything even tho we can't hear you i am sure you still will be laughing and grinning as always going to miss you super dave but we will catch up soon enough miss you mate love marty xoxoxoxoxoxo

Loz Ackerly
I never told Cam this but i always rated your cuddles much higher than his... I will miss that gorgeous smile that brightened everyone's day. You made the best out of every situation, i'm gonna miss u. love loz

tiger, im stumped, honestly, your the first person no matter what was happening i would look for when i turned up to somewhere, and the hole this has left in my life will never be filled,i mean what other sick demented fucker would wanna take a pic of my bare naked ass, even if i did tell everyone it was your naked ass, i dont remember a time i didnt know you, i think my early memories are well and truely killed off all thanks to either a dirty ol red or a tasty ol rum, guess well never get some decent trails built now, its kinda weird buddy, i dont wanna say this but its like u knew something was coming early for you, honestly what didnt u try?? first to flip , first to hit up something new, and youd just sorted things out, had the dream girlfriend u always wanted, had the car u wanted, had a house, and now youve got the pug dog we both wanted, all u needed was the low rider tat, but hey dude, dont worry ill grab that one for the both of us, i know youll be looking out for us, always and forever, theres not one person who hasnt been affected by this, hell its not the dilly nemote, the biggest part has been removed, hell theres not really one person im mates with these days that i didnt meet thru you, hey u just wait and see the muttons i grow for you now tiger, i know we had a lil rough patch there for awhile, but hey all good mates fight, its weird but u know you mean something to someone when u have a bust up with them and can eventually get back to things, hey who can i count on now to make me giggle my ass of regardless, i mean from your no footed landers on a bmx to passing out in your undie boxers with a mongrel, you were the man, there was no one else i wanted to be more like, no matter how i felt ne time of the week a quick talk with you and i was on top of the world again, you had this ability to bring out the best in everyone, no one else understood me like u did, you brought everyone together, hell i think its because of you i know most of the people i do, u always had some kinda way of taking away the shyness i feel round new people, your parents honestly need to be rewarded some how for raising a son like you, neways sport i gotta head down to your place and drop off a cd full of classic you moments, hope we speak soon enough tiger, dont forget me cause i sure as hell wont forget you and ill be expecting u to introduce me to alot of new pals ull be making where youve ended up, god speed tiger, god speed, love ol rigby, not the gay weird love either like some of the pics would suggest,

No Name
in times like these guys we all need to be there for eachother. there is nothing worse than a situation like this tearin people apart. remember that everyone loved dave, there wasnt a single person heard of that disliked him. he is looking down smiling on everyone. protecting us. so on friday, please everyone, be there for eachother, and remember who u are paying your respects to. we love you dave. we always will

sorry i forgot to let everyone else know the funeral is at bargo 10 30 friday, god ol bargo, least i know the best part of that town will never leave, hot diggity,

Russ Sheldrake
Dave we all miss your laugh, your smile, and the swabs! we used to get everytime we saw you, we have had some great times and you will never be forgotten buddy, we will see you soon champ! love russ xoxoxo

Nick Bennell
David was one of the most amazing people to walk the face of the earth. Over the years i have grown to love him. He was always there for you if you needed cheering up or just a good mate to talk to. You will always be remembered by my-self and everyone that had ever met you. My deepest regards go out to davids family and closest friends stay cool my friend.

No Name
dave you have gone away now but the angels are in your presence now, we will miss and love you dearly..R.I.P

hey lads.I dunno how bad things happen to such a great bunch of guys, i didn't really know dave (only had the odd one or two rides with him)but for all the fellas ive gotten to know over the past year, rigs, squiz, both walkers,kenny, trev etc... i just thought id send all sympothy from myself and the goulburn crew to all that are family and great mates of the dave andrews.... keep strong mates!!

dave your an absolute champ!! im gonna miss you heaps dude!! you will alwayz be here in everyones heart!.. R.I.P dave.. we wont forget U!!!

Nakita Coleman
well i really dont know what to say, we lost the best kid there is! dave was always smiling and laughing, dave just had a way of making people smile! dave was sent here to make people happy and he has just done that with his time with us! people lets think of the positive not the negative, dave has not gone he still loves everyone and he will be looking after everyone like he always did. we love u dave and always will...R.I.P love nakita.

HE was a great guy even know i dont know him dat well. always be in peoples minds as i can tell by readin the coments above. RIP

NO Name
My Deepest reagrds to Davids family. From what i have read in the touching msg's above i can see why everyone loved him so much because he was just himself and what i have been told he never had a bad word about anyone, and im sure that he will be thought about for many years to come. R.I.P. Dave

no name
why does this shit happen do peolpe that just dont deserve it why, dave i luv u man ur the best and ill miss u so much rip dave ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG

hey cheif, you got us all stumped here! unlike most of your mates i havent known you my whole life but in the three years that i have you made me smile and laugh more than anyone i know. for the last couple of years ive felt like you have been my brother and i loved you like one,we call ourselves the dilly boys,we loved a rum or ten,we loved a pushy ride,and we loved our mates,well i can say we all loved you more than you could ever know,you were one of a kind champion rider,champion soccer player,champion footy player so i heard,but best of all champion friend,as you can see pal i cant goodbye, cause i know in the long run ill see you again mate so peace out for now man i love you!!!!!! p.s.bro you were the true leader of the dilly boys,love ya kid

what do ya say? Dave it was an honor to have ever know you and a greater privilege to have ever spent time with you. Thanks for everthing about you. The memories that i will have of you are only from the last couple of years, it seems such a short time for such a giant of a man. You will always be remembered as a comic light in every dull corner. I couldn't even get angry with you when you got Billy pissed!!! Even through tears i smile at the memories you have left me. Thanks Dave for being you and sharing some time with me. (Hope they have good bobalongs and a bit of rumpy pumpy up there) My heart goes out to your family. Sorry cant say good bye - catch up with ya!

Noel - NGX
Im Very sorry to here this sounds like he was every thing JP was a good guy to be around R.I.P mate and I wish all your loved ones and your mates the best at this very hard time.

dave i only had the odd convo with u n it seems ive missed out on one hell of a fun loving guy! my deepest ever sympathys go to his mates specially the weride crew and his family! even though i didnt know u well i will look after the ones who did RIP dave ur friends will be with u soon xoxoxoxox

Dave, Our Guarding Angel As You Look Down On Us We'll Be Looking Up At You As We Always Have. R.I.P Sweetheart!

Dave always managed to put a smile on anyones face.. even people who didnt know him.. from the time i met him i knew he was one of kind.. dave was the most kindess person you would ever meet... no1 could say a bad word about him.. he is seriously one of the best people i have ever met.. he helped me through a pretty rough time n i cherish that he was there to help me... he will be very sadly missed.. we love you dave..you will never be forgetten sweetheart.. you will always be in my heart.. keep smiling love ya xxxR.I.P!!

Dave Cragg
My Deepest regards to Davids family and friends, the Weride crew will forever be united in memory of Dave and together will support each other in loving and worshipping the better times they had together. My greatest sympathy for you all. R.I.P David Andrews, Respect for Eterinity.

i never got the chance to get to know you but from wat ive read it seems ive missed out on getting to know a fantastic guy. you were a loved person.. my thoughts are with ur close friends and family RIP Dave u will be in everyones heart forever xoxoxxox

Dave we all love you, you were an excellent guy and always had that cheeky grin on your face making people smile wherever you went. Thankyou for always being that smiling face to brighten everyone's day!! Love always and forever Hayley xoxoxo

no name
keep strong it this time of pain our hearts go out to you guys he will never be fogotten to anyone dave andrew you are a hero to everyone rip

No Name
r.i.p dude, you were one hell of a guy

everyones gonna miss you man, this place won't be the same without you

Dave, i know we didnt know each other heaps well, but within the few convos we did have together i know for a fact that you made everyone's life worthwhile and happy. All your friends love you so much and especially ur family... R.I.P Love Jaye

Dave,i knew of you but while you've been with shannon i got to know u better you are a great guy,and no words can express how much you'll be missed by EVERYONE my heart is with your family and your beautiful girlfriend shannon,this is something tragic that has happened to a gorgeous person, dave you are gone 4 now but not 4eva and i know you will watch over everyone...RIP dave xoxoxoxox

We didn't no each other very well but you seemed like a really cool guy! All my love goes out to your family and friends. xox Rest in Peace Dave

I didn't no him but a few of my mate did he seem to be a hero to most people keep strong i pay my respect to his family and close mates

When i get to heaven dave, You better say Cheers! Coz we'll be hanging at the pearly gates!. I'll Bring the Beers!! I'll Bring The Beers!.. You will always be in my heart, love you mate!.. 'The Dilly' will never be the same without you!.. You were one of a kind Dave, and we will always miss you! R.I.P. David Neil Andrews

Dave, i didn't get to know you as much as i wanted to but from the times i spoke to you, you were a great guy and you always had that cheeky smile on your face each time we spoke. My love and thoughts are with all Daves Friends and Family, and to what i've seen he had alot of friends...R.I.P dave Love ryan.

tye jackson
dave you are the funniest people out you were nevr angry always with a smile rip bug fella have a drink for me up there

Chris Anderson
Where do u start i wish someone could help me but just like everyone else i gotta do this on my own. Dave where did u go we miss u, y did u leave everyone loves u, is this real am i still dreaming, please tell me i am, tell all of us we are. I ask y but who really knows they sayou've gone to a better place its gotta be true but what about us your friends the people that love u everyone i cant think of one person that disliked u and how could they ever,no one could ever make us laugh smile like u did whenever u were around there was only laughter u could turn the saddest moments in to bundles of laughter and thats all i do now i think of u and i smile i even laugh is this wrong its what u would want thats y u were here with all of us and as long as everyone remembers that u will always be here with us foever daveevery person u touched talked to, or even looked at with your cheesy goofy looking smile u left a piece of u there u had so much to give and thats y it hurts so much i bet u had no idea how much your life impacted on so many people and i am so glad that i was able to be one of your friends to be one of those people that u touched (even if guys arent meant to touch each other there u had soft hands though wish i had of got to tell u that sooner) i cant believe how many people admire u respect u and have shown so much love and support for u its crazy u make me so jealous your one man i look up to everyone should look up too u rock my world i just hope that evreyone that knows u remembers that u lived not died u lived more then most people ever will even if u had your clothes off more times then u had them on rest in peace dave and if u r in a better place PLEASE just give a little nudge in the balls like the good old days id appreciate that love u always and forever

Dave, I dont know you personally but I remember you came to school to see your mates and I remember you had this huge smile on his face, and from that smile I could tell you were just a bloody great guy to be friends with. That was the first and only time I'd ever seen you, and from what I hear im missing out. But your face has stayed in my memory ever since then. My thoughts are with your family and friends.. Mate,you were a great guy and everyone will be missing you and loving you forever and always. R.I.P mate.

i know i didnt no you well and that i havent seen you since you were little but you were a great guy everyone will miss you..this shouldnt of happen to you, you didnt deserve this. All my thoughts are with his close friends and family. you will be in the hearts of everyone forever! R.I.P dave all my love xxx

i didn't know you well but i know how many true friends you do have just by reading this website.. my thoughts go out to all your friends and family.... RIP dave..xoxox

i don't remeber a single time from about the time he was in year 8 when dave didn't greet me with a hug a pinch on the ass a tounge in the ear or even a little groupe here an there and always that trademark grin that will be remebered for so so long. you don't really know how much this hurts till it comes this close to home an i think till now alot of us took alot of things for granted. i know it won't happen anymore. this is a huge loss for everyone. i was never daves best mate, dont get me wrong we was fucking cool and we were always mates but i can't even imaging how his best mates and his family feel right now cuz i know i feel like shit. they know just like us all that the world will now always be a little colder without him to light it up..... to all his friends present past and beyond, though you weren't with us too long, your life was he most precious thing we could lose, while you were here the fun was never ending, laugh a minute was only the begining, dave my brother this one's for you!!

No Name
i only met you like 3 times but you seemed like a champ. so many people are hurting cuz you are gone. i no your lookin down on us all and watchin ova us. friday will be a sad day, and wont be goodbye cuz we will al meet u agen. you arent gone your just hangin with the angels 4 a while, they betta b treatin you good, your probably got them in tears with sum joke ur tellin them. so sorry to dave's family, friends, and shannon. we'll meet again.... XoXoX

Watching all these boys hurt is truely the saddest thing possible. Narz is right dave, you were one of a kind! Look after the boys like you always have - They love you more than anyone could ever know!

hayley n ashlee
hey dave, it's gonna be gay at soccer now without you cheerin every one up and making everyone laugh. Shannon, Ian, Russ everyone from his family hang in there you have so much support

No Name
One brother lost a brother, one friend lost a friend, one mother lost a son - but Davids soul will never end! XoXo

No Name
seriously this is a real tragedy. its not fair that such a great guy got taken from us. i hate seein these boys so sad, it just prooves how much dave was loved, and now missed. you'll neva find a character like him. get pissed wit the angels dave, and wait for us. cuz wen we get there, it will b the best party eva. but for now we will celebrate your life, and cherish the moments we have shared with you. dry your eyes boys..dave is just chillin up in the sky waitin for us.keep smiling dave, Rest In Peace you are a True champion. and your memory will live on foreva til we meet again. deepest sympathys to daves family and friends.

Everyone loved Dave and for good reason. This guy was\is amazing. His ability to make someone laugh in the worst of times was incredible. I know the times down at the skatepark or trails where Dave was always found will never be forgotten, Just like every other moment i remember. He was one of those guys that looked after everyone. It would be impossible to live up to Dave. He was\is the best guy that ever walked. Cant wait to see u again champ. RIP Dave you will be greatly missed.

dave from the first time u grabbed my balls to last time u slapped my ass and cheered my on while i spewed absolute hole up at the george you always put a smile on my face and as i sit hear in a pile of my own tears trying to think of memories to right i relize that i just cant take this its way to hard... dave fuk i miss u plz come home xoxo mike

I have sat and read all the comments everyone has writen about Dave, and they don't at all suprise me. We have seen so many accidents like this in our area, and not one has hit or effected such a large number of people as this has. Over the last few days we have seen so many of Daves friends and family go to any lengh to do things the way Dave would have wanted. It really does show how great he was. Dave really was what made and broke what we all know as the Dilly. I will never forget the great times I have shared with Dave as I am sure most of us will remember them. When I think of Dave I just see that big smile of his that he did as he would pull his head back, it was one of a kind, in fact so was he. I have known Dave ever since we were really young and he has always been a big brother to everyone he knew. He will be missed dearly by everyone. If we learnt something from Dave it would have been... To live life for today and not for tomorrow dont have regrets do what you want to do and dont wait.We all love you, you wont be forgotten. x x x

luke walker
hey everyone if anyone wants to ride with the crew on friday to the funeral meet at my house at 9 or abit after respect.............

luke walker
i love u dave, respect forever.......dilly boy 4 life.........

I Am Number 1
Really great guy fuckin champion, fully sick rider,

deon (again)
i forgot to say before that dave could not have wished for better friends in the world. you guys have done your best to pull together at the worst time. your gettin a hell of a lotta respect and as sad it is that you had to pull together for this reason i rekon dave's lookin down with a tear in his eye cuz i don't reckon he knew he meant so much to so many people but he did. my hat goes off to you guys. i'll see you friday an if i can do anything for anyone, please let me know

No Name
A rose once grew where all could see, sheltered beside a garden wall. And, as the days passed swiftly by, it spread its branches, straight and tall. One day, a beam of light shone through a crevice that had opened wide. The rose bent gently toward its warmth then passed beyond to the other side. Now, you who deeply feel its loss, be comforted, the rose blooms there. Its beauty even greater now, nurtured by God's own loving care.

No Name
Perhaps the stars are not truly stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy & well.

hey luke i dont usually ride with u guys but were do u live, i wanna ride with use for dave, i am i mtber is it ok..? if possible send some info about were u live to us thanx man. mitch_1080_@hotmail.com

hey every 1, show the respect dave deserves, put a rose out the front of ur msn name for him share the love he left behind

it just makes me cry,i think about every1 i care about n i jus want to put u all in a box, so i can protect u from the world, but that wouldnt work, u wouldnt get the chance 2 live life, it would be like dying a different way n it certainly wouldnt hav gone down well with our dave, if any1 lived life it was dave!sometimes it feels like things would be easier if we were alone, that way we'd neva feel the terrible pain of losin sum1,no, no matter how bad it could possibly be, i kno none of us would trade a single second with David Andrews... wat he gave us jus from being in his presence... Thankyou dave, 4 being u,4 givig us that gift, the last 9 yrs, growing up around u hav been an honour... im truly devastated

Daryl Horiszny
I cant believe this has happened to such a great guy,im in shock dave was one of the best guys i have every met he managed to make me laugh and smile everytime. He left such an impact on me i shed a tear upon hearing the news. We miss u already Dave godspeed xoxoxo

No Name
rest in peace dave

No Name
This isnt supposed to be happening, I cant believe its true.. R.I.P dave ur da man!

Words cant express how i feel at the moment.. this has touched me in a way i can not imagine..and i know alot of people feel the same which shows just how much of an impact dave had on people..this isnt goodbye... it will just be a while till we see daves GORGEOUS smile again... i know everyone including me is waiting for that day..dave ur a true champion.. i love you babe.. i know your in a better place now.. n cant wait to see you sweetheart..miss you HEAPS n HEAPS love ya..xx R.I.P sweetheart..Mwah xx

Cal 4
Godspeed Dave - Terrible news, my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. Ride on bro.

RIDE ON DAVE - U have a great bunch of friends and everybody will be thinkin of ya and missin you bud.

No Name

No Name
we neva really hung out, and that makes me sad, all the good times we coulda had. but when i pass dave, u betta say "cheers!!" cause me n u r hanging at the pearly gates, ill bring the beers, ill bring the beers -mr deeds R.I.P DAVE ur one champ who will always b in our hearts RESPECT to all u boys for pulling together in such an emotional time, shows the true meaning of friendship. hugs n kisses

No Name
RIP dave

No Name
your a great bloke youll be trully missed by all, nothing can discribe how much youve touched our hearts in all ways. thinking of you all, my regards go out to his crew and family

It disapoints me that i didn't get to know u dave as much as i wish i could..but the memories that i did share wit u will always stay in my heart..u could always get a gigle outta me..you were a great guy and my heart goes out to all his family and close friends i can not start to imagine how they would feel R.I.P dave!

Dave, ever since i've known the roches, i've known you and thats a bloody long time! you were a fun guy always smiling always laughing, its a previlge to hav known you to of had the chance to of hung out wit you on amazing holidays and getting to see that whiat arse of yours! we all love you dave and we always will but for now its goodbye, goodbye until i meet with you in a betta world a betta place R.I.P Dave i will always remember and love you xoxoxox

dave, i only met u a few times, but those few times were the greatest...u were a total champ and the world will not be the same with out u. rest in peace mate xoxoxo

thinking of you always
we love you from the bottom of our hearts, we will neva forget the smiles you put on everyones face, missing you already xoxoxoxoxox

Dave, You were a beautiful guy, always brought a smile to my face, ill never forget you...your spirit will live on forever in our hearts, you were the heart and soul of everyone.. R.I.P DAVE NEIL ANDREWS

deepest regards to dave's family and closest friends, you've raised one hell of a guy and one no one will ever forget! xoxoxox R.I.P Dave

No Name
I only met you very few times but even in that short amount of time u made a lasting impression in my mind. U may not be with us in person but u are in our hearts always! My thoughts are with ur family and friends.

No Name
To all Daves close friends, "Death ends a life, not a relationship" You will be for ever bound by the memories and the love you shared. Rest in peace Dave. In heaven there is no limits!

i never knew dave personally buti heard alot about him...he seemed like a real genuine, fun-loving,gorgeous guy... i wish i had met him, but i wasnt that lucky... my heart goes out to his family and friends.... they must hurt so much, but from what i know of him,he would want you all to be happy and know he is well...hes gone to a better place and is looking down on all of you... it just shows how easy it is to lose someone you love.... it also proves to us that God only takes the best.... He's with the angels now... in harmony... protecting all of you... looking down on you all....R.I.P Dave... We all love you... xoxo...

No Name
rip dave

I'm with luke show respect for Dave and one of the many things he loved lets get a great show of bikes on friday

rest in peace buddy

no name
please everyone wear seat belts...


Big Nuts
Dave i dont know who said it man but someone once said wen u r young u have moments of happiness and joy that you think it cannot possibly be real and for some reason wen i think of you it always comes to my mind because i cannot remember wen u werent happy dude.Maybe no one said it maybe i just made it up i dont know but i know how many people miss u and how much they miss you and that they would all give anything to have you back i can say im glad you never held back afraid of what people might think you lived your life to the fullest and that is how you will always be remembered. My sympathy goes out to his family and fellow friends and i will always remember you dave i couldnt forget u if i tried. ps dont ride over anymore kids dave....... unless they get in your way in which case u better......i love you man

No Name
Can i recommend Without Your Smile by Evermore be played on Friday? It's an absolutely beautiful song for an absolutely beautiful person. I recommend people look at the lyrics or download it. It's guaranteed to evoke tears.

Pete McCann
Hey Dave what can i say......... always smiling having a great time, i remember the times u pop out of the crowd at a comp or demo i was riding. an say g day. Man i dunno wat to say... il miss u heaps... an most of all u have touched so many people you are true champion. We will never forget that cheeky grin mate live on an ride hard. the whole McCann family is thinkin of ya an all ya loved ones rest in peace

Ronny Sullivan
Dave i dont really know what to say. u were the best. ill miss u heaps dave and all ur little stories like when it was out of action for the model, the grabs nd hugs, the stacks, everything bro. You are the best man. im going to miss u so much dave :'( like the rest of the people that knew u. I remember when i first met u sum olda guy was saying shit bout me nd u stuck up for me and then i got 2 know u. My regaurds go out to everyone that knew and loved dave as i know everyone does. RIP Dave Neil Andrews. forever u will be loved by the dilly.....i Love u man cya

dave man you were the life of everything, u brought many people 2gether. i hope u have some hot gals up there for ya as we know u were never shy with the ladies.. love u bro never will forget you. R.I.P Dave

Liam kilgannon
R.I.P you were the bestguy ever ill miss you bye

although i never met you, ive only heard the very best of everything about you,especially your smile, and love. you bought so much to all your freinds and family, obviously blessed from birth. never forgotten you bought so many people together! rest in peace!!!

i've known dave since back in the day playing junior soccer together, and even back then he was the kinda kid you knew was gonna grow up to be someone awesome, and he was to everyone. I didn't get to hang out much with him during highschool but when i did see him at parties or whatever we'd hang out and catch up and that was awesome, just so damn friendly to everyone. Rest easy Dave and we'll all see you again

Although Dave was only with us for a short time, he made the biggest impression and touched so many peoples lives. There are so many loving memories of Dave that will never be forgotton. The happiness he brought to everyone around him will be cherished always. Dave will be sadly missed, but forever remembered. xoxo

Glen Donovan
Shit man, cant believe the news.. grew up with this champ and had plenty of mad times.. started hanging around different groups in high school but you were still always an awesome guy when we caught up. Rest in peace Daarv :(

Dave you were and still are very loved you have gone for now but not forever.My thoughts go out to Dave's family, shannon and friends. No one will ever forget your smile.

For Shannon
"Death is but a momentary diversion." Those left to remember hold lifes light within until we complete this journey. Those already gone keep that light bright until we reunite.

I wasn't one of davids closest friends but he was always friendly and every single time I drove past him or saw him he would get this massive smile on his face and wave even though he didn't know me that well and no matter what kind of a day I was having that would make me feel so good, my thoughts are with Ian, Russell and the rest of dave's family,girlfriend and close mates. I know that I will miss you for the rest of my life David!!

mate i only met you a few times and when i did it was a privilege...you were probably one of the funniest guys i have met and.. i guess all i can say is you were a champ. ill see u again one day mate R.I.P dave

No Name
** every step i take, every move i make. every single day, everytime i pray.. ill be missing you ** XoXoXoX

No Name
Life ain't always what it seem to be Words can't express what you mean to me! Even though you're gone we still a team Thru your family I'll fulfill your dreams In the future can't wait to see if you'll Open up the gates for me Reminisce sometime the night they took my friend Try to black it out, but it plays again When it's real feelings hard to conceal Can't imagine all the pain I feel Give anything to hear half your breath I know you still livin' your life after death

hey ian and family we are all here for you love you guys, RIP davey love you mate

rach smith
Hey the funeral is at 10am on friday morning at bargo cemetary..... my dad is a grave digger and hes digging the grave so thats how i definatley know.... it says 10:30 up the top just didnt want u rockin up late... cheers

No Name
shit man i dont know wat 2 say!! i only spoke 2 dave a couple of time but he seemed like the nices person in the world. i rode with him a couple of times i didnt think anything of it then but now im glad that i did!! R.I.P man miss u heaps wish u where still here!! XxX

*why do bad things happin to good people ? seems that life is just a constant war between good and evil* see you soon fella cant wait to be with u again

i wasn't one of Dave's closer friends, but i think that he would have had an impact on anyone that he met. He was always so happy and well natured and for that i looked up to and respected him. He was one of those people that was always smiling and that is how i will remember him...smiling. Dave, you were truly an amazing person and you will be sorely missed by all that knew you!

wat can i say.. its such a big shock to the dilly... dave u were loved by so many u had great friends who loved u.. and we miss you heaps son.. have a wicked time in heaven. maybe its not a bad thing maybe u were piked specialy to go up there.. love ya dave RIP sweetheart

ive been good frends with dave ever since i moved out here so many years ago and well we sk8ted a hell of a lot together with ian and i even started rideing with the boys i can not beleve the man we all loved has left us but dave u will always be in our memories and thorts.. missed and loved bye all your wood kicker jamie

Dave, although you are out of sight you will never be out of mind. You have imprinted your cheeky little grin in so many peoples lives and will never be forgotten. You will now walk with the angels, but to me the true angels are the ones you left behind, The Dilly Boys! The way these boys have supported each other through this tough time is amazing. For Dave to have friends like you boys would have been an absolute blessing! R.I.P Dave xoxo

you guys are great i cant believe how supportive you are to everyone dave must of been a great person i cant believe how many people have writen on this website its amazing to see how many ppl love you dave.. i didnt know u but i guess i missed out hey.. im sure you are so proud of all ur friends and your family and didnt realise how much of an impact this was to the whole community everyone is in sorrow over the loss of such an awesome guy not only ur close friends but even for people that didnt know you its so sad reading all these and these ppl are only a few ppl out of the so many more dat are missing you already u will b in everyones hearts always and forever and i cant stress this enuff.. love bless r.i.p live life to the fullest live as if theres no 2morro and always tell your loved ones how u feel

i have so much respect for all the boys pulling together at this hard time. i cant imagine what your going through...dave would be so proud and would be looking down with a tear in his eye! rest in peace dave xoxo

2 dave im sorry 2 hear whats happend i know we never talked much but when we did u really made me laugh and im just letting u know that u will b forever in my heart and allways on my mind love u bro xox

Beau Jones
hey, i didn't know Dave but i was normally around in the back ground when he turned up to parks and trails.. he seemed a real funny guy and down to earth.. i just wanna past on my sympony to Dave's family and the weride crew.. ride those skate parks and trails in the sky hard..

davie fella i miss u so bad i need another ride wid u, hell i just wana c u agin, this has really hert alot of us dude but dont worry we all still love u and trust me u will never b forgottn,i miss ur laughf and ur spooning[we r both comfy wid our sexuality], i herd this the other day and i just wanted to say it k "u can take the boy from the dilly but u cant take the dilly from the boy. . . . i miss u man. all my sympathy to ur family dude. ps thanks for every single memery they r all so damn great

Adam SHOWTIME Kilgannon
Hey Buddy, words can't describe how i feel i don't know how i feel maybe shocked maybe sick one thing though is that ill never hear " IT"S ALRIGHT TO BE SCARED" at the trials the bmx track u alwyas made me laugh like so many people have felt that same emotion where dave can take the most stressfull most scared moment of panic whatever and make u burst out in laughter. You were a friend but most of all you were my mate and evryone elses mate i know i'm rambling but the longer i ramble the more i think u will call or show up i miss you buddy but we will be togehter again soon riding the smoothest trails and i won't be scared love ya mate ajk-051 but most of all we all miss you god speed DNA 00

your such a great guy and are going to missed by so many people. my love goes out to shannon and the family and friends. Dave was such a funny person i cant believe he is gone it just shows how cruel life can be its not fair to have happened to such a great guy and at such a young age. I hope that everyone can learn from this that life can end in the blink of an eye and to tell your loved ones that u love them all the time or it may be too late RIP cya soon your not alone all your friends are right behind u. All though you are gone u will never be forgotten.xoxox

Dave, what to say man. as i've read through ever1 elses thoughts on my best mate i have realised i'm not the only lucky guy to of called you my friend. dave you are like a brother to me, the only memories i have of my life all include you, from our first day of pre-school to our last day of high school, good times. good times that never will end, the memories i have will never leave me. this is the hardest thing i have ever had to deal with,you are on my mind constantly, you hold a huge place in my heart, you are the brother that i always wished for. you knew how to read me, my weekness and my strengths. you would always built my strenghts and encouraged me to forget my weekness.i have looked up to you for my entire life.everyone looks up to you, how could we not, you are the guy everyone wants to be, loved by everyone. dave you have made my life so great, you can not imagine how good its been. im so greatful you picked me as a good friend and included me in your life. you were always there beside me when i needed you, there for me to talk to, you were even by my side for my first kiss and my first fight. we ran bargo man, the bmx bandits, you, me, murph, deano and buddo, we watched RAD to many times. everything you did i would follow even if we knew it was stupid.you never got hurt, you bounce, thats why its so hard to beleive what is happening, im still waiting to hear you come through my front door giggling about something you did last weekend.dave im not saying goodbye when i help carry you to your resting place, just see you later. im not a religous man, you know that, but instead of the pearly gates, all i want to see is your huge pearly white grin, nothing would make me happier. mate, i got so much to say, i just cant put it into words.all i want is to see you again just to say sorry for the things i have done to you that caused us to drift apart in the last few years. your friendship means the world to me. i have shed alot of tears man but there is so many more to come, every day i will think of you and the times we had. every thought of you will come straight from my heart, that is where i'll keep you from friday on. looking at photos of you will always make me giggle, you didnt even have to talk to make me roll around in stitches, the photos have the same effect on me. although your expressions were a crack up, what you had to say was just as funny. it is not only me in my family who loves you dearly, its all of us, from my mum,dad and loz, to my cousins, they knew your personality and couldnt help but to love you.dave my brother, i love you more than you will ever know and words can explain.i will try to learn from you in the time we spent together, no fear, no regrets,have fun and live each day as it comes to you. R.I.P my brother, untill the next time we meet, keep on partying and smiling along the way. love you dave, i will never forget you.Christopher James Roche.

Cameron Charles Bishop
through my eyes He was a kid which would stick up for his mates even tho he knew he was gunna get smashed.he was a kid who had a personal thing with everbody.a kid how loved a great feed at the grecko.a kid who would giggle just befor a grash on his bike and get up laughing even though the pain would be real bad.a kid who would buy a car cause it looks pimp and let it brake down and borrow the family car untill he got round to fixing his.a kid who had the same clothes on everytime he rode(denum shorts white socks blue bonds undies and shirt/no shirt).a kid that would go out of his way to make sure you were happy and if you werent he would pull a sad face and give you a tikkle and it would always cheer you up.a kid that would stick to his word.a kid that didnt like text msgs(he would say just fukin ring me).a kid that would hold his head high through tuff times.a kid that never cared about money(you only live once bishop).a kid that was pround of a rum flop(like sucking on a boneless pinky).a kid that was never scared to get it out and angry.a kid that was not scared to walk home from anywere(lucky your house is on the way bishop wasnt lookin forward to walkin to bargo).a kid that wasnt scared to say i love you to his mates.well dave i love you Through my eyes dave you were everything that i wanted to be.Dave i hope i never let you down.If i do give me a sign and a kick up the ass.....peace out

Dave.. Each day that comes along i hope to see you just one more time, to share one more laugh, to want one last hug. Each day i wish we were given a chance to say goodbye, to share one more moment and have one last giggle before you were taken away. But i know if we were given that chance, we wouldn't say goodbye or have one last laugh together. We would all hold onto you forver so it would be impossible to lose you. Today, Tomorrow, and each day after that, memories shared with you will always be held close to our hearts. xoxo

Reading all this makes me realise even more how much dave had a huge effect on everyone he met. It is still hard to believe such a great guy is no longer with us. Even though i did not know him as well as others, alot of my childhood memories have him in it. Growing up in Bargo in the same street for 14 years with someone does mean alot to ppl around here. I will miss seeing him outside his house or Chris's house waving like crazy at me just to get a giggle out of me or even a smile. I remember him most for that, making ppl laugh. Dave we will miss you, it won't be the same without you, the loss of you has brought so much sadness but left alot of happy memories to remember you by. No one deserves this, especially you. All my sympathy goes to your parents, brothers, sister and to shannon xoxo

jesus, i don't know this guy at all but I ride a pushy and sometimes check out this website all i can say is hang in there you guys, i'm sure your mate dave would want you to cary on strong! he sounds like a champion bloke and i hope he rests in peace

Larissa & Ebony
My deppest regards to the andrews family and all friends envolved around dav. Its sad to see such a young innocent life gone but im sure everyone agrees that he wont be forgotten. Have fun up there dav......Larissa & Ebony

I can not say that i know Dave like all of you but from the comments listed above he sounds like a truely amazing guy. He has been described as funny, reliable, strong, a true friend. I would sum up all of those characteristics to describe Dave as a wingless angel. My love and thoughts go out to all who knew him.

Only an angel could touch so many people in such a short time! U have alot of beers to keep cold for us all when we meet again Dave. Just keep one for me, we still have drinking to do! we will neva forget u mate!! ur in our hearts for ever!!! R.I.P

What can i say Dave.....you will always remain a part of my heart. Love always

dave u were a blessing to everyone that was closest to u, uve had a huge impact on everyone u will never be forgetten, u will always be remembered as that happy, friendly, cheeky boy that everyone loved, god only takes the good ones but uve lived more then most people would in their whole life time, hope the angels are lookin after u up there, my deepest sympathys go out to your family, your girl, and all your close friends rest in peace dave we all love u xxxxx

hey man even no i didnt know you that well you seemed like a great block and i whiss i got 2 no you!!! we all know you will still be rideing were ever you when!!! rest in peace and ride in peace

Meg Murphy
Dave, words can not express how much im going to miss you. You have touched so many people's lives in so many ways. It is never going to be the same around here without you and that white ass of yours and that goofy smile that lightens up anyones day coz all you can do is laugh. I never told you this even though i wish i had but ive always cosidered you as another big bro always looking out for me just as you did with everyone else. i admire your so much dave with ur no fear attitude. You are the biggest champ and i jove you so much but im not saying goodbye but just cya later my big bargo bro xxx love always and forever megs.... you will never be forgotten but will live on through all our hearts.

No Name
WHY.........RIP DAVE

No Name
My deepeset sympathy to all dave's family and close mates!he was so great and this website shows how many people he has touched in such a short time..RIP dave

No Name
Lets do something for DAVID NEIL ANDREWS, Tahmore dirt park now the DAVID NEIL ANDREWS dirt park lets hit up the council make it offical... respect for Dave and and my sympathy to dave's family and his mates. Dude we are all one of a kind but you are one of kind of your own. You will never leave the dilly you will most certainly live on in everone's heart never to be forgoton. Your smile will always glow and your laugh will always echo. Forever in our hearts rest in peace, our pryers are with you and your family..............

Honestly dave u were the best. we seen only a couple of ur many friends 2nite and yes we were all upset, devestated and still in shock. Dave man i cant believe it it was the last time ill see you for a long time. We all were greatly touched by your personalits, ur smile and not to mention ur great sideburns. dave u cheared everyone up but unfortunayely not anymore, "Oh Davey" they were the words that were said at a party when dave got a bit "frisky" honestly were all going to miss u until we meet up with u. love u bro.. xox

i only meet u once through cam at cony u lost ur ear spacers wakeboardn that day so u cut up a bright green plastic coathanger n used it 2 fill the holes it was a crack up i member the funny things u would say 2 get every1 laughn it felt like we had know u alot longer n we wish we could have. our sympathy 2 ur family n friends R.I.P DAVE. much love the CONYBOYS..

Although I didn't really know you too well Dave, I want you to know that I will miss seeing you round and having a bit of a chat now and again. Ian buddy i can't honestly begin to understand what you are going through, to lose your brother is one thing but to lose your brother and your best mate at once must be terrible. My heart goes out to all of Daves family in this hard time. Rest in Peace mate

dave, it had been a while since i even had a proper chat to you, since we played soccer for the good old rovers, but over the years u became friends with ppl i loved and u came back into our lives. you have affected so many people and are loved so widely, and sometimes we wonder why these things can happen to such good people. but you have brought a community of people together, and though it is not the best time for this to happen, its made freindships tighter and love stronger dude. You will never be forgotten and have shown us what to live for in life. RIP dude

Brenton Magee
Dave,we knew each other from school and occasionally talked when we saw each other.......but i always enjoyed talking to you simply because you made things that much more lively no matter where you were and had a phenomenal charisma about you...looking back now i wish i had made more of an effort to talk to you....and i'll never 4get playin b'ball with you man...you were never afraid to try somethin new.....God Bless Bro....Love Brenton.....

No Name
As a Mum of a boy who was at high school with David, my heart goes out to the Andrews family, Shannon and all his friends. I can't imagine the pain you are going through. I remember David as a little boy at Little A's he always had a smile on his face!

i loved going to the skatepark and seeing you do all those awesome tricks. your the best bud. miss you heaps.

Hayley & Brad - NZ
Thank you to all those people who have written such awesome things about our cousin David. Its obvious that he was an amazing person who made a huge impact on everyone he met. We live in New Zealand and unfortunatly did'nt get to spend much time with him but your kind words help us to understand the tragic loss. Our love to all those suffering.

English Cousins
NOT just a name on the bottom of a Christmas card or a face on the occasional photo - David was clearly loved and respected by so many. We never really got to know him well - just a few weeks in 97 of shared meals and family get-togethers a brief chance to meet all our cousins from Oz. We can see that we missed out on the special friendship and love that he gave to you all. We hope that through the tears and the pain that Davids laughter will shine through. Our love goes to Betty & Ross, Russ, Diedre, Ian; Shannon and all his relatives and special friends. David Neil Andrews - An inspiration to us all.

No Name
to all daves friends and family.. my deepest regrets to all of you for the lost of your son, brother, uncle, boyfriend, and best mate... hang in there guys. oxoxoxo

dave.. being at the funeral today really hit me of what has happened.. i just cant except that something like this can happen to such a great person.. dave i love you with all my heart.. and im going to miss you like crazy.. seeing all of your friends up there today not ashamed to cry for you really showed what a great person you really are..you have touched so many peoples lives in different ways.. especially with that big cheesy and sexy grin of yours..hehe.. dave this is hurting me realy bad..imagine how deano and pete must be feeling.. i really do feel for them they were like your brothers they looked up to you sweetheart.. as did everyone else... the dilly wont be the same without you.. you will always be apart of it your memory will live on forever coz in my eyes you arent gone..i will see you soon and im sitting here waiting for that day to come.. just to see that smile one more time.. just to hear you say "it will be alright jess.. forget about him" just once.. thats all... dave you were such a special person to me.. you helped me through a really hard time and even though it was with one of your mates you still managed to help me n bring a smile to my face.. i will never forget that.. i wanna say...THANKYOU...anyways dave.. i know alot of people are going to start living life abit fuller now..and we have you to thank for that.. i love you babe..always you will always be in my heart forever and ever cant wait to see you sweetie R.I.P dave..Love Jesikah..xxx

Emma & Cheree Small
Dave, you are the most loving most comforting person that we have eva met. we will always remeber you with a smile . When eva you were near there was laughter and joy. R.I.P WE WILL NEVA FORGET YOU :) luv ya always

emma n jessica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we didnot know you but we here so much stuff about you, may you rest in peace by the way you were loved my many expcially by picton hight kids they all miss you..

Just Us!!!!!!!
It is those who were not fortunate enough to have their lives touched by Dave that have missed out in all of this. He has brightened the lives of so many people in so many ways. Dave was a hero to all that knew him, he lived his life like there was never going to be a tomorrow. Dave would not want us to mourn his death, but to celebrate his life and live our own lives just as he did, to the fullest. Our hearts and thoughts go out to Dave's friends and family. Dave you will be forever in our hearts.

dude being at the funral today ripped me to peaces i dont think i can ever say goodbye to you man cause i dont want to beleive it, i've had a few rums for you today for you dude looking at your pictures today brought back alot of memories of how good it was to be around you. As i sit here drunk now im ok but ill wake up tomorro and realise that i wont be seeing you for a fuking long time and i dont know if i can cope with that i only wish you would just turn up again with your big cheesy smile and give me a swipe i miss ya dude and this is somthing that i wont get over for a fuking long time.i just dont understand why you didnt deserve this but i guess if i ever need to find ya you will be at bargo cemetry R.I.P dude and i will cya again one day

I want to give all my best wishes to the Andrews family. You guys made Dave who he was. I've never seen a family so close in my life. It's everything and more that i could ever wish for. You guys are bloody legends. And unlike most circumstances, we didn't need this tragedy to show us that. We already knew. If the boys are gona get together and organise something we can do annually for Dave, I'll be there. I know no one will ever forget him, but Dave was worth so much more then just not to be forgotten... So much more... The funeral was exactly how Dave would've wanted it.. I guess just not so soon. I'm happy to know the amount support you have behind you. And why not, you guys more then deserve it.. To the Andrews family..Thankyou

ColMal & Tiff
Theres nothing more to say than what everyones already said .. u were the absolute best guy ANYONES ever met! If theres beer up there, make sure you save some for the others. Its only for now, but in time to come we will all meet again . UR Dearly Missed DAVE!! Love ColMal & Tiff xoxo R.I.P!!

No Name
It's kinda hard wit you not around, Know you in Heaven smilin' down. Watching us while we pray for you Everyday we pray for you Till the day we meet again In my heart is where I keep you friend Memories give me the strength I need to proceed Strength I need to believe Somebody tell me why... One black morning When this life is over I know, I'll see your face every step i take every move i make every single day every nite i praY... ILL BE MISSING YOU!!

No Name
Who wrote the story of Dave that was handed out at the funeral? It was beautiful and im curious as to who wrote it because it mentions 'i' alot.. ?

Ryann Galea
Dave you were the best guy ever and if this wasnt enough to prove it, today definately was, evryone loves you man and we will keep on forever.. your personality is embedded in me for life and im going to keep that way.. You are unforgetable and i love you so much, You are a true brother to evryone, WeRide For Life! Dilly For Life.. Rest in peace David Andrews Love your black brother Narz....

No Name
We dont know why things like this happen, nor do we understand it.What makes it so much harder is the person who this has happened to. How can we justify someone dying at 20yrs old..how can we justify such a great, amazing and loving person, like Dave leaving us all? There aren't words to describe the feeling, nor are there words to make everything better.. there is only the hope, that the lump in your throat, and the pain in your heart will ease in time. To a truley amazing person who will remain in our hearts for all eternity..Dave Andrews..

Chris Harti
I no iv never met u by all these comments u seem like pretty cool guy so rest in peace dave never stop rideing man peace out.

Jessica Collin
When I saw the accident I never thought it would be someone I knew. You have been such a great friend to ADAM and he is missing you so much. I am hopeing you are in a safe place now and being the silly man you were, making everyone laugh, making everyone have fun, and just being such a great friend. We all will never forget you, and we will always miss you loveable heart. This is not good bye its just see you later, and I am sure when we all see you again we will have the fun that we always have when we are with you. Love Always Jess xxoo

Dave, just wondering if u were having a laugh at all of us standing in the rain today?? Funny how the rain did stop shortly after the funeral!! Ur a very funny man.. It was amazing to see so many people united today, what a reflection of who Dave is and what he will always be capable of. (narz,thanks for the site and the time to share)

another part of "Just Us !!!!!!!"
I never met this lad but it is clear from this page that he was one hell of a man in the making. My heart goes out to his family and friends, especially Dean, please know you have a friend thinking of you through this very rough time.

The story about Dave that was handed out at the funeral was put together by Stuart Roche and some of his closest and dearest friends. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever read. CONGRATS GUYS !!!!! It was excellent and to Stuart all I can say is, "You are a very courageous man for reading it out at the funeral, you did really well to get through it the way that you did, as hard as it would have been for you."

As a parent of boys who knew Dave, i know the hurt friends have felt with this loss. From what i have read here and from the efforts i have seen many friends and loved ones put into showing how they felt about Dave to share with others, I can only say that I am sure Dave is looking down on you all smiling knowing the love you all feel for him. My thoughts are with you all. xox

Daniel "Fish" Jones
I never met Dave. I am a friend of a friend. but i know what its like to lose life at such a young age. when i was 10 my best friend died in a car crash on razorback. he was 11. from the massive response from his friend it appears that Dave has never relied upon the kindness of strangers, but i hope he can make an exception now. i can only hope that i live the life dave did; full of fun, excitement, humour, and good friends. may his friends celebrate life with new found strength and may you all persevere in these tough times. go with god, kind stranger. Daniel Jones

Hayley B & Britz'n'Pieces
I'm looking at ur photo dave and the question every1 is asking is 'Why?'.. Its so hard to believe.. yesterday it rained, rumor has it u were playing the weather man as a mass majority of chix were wearing white singlets (With ur grinning face on the front)in spirit u remain the same, cheeky bugger.. Brit (Britz'n'Pieces) is missing you so much it hurts as am i.. i keep thinking i'll see you round and i even looked for u at Mollies last nyt.. what we would give to see u starkers lapping it down a street one last time.. one more smile.. god bless u Dave! We both love you! & never will u be forgotten, not by us, not by anyone.. Stay Strong Boys.. "Mmmm Darvid" You Beautiful Boy xx.

ur Forever in our hearts dave we'll miss u heaps love ya always oxoxo

No Name
i didnt no dave but from what ive read he sounded like a really good guy/friend.sorry for your loss.rip dave xox

No Name
rest in peace mate xox

Seeing all the boys pull together for each other yesterday was amazing. You will be missed Dave but clearly never forgotten.Head up sweethearts,never let go of the ones you love.

Jugz ,Kate& Tuff!!
To the Dilly boys.. We dont know how you boys are doing it, losing someone so close yet being so strong and pulling through. just want yous to know Dave was lucky to have friends like you as his looking down on yous with his cheezy grin i bet he'd be proud.. u boys are one of a kind.. Hugs n kisses to all of u xoxo take care and R.I.P DAVID, U HOLD A SPECIAL PLACE IN OUR HEARTS!! MWA

rest in peace dave ya legend from jarad

no name
All i really can say is rest in peace dave ur1 heck of a guy why was it you? love ya mate!!!! c u sometime

u r my hero when i saw all those awsome tricks i thought i want to be dave

the song is true only the good die young

dave, Man what can ya say?? you were the face of the dilly boys and always will be.. You'll always be remembered for the extrordinary bloke you are in everyones hearts.. And remember heaven is a halfpipe so have a ball man.. and keep doing what you love.. Riding.. WE Love You Man XXX

Your' everyones lovable cheeseman dave, and you always will be. ill never forget... Peace out and hope u enjoyed our tribute ride we did for you

Tommy Mills
you were true blue dave missing you chief

Didn't know you real well mate, only the stories i heard! My heart goes out to your family and friends, and everyone else who knew him. R.I.P Dave

i will always love you and never forget you! you were the world to me and will always have a place in my heart!!! i wish you were here but you are not i love you so much mwa -xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox-

Everyone just says the same thing because there is nothing else any1 cld possibly say! dave u were just fuken GREAT! and we love u so dam much! watchin something so bad happen makes me realise how close every1 is around here, i wldn wana be anywhere else then the dilly! i have no doubt that you will be watchin ova ur boys they need u so much rite now but as long as ur near they wil be fine! we love u so davey! and always will RIP!! luv dan xoxoxox

No Name

No Name
"Rest In Peace" you'll be very very muched missed.

Britz 'n' Pieces
*You are the bestest kid in the world, and no one will ever replace that. I'll never forget the first time l met you, and l'll never forget that dirty mind of urs and that ass. I'd do anything to see that beautiful face and smile one more time. I'll never forget u, you'll always be in my heart 4ever. I hope we meet again. Love you always. xxxxxxoxox! *You are now my shinning star* RIP babe.

No Name
Dave, you are a funny man. and thats what i'll always remember about you. Just how bright you always were. You had a passion for bmx, friends and family and for that Dave andrews, i salute you. You'll be missed!

Look i didnt know dave but i know his brother ian and some of his friends...i know how use r all feelin guys and its incredible to see how loved he was he must have been an awesome guy!!!! its amazing how one person can touch so many hearts everyone knows its not eazy to lose a loved one so guys just hang in there and dont forget use will be togeva again one day! i know its not fair and it is very hard but use all know that he loves use ALL VERY MUCH!! take care guys and R.I.P Dave Luv Em x0x0

meet you there
now you're gone i wonder why you left me here i think about it on and on again, i know you're never coming back, but i hope that you can hear me... you're gone away, i'm left alone a part of me is gone and i'm not moving on so wait for me, i know the day will come, i'll meet you there, no matter where life takes me to, i'll meet you there and even if i need u here, i'll meet you there, i wish i could have told you the words i kept inside but now its just to late, so many things remind me of you, i hope that you can hear me i miss you, this is goodbye one last time, and where i go you'll be there with me, forever you'll be right here with me, i'll meet you there

Daby's Dad
What can I say to all of you. David had a great core of friends ones whom I had met and some I had not. Your support to me, Betty, the rest of the family and Shannon over the past week or so has given us much strength. Daby had an unusual outlook (very carefree) on life but I am sure he lived his life to the Max. He was a great son whom we all will miss. To the Dilly Boys Thanks for you help and support. Thanks for the magnificent cross now at Davids grave site. Just show us how much he meant to you all and I know the cross is fro your hearts. May be Narz may be kind enough to put a picture on the site to show everyone what I mean. Thanks again to you all, we know your thoughts are still with us. Narz thank you for a beautiful tribute to my son.

hey i know ive already ritten in here but i cant help but rite again...my reagards go to his family,friends and girlfriend...use were all so lucky to have a part in his life i just wish i new him like u guys did. All u guys have put so much effort into this website the singlets with his pictures riding into the funeral everything its just so amazing!!!! just reading all these comments makes me cry i know how hard it is to lose a loved one and u dont relise it till there gone on how much they actually mean to u...make sure use tell your loved ones that u love them try to do it everyday coz no one knows wats around the corner hang in there guys my hearts with use all and dave your a gr8 person and i relise y everyone loves u so god dam much...hang in there and dont forget us all coz u will never be forgotten love Em x0x0

No Regrets
dave was an awesome guy and he lived the fullest life so its only fair that everyone who knew him, takes a leaf out of his book.... laugh at something everyday (even yourself) and make the most outts life.... Dave will never die in my heart and i hope he lives on in everyone's... RIP Dave....life will never be the same...

No Regrets
dave was an awesome guy who lived life to the max so i think everyone who knew him should remeber him by living life like him....laugh everyday (even at yourself), do nudie runs (no matter how white and hairy ur ass is), and keep your friends close and cherish everday.....dave will always live on in my heart as i m sure he will for alot of people....this is a tradgedy that never should have happened, but maybe this brought everyone closer together (Love everyone and tell them everyday)... huggs and kisses to everyone who has been truly affected by this and i hope that u cracked a bit of a smile wen dave made it pour on us at his funeral.....REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES....

Absolute legend of a bloke.I dunno who's gonna try n hump me when i walk into mollys now dude..one of the funniest/best guys i've met. my thoughts are with u and all your mates.

Unfortunately I did not know David either, I wish I did, it would have been an honour and a laugh i'm told. From listening to the great things people have said it's clear that he was an amazing person to have touched so many lives in such a short time. This is for his friends, I hope you agree: Do not stand on my grave and weep, for I am not there I do not sleep, I am the thousand winds that blow a diamonds glint upon the snow, I am the soft sun of ripened grain, the soft gentle autumn rain. And when you wake in the morning hush, I am the soft uplifting rush the quiet birds that curve in flight the timeless stars that shine at night so do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there I did not die. He's always with you as you've said, and my thoughts and prayers are for all he loved.

No Name
why.... live life to the fullest dont let 1 feeling go un-noticed or slip by dont let 1 moment slip you by even it good or bad dont hezzitate to do any thing just do it as i like to say "do it" r.i.p dave i dont know wat we r going to do with out u the world is just not the same with out u i wish u never left us but u were needed 4 something else and i wish that u werent but u had to go and will never be forgotten in my heart or ne 1s heart ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG

No Name

hey it sounds like david was a bit of a maddog but i spose if we think hes gone to a better place it will make it a bit easeir for all you morners. Daves family even though i dont know them will be in my prayers for ever and just remember god loves you and everybody else eternity

Only a whisper away
He Is Just Away You cannot say, you must not say That he is dead. He is just away! With a cheery smile and a wave of the hand He has wandered into an unknown land And left us dreaming how very fair it needs must be, since he lingers there; So think of him faring on, as dear In the love of There as the love of Here, Think of him still as the same, and say He is not dead, he is just away.

Deirdre Fitzsimmons
Just a short message to let all of you know that there will be a group counselling session for all who would like to attend as i see from this website that my brother Dave touched a lot of people. The counselling session is on Friday 19th November at 2pm at Wollondilly Community Health Centre, Harper Close Tahmoor. Behind the big hall (opposite BILO shopping centre). All welcome to attend.

I always loved watching u do them sick tricks u still r my hero RIP ya ledgend

rach magach
dave my man...wait, everyone's man! i admit that i didn't see that often, maybe at the drinking table, the george, with "keno" and all the boys; but i never ever saw you sad, and i think that is what everyone loved about you. well, not only that, but you were just such a great guy, to anyone. i have never heard bad thing about you. with only those few times that i got to see you, you brang a smile to my face. a smile to anyone's face. i really don't think that you knew just how loved you were, by anyone for that matter! this hurts me so much! just to know that i won't see you for a little while! and also to see so many people sad, the ones that care about you so much, that love you so much, that can't even imagine what it is going to be like without you in their lives; because they are thinking about you 24/7! we all are. and we won't stop! the band "queen" once said: "one by one, all the good one's die young, because they are all flying too close to the sun!" and i agree! babe...next time, don't fly too close to the sun!!! please??? miss you so much Mr. Dave Neil Andrews!!!

Daniel Fenech & Darren Roache (Woolworths)
Dave although we never knew you yet we heard so much about you as we know your brother Ian really well. The memory of you will live on forever & you will never be forgotten. You will stay in our hearts forever may you rest in peace. Darren & Daniel.

No Name
Dave i didnt no that well but to me u were a great guy every1 i no loves u 2 bits and they all miss u heaps r.i.p. we love u

this has torn so many hearts apart,i no that your in a better place though. why it happened il never understand??? all the fun ,love memories u brought to so many peples lives can never be replaced,u touched so many peoples lives, including mine. its hurts so bad to think that your not stil with us though i no your in a better place watching down on us with your dam sexy smile.you'll always be with us dave.forever thinking of you. to all the dilly boys. keep strong for each other.all my sympathy to your family,thinking of u ian. love u always man

wat a awesome guy
words deffinatly cant express my feelings at this time. you will be truly missed forever. all the times i checked u out.:) your little cheeky grin il never forget. miss u so much. thinking of all the boys at this time, 2 walkers,daggs,kenny,trev,marty,squiz,ian,pete every dilly boy, keep strong boys

No Name
praying for everyone of u. god bless . keep strong

liz m
i didnt really no dave that well,only met him a few times,checked him out to many times to recall.though the times we did meet il remember forever.that cheeky grin that always made everyone smile, just your presence made evryone happy.when i found out about this devastating loss, i didnt want to believe it, i felt so sick ,i just remember sitting there and cring,feelin so hurt,i cant begin imagine how your family and close friends must be feeling.all my sympathy to all of u. you were an amazing guy and il never no y it had to happen to such a beautiful well known young champion and i will never understand it either,but i no that your up there with the big guy , kickin back, laughing joking,watching down on all of those who u love.even though so many people are hurting coz of this i no that even though we cant see you ,your still here with us.even though i didnt no you heaps well i could sit here and write so much about you,the kinda person you were,your friends and everybodys lives you have touched but id be here forever so i just wanna say that il miss you so much but il see you one day. RIP sweetheart. x x x

Ben "Sledgy" Greaves
I didnt know Dave personally but i did ride with him and his crew whenever they came to campbelltown. And hearing about this loss sent a chill down my spine. Dave always had a smile on his face whenever i saw him and he was always full of nergy and keen to ride. He always somehow seemes to be the life in the session. Not only a rider like that but a person like that is hard to come by and is a tragic loss like that just doesnt seem fair. R.I.P Dave im sure you will never be fogotten by your crew and by everyone who knew you. Ride On

Dave man its been like a week and i still dont believe it properly yet. y u? ur the best guy in the dilly even with where ur spirit is now u still are th best guy in the dilly. dilly for life, do it daves way no regrets. fuk im missin u bro, just come back for a week or so so all of us can say cya later 2 ya, no1 yet has taken ur cheesy grin away. we all miss u. all my respects are with everyone who knew dave, especially his family nd shannon, r.I.p. BrO larda xxxxx

No Name
please this is so unfair ,why , why you dave?you were the funniest,happiest,one of the sexiest guys around.il never understand why it happend to you , so many ppl have said this and its so true only the good die young.you lived your life to the fullest no regrets.hell i just hope everyone learns a huge lesson from this. dont take your life,relationships for granted.love every minute as if it was your last.tell ppl how you feel.dont hold back.who no's wat will come of tommorrow,thats why we need to live for today.i no that so many of us would love to just see you again,ride with you again,drink with you agian,laugh with you again,even though its not now,we will see you again.cant wait. i no your in a heaps better place,still living life to the full. anyway brother just wanna say that you were one hell of a guy,no one will eva replace you,no one could possibly.thanks for all the great memories ,laughs you brought to so many ppl's lives. to all his family & friends ,thinkin and prayin for u all. RIP DAVE NEIL ANDREW"NEVER EVER FORGOTTEN" "RIDE ON" xxxxooooooooxxxxx

No Name
r.i.p dave

No Name
My thoughts definatly go out to Dave's family and friends, I didn't no David to well. I still can't believe that you are gone, such a shame, so young. I will miss him, his cheeky smile and infectious laugh. Hope you are in a better Place Dave, will see you again. RIP Dave.

dont hold back
Laugh when you can. Apologize when you should. & let go of what you cant change. Kiss slowly, forgive quickly, Take chances, Give everything, & have no regrets. Lifes way to short to be anything but Happy.

No Name
* Missing someone gets easier every day because even though it's one day further from the last time you saw them, it's one day closer to the next time you will. * "In life we do things - some we wish we had never done, some we wish we could replay a million times in our heads, but they make us who we are. In the end, those experiences shape every detail about us. If we were to reverse any of them, we wouldn't be at the exact place that we are today. So live, make mistakes, have a good time. Never second guess who you are, where you have been, and most importantly, where you are going." the aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely lovenly aware." Sometimes we must get hurt in order to grow. We must fail in order to know. Sometimes our vision is clear only after our eyes are washed away with tears i just hope everyone knows ... be happy,dont hold grudges, dont go to bed angry, laugh, LOVE, tell people how much you care about them, appreciate everyone in your life....cause you know what ... there ISN'T always a tomorrow!

No Name

mitch fagan
hey darve listen its a shock to me cause you were a big bro to me and alwaqys will.....i will luv ya and miss ya 4 eva cya one day buddy luv ya always dave fago R.I.P .DAVID NEIL ANDREWS a dilly boy never forgotten

No Name
r.i.p dave

Lauren Roche
Dave, i have no idea what to say here. i have so many great memory's of u its just so hard to put it all into words. we were so young when we met u and chris were still in pre school i hadnt even got there yet as u would say i was still just a tiny little roche. i just cant believe this has happened to the best guy in the dilly u were like my second big bro. this christmas is gunna be the first one with out u for me dave but im still gunna be waiting out the front waiting for u to come running down the road with that big grin giggiling. opening our presents without u just isnt going to be the same evey year with out fail u would open the majority of my presents and play with them before i even knew what they were as much as i yelled and screamed at the time dave i think back now and i loved every minute of it. u have made me cry so many times from the time u chased me around the house with snot on your finger telling me u were gunna make me eat it to the time u and chris punched shit out of my teddy bear until i screamed. we have had so many good times together dave i dont know how im gunna go on without u. i keep expecting u to come running in the front door making so much noose. but its just not gunna happen as much as i want it to. writing this is even harder than trying to help dad with his speech for the funeral.dave i was watching the video from fraser the other day we finally found it i remember the day i told u it had been taped over u got so angry at me and stormed off well big bro we found it and its still as funny as ever but my god u never stopped talking on it lol. dave this is destroying me having to write to u on the internet i just wish i could have one last hug and the chance to tell u how much i loved u i never really told u but i think u knew. but i will tell u now anyway. dave i looked up to u so much at one stage i was saying im gunna marry dave he is my dream guy but then i had abit more of a think bout it and realised thats pretty wrong it would be like marrying my brother cause dave thats what u were to me my whole life i have u and chris as my to big brothers but now your gone away for a while chris has alot of work to do cause he is now doing your half. but i know one day i will be with u again and u will look after me just like u have my whole life. my love for u just cant be explained in so few words i will never be able to write down how much i love u dave but i know in my heart u will always be looking over me and helping me through life. u were and always will be a huge part of my family dave u have been in our lifes from day one and will always remain in our heats and thoughts not a day goes by where your name doesnt get mentioned when we are sitting down as a family. i know u wouldnt want us all sitting alround crying over u but the tears just wont stop. i cant wait to c u again dave i know u will be waiting for me and everyone else to join u and start our lives again. well i think thats enough for now theres just to much to say now i have started but u will never be forgotten on my behalf dave thanx for always being there for me and making my life such and adventure i love u bro R.I.P its not good bye its see u later.

Lauren Roche
Dave, i have no idea what to say here. i have so many great memory's of u its just so hard to put it all into words. we were so young when we met u and chris were still in pre school i hadnt even got there yet as u would say i was still just a tiny little roche. i just cant believe this has happened to the best guy in the dilly u were like my second big bro. this christmas is gunna be the first one with out u for me dave but im still gunna be waiting out the front waiting for u to come running down the road with that big grin giggiling. opening our presents without u just isnt going to be the same evey year with out fail u would open the majority of my presents and play with them before i even knew what they were as much as i yelled and screamed at the time dave i think back now and i loved every minute of it. u have made me cry so many times from the time u chased me around the house with snot on your finger telling me u were gunna make me eat it to the time u and chris punched shit out of my teddy bear until i screamed. we have had so many good times together dave i dont know how im gunna go on without u. i keep expecting u to come running in the front door making so much noose. but its just not gunna happen as much as i want it to. writing this is even harder than trying to help dad with his speech for the funeral.dave i was watching the video from fraser the other day we finally found it i remember the day i told u it had been taped over u got so angry at me and stormed off well big bro we found it and its still as funny as ever but my god u never stopped talking on it lol. dave this is destroying me having to write to u on the internet i just wish i could have one last hug and the chance to tell u how much i loved u i never really told u but i think u knew. but i will tell u now anyway. dave i looked up to u so much at one stage i was saying im gunna marry dave he is my dream guy but then i had abit more of a think bout it and realised thats pretty wrong it would be like marrying my brother cause dave thats what u were to me my whole life i have u and chris as my to big brothers but now your gone away for a while chris has alot of work to do cause he is now doing your half. but i know one day i will be with u again and u will look after me just like u have my whole life. my love for u just cant be explained in so few words i will never be able to write down how much i love u dave but i know in my heart u will always be looking over me and helping me through life. u were and always will be a huge part of my family dave u have been in our lifes from day one and will always remain in our heats and thoughts not a day goes by where your name doesnt get mentioned when we are sitting down as a family. i know u wouldnt want us all sitting alround crying over u but the tears just wont stop. i cant wait to c u again dave i know u will be waiting for me and everyone else to join u and start our lives again. well i think thats enough for now theres just to much to say now i have started but u will never be forgotten on my behalf dave thanx for always being there for me and making my life such and adventure i love u bro R.I.P its not good bye its see u later. love your lil sis lauren

Josh Oosty
Dave mate i didnt spend quality time with ya like alot of other people who've left their thoughts on here altho i did grow up since primary skool knowing u and we had the occosional yarn on the street whenever u seen me and u always took interest asking about soccer etc..that was enough for anyone to realise what a top bloke u are! u wil always be missed around good ol bargo especially. R.I.P dude

Bargo Megs
Dave, Loz and I visited you the other day. It was the hardest thing ever. We stood there looking down at all the flowers but had no words to say. I just want to give you a cuddle and say sorry for not seeing you as much towards the end. I look at all the boys and it hurts so much to see them in pain. My thoughts go out to your family and to Shannon - all of who have been so strong in the past couple of weeks. I love you Dave and I will never forget you. The boys are right - the best part of the Dilly has been taken from us.. but no goodbyes - just see you soon. RIP Dave, Look after everyone like you always have and we'll continue to look up to you. You were a big brother to so many people and such a great friend to everyone. You will never be forgotten. I love you Dave xoxoxoxoxoxox

No Name
its something unpredictable but in the end is right i hope u had the time of your life xxoooxxx

No Name
I didn't know Dave that well. I think I met him once or twice at a party but I do kno heaps of people that did know Dave. I only just discovered this website after reading the Wollondilly Advertiser. I decided to have a look and I only got to page 23 of 64 and found myself in a heap on the floor, coz of all the things everyone has said about you Dave. Your smile must have been amazing, your body must have been the brightest light, your peddles led the way for all the weride crew. I was there the night you had your accident, I was on Razorback and I was asked to turn around, when I asked if the person was ok, the policeman told me that it wasn't looking good. From the moment that I turned my car around till the time I reached my destination I was praying that it wasn't someone we knew, not another young person to die on our roads. I was horribly wrong. The next morning when I was told it was you, a picture of you popped up in my head, that picture has never left. I din't attend your funeral Dave, I felt I didn't know you well enough to be there with you, I heard about that day though and all that happened, I heard about the weride crew leading the way for you, I heard about the nuddy run everyone did in remembrance of you walking around half the time with no clothes on and I heard about all the tears that were shed and after reading this site and hearing all those things, it has shown me that you were one in a million Dave, you were significant to all. All that you knew, you made feel special in your own way. To everyone out there that was close to Dave, don't dwell on the past, look toward the future, Dave wouldn't want you to be sad, remember the good times and don't be affraid of crying once in a while, but most of all, I kno you will never forget Dave so don't be scared to move on. To Dave's family, I know how it feels to lose someone close in your family, it hurts like hell, trust me, it will get easier, my thoughts are with you all. Rest In Peace Dave. WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

No Name
i miss you so much, your were an insparation to many and certainly to me, thinking of you always xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox love you always youll neva be forgotten


>Thinking of you CHAMP<
My thoughts n prayers go out to the dilly crew, and to davs family who have gone through too muck- and aslo to shannon, keep strong and remember hes still always with us in our hearts, xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxooxox :) keep smiling cuz thats wat dave would want....

oh dave you were the best guy i had eva met!! id do anything for you to cum bak!!! you will never be forgotten!! mi sympathy goes out to all his frends and family!! r.i.p mate!! luv you lots!!!!

no name
Your my hero your my bother your my inspiration your my everything i looked up to u like u were everything i wanted to be but now u are gone rip dave my hero my champion

Damo Gerbal Callaghan
Dave i've seen u grow up from pre-school...U grew up to be the most lovable person..U would always go out of ur way to say the littlest things like hello..Im hoping u r in a beta place cause u really deserve it...Hope to see u one day..U will be missed by all..Take care..Damo

no name
u will be missed dave u are at peace now we will all see u soon. God bless your soul xxxxxxxxx

Betty (Dave's mum)
I would like to thank everyone who has tried to help us in whatever way to ease the pain our family is feeling since the terrible tragedy. Word's can't express the way we feel, but I can get some comfort in knowing that David has had such a profound effect on so many and that he has left so many wonderful memories in his short life. To all those friends who used to come and visit us, please keep in touch - we would love to see you! David did have a special gift - the gift of making people smile and I think that's the memory most of us will cherish forever. Thanks again from our family for all your support and if you are going to the counselling day this Friday, we'll see you there.

No Name
we love you dave R.i.p you'l neva b forgotten

no name
miss you already xxx

No Name
dave we love you rip god bless everyone and keep strong xoxox

Nicole Sharp
There are so many good things about living in Wollondilly, but one of the hardest is that whenever a tradegy such as this happens, which is all too often, everyone is affected because they either know the person, their family or know someone who knows them. Although I didn't really know Dave personally, I can see from this site that so many people knew and loved him and my thoughts are with you all. I was also good friends with Dave's sister Deirdre during school. It is terrible, but it takes something like this to make us all realise the importance of being there for your friends, telling them how much you care about them, and of not letting the rest of your life get in the way of friendships. So to Deirdre and all of my other friends who I have slowly lost contact with over the years, I do care about you and will always be there for you if you need me xxx

dave u were a champion at everything a borther to all and the funniest guy eva we luv ya lots alwayz and 4eva xoxoxoxoxo R.I.P

Dave i'm missing you so so much ryt now, it hurts... I'd do nething to hear your laugh & see that cute little smile of yours jus one more time... Grab another one of those big hugs... Man come bak!!! There's not a day that goes by that we don't think of you... Love you always & never forgotten Dave XXXXX

u know mate
i went to see ya mate, i'm thinkin of u all the time and i dont think i need to write the way i know i and everyone else feels... thanks for everything, u were one of a kind!!! xxxxx missing u now, and forever... u will never be replaced!! and for the record, u put the D in the dilly davy boy

No Name

No Name

Much Love to Family and Frends! Rest in Peace Shhweetart! everyone loves you to pieces x x x

No Name
Luvin u 4 eva Dave. U wil neva b 4 goten no mater how many yearz go pazt & al da life timez in da world cant replace yourz. Luv u alwayz xxoo

No Name
i didnt no u but i bet u were a great guy. my thoughts and all my regards go to his family and everyone who was touched by u... i believe everything happens for a reason and that there is always positives to negatives... RIP

No Name
u will always have some postives in every negative outcome..

3 and a half months- dave you knwo wat i am talking about. even tho we only tlked that once in a blu moon i always knew i wud see you agen. i neva got to say everything i wanted to say to you, you were there wen i needed you and always made me smile, i'll miss you so much. you have had a major impact on my life and others too. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS N WILL NEVER FORGET YOU, YOUR FOREVER IN MY HEART AND MIND...

RIP baby boi. watch down on us... ONE SWEET DAY- cant wait to see your smiling face again. i never thort the day wud come so soon we'd be saying goodbye to you, itz going to suck, living life without you...

No Name
Everytime our eyes meet, This feeling inside me Is almost more than I can take, Baby when you touch me I can feel how much you love me, And it just blows me away I've never been this close to anyone or anything I can hear your thoughts, I can see your dreams I don't know how you what you do, I'm so in love with you It just keeps getting better, I wanna spend the rest of my life with you by my side, Forever and ever Every little thing that you do, Baby I'm amazed by you The smell of your skin, The taste of your kiss The way you whisper in the dark Your hair all around me, baby you surround me You touch every place in my heart Oh it feels like the first time every time I wanna spend the whole night in your eyes I don't know how you do what you do I'm so in love with you, it just keeps getting better I wanna spend the rest of my life with you by my side Forever and ever Every little thing that you do, Baby I'm amazed by you Every little thing that you do, I'm so in love with you It just keeps getting better I wanna spend the rest of my life with you by my side Forever and ever Every little thing that you do Oh every little thing that you do, Baby I'm amazed by you Love from Stephen, this song is so much Just Us!, thankyou for loving me just the way I am. You have touched my heart in a way no-one else ever will.

hugs n kisses for you DAVE
PLEASE COME BACK, IT HURTS SO MUCH< KNOWING YOUR NOT HERE.... I MISS YOU, AND CANT WAIT TO HUG YOU JUST ONE MORE TIME.... WE WERE GOING TO GET MARRIED REMEMBER... HOW DO WE LIVE WITHOUT YOU??? ITS KILLING ME KNOWING YOU ARENT HERE ANYMORE... NOT A DAY GOES BY THAT YOU ARE NOT ON MY MIND. I CANT STOP CRYING.. i'd just like to share respecet with Betty, Ross, Amy, Sean, Russell, Deidre, little JAckson and Bailey.. Not only them but also everyone that knew Dave... I can't believ that he haz gone, and i am just one of his friends that doesn't know how to face life without him... YOU ARE MY HERO bubs... R.I.P DAVID NEIL ANDREWS.... i'll always love you, and can't and wont let myslef forget you xx..xx..xx

No Name
only the good die young, but in this senario, its only the BEST die young, because sweetie pie, you are the BEST...

No Name
Shannon, i am realli sorry for your loss, i cant beginto imagine wat you are going through, but i hope you know that all of us are here to support you...

no name
i remember a day when Dave was stil at skool and he had just given a little kid a wet willy he ran up and said see that kid over there see the weird look on his face, i'll show you wat i did to him, and stupid me agreed and he wet willy'd me too... the good old days.... RIP babe, i'll always love you

No Name

No Name

No Name
You hav bin the best part of the DILLY, youa re the number one DILLY BOY and you always will be..

No Name
We were close when i was in yr 7 but then we grew apart as time dragged on, but i always knew in my heart tha i wud see you again,but now iz going to be a long time... When ever you drove past you'd beep your horn like crazy, pull over and take me to wherever i was headed even if it was in a diff direction... You knew how to put a smile on everyones face... You were so FUN n ADVENTUROUS to be around, life's going to be hard without you... SO VERY HARD!!!! I cant wait til i see you again, with your huge cheeky smile, or even your dimply butt. =) we'll always love you... Take it easy wherever you are... i know you'll be shining down on us, watching our every move and helping us out where itz needed... It will be horrible living without you, you can NEVER be replaced, n will ALWAYS be in our hearts and minds... Not a day goes by, when i dont think about you, or even that day you chased me around a party when you were butt naked... I'll never forget your sailor hat... my heart is with you always... i loved you, and i dont think that part of me will ever die, and i hope it doesnt.. you made life worth living, now i will live my life for you baby... Everything i do, i'll do it for you...

No Name
Its times like this,that Dave would make us smile, he'd pick us up and put a smile on everyones face. David had the gift, whenever he walked into a pitch balck room he'd light it, just by walking in... He'd make us smile and laugh, he made EVERYTHING fun... He'd be the first tot ry something new... I know i speak for everybody when i say this, whenever Dave walked into a full room of people he'd be the one everyone would see a mile away... Wherever i went i would hope to run into him, but before i ran into him i could see him smile and laugh on he other side... He was so very speshal to me and i will never forget him, or the way he'd tickle me... Or the first time i saw him graqb fennos balls.... Those memories will live on in me and everyone else forever....

Living away your the last to hear, a passing that has cause so many tears, only seen you every now and then, never stopped us from being good friends, ill see you again one day ill have to wait, to so many people you were a best mate, ill see you again some day we will have a few, ill see you again someday this ones for you!

No Name
you made life worth living ..now your gone bub wat am i gona do ???

Nathan Talbot
David, you will live forever in all our hearts, i am a better person just for knowing your! R.I.P my friend

>my friend<
your hopefully in a better place now, and so you should be......missing you like hell.luv ya lots gorjus

No Name

Luke Walker
Sometimes i sit by myself and wonder why life can be so hard sometimes but then i just think about my bike and my brothers in the dilly i have and how much they mean to me, losing u dave is like losing a brother u were the one that always pushed me to my limits and told me to stop being a fuckin girl u showed me the way life should be and how to have fun now u are gone the good times are not as fun because it feels like something is missing because you are missing dave,yet life goes on and there will never be a day in my life i dont think about that big black guy that'd come around my house eat all my food, drink all my drinks, sleep in my bed and make me sleep on the floor and wear my clothes, no one can take the memories i have of u away dave and they are just enough to get me through untill i get to see you next some day some place some time who cares your still with me YEA BOY..........

No Name

No Name

Blake Schofield

Dave's Mum
I saw this quote and thought it very appropriate. "Wherever a beautiful soul has been there is a trail of beautiful memories". How close to the truth is that! By the way, I have read alot of messages which tell of funny antics David got up to. Any more would be great - they bring a big smile to my face. Thanks again to all you guys. Reading how much David was loved helps in some small way although I will NEVER understand why he needed to be taken from us so early!

rig a tig tig,
i posted this in the news section inside of weride but i dunno how many people are reading it, weve got the ok from the council to rename the dirt park at tahmoor in daves name and im calling for a few suggestions cause well we gotta get this just right, nething will be considered weve had the dave andrews dirt park or dna dirt park suggested so far, hell something like hearted like the big ol diggity dave dirt park will be considered, just slap something in an email and send it along to rinkley@hotmail.com,

No Name
I neva met u Dave but man have i heard a lot about you. Losing someone in your life is the worst possible thing to happen to any human, but knowing the great support of friends that are out there you will all pull through although you will miss Dave terribly just think of how lucky u r to have known such a beautiful person.... Sweet Dreams Dave xxxxxx

well, its been a while and still hard to believe! as i look at what people have wrote about your shananigans it makes me smile. i loved ur cuddles! i know u r up there watching everyone and i know u know that everyone loves you. My heart and deepest sympathies go out to daves family, shannon, closest friends and everyone for that fact who has been lucky enough to have u in their life. you are a person that noone will EVER forget! still so hard to believe. i love u dave and i will see u one day. xoxo

No Name
To Dave's family i can only commend you for being so strong through these hard times. Betty.. its hard going to sleep knowing tomorrow brings another day of pain, and waking up with it but i think you should should be so proud of yourself and your husband for bringing up the most incredible boy who touched so many and brought smiles to so many faces. Lisa, Ian, Rigs, Pete, Chris, all the Bargo boys and Dilly Boys and Shannon, my love goes out to you all!

you were a great friend and always will be, they say only the good die young and here is proof. i promise i will do my very best to help shannon through this! they say friends leave footprints in the heart and you sure have. miss ya!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxx

No Name

R.I.P Dave xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox. Youll b missed by so many

No Name
I have lost something so close so loving so much pain it hurts to much to even write these word but i keep on going to this day without him i am nothing i am lost

No Name
rest in piece dave. you are missed by all of us and you will never be forgotten.

i raalise i didn't know Dave very well, but thought i should just pay my respects and place a poem in this column for all you guys grieving. *For Dave. His life was cut short we'll never know why, For this day is gone in a blink of an eye, the ones left behind wish they could die, if only they knew "why" should they cry, the years will go on and people will forget, for those close to him will always regret, that the pain that they felt, was the card that was delt, That they will never be able to say what they felt So all's they can say is to say their goodbye and hope you will fly high, way up in the sky... RIP dave xoxoxoxox

only met u dave a couple of times n if i ever saw u down the street we would most probly walk straight past eachother, but ur death shocked n upset me so much... i cant say anything more or different to what everyobodey else has already said a million times.. Rest In Peace Dave n god bless ur family n anyone who has ever even heard the Name *Dvid Andrews* @->--

No Name
you dont relise the pain until it happens to you, this hurts way to much,i cant do this anymore. dave i miss u buddy so bad.i love you .

To My Gorgeous Dave Words cannot describe the feeling in my heart When I look into the future and know we must be apart, You always made me smile, we became the best of friends, I thought we'd be together until the very end. I know you're watching now and dont want me to cry But the tears just won't stop not matter how hard i try. I wish I could go back and make sure that you knew That my life was complete, and it was all because of you. But now life isn't fair, especially not today Because I found my one true love and now you have to go away. What happens tomorrow?When i'm missing you so much, When I want to hear your voice and I long to feel your touch. I miss your gorgeous eyes and your everlasting smile, How low you wore yours pants in that crazy David style. You tought me everything that I'll ever need to know, How to hug and how to laugh and how to make a strong love grow. I used to have it all the future looked so clear, I had my Dave beside me and I had nothing to fear. But now I know you're gone and I know it's up to me To keep you in my heart and set your spirit free. I promise I won't forget but please promise you'll stay close Because to live my life without you is what I fear the most. I love you so uch Dave and although we've been torn apart Our love will never die, you'll be forever in my heart, Every step I take every move I make I'll Be missing you............ Always yours Shannon xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

i wanna love you forever
Even tho he waz shannonz man, i still loved him and he knew it... he'z gone from us now- gone so far away, i just wish i could mak him stay, he was so special to everyone that ever knew him. i remember when i first met David he was so tall and so cute, oh my gosh n hat heart-melting smile, i'll neva forget that. He haz gone n i will neva forget him, there will always be a large part of my heart that has David's name all over it... I cant believe he has actually gone, i never thoght this day would come so soon, why'd you have to leave us?? I'm missing you, tomorrow will be 1 month that you hav bin gone away from us, n itz not gett'n that much easier, everywhere i go reminds me of you.. RIP... Tak it easy baby. Love always xx xx

No Name
i wanna love you foreverI wanna love you forever and this is all I'm asking of you ten thousand lifetimes together is that so much for you to do? 'Cause from the moment that I saw your face and felt the fire in your sweet embrace I swear I knew. I'm gonna to love you forevaIn my life I learned that heaven never waits, noooo let's take this now before its gone like yesterday 'Cause when I'm with you there's no where else that I would ever wanna be, no I'm breathing for the next second I can feel you lovin me

No name
Man, i didnt know Dave, but i am from the Dilly... seems hard to believe that i didnt get to know someone who had such a big impact on so many people. Congratulations on the Dilly Boys for holding together, im sure you've made Dave proud. R.I.P

No Name
One month has now passed since you were taken it still doesn't feel real every1 is missing you like crazy but we are all strong enough to help each other through this and we can all be together because of you dave i know youre somewhere better now but we all wish you were here my love and thoughts go out to all of you that are feeling the same as i am we love you dave you were trully one of a kind! xoxoxo R.I.P until we all meet again and party on in true dilly style

No Name
well dave, its been a month and i cant say its getting any ezier. i don't think it ever will buddy. the tears i cry are 4 you dave, not all sad though! just thinking about you and you craziness brings the biggest smile to my face you wouldnt believe. theres not one day i don't think about you dave and think to myself how lucky i was to have even met you. can't even imagine how your close friends/family can be so strong through this. guess they are just remembering all the good times they shared with you like the rest of us. i laugh every now and then to myself remembering the funny/crazy things you got up to.. things i'll never forget! ...... shannon, so many girls would have loved to be in you position, your dave's girl after all. i can't imagine the pain your going through.remember everything yous shared, hold it close to your heart forever because dave was one of a kind, the sweetest guy ive ever met and you had his heart xoxo...... r.i.p sweetheart xoxox

No Name
Dave im sorry

No Name
one month today n it aint getting any easier, im missing you sweetie n not a day goes by with out you in it

No Name
In time to come we will ALL meet again.. God picked u coz ur the best ever!!* RIP-DNA *

No Name
missing u more and more dave, my love for u will just keep growing and we'll all be together again one day! RIP xox

Hey Dave. You were loved by all of my family. We have great memories of you. You definately made the most out of your 20 short years. It was an absolute priveledge to have known you for as long as we did. We will always remember you dave. Love the Haddocks

kid, it really sucks to think that a month ago we said seeya to one of the most looked up too guys round town for the last time... i just wish we could have you back if not to keep, just to make sure you really know what you meant to everyone... you were always there for those cute little hugs and gorgeous cheer me ups that we had lol god just thinkin of u makes me smile, but unfortunatly smiles are outweighed by tears. coz i never thought id have to go see you the way i do now... or talk to you like this! i just miss you so much, and everyday i go past your house this still seems fake... i dont no wat else to say matey. but i know ul take care of everyone from up there just like u did down here... always mate, xxx we love u

Rigs`s Mum
Dave, we`ve had the pleasure of watching you grow from a beautiful looking & beautifully natured little boy to a beautiful looking & beautifully natured young man.As you & our Son, Daniel grew together, so to did your special friendship & bond grow deeper and stronger.It breaks my heart to know that I cant ease Daniel`s pain that hes suffering,with just a hug,like I used to when he was a little boy.I feel helpless as I watch Daniel hurting as he tries to understand and cope with his world being torn apart, as he struggles to get his head around the fact that his remarkable friend that he loves.the one person he could truly relate to,the one person that understood him better than anyone else and the one person who has always been there for him is no longer going to be there.Most people spend there entire lives searching for and never finding that special bond and deep friendship to share.The kind of friend thats there for you through all the good times and the bad.The kind of friend that supports you no matter what,the kind of friend that goes out of his way for you.Gives there all for you asking nothing in return.Daniel was one of the lucky ones Dave, because he had that special irreplaceable bond & friendship with you.Daniel loved you Dave & I know his life will never be the same without you in it.In fact I dont think anyones life will ever be the same, as your special qualities touched us all in one way or another and that cheeky grin of yours was a magical gift,your gift to us all.As each & everyone has said you brought laughter and happiness to all of us and everyone will never be able to fill that empty void that has been left in your place. Daniels Dad & I thought of you as our second Son, our daughter Shannon thought of you as her second brother and to Daniel you were like a mentor.We will cherish the memories you have left for us, count our blessings that you shared part of your life with us and thank God for the time you were given to us all.One of the saddest days was the day of your funeral, as we walked to the cemetary I was overcome with an overwhelming sensation, our hearts were full of sadness and pain and yet I felt a weird sense of gladness as the realisation hit me of just how much you are loved & what it meant to so many people to lose you.I was shown that not only were you special to a lucky few you were special to the hundreds of people who had all come together to show the depth of their love, to say their farewells and to support your family & your closest friends through this difficult tragic time.I also felt priveleged to belong to that gathering of hundreds, priveleged to know you Dave. You, are truly one in a million and at night as we look to the heavens we will know you are watching over us because youll be that biggest and the most beautiful twinkling star thats shining the brightest of them all.... just as you shone in your life. To Betty and Ross--- You must take all the credit for raising such a caring, good natured, loving Son. You must also be one in a million as David, in fact all of your children could only be what you guys laid the foundations for them to be. You must be very proud of them all!!! REST IN PEACE DAVID NEIL ANDREWS xxxxxxxxxxx ....xxxx YOU WILL ALWAYS REMAIN IN OUR HEARTS AND NEVER BE FORGOTTEN xxxx_____We Love You xxxx from the Ripley (Rigs`s) Family

dave this hurst way to bad, a month has passed by but the pain is still to real,thankyou for being u , you were an amazing guy and il never forget you or your gorgeous smile. you were one of a kind . RIP babe. il c u one day. i no your in a beta place. miss u buddy. xxxoo

ur still the man and always will be!!
Love you bud n miss u heaps ..

Jut Me
I still love you David, even tho your not here with us,you will always live on our hearts... No matter whatm i will alwayz love you, you hav made me a better person jut by knowing you, and i thank you so very much for that. I know we grew apart through the end, wenever i saw you, you brought a smile to my face, n i will neva forget the way you smiled, the way you lit up every room you walked into. You will always be in my heart. Not a day haz gone by i that i havent thort of you. Iam wit rig's mum on this one, thatnx Betty n Ross for bringing up Dave the way he is, he was a beautiful person. I'll always remember the crazy things David did, whether it be running thru pplz lawns naked, or giving ppl wet willyz because he can... Tak it easy up there, n keep a spot warm for me up there, n yu know i dudnt drink but wen i see yu next, i'llhav one wit you. RIP... Itz so hard to know that the best boi in the Dilly haz gone. I still expect you to run out n say thiz iz all jut another David Andrews joke. mwa darlin' i love you forever.

I love you gorgeouz boi. Love your Angel

hey Dave man i didnt get to see for about 2 months but now i will never see you again man but now im doing something for you and and your mates i have put a momorial in the new 2020 bmx magazine so everyone knows you man cause everyone should know you cause you were the best person so thats just a little thing i could do for ya man cause it had been along time since all the Ctown bmxers saw you , you will be always be remembered by everybody at Ctown park, Ware

Dave, ur are like a big brother and you always will be, this still doesnt seem real, i cant believe i will never see that cheeky smile and gorgeous grin of yours ever again, this is so hard for everyone your a great guy dave dont u ever forget that, you`ve left a huge impact on everyones lives, we all miss you so much but we will see you again one day dave, its the hardest seein rigs somewhere cause we expect u to turn up, it was u two, u were like brothers! were eva he was u were..... where ever u were he was.. there will always be an empty space in everyones lives now... although the pain might ease we will never for get you.. RIP DAVE xxooxxoo

R.Ip big davo

Ryann Galea
Man dave i still sit here in tears waiting for you to bust in with a bucket full of laughter but man.. your not.. and it kills me so much.. i love you too much man, come back..

No name
u were a great guy dave... everyone misses u so much. R.I.P champion

Powelly 'Git'
Hi Guys, i spoke to Cam today, he told me about this site. So i just thought i'd post a poem i wrote directly after the incident. I just dont want to say goodbye, a David Andrews tribute: I am being strong on the outside, but Im shattered on the inside, I just cant believe youre gone; its so unfair to lose a mate so soon. My heart is aching, my mind is all over the place, I just dont want to say goodbye, and its just too soon! They say that you never forget your time growing up, the laughs, the tears, but you never want to go through the pain of having to say goodbye to a mate way before his time under such tragic circumstances. I am writing this tribute to express how I feel, but I just dont want to say goodbye, its way too soon. We had so many great memories growing up together, Ill never forget them and Ill miss you forever. The tears are still flowing, and the pain will not subside, the fun memories, I hold close to my heart of us growing up throughout our years in high school, Ill never forget and thinking about them now just tear me apart, make me cry, but I just cant handle the fact that I have to say goodbye. I keep thinking youll be back, youve just gone on a holiday, but I know deep down youre up in heaven making it a better place with your charisma and laughter, that we all had the pleasure of experiencing. The tears are dripping as I piece together this tribute for you my friend, you were such a unique character in every facet. Ill miss you mate, and Ill never forget you and how you touched my life. Love, Powelly.

you were an awsome guy ill never forget u dude

Dave you are an abouslute legend R.I.P.

i think im the only person to not have left a msg on the site yet dude. sorry, i was never one for timing. ive been sitting here for a good hour an a bit readin what everyone has said. an id like to say that u had the best friends, but its the other way round we all had the best mate in u..everyone who loved had a bloody good reason for it. seriously i swear it feels like i seen u last only a few days ago but its been a fair bit longer than that. lol oh an i got a photo of us at keatos party, lovely shot from behind with us with pants near the ankles... damn those are the times i'll remember mate. well keep the beers cold for me mate..... love u long time... still cant believe u did runnin nude backflips at mermaids... magical

forever will be in your eyes

S.M ---> i'll neva forget you chick'n
you still have all of me, iam here all alone, this pain is just too real, i thort time wud heal all wounds but it hasn't, baby boi i miss yu so much and i need you here.... wen i cried you'd wipe away all of my tears, you were the best person i have ever come to know and love, you are alwayz in my heart... You had a very short life, but a very full, tho not full enuf you shud see wat Narz n the we ride crew are doing for you, itz so beautiful, (narz iz having a bad time Dave pleaze mak him smile), they are renaming tahmoor trails in your honour, and making a jump for you davey. Much love, thankyou for being the best friend ever, i will never forget you, you've made an everlasting impression on me and everyone else. My deepest sympathy's to Ross, Betty, Ian, Russ, Diedre, Narz, Chris, Cam, Luke W i know he iz looking down on us all with that gigantic cheeky smile on hiz face, n i know he doesnt wnt us to cry, but Dave it is so hard, you were the life of the Dilly... Love you forever babii boi xx xx xx

Mel Kruf
I didn't know Dave that well but what i did know of him was that he was a great guy and a practica1 joker. i remember this one time at Sam Arguttes 18th when dave offered me a smoke out of the blue and i thought okay., as soon as i lit it up he just started breaking out in laughter as he had shoved it up his nose. It was gross back then but a very cherished memory now. I never really met Dave until his 18th but i always saw him up at hectors riding around on his pushie with no shirt on. My thoughts and respect go to Daves family for producing such a good guy, and shaping him in to the man that he became. Dave will always live on in everybodys hearts and thoughts. Love Mel kruf R.I.P David Neil Andrews.

i still love you..... RIP Davey, hav fun wherever you are. i just wish i got to know you even betta than i did, i wish i had told you everything that i wanted too, i wish that towards the end of our friendship we were as close as the beginning tho it wasn't, but most of all i wish you were still here to give me a hug n to tell me everything will be ok, so i cud tel you how VER SPECIAL you are to me, and how you hav helped me become me, i am a betta person just by knowing you Davey... I remember the day i first met you, i said to myself n to you that i was going to marry you because you are everything i ever wanted in a guy, n to this day n til the day i die, you will always be the person i truly want to marry, you were my first hugh school crush, even if you were 4 years older than me, i will never forget those memories i'll treasure them forever theyll be close to my heart... This is a see you later chick'n because i will, just not soon enuf. i cant wait to see your cheeky smile, n hear that infectious laugh, or that dimply bum of yours but most of all i just cant wait to see you... I love you long time babii boi. Take it easy, wait for me pleaze David, i cant do this without you. it hurts so much. xx xx xx you hav my heart alwayz xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx love me!!

Rebecca Connor
What can i say about Dave. Iv known dave since our family moved to bargo, even though we fell out of contact over the years i still regarded him as a great mate. I still remember the hugs i would receive everytime i saw dave, and will miss them forever. Dave was always full of energy and never looked down on any one or treated them badly (he was a fantastic guy). Dave will be sadly missed by everyone, and will never be forgoten. I still remember the time, dave came to Cresent Head with my brother Mitch and our family, my little cousins looked up to dave, wanting to be him when they grew up, as i know many people did. U always made me smile, and when ever i did something out of character you would say to me "Im tellin your brother" and would laugh, with the great laugh and huge smile that you have. You were like a brother to me dave, and will always be in my heart. My thoughts go out to Betty, Ian and family. Dave was a fantastic guy and will be sadly missed by everyone. I will never forget you dave. Love ya man xxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooxxxxxxx R.I.P Dave

No Name
I just don't no what to say i have never seen so many people pour out so many tears the love for dave the hole in everyones heart is just amazing dave you were a brother a hero to all my respect go to his family and friends and weride crew and rigs keep strong champs

No Name
Got a picture of you I carry in my heart Close my eyes to see it when the world gets dark Got a memory of you I carry in my soul I wrap it close around me when the nights get cold If you asked me how I'm doin' I'd say just fine But the truth is baby, if you could read my mind Not a day goes by that I don't think of you After all this time you're still with me it's true Somehow you remain locked so deep inside, not a day goes by.

No Name
One More Day Last night I had a crazy dream A wish was granted just for me It could be for anything I didn't ask for money Or a mansion in Malibu I simply wished, for one more day with you One more day One more time One more sunset, maybe I'd be satisfied But then again I know what it would do Leave me wishing still, for one more day with you First thing I'd do, is pray for time to crawl Then I'd unplug the telephone And keep the TV off I'd hold you every second Say a million I love you's That's what I'd do, with one more day with you Leave me wishing still, for one more day Leave me wishing still, for one more day

Senior Constable Darren Moon
As a police officer I have had the unfortunate task of attending many tragic accidents. On the night in question, I was the officer that attended the scene of Dave's accident. I immediately and strangely felt this strong sensation that Dave was a unique person. I had this strange feeling that I had known Dave for years. I sit here and read all of the messages that you wonderful people have typed. To have touched the hearts of so many people in such a short time is nothing short of a miracle. I wish that I could have met Dave and experience his great approach to life. I would like to express that life is just so short. After that night I went home and hugged my children and would not let them go. I immediately took leave and spent every minute of my leave with my wife and my two children. Let Dave's passing be a lesson to us all that friends and family are just so important. Hug your friends, tell your family that you love them, you never know when the last time you do this might come. For Dave's friends, when you have children, treat them like angels as they truly are that. Lets all take a leaf from Dave's book and be happy and treat life as a gift. Ross, mate I am so sorry that we met under these circumstances. You are truly a strong man and I commend you for that. Your family is such a wonderful family and that is a credit to you and Betty. Betty, words cannot express how sorry I am to deliver the tragic news of Dave's passing. I will remember that morning and your sorrow till the day I pass. You have a great family and you are a great mum. Russell, Deirdre and Ian, guys you have a great brother whom was very proud of you. I have spoken to you all and have felt the sorrow that you are suffering. Man didn't your brother make an impact in this life. Shannon, keep your chin up and live a life that Dave would have wanted you to live. Remember all the good times that you guys had, I know that you guys will be together again one day. To all of Dave's mates, you are very unique people. You have all spoken so highly of Dave. I wish that I had friends such as you guys. I would love to meet you guys and talk about Dave and look at some of the pictures you guys speak about. You all seem such great people. Please come into Picton station some time and have a chat. To Dave, what can I say mate, although our paths crossed for a very short time, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me realise that my family and friends are what are so important to me. As I said earlier, I have attended many accidents, but mate you touched my heart. Rest in peace mate. You were truly a gift from god.

No Name
when you've got everything you've got everything to lose. love you lots dave and miss you like crazy

No Name
davey boi, you gave me the strength to carry on- i miss yu more than words, i missin yu more everyday, without sayn a word yud lite up the dark, you were alwayz ther for me even tho you were so far away.... i love yu so so much. i didnt know you too well i was jus lil mohan to you, but i lovd talking to you wen i did, you were a crazy kid, very funni child. you had the qualities of one in a million bubs, i miss that.... itz weird i neva thort that day wud come so soon wed be sayn goodbye to you!!! R.I.P

lil mohan
i wish i gotz to know you more, buh iam smilin coz i waz one of the lucky ones who had the chance to meet a gorgeouz person lik you.... you'll b alwayz in my heart love lotz darlin'

on behalf of the riders in Melbourne
The loss of a fellow rider, though alot of us didn't not know him personally, he was a brother to us in the bond of riding, and will be missed and remembered as a rider, a friend, a brother, a son..Ride on forever friend. R.I.P

Bargo Meg
Dave I miss you so much. I just want to laugh at your silliness one more time. I look back and think about all the crazy stuff you've done and said and it's jst not the same. Shannon is staying so strong Dave. Look after her, and your family and your friends like you have your whole life. It was a short time, but a great time. I love you and I miss you soooo much.

Luke Walker
Everyday i ride my bike everyday i step my feet onto my pedals my hands on my bars and everyday and everytime that happens i think about u dave,U have motivated me to be the best possible person i can be, i wake up every morning thinking about u and it makes me happy to no i have such a strong person looking over me, everytime i rode with u was like a dream when we rode together all the thoughts ran outta my head we had nothing else to worry about when we were riding except having fun and thats the way it should be, the places our bikes have takin us the memories that i have of our riding trips our parties our friends we have meet through riding we will never forget, riding a bike doesnt mean just pedaling around its the lifestyle that comes with it the friends u make and the places u get to experience no-ones knows wat its like to b part of such a tight crew, WERIDE dave..............keep on shredding fella i no ur up there riding the smoothest places ever and i shall join u one day whenever that might be and we can once again just.................RIDE

No Name
love you man keep riding up there see you soon

Davids Dad
Hi all Thanks for all your kind words during this difficult time. The family would like to invite you to Davids place (at the cemetary) on Christmas moring at 9.30am. We will be there and we would like you to join us if you can. We all LOVE you dave.

No Name
eveery day i spent with you was like a day in paradise, every thing you said and did has left a huge mark in my heart, i miss u sooo much davey boy.hell i just wana c you again.you have made me who i am , without knowing you i wouldnt be who i am . i thankyou from the bottom of my heart for that. you will always have a huge part of my heart. i miss u and will always love u. i will never forget u davey boy. you were the man, and still are,even though i cant see you i no your here bubbby. RIP SWEETHEART, cant wait to see your beautiful face and get one of your hugs. xxxoooooxx. i love you more than ever.

we must sound selfish to want u back so baddly dave but i guess we are... peace out dave

No Name
I think that the thoughts of Senior Constable Moon are echoed throughout many households near and far. How one young man has touched the hearts of so many is truly amazing and, Dave, I was lucky enough to be one who has known you since you were just a toddler. Your passing has made me realize just how very important friendships are and they are not to be taken for granted. Life is so fickle and we never know what lies around the corner so we need to take action now to ensure that we have no regrets if we are taken away as suddenly as you were Dave. Tell those you love that you love them, give them that extra hug. Follow Dave's example a give to others the friendships that are true...we saw many of your friends when they all gathered so say farewell..Dave - you are a young man that will always live in the hearts of your friends as they are better people by having had the honour of being able to call you their friend and mate. Even though you have made us very sad we will keep smiling because that is a tribute to your happy face. How we feel :( :( and how we remember you :) :):):):):):):):):):):):)

iam sorri i never told you, all i wantd to say
now itz too late to hold you, coz youve gpne away, so far away and i know your shining down on us from heaven, and i know eventually we'll all be together one sweet day......... i dnt know why you had to leave, but i wish it wasnt thiz way. your the best part of thiz world, n youv gone away. it seems wrong everyone else iz here without you, you made thiz place so much beta..... everyone iz going to be at your grave on christmas day, to giv their love to you, iam sorri but i wont be there, but i will be thinking of you alwayz that day n everyday that goez by.... remember how i told you i dnt drink babe, well you keep me a drink you think that i would like n we'll get drunk together ok.... I LOVE YOU DAVID NEIL ANDREWS you will always be MY HERO!!!! n we still hav to get married in the tru Dave style..... hehehe.. Love you so much Davey Babey xx,

dude this is fuked i cant get over that your gone and i wont not ever cause theres just a huge hole in all our lives everything i do reminds me of you i dont understand why it still hurts arnt people ment to get over stuff?.....neways dude im out cya

..... in love wit David ......
why was it you, i dont understand and nothing shows me why maybe someday ill see you again and tell you how much ive missed you things happen and no one knows why if id have raised this moment in time, if id have known; i would be by your side, if id have known i would have said goodbye, you were always there even though it seems you were far away i miss you more than words im missin your more everyday where are you in my life, wheres the song in my heart, wheres the peace in my mind, and the strength for me to carry on .............................................. i love you so much, i think about you everyday, i cry about you everyday.... why cant we turn bak time n make thiz tragedy not happen? thatz wat i wnt to happen... it hurts so much. WE NEED YOU HERE WITH US!!!! RIP Daby Baby

dave im missing u so much, i just wanna see you again . this hurts so so bad. you touched my life baby boi. you were truly a gift from god. miss you.RIP xxooxxoo. thinking of you shannon, all daves family. to all the boys, you guys have been amazing,dave would be so proud.

Betty (Dave's mum)
Yes Squiz, it still hurts like crazy and we do all have the hugest hole in our hearts that we all have had to face in our lives so far. Every day is a struggle but aren't we fortunate that we are able to talk to one another here and let each other know how we feel. People I have spoken to who have lost their children tell me we will feel better in time - we will just learn to cope. So I guess that will be all of us. Please all keep in touch and I agree please put your names on the messages. My love to everyone.

Cainn aka Yoss.
Firstly i would like to thank Betty and Ross for having such a great kid and for sharing him with us. David was 1 of a kind and everyone who ever met him new this, there was something about him that made him stand out and made us love him. Whether it was his killer smile, his laugh, or his ability to make every minute u spent with him memorable. U will never meet another person who didnt have one person hate them. That just shows how much dave was loved. Dave was with us at the start and he will be with us at the end. Dave, u were a friend , a mate, a brother, a gift! To everyone one who every spent time with u, whether it be 1 minute or 20yrs. Thank u David Neil Andrews, u will never be forgotten. Love u mate. Peace.

Lynne Connor
I feel great sadness each afternoon I pass by Bargo skate park, knowing I will never again see Dave's smiling face & friendly wave. He was a unique person who gave us all a special part of himself. Betty, my thoughts are with you everyday. I can only amagine how hard your life must feel, please find strength in the knowledge that Dave was loved by so many people & he will be with you always. I found this quote & thought of Dave " In life we find an angel that walks upon this earth No wings or halo showing but Heavens gift at birth " May we feel Dave's love beside us to help us find the way He is here within our presence & will never fade away.

CD of Davids Photo (Powerpoint) Presentation from the wake are available if you would like a copy. Contact Deirdre on 0412 711 090 or Ian on 1431 106 831.

Betty, all the love that Dave carried with him and shared to all in every aspect of his life is a reflection of the love that he was raised and nertured with his whole life. Thank you for being who you are and continuing to care for everyone who hurts. You are truely a beautiful woman. I visit Dave often, it is some how unrealistic, to those that i have seen at Daves ta for the hugs. Dave will never not be missed he had too much magic...

Bargo Meg
I miss you Dave. I jst want you to come back. Not only for me but for all the boys and for Shannon and for your family. We all miss you like crazy and jst want to see you again. I wish I could say that it would be different if I had a chance to say goodbye, but that would be lying..coz i dont jst wanna see you once more, i jst want you to come back. one more time isn't enough..jst come back and never leave. I hate that someone so great has been taken from us and it's just so unfair that someone so loved - by everyone - had to leave. I love you Dave and I will never stop missing you.

No Name
alot can be said about dave he was one of a kind and we will neva find any one like you agian. im so greatful to have known a person like you, you will always be in my heart dave. wen i seen you on thursday nite jst a smile and a wave is wat u gave me and im so thankful 4 that. we will meet again my (lil pumpkin patch). R.I.P!

a quick msg to all, treat every day as your last because you will never no when your time is up. every person you meet give them a chance dnt jdge them 4 wat they look. wen it comes to family and friends tell them you love them. YOU NEVER NO WAT YOU'VE GOT TILL ITS GONE!!! my prayers go out to every single person who ever meet dave, i can not even begin to think of wat goes through the heads of his family and girl friend. dave always smiled and keept happy, he lived his life the way we should all live ours. he (DAVE) was an inspiration to us all. R.I.P....D.N.A much love!

Even though over the past two years i had only known dave through my boyfriend,Lloyd...his beautiful nature has had a huge impact on the way i now look at life. It is short and should be treated as though every day is your last.To daves parents, id like to thank you for the beautiful son u have raised and brought into our lives. It is true that,i too have never met a single person who has EVER had a bad word to say about dave. Also, i had Never once come across dave when he didn't have an unbelievable beautiful smile on his face! To the parents of dave,u are truely blessed to have had an angel with you every day for 20 years. To all Daves mates and Family,Grant and deano, bennos and matty lye, benny S,jacko, jad, scotty and jason, jess, ronny, shauny,etc. and to the many,if not hundreds more, no words that have ever entered my mind can express howbadly i feel for you all. feeling helpless towards my baby through all of his grief, i cannot even begin to imagine what you are all so bravely struggling through.To Constable darren moon,your words were touching for lack of a better term. Dave deserves the best and hopefully the best is where he is now,with my sister and many of our friends and family in heaven. Love ya Dave, you were and still are, an angel and one in a billion. we love u mate. ***R.I.P***

Powelly / 'Git'
Since i found out about this website some weeks ago, i visited daily, as it feels good to read how people explain how Dave touched our lives. I, like everyone else is finding this bloody hard to overcome, i don't think i ever will, but what makes me smile is all the good times we shared, and knowing that Dave was on top of the world at his untimely passing. I recently visited Dave's grave site, it was something i knew i had to do, but, in a way i was scared. Once i got there i just cried and spoke to Dave as if he was standing there in front of me, i was exlianing how i felt and that i missed him so much. I am so grateful that i have done this, and from now on i'll be visiting there as much as possible. Dave, you were with us for such a short time, but what you did in that time will stay with us forever, i miss you mate. Love Powelly.

i cant say i know one person that goes a day without thinking about you Davey... I bet you never knew how special you are to everyone... no matter how many days go by i still can't get over the hurt... i still expect to see you one day down the street, or hear you beep your horn wen you drive past me... i dnt want to except that the most cutest, cheekiest, funniest, bravest, caring, sweet (the list goes on) and out there person i have ever met with a 1 in a million personalities has gone---- I MISS YOU!!! Why cant you jus come back!!! You had the abilities of an angel- you have touched so many peoples hearts.....i miss your heartmelting smile that waz tatooed to your face all day everyday...... and i am with everyone that has said thanx to Davey's mum n dad u hav raised the best kid--- tho not only Davey i know ian too n he iz gorgeous too.

Davey chick'n, i dnt want jus one more hug or jus one more time to see you, i want a lifetime of your hugs and a lifetime of seeing your freidnly face, with that cheeky smile... if i could see you one more time i would never let you go, we all now know what life without you is like and i am pritty sure EVERYONE agrees wit me that it SUCKS, i wish we could go back and make you thiz never happen!!! i lovez you chick'n, n i realli do hope that where-ever you are, your smiling and having so much FUN like you did wen you were here.... I know whoever you are with are smiling because they now have you!!! i want you to come back- we all do!!! Keep watching all your boyz from the crew cos they are so lost without you.... To DAVE!! RIP darli'n..... There is no easy way of look'n at thiz, every corner i turn i hope that you'l be there so i can hug you but t wont happen i know that.... But til that very SPECIAL day we meet again remember that I LOVE YOU so very much- you alwayz brought out the best in me!!! PIR davey babii

i never actually got the priveledge of meeting you dave but i know you were a very special person to everyone around you, it brings a tear to my eye everytime i read these special notes on this website or hear a story about you, you sounded like a very special person and one who touched the hearts of many, peace be with you, your family and friends. xoxo

These tears are all for you David.
Every tear that is dropped from our eyes are for you sweetie xx... tho years wil pass by, the memories will live on in our minds n hearts............................... xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx RIP

We Miss You
Hey Dave 1 memory i hav of u is wen i was sitn in d hairdressa n u n al d boys rode past n u al stopd knocked on d window n stod there 4 bout 5 mins jst wavn u al had me in stitches! I wil always memba u as the smilin dilly boy! It makes no sence dat u r no longa wit us! I didnt blieve it wen i found out! I though sum1 was playn d worst n d slackest joke on me! Its been bout 1 n a half months n i stil expect 2 wake up from d worst nytmare of al tym! I love u Dave n u wil always b misd! RIP David Neil Andrews!

No Name
To our best friend, Present past and beyond Even though he wasn't with us too long Your life is the most precious thing that we could lose While you were here the fun was neverending Laugh a minute was only the beginning david neil andrews this one's for you Ever get the feeling you can't go on Just remember whose side it is that you're on You've got friends with you till the end If you're ever in a tough situation we'll be there with no hesitation Brotherhood's our rule that cannot bend When you're feeling too close to the bottom You know who it is you can count on Someone will pick you up again we can conquer anything together All of us are bonded forever if you die I die that's the way it is To our best friend, Present past and beyond Even though he wasnt with us too long Your life is the most precious thing that we could lose While you were here the fun was neverending Laugh a minute only the beginning david my brother this ones for you

Dave was truly a great guy and his memory will never be forgotten, but to all of Dave's friends out there, I just want to say how proud I am and how lucky I feel to know some of YOU. The love and support you have given each other over the last 7 weeks has been truly amazing. To see you all come together, in a way that some grown men and women could never do, is something truly beautiful and you should all be very proud and honoured to be the people that you are. So keep living your lives like there may be no tomorrow and use each others strengths to pull you through. Cheers guys.

No Name
Merry Christmas Dave***

Davids Dad
Hi Guys, by the time I put this on the weride site Betty will be on her way home from a holiday on the Gold Coast, to the beautiful Memorial Garden and other projects you did over the weekend. The blitz was well concealed from Betty and well organised by those responsible. Please accept from me the families sincere thanks for your wonderful gesture of the memorial Garden, Pergola (Entertainment area), Pathways and Driveway. For you to feel so strongly about David to do this for us is absolutely wonderful. Please all step back and take a bow. You have all called David a friend and we can see that not only was he your friend but you were his friend. Thanks also must go to all the local businesses who have donated material for Davids friends to do this project. There were about 50 of Davids friends there on Saturday and about 30 on Sunday who worked extremely hard to ensure it was completed on time. Once again please accept the families sincere thanks. You also are truly special people and we are proud to know you.

Betty (Dave's mum)
Yes, Im now home from a relaxing week away in Surfers, and what can I say. Words cant explain how I felt when I came home and found my backyard transformed into the most beautiful memorial garden and to see all you guys there took my breath away. You are all so wonderful and what you have done for not only me but all our family over the past 8 weeks just shows the love you have for David and the great bond you have with each other. To have worked so hard to make the garden and driveway for us leaves me speechless. When you come around home now we will have a special place to sit and have a chat (I know David will be sitting there with us)- you know you are all welcome. For most (if not all) of us every day is a struggle - there are tears and an overwhelming sadness but we are so thankful at being able to 'talk' to one another here and I for one am ever grateful to those who have made it possible. If we stick together and help one another out when the going gets tough I'm sure we will learn to cope. Remembering all the good times and the joy that David bought to everyone helps us smile again! I am just so amazed as to the positive effect David had on so many people. For now, THE BIGGEST THANK YOU to you all not only for the work you have just done for us but for all the other things - no matter how small. Try to have the best Christmas you can - enjoy the time you have with your family and friends, keep safe and we hope to see you sometime over the festive season. OUR LOVE TO YOU ALL!

Luke Walker
Merry Christmas Dave............I miss you fella!

Davids Dad
Just a reminder that the family would like to invite you to Davids place (at the cemetary) on Christmas moring at 9.30am. We will be there and we would like you to join us if you can. We all LOVE you dave. +++ Merry Christmas +++

hey ross/betty im sorry i cant be there for dave on xmas morning because im going away for a couple of weeks once again im sorry i cant be there for dave but wish him a merry xmas from me..

Dave, they say that nothing is perfect, but i say that i beg to differ... +*Rest In Peace*+

Hey babe Merry Christmas. I miss you so much. Love you 4ever!! Always in my heart never forgotten!!*

No Name
Merry christmas dave u champion

Betty (Dave's mum)
I won't be looking at this site for a few days but I want to thank everyone again for their thoughts, messages and kind wishes and would like to extend to you all the very best for Christmas and the New Year - may 2005 be kinder to us than 2004. To those coming around tonight or tomorrow I will see you then, to everyone else take care and I will talk to you again soon.

lil mohan
Merry Christmas Davey- i know for many this christmas will be different, but try and have the best one possible iam sure thatz what Dave would hav wanted. I'd really like to say a BIG thankyou to Betty and Ross for raising two of the best guys i know, you should be very proud. Have a wonderful and safe holiday, but mainly a BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS day!!! we miss you so much back here Dave and cant wait til we see your beautiful face again!!!! MeRrY ChRiStMaS Davey xx Love you... RIP!

No Name
I miss that look on Dave's face; the one when he had jus done something cheeky and is trying not to laugh coz he'll give it away! I miss you so much!!! Much Love.... Hope your having a great time where you are..... Tak care baby boy.... I LOVE YOU FOREVER

Hey dave merry Christmas Champ, miss you so much, memba the time you told me how to flip? "Just pull back".. ahh they were the days man, love you davey!!!

Merry Christmas dave

Merry Christmas mate, dave the firetruck is coming around, remember those days? 2 fat kids chasing the truck on our bikes changing each others clothes and bikes just to get more lollies, thems the days dude. love you bro, missing you more than ever.

Powelly / 'Git'
Merry Christmas Dave. Missing you heaps and heaps, hope your keeping them all amused in heaven, just like you did while you were here on earth. You know, there are times that i just stop and laugh at some of the funny things you did, they still crack me up.

jade m
dave.... i dint kno u exactly but my x (anthiny lucisano) did and i know that u were loved by all.. i know that u are at peace now! Shannon my heart goes out to u! Ian my shoulder is always here for u sweety u know that.. and mum and dad u seem to be very kind and wise ppl god bless u and merry chrissy... oh and by the way i know that my little mitchy (fagan) is missin u lots love always david MERRY CHRRISTMAS xx

merry xmas big fela.....

No Name
merry christmas champ every1 have a safe holiday and happy new year

Hayley B
Hey Babe Merry Christmas.. Hey boyz his garden is beautiful!! I'm Reading these beautiful messages from ur mumma n dad n the boyz n even people who didnt get the oppertunity to meet u.. Guys u really missed out on a beautiful boy!! im crying so much u bugger! wish u could come back just 4 one last time, for one last party n have one last rum.. or 2 or 3 or 10.. haha.. i wish the heavens would release u babe everyone has so much they wish to tell u to ur goofy smiling face.. i left u a purple guardian angel with three perty flowers she's there to look after u as u r looking after everyone here on earth.. (Ur doing a gr8 job) i miss u babe.. do me a favor n whisper in britz n pieces ear how much i miss having my bestest pal around.. n tell her to visit.. Missing u so so so much.. Please be there when my time comes and hold my hand up the stair way or greet me at the pearly gates with that famous butt.. i cant wait to c ur gorgeous smile again.. love u.. and i'll come sit n chat with u soon.. MwAh!! xx

Hayley B
Ian try 31586.. it should work.. My warmest wishes n a huge hug goes out to u n ur mumma Ian.. xx..

merry christmas dave

xx xx
damn i miss you so much..... i hope your having a ball where u are.... miss you so much darlin

merry chrismas dave you mad cunt...wish u wer her partying with us all man

hey dave wats been happenein well just wanted to see that u had a nice chrissy and a good new yrs dude i know ull be causing havick where u are now so make sure u do it for me aswell ....later dude

hey dave wats been happenein well just wanted to see that u had a nice chrissy and a good new yrs dude i know ull be causing havick where u are now so make sure u do it for me aswell ....later dude

Just one half of the "just us" mentioned above. I never had the privilege to meet you Dave, but I have met some of those who look up to you. I am spending this New Year's Eve alone, and wondering how your family and friends are coping, I know there will be many Christmases and New Years and all sorts of anniversaries we can't imagine but please know there is one person at least who drives over Razorback at least once a week and slows to a crawl at the spot marked with your name, and asks whoever, whatever that watches over us to watch over you and your family and to make sure wherever each of you are that you are ok.

That other part of Just Us again - I just realised Dave's initials DNA, an acronym for De-oxyriyobi Nucleic Acid (the building blocks of life) please forgive my spelling. People such as you Dave are indeed one of the building blocks of life for all of those who have been touched by you

hey dave, hope u had a good christmas and new yrs and u didnt get 2 fucked up over chrissy nd new years where u are now man we are all missun u down here, sorry bro i didnt get on here bit earlier but its the 1st time i been on the net in a bit, so whatsgoin on bro up there? nyways missin u heaps bro

Ronny, the dilly is missin u dave...
To our best friend, Present past and beyond Even though they weren't with us too long Your life is the most precious thing that we could lose While you were here the fun was neverending Laugh a minute only the beginning Dave Neil Andrews this one's for you Ever get the feeling you can't go on Just remember whose side it is that you're on You've got friends with you till the end If you're ever in a tough situation we'll be there with no hesitation Brotherhood's our rule that cannot bend When you're feeling too close to the bottom You know who it is you can count on Someone will pick you up again we can conquer anything together All of us are bonded forever if you die I die that's the way it is To all our friends present past and beyond to all those who weren't with us too long life is the most precious thing you could lose while you were here the fun was never ending laugh a minute only the beginning Dave the dilly brother this ones just for you The dilly loves u dave

Tye and Cassie
Dave, where do we start. Reading the messages, and the funny stories that so many people have left for you have been touching and bring back the best memories. We miss you heaps and still cant belive your gone. You all ways made us smile no matter what you did. We love you, miss you and will never forget you mate till we meet again. XXOOXXOOXXOO Love Tye and Cassie

Hayley B
Happy New Year babe!! missing u so much in the 05.. i shared a tear on friday night.. wish u were there in person to sink some beeries with the rest of the boys.. i know u were there in spirit.. xx.. Love u!!

nathan livingstone
dave ur were/are the man....! the limelife and the centre of a party.. bud, there's no words that could be expressed at jst how much u will be missed by the hearts u have touched...! my condolences go out to daves family and his closest friends. r.i.p bud! nafe

we all love you so much, but i know you know that..... we had the best friend in you, you alwayz knew what to say and when to say it..... 2005 won't be the same wit out you, no year will be, itz jus so NOT FAIR- there's a huge hole in everyones lives now for your family and your friends..... Love you alwayz babe xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx

merry christmas and happy new year dave R.I.P

Luke Walker
hey dude i did wat u always said at the park " just pull Back" worked out a few times till i landed on my head lol just for u fella your my motivation..............

Liam Kilgannon
merry christmas dave and have a great new year up there i have no idea what god was thinkin peace out mini showtime

Tess (tribs sis)
merry xmas dave we miss u heaps ur always loved never forgotten r.i.p dave have fun up there .

Betty (Dave's mum)
Just to say hello to everyone and hope you had a good New Year. Ive heard that those who went to Melbourne had a great time and glad you all made it back OK. Thanks to those who come around from time to time to have a chat - you know youre always welcome and thanks for being there for Ian, too. This time of the year is particularly hard for us and probably all you guys too - trying to join in the spirit knowing there is a great hole in our lives. We can only take each day at a time - some are OK and some arent and that's the way it will be. My dad had a saying that "you have to learn to roll with the punches". Trying to cope with this almost "knock out punch" is going to be a long, long process and we will have some good days and some bad days, but we have to realise that this is normal in the grieving process. Being there for one another is the best way to get through and move slowly forward. Thanks to those who sit and chat with Dave.Im sure he can sense all the visitors he has and the thoughtful ways you have decorated "his place". My best wishes go to everyone and to those still on holidays have a safe and happy time, to those of us back at work -at least we have something to keep us occupied I suppose. Bye for now.

Debra (Dave's mum's friend from the U.S.A.)
David, your smile made it all the way to New York in the U.S.A.! Your mum and I have been friends since we were both 13 years old and she has kept me informed of the highlights of your life, and your siblings lives, since each of you were born. Betty and Ross, my heart aches for you. Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. With love, Debbie

i didnt know dave i just knew people who were blessed to have known him. i have sat here for the past 2 and a half hours reading about how great a guy dave was and ive realised that i missed out. it sounds like words cant describe how much everyone loved him and how much everyone misses him. hes lucky to have such great friends and family...R.I.P xxx

=CrAcKer= and crew
R.I.P xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox p.s i'll miss u lov kirsty, mel, and brett

Dave you are the man and will always be the man. If you were only being stupid that tradgic night we all know u wouldve walked out laughing with a bit of cursing. You were the man that felt no pain nd couldnt be hurt for to long, we all sen u stack many times which looked far worse, bro im sittin here crying thinking of how upsetting it was seing you for the ;ast time till i see u next.bro ur funeral was huge i know of no1 else that had the rep of u. Everyone luvd ya nd still does love you. see you in a while bro, love ya xXx

Betty (Dave's mum)
Yes, David was always up for a challenge and always seemed to come up smiling despite any pain when things didn't quite go to plan, but on that terrible night which changed so many lives forever,it appears he was simply driving home from work when tragedy struck.

No Name
How do you do it Mrs Andrews - how do you stay so brave for so many?

Betty (Dave's mum)
I'm not sure if it's bravery. If we could turn back the clock we would change things, but we can't so we have to deal with this the best way we can. Being able to write on this website is a godsend to many, including me, and having so many of David's friends visit helps in some way. This is the hardest thing we have all had to deal with probably and we have a choice really to 'sink' or 'swim', and I don't think David would want us to 'sink'. To look to the future knowing David won't be a part of it breaks my heart and there will be tears and sadness probably forever, but we do have the great memories and lots of people around us to love and comfort each other, so we try the best we can to cope. We will all come across times in our lives where we will hit rock bottom but we have to find the strength to 'rise up' again - and we will! Thanks again for thinking of us - you all have done so much to help us.

Luke Walker
Dave i just want one more ride........this is fucked..........i love you dude ;)

Bargo Meg
Davey christmas and new years just didnt feel the same without you. I keep expecting you to just turn up..and like many other's have said, it just doesnt feel real. i miss you so much and everyone just wants to see you. its just so unfair.

Bargo Meg
Davey christmas and new years just didnt feel the same without you. I keep expecting you to just turn up..and like many other's have said, it just doesnt feel real. i miss you so much and everyone just wants to see you. its just so unfair.

rig a bye
nacho nacho man, i want to be a nacho man,

Dave whats happening? havent written in here for a bit.. you would kinda be proud of me, i pulled back and flipped but not after landing on my head a few times in some foam ahaha at least i did it.. i know your always there riding with me. and one day ill get that final ride with you. missing you dude. things arent the same and hell bargo skate park aint the same no more with out you there for a quick ride in the arvo.. i just wanna walk into your house again and see you asleep on the lounge again and be able to throw a pillow into your face and here you say " you little #$%@ " missing you dude... i know you will be with me besides me forever.. ill need someone to look out for me as you always did... thanx for the times dude...

Love you
In a moment, everything can change For a minute, all the world can change.... thiz iz tru i think for a lot of people i know for myself wen i herd the news of yuor accident baby the world just STOPPED, evrything just stopped. in that half hor or so nothing seemed real..... This mite not make sense now but words cant express wat i am trying to say. your beta than everyone else David... i could trust you in everyway, you were there in everyway......RIP... xx xx xx

Worth A Read
IF I KNEW If I knew it would be the last time That I'd see you fall asleep, I would tuck you in more tightly and pray the Lord, your soul to keep. If I knew it would be the last time that I see you walk out the door, I would give you a hug and kiss and call you back for one more. If I knew it would be the last time I'd hear your voice lifted up in praise, I would video tape each action and word, so I could play them back day after day. If I knew it would be the last time, I could spare an extra minute to stop and say "I love you," instead of assuming you would KNOW I do. If I knew it would be the last time I would be there to share your day, Well I'm sure you'll have so many more, so I can let just this one slip away. For surely there's always tomorrow to make up for an oversight, and we always get a second chance to make everything just right. There will always be another day to say "I love you," And certainly there's another chance to say our "Anything I can do?" But just in case I might be wrong, and today is all I get, I'd like to say how much I love you and I hope we never forget. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, young or old alike, And today may be the last chance you get to hold your loved one tight. So if you're waiting for tomorrow, why not do it today? For if tomorrow never comes, you'll surely regret the day, That you didn't take that extra time for a smile, a hug, or a kiss and you were too busy to grant someone, what turned out to be their one last wish. So hold your loved ones close today, and whisper in their ear, Tell them how much you love them and that you'll always hold them dear Take time to say "I'm sorry," "Please forgive me," "Thank you," or "It's okay." And if tomorrow never comes, you'll have no regrets about today.

Liam Kilgannon
to dave sorry i havent been writin to ya i cant forget the tyme wen u were at my house ith roche deano rigs and everyone else you came and squised on the singkle armchair were i was wen the other double seater was free i can remember wen were watchin a video and you were goin out with my brother and the boys u sat on my chair again while i was squised for a second tyme you were the guy that would try anything even if you were ganna get smashed and i can remember wen i was ganna try the pro section at tahmoor (which i havent had the balls to do yet) you were there tellin me its fine just hit it now i wish i just went for it and didnt care wat happened missin you dave like everyone id just like to say thanx for being the guy that cheers everyone up thanx for being adams friendaswell thanx for everything dave Liam Kilagnnon

Hi everyone! I know a few of you are already aware but for those who don't. The benefit night for Dave is being held at Picton Bowling Club on Saturday 5th Feb at 6:30pm. Tickets are $40.00 and can be purchased from: St George Bank - Camden, Quarryman - Picton, Phantom Cycles - Tahmoor, IGA -Bargo. It will be a great night with entertainment, D.J, auctions and dinner. Hope to see you all there.

lea -nay
DAve u were awsome, loving and soo caring so many people love you and miss u daerly. i know i do. your in a better place now but i still wish u were here with me. i love you buddy!!! RIP Dave

Liam kilgannon
hey davo how are ya up there missin you heaps so is everyone else havin fun ridin ya smoothest trails peace out champ missin ya LHK-051 Liam kilgannon

BENEFIT NIGHT 5th February 2005
The 4th of February should have been Dave's 21st birthday we should be having one of the biggest party's Bargo has seen. Unfortunately this will not be. So we have organised a Celebration of Dave's life to be held on the 5th of February at Picton Bowling Club. It will be a coming together for all those who knew and loved Dave. It will also be a night where we can come together as the "Dilly" community to help raise some money for the Andrews family. Please refer to above emails as to where to purchase tickets. It will be a great night. There will be auctions and raffles with the prizes being donated from the local businesses. Many of whom don't usually donate but because it's for Dave gave generously. So please get your tickets and tell your friends. The cost is $40, this includes a three course meal, drinks can be purchased from the bar and remember there is a courtesy `bus to take us home. So be there for Dave. Thank you Jo.

dave, i though of u on xmas and new years, and definatly had a drink for u too! the other night i read your funeral handout and looked at ur pictures and had a lil cry, miss u lots..hope ur having a blast up there, and i hope ur gettin on the cans too! love u mate. ross & betty & family and shannon.. you are all truly so brave. i hope u all had the best xmas and new years that u could. dave was the best person, ross and betty you should be so proud! and i know u would be!! it was a priveledge knowing your son and you did a very good job. everyone in the dilly loves him so much and will never forget him.

No Name
forever you will be in our thoughts and in our hearts... dont ever forget how much we love you xxx r.i.p dave

Kyle Penman
Although i never new dave at all I was shocked when I read about his tragic accident. i may not have heard of him but when i see or hear about a bmx rider with the utmost respect for the sport and others around him i feel as though i have known them my whole life. i wish i had have had the chance to meet you dude. im sure i will sometime. RIDE ON YO!! dave. you wont be forgotten.

Liam KIlgannon
hey davo your the man and you should have never left us someone up there made a big mistake and should be fired by god himself

"I Dare You to Move"
Everybody waits for you now, what happens next? i dare you to move, like that day never happened, that day never happened before. The tension is here between how it is and how it should be...... i wish you were still here to hug n to hold so close, RIP big boy- love you forever therez a big part of my heart and everyone elses that has your name all over it babe. Love you always xx

Dave man im sorry i cant be attending your night as im up in qld with my dad, bro im so sorry... Ill be thinking of you and your family nd everyone that will be there nd be jealous of all of them. i miss you heaps bro just come back for another 50 yrs then you can go bak there least then we all get 2 see u for a lot longer. The dilly misses you man. larta luv ya xox

No Name
Benefit night tickets on sale until 30/1/05. If you want to go get your tickets soon.

No Name
death ends life, not a relationship

No Name
yeah its real funny to type giberish on this site have some fukin respect if you didnt no dave and your just bein a fuk wit well your lower

No Name
i dont know what we're all supposed to do here without our Dave to make us smile and push us to our limits- its so weird i was so used to seeing you around all the time, bein a total shit head- being cheeky alwayz tell'n the boys to stop being soft n jus do it- anything.... I dont like the way things hav ended up, buti am proud of Dave's family for being so strong n pulling themselves together at sch a bag time. I caqn honestly say that dave is looking down on us all smiling hiz cheeky smile if hez not doing that hez running around without pants on... i love you baby xxx Take it Eazy mwa mwa.... i miss you running around call'n me a weido coz i did something out of character eventho you'd go and sdo exactly what i had just done.... there are so many things i miss, ut i still have the memories i guess... I cant wait to see your angel eyes n beautiful face agin... xxx Love always

Betty (Dave's mum)
I thought I'd let you all know that I met with a psychic this week. It seems David has been back to visit. I went to see this lady with an open mind, not knowing what to expect and I was told a few things that really got me thinking. I was told, among other things, that at present David is taking care of the children (something he did here as well). Something had happened at home - an object was moved to a different spot in our kitchen when no-one was in the room. The psychic hadn't been told this and she mentioned to me (with a smile on her face at the time when it seemed David was telling her, smiling)that David moved the object as a joke. I like to think she's right, and I have no other explanation of how it moved. There are a couple more things which have happened which she hadn't been told about and it seemed David had mentioned to her (quite bazaar!), but I do believe that David is watching over us. Just thought I'd share this with you.

Go Dave- you never caese to amaze me- still being cheeky even tho yoour sooo far away!!You always were ne for FUN n weird things! Dave will always watch over us and i will always believe that! It has been 3 months now since we havent seen his beautiful face but i have to say it feels like it has been a lot longer than 12 weeks.

Dave its been a long time and all of us r still missin u sooo much!!! we hope u had a good chrissy and didnt get to drunk on new yrs man!!! we red wat ya mum said about the physic and thats sounds like u...always the cheeky one stay wif us dude we love u x0x0

hey dave lifes pretty sweet down here at the moment just askin how are ya up there ill rite to you again soon peace out mini showtime

just when i read that letter i knew that dave was a really good person. you will all ways be missed by your loved ones. i will all ways remember reading this letter. we all care about you. and you will be missed very much.

Hey babe, well its been 3 months and it still dosn't seem real, i keep thinking l'll run into you. When l go to Bargo or Picton it just isn't the same without u around. At every party you were the first person l'd look for cuz l knew l would have a good time if you were there. Wish you didn't have to leave us. Miss you lots and lots. Love you always and 4ever xxxx

Betty (Dave's mum)
As it's David's 21st on the 4th Feb I am having a small get-together at home at about 6-6.30pm on Friday. If you come, please bring your own bbq and drinks. It will be just a quiet night (not for too long so you can do your own thing later) and for those who want to go down to be with David for a while we can all just do it in our own time. For those who want to come, we'll see you Friday.

no name
sorry I did not know dave but I am sorry for your lose sorry!!!!!

i hope to God i have so many ppl miss me when im gone. i love to see the support you all have for your dear friend and may God bles you all

No Name
meet todays problems with todays strength. dont start worrying about tommorows prblem until tommorrow. you dont have tommorrows strength yet. you simply have enough for today.

No Name
Happy Birthday Davey Boy... Love and Miss you...

No Name
happy birthday dave, have a good one xoxoxox

happy birthday buddy.i promise ill drink way too much rum and powerspew on some randoms lawn like one of the many drunken walks that were shared.love and miss you mate

Powelly / 'Git'
Happy Birthday Dave, today we should be getting fired up for your 21st...... It still feels like only yesterday that i was at your 18th, that was such a killer night. We even ran out of beer that night too, luckily Russ bought another one after we all put our dollars together....... I miss you bro, i hope your doing well........ Keep that laughter of yours happening.....

Bargo Meg
Happy birthday dave! i reckon we'll all be having quite a few bevvies for you tonite. miss you like crazy and hope you're safe and happy. xox

Betty Andrews
Yes Powelly it doesn't seem 3 years since there was standing room only in our yard and not a bit of trouble all night. David was thinking of having another big night tonight but somebody higher up than us had other plans. We're all thinking of you Dave and I know I'll just be having a day of reminiscing of what we shared, the good times you brought to us, and still trying to understand what the heck 'someone' was thinking when they took you away from us. There does seem to be something that follows us leaving this life, so David have the best 21st birthday with your new set of mates and your mates down here will have the best time they can with you not being here to share it with. We miss you so much. Love mum.

Hayley B
Morning!! Happy Birthday 21st Gorgeous boy!! be at yours tonight with ur baby brother Ian for a celebration and i'm sure you'll be there 2!! missing you babe shoo mushh (said with a slisp)!! love your Pal Hay Hay xx.

Happy 21st Birthday babe!!! Miss you so so much. Love you xxx

Luke Walker
Happy birthday davey boy.............wish we were riding and drinking together this weekend brother..........take it easy fella, love you dude...................i miss you......

Happy 21st man...U better already be on the cans up there right now! Hav a big one for us!! love ya mate

Davids Dad
We all remember the good time you gave us, some of the greive also. We all remember that wonderful simle ans cheeky grim. Man 3 years ago was a real treat and a measure of those who knew you and loved you. HAPPY 21st Dave. All my love. Your only a whisper away

Happy 21st dave.. im sure everyone will have a drink for you tonite.. or maybe 2! Hope your safe and as happy as ever. love ya xxx

Hey Dave, Happy Birthday buddy, have a good one. Missing you always x x x

Col and Tiff
Dave HAPPY 21ST MATE..Hope u liked the flowers, i came out extra early to spend some quiet time with u. Have a good one and we will be having a good one for you!miss u dearly, Love Always Col n Tiff xoxo

Glen Donovan
It was a good nite at your 18th.. 3 years already, wow time flies. Happy 21st champ, hope your having a good one.

No Name
happy 21st davey xoxoxoxox missing you

No Name
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DAVEY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! HaPpY 21st BiRtHdAy Davey boy- i wish you were here so we cud share this speshal day with you darlin.' I'm thinking of you forever!!! Hang in there Ian, Betty n family!!! I am sure Dave's going to be with us all tonight!! Damn boy- you really had everyones heart!!! Have a good day n night... i know that you are always with us every step that we take But i just wish that you could be here with us to share this beautiful day- can you believe it 21 yers ago little Dave was born he's a crazy kid, the best PERSON too, but not a kid anymore, i always thought we'd have so many years together but i was wrong!!! Have the best day up there!! LOVE YOU DAVID forever!!!! xx

Happy 21st dave m8 i hope u try to have the greatest day u can have and i think everyne will be havin a few drinks 4 u.....HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY M8

happy birthday dude hope you had a fuking good day..... neways dude ium out cya dude xoxoxo

jase c
happy birthday dude i hope u got real messy n did the nude run i bet u did ay any way kid have a good one see you soon peace!

Betty (Dave's mum)
I just want to say thank you to all of you who went to visit David over the weekend. Doesn't his place look bright and cheery - just how he would like it to be. You guys never cease to amaze me with how you show us that David is so much a part of your lives and the respect you showed our family in particular when Ross gave his speech brought me to tears. I'm positive David would have loved the small quiet get-together we had on Friday and the way we celebrated his 21st on Saturday in a party-like atmosphere. Thanks again to everyone and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves at the dinner/auction.

Happy Birthday champ.. Sorry i couldnt attend ur nights as i was in qld, im missin u heaps bro nd so is the rest of the dilly.. cya 1day in the future. We all love ya xoxoxo

hey dave , happpy birthday kiddo, hope u had a heaps good time where u are, i no everyone down here is missin u so so much boy. everyone loves you and miss u muchly. xxxx

dude this sucks it just aint the same i havent been able to come up with new fuked up words or sayings because you aint here to laugh at them and i aint up there to laugh at yours even thou ours words made no sence to anyone else they made sence to us and ment a great deal to me. I still cant forget the day me you and rigs ate the mexican bean salsa from taco bell driving home from gladesville we all got the runs that moment was gold dude i dont think anything i will encounter in my life will compare to anything we did together. thanks for being a good mate while you were down here dude R.I.P dude cya

Robert Williams
I don know if anyone will even read this message but i think that is the raddest thing you guts doing this for a fellow rider i hope you have fun riding that half pipe pack or stair set in the sky what ever it may be and if you want go to my website (thednfwebsit.150m.com)have a good ride guys and especially DAVE GOD BLESS rOBERT WILLIAMS

jase c
missing you man just reading all these messeges bring back the memories and just wodnering why we cant have more with u see you soon big fella

.. i sat here scrubbing through the endless riding pictures i have from all our endless sessions and gazed upon some of the best times in my life so far... most of which dave was a part of.. dave i still feel like i could smash a high rise building down with the pain and anger i feel towards this loss.. i still cant get a grip on how things have gone so wayward.. evrytime i think about the times we chilled at tahmoor trails in the blistering sun.. i just start feeling blank and aimless.. like life isnt worth moving ahead with, without you standing at the roll in with your shirt off and sweating ur ass off, but still smiling like crazy.. i still dont understand why it happened.. i guess i never will.. these memories will never fade and the big blank part in myself will never be filled... as much as i didnt know or should i say didnt respect it whilst you were here.. i loved you to death dave.. i wish we could still be shredding together with all the boys.. laughing about the good times from the party the night before.. and just fooling around man.. dave.. Its been awesome mate.. my tears are endless when i think about you mate.. we will talk soon.. Love from your boy narz

luke walker
dave............i miss you so much....

Betty (Dave's mum)
Just thought I'd let you all know that a relative of someone I know went to a 'group' evening where the psychic came to her asking if she knew of somebody who had been in an accident. This lady then said that she had known of someone, and she was then told that this person wanted to thank everyone for the tribute night (I don't even think this lady knew the tribute night was held) and also to thank everyone for keeping his 'site good'. She was also told that 'he was OK'. Also mentioned the name 'Al', who I have been told is the name of Jay Dowse(?) dad. Also the psychic mentioned that there will soon be a celebration or reception in a hall (Russell and Amy are getting married soon....) How about that!

not a day goes by that you aint in my thoughts, i miss you heaps. xoxoxoxoxooxooxoxo

Sasha and Squiz
"View From Heaven" i'm just so tired wont you sing me to sleep and fly through my dreams so i can hitch a ride with you tonight and get away from this place have a new name and face we just aint the same without you in our lives late night drives, all alone in my car i can't help but start singing lines from all our favorite songs and melodies in the air singin life just aint fair sometimes i still just can't believe you're gone and im sure the view from heaven beats the hell out of mine here and if we all believe in heaven, maybe we'll make it through one more year down here feel your fire, when its cold in my heart and things sorta start remindin' me of my last night with you i only need one more day just one more chance to say i wish that i had gone up with you too and i'm sure the view from heaven beats the hell out of mine here and if we all believe in heaven maybe we'll make it through one more year down here you wont be comin' back and i didn't get to say goodbye i really wish i got to say goodbye and im sure the view from heaven beats the hell out of mine here and if we all believe in heaven maybe we'll make it through one more year i hope that all is well in heaven cause it's all shot to hell down here i hope that i find you in heaven cause i'm so... lost without you down here you wont be coming back and i didn't get to say goodbye i really wish i got to say goodbye...Xx

No Name
i love you so much Dave and i am glad your still watching and looking after us, tho i must say i knew you would. You were always that kind of person.... I love you with al my heart and i just cant get my head around the fact that the lfe i face is going to be without you as a friend to walk with me, but i also know that you are with us all, in our shadows, our hearts and our minds. Your inspired me and so many others to do our best and i will never forget that... You are one of a kind my boy... ONE OF A KIND!!! I just wish i got to tell you everything i felt and thought of you... You'll always be with us. Just wish it could be physically as well as mentally.... mwa sweetheart... keep an eye on us wont you xxx.... love you forever... I am deepy sorri for everyone else who has been hurt through this, i hope you all know that we have one another to comfort us. That also goes to the Andrews Family... RIP DAVEY

Tim Richards
Happy B day you bastard

No Name

No Name

No Name

Some people walk in and out of our lives without making an impression... Others stay a while... and make the time to leave footprints on our hearts... and we are never the same again. Its so unfair. Miss you so much Dave! Love you so so much xxx

hey big fella, oi do u remember that party where the tree caught on fire an then the house next door almost caught on fire an good ol fireman dave came to the rescue with the shortest smallest damn garden hose an the biggest heart an didnt realize how short the hose was till it stoped an u kept runnin an got nailed, an got back up smilin?? course u do, an that time after that party near jads an were yellin out "im not doin it" in the dumb hellboy voice an giglin for hours. yeah anyway i brought it up cos im gettin a fireman dave tat cos it was one of my funniest moments so if u dissaprove zap me with lightin or sumthin, just softly an i wont get it done. well u'l be seein me an grants 21st, i know u'll be watching, it'l be so damn funny an u'd be tryin to think of sum hell funny hero to go as, anyways be see'in ya ps, cant believe i still get that tingly feelin in the back of my neck everytime i read the new an old postings on this site..

No Name
WHY.... i wonder the same thing all the dillys miss ya heaps rip dave where eva ya r

No Name
dude, i never met you but from readin all theese whatever you call thems you seem really nice(and funny)R.I.P. dude

Betty Andrews
Matt (Nolan?), I can just imagine David with the hose - this is the sort of memory we need to treasure - and can picture him 'getting nailed'. Do I need to know why he said 'Im not doin it'near Jad's or am I better off being left in the dark!!?? I love hearing of the little funny adventures Dave got up to. Any more, anyone? Im sure David would be 'stoked' if you got yourself the tattoo.

No Name
I love you little boi... I hope your hav'n a ball up in Heaven with your new friends. We all MISS YOU so much down here, But giv it time and we'll by flying/riding wit you. Well i love you... A memory i have of Dave being a little shit- he would drive past me if i was walking like ten times back and forth beeping his horn n waving like crazy then when i waz almost where i needed to go he'd drive me the rest of the way with his BEAUTIFUL smile laughing at himself... He always knew when to mak someone smile...

Hey big fella, just sittin here readin all the posts again and fuk man i miss u heaps dave as much as the next person if not even more, Nolan man thats a great memory 2 bring up in here i member it up the road from my place , lil mandys party i think, missin u heap dave larda

HI, EVERYONE.sorry about the balls up the top. well i just wanted to say hi dave and how i miss you and your big bear hugs, and your slaps on the arse and of course the hello fuckers while sticking your fingers up. well any way just wanted to let you know how dissapointed and upset iam that you wont be here to be our bestman it upsetts me everytime i think of our special day to think you wont be here. its something that all girls look forward to, BUT iam not i cant bere to think of what it will be like. i get so upsett to think of how hard it will be not only for me but OUR family. i cant wait to get married to your brother, its every girls dream to have someone as good as him, but i want everything to back to the way it use to be!! i would give anything. i know you would be looking down on me and thinking just get over it! so i try not to think about the day untill it comes and deal with my emotions then.but untill then i love you with all of my heart and miss you so much, i cant believe and never though i could feel so much pain and emptyhess in my heart. love you . p.s. when i found out you were with shannon i was so happy that you had bought me such a beautiful siser inlaw, and i new she would have been.....miss you and love you. love always AMY Russell and your nephew Jackson.

its been a while now and it still hurts so much! its amazing the impact u've had on everyone and the impact ur still managing to make...i cant help it wen i turn up to a party to still look thru the crowd and hope to god that i can see you agen even if its only for that one night! we all want you back but we hold you in the one place you cant be taken from us agen, in our hearts. we all love and miss you dearly the dillys not the same, nothings the same anymore. i love you man and i look forward to the day we get to meet agen

i miss you
its been way too long...

luke Walker
hey dude just thought id say hi...hope your having fun kiddo take it easy............peace out

Walter Hamilton
I'm moved by the love shown at this site, I recently lost a student. I was searching for something, and just happen to click a link bringing me here. Your comments brings tears to my eyes. I wish I met David Neil Andrews, your heart felt comments makes me feel like I have. Walter

No Name
i didn't know dave at all..only one of his friends..but peace out to all his friends cos this site is the most moving and honest thing i have ever read. Congrats weride..xo

Betty (Dave's mum)
I know we all knew David was really something special - always ready to cheer us up and put a smile on our face - truly one of a kind. But I (along with my family and probably everyone else who knew him) had no idea the impact my beautiful son had on not only those who knew him but those who have come to know him thru this site. These comments have bought tears to my eyes - proud tears I must say. Those who didn't know David before his accident, I realise now, really did miss out on something special and I'm sure I'm not alone when I say those of us who knew him really were blessed. Thank you so much for these beautiful comments.

hey there davey boy flying through the sky while riding his bike, oi dave man when i get up there i want 2 see u riding a unicycle and do a backflip so u betta learn it every1 would love 2 see it coz we all know if u stack its gunna be a hell of a bail or a hell funny stack, drop a msg in here 1 day lettin us all know how its going up there, see u in a while big fella,

"Death is but a momentary diversion". Those left to remember hold life's light within untill we complete this journey. Those already gone keep that light bright untill we REUNITE.

hey betts , it was just a funny im not doin it, not a im not doin it in a not so funny kinda way. im sure u understand. But dave i was lookin at the foto of u an me an keatos bday an listenin to a lars an the bastards cd, which is dedicated to hes bro that passed away, an the fact that grants bdays is on this satday an it all got me thinkn budy, cos i know ud be there in one hell of a funny costume, somthin so funny noone could pik it, just thought id tell ya we'd be thinkin bout u at the party, but as if we need to tell u that, im sure u'l be gigglin ur arse off to us all dressin like idiots, oh an if u see sum guy undercover its me... later big fela oh an thatnks to all the boys(well i dunno who but im guessin narz rigs an walkies had sumthin to do with it)who got this thing together, im sure so many ppl are so grateful they have sum sort of outlet for their feelings towards dave an i think this is the best thing that anyone could have done because its been so long an its still goin, lovely work... an much appreciated

dvae keaton'skeats'
daven still cant beleive u is gone.missin ya heaps mate and that text book grin of yours.every time u came ridin u always bout an awsome vibe and somethin crazy but u was to young to go u will always be da bomb miss ya heaps peace out daven;)

I really miss Dave he was a cool guy i re member when he ate that pizza with cheese on it and when he took me to that library that had books in it he was really nice. He was a cool hoss

Wil Carraro
dave i just wanted see how u were goin n to shotgun me a spot nxt to when i get up there.. i know ull have the place the way u want it for sure ....still shocks me to actually think bout the fact that u are gone mate, well all be hopein u cood be at grants with us but i knwo u will be there with bells on dude ...peace out dave :)

No Name
it still hurts so much to know your not here for us to see, but i know you can see us all... i miss you so much, n i just wish that when we see each other again we can get to know each other a lot beta, cos i missed out on knowing you like the boiz... i love you always... You'll never be forgotten... Much love to the weride crew... yous are all angels...

Casey (Tara's best friend)
Hi everyone, i just thought i would put my story in. Im best Friends with Tara.W and my heart went out for her when Dave died, She was really upset. But i never new Dave, never saw him, never spoke to him. But recently i have been dreaming of this guy constantly, i had never saw this person before but in every dream he is driving and always has a smile on his face. Till yesterday i didnt know who he was. I found out because as i was looking for something on the internet and this website just popped up and once i saw that the picture on here was him, i broke down. Through my dreams Dave seems like the most beautiful person in the universe, his smile is so unlifting it scary. But i never met him when he was here with all you guys. But im learning stuff about him. Please dont leave my dreams Dave!

No Name
keep smiling dude

No Name
missin the constant groping/frisking grabs squeezes and everything, come back dude

hey dave! hope everything is goin well for you, its so good to see people still writing on this site. u must be pretty stoked. i was readin what nolan wrote about u getting nailed when u were running with that hose when the tree was on fir and i pissed myself laughing cuz i was there and i seen u get nailed and it was the funniest thing ever.. but thats just something you would do aye...! keep smiling buddy, love u lots

No Name
Hey sweetie, so howz everything up there?? You still watch'n ova us? I bet you are, n laughing at the gay things we get up to, i was out the other nite and i swear i saw you, but it wasnt you, actually there was no-one there. Ha, but it put a smile on my face cos i saw a gorgeous boi with your smile n i thought to myself, damn maybe it was you... You are so unforgettable, it has been way TOO LONG.. i just wish we could go back n change everything, but thats neva gonna happen, but i love waking up everymorning n thinking hahaha wonder what stupid thing Dave will be doing up in the cloud today, n if he has mastered any other "gnarly" tricks... Well peace sweet cheeks... Love you forever xxx ooo

Missing everyone down here in albury dave especially you dude...

Casey Daniels
even though I dont know you I miss you to and you have loving friends and family so peace out thus.. this.. has.. ended?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aka Kay

Sharon Hampson U.K
I came upon this site purely by accident, and was intrigued to read on. I don't know the friend you are talking about but hey what a handsonme man, and a lovely guy by the sound of what you have all put. Amy's comments (sister-in law) had my crying though. I think it's great a website in his memory. Very touching.... R.I.P. nice man!

baby gal
hi dave i miss ur big sweet hugs and that smile that made us all laugh ur a hottie babe have fun luv u hunni.... ian is the man to i need ur number ian

Ashlee Simpson
What are you guys talking about and can some body fill me in on the info,I think it was something to do with two hot guys!

No Name
it still doesnt feel real, i wish i could wake up and find it all to be 1 long nitemare!!

alex cam
hey guys i drove past where dave's acco was. boy you guys handle the loss of a loved one so much. R.I.P dave

just pull back ey davey.missin the good times wit u.keep smilin and havin fun R.I.P miss ya lots,later homie

No Name
There really isnt any words mate. I still cant beleive your gone and feeling that i get in my stomache everytime i think about you or even think i see you is something i cant put words too. I have been having dreams about you. I just remeber when you and lisa were together and you could always brighten my day just by seeing you. You were the best mate.. And i miss you.. i keep writing stuff and backspacing because i'm so not sure what to say to you.

luke haeren
keep riding it dosn't matter that he passed away if riding made him hapy he probabiy is still ridin

Betty Andrews
Well, another time to try to celebrate with Easter coming up. These are times that really bring it home that there is one very important part of our lives missing. Maybe we could all put aside some quiet time on Sunday to reflect on some of the special moments we shared with David. Easter is particularly sad for my family as my sister Janet passed away from cancer 23 years ago on Good Friday. I feel Easter Sunday is one of the most special days of the year and it might be made all the more special if we take a step back, take some deep breaths and have some quiet time. Happy Easter to everyone and for those going away, please be careful and take a break every now and then if you're driving long distances. My love to everyone and thank you to all of you who keep this site going.

D wagon
hey dave hows every thing doin up in that woodward in da sky, jus thinkin man, latr on this yr its ognna be 1 yr with out you, 1 really sucky yr with out dave ot make it awsome, but also 1 less yr till i'll be up there with ya. take it easy fella. peace out. xoxo love mitch

Brett 'Reilz' Reilly
Hey buddy just wanted to say thanks for the advice, 'just pull back'.. I know you were lookin out for me today from up there!! we all love ya and miss ya like crazy mate.. keep on truckin' :-) love reilz

No Name
to betty, ian and family, i would just like to say hang in there (i know easier said than doen) but you have everyone from the dilly behind you 110% even the people you dont even know. I cant imagine how all these holidays are for your family, but i hope you know for all the bad there is good!! At least now we all know someone absolutely gorgeouz, sweet, funni, caring and all of the above is watching down on uz making sure every passing second of our lives is the best.. For Amy and Russell, i would just like to say that i am sure that Dave will be standing next to the both of you on your very special day, with a big smile on his face, tho you wont see him he will see you. Dave is alwayz watching us, he hasnt missed out on anything in our lives. I know that nothing i nor anyone else can say will tak away the EMPTINESS we ALL feel inside, but i just thought i should share this. Dave is the BEST person i know, and nothing will ever change that, he will alwayz be Davey the litttle shit head that could make anyone smile when they were at their worst... I love you alwayz darlin'... mwwahhhz to you... cant wait till we are all together again... i will never understand why this has happened to you and doubt anyone will, but i can kind of except it but i dont want to, your in a better place for sure, just wish that better place was down here with us... Keep Riding and causing Havoc, but most of all keep watching us, we'll keep loving you for ALWAYZ sweetheart xx....

No Name
everytime i read this web page im brought 2 tears, i think of the old times, parties, drinks at the bowlo, bumping in2 d boys down the street, out the front of subway or at the square,i remember dave sleepin in d gutter out the front of nics coz she wouldnt let him in, so he jus waited 4 jack 2 get home, if i had known this was gona happen i wouldn't hav taken the video camera off of your face (sorry there wasn't enuf rigs)there could neva b enuf... i hate watching it anyways... everythin has changed, parties, the bowlo, none of it feels the same anymore, n still i expected 2 c your face at grants, could hav sworn i heard your voice, your laugh, those moments wen we partied all 2gether were the best times of all our lives im sure, i miss them! miss u, miss my girl sarah, they say only the good die young....

No Name
if i could trade i would xx

Luke Walker
Happy easter davey boy.............Just takin it easy i hope..........Later

No Name
HaPpY EaStEr........... xxxxxxx. loving you alwayz, missing you non-stop, thinking of you forever... Cant wait til we are ALL together again in Heaven.... mwahhhz... i saw lil ian (not really little, hez older n bigger than i) and he reminds me so much of you, that little shithead atitude yous both have,.... Keep doing wot your doing... N say hi every now and then wont ya... PLEAZE!!!!!!!! =) loving you forever.... mwahhz

Remembering Dave
You’re in a garden now, only triple jumps in sight You’re on the other side, you see things different now. With us but a scant 20 years – how short it was The memories, the words you did record They will always remain, set in our hearts forever That lovely smile, cheeky laugh and silly wave You left so many images, for your family, friends and mates Our lives are richer now, for you having crossed our paths We’ll all see you some time on the other side. We’ll all remember, “You’re only a whisper away”.

Betty (Dave's mum)
I was lucky enough to watch a short video last night of the 'weride' boys at the jumps - I loved it. To see David and hear his voice made me cry, but I am glad I had it to watch. I know there are other videos out there. I'd love to see them and maybe we could put them together and make a long video. So please anyone out there with footage of David either riding, on holidays or just goofing off get in touch with me. Thank you.

Betty, Id be more than happy to put all this footage together of dave..

Hey buddy, missing you heaps, this place just aint the same without you around to light it up. you'd be proud of dean man, the little bastard pulled a flip, we both knew he could do it he just had to tell himself that, he had a great teacher and idol to learn from. i know your looking after your boys, thanks. peace out my nigger. love u heaps bro.

One Sweet Day xxx..xxx..xxx
i know that life may not mean much to some, but i know life meant a lot to Dave, and for him to have been the one whoz life has been cut short seems WRONG, i know i am definatley being selfish by wanting him back here just for one more hug, one more slap on my ass, one more gigle, smile. i just want to hear him speak again, see him running like crazy cos he wants to share the silly stunt he just pulled or a new trick he landed on his bmx, all these things i just want one more, and for that one more to NEVER END!! I hope the Andrews family had the best Easter they could possibly hav had... U guys rock, i dont know you all but i did know Dave n occassionally tlk to Ian, but thank yous o much for bringing David into all of our lives, he has blessed them all... There are soo many of your boyz down here that are "lost without you" and cant wait til yous are all together again.... But life will go on without you which is a scary and sad thought so i'll do wot i can and take it one day at a time... mwa darlin.. Loving you alwayz... a gurl i know told me thiz n i agree wit her... One Sweet Day

No Name
thiz iz definatley a Walk to Remember David style..... you alwayz knew wen to say something, wat to say and how to say it... you are a GIFT... you'll alwayz be in my heart... Your gorgeouz David, n irreplaceable.... (spelt wrong i know) your a darlin xx

when i moved from bargo in 98'i lost most contact with dave,but i was visting mates in buxton wen i heard bout daves news.i came home and woke my family up at 630am just to make them cry like i was.the last momorie i hav of dave is at mac square wen a friend pointed out 'the hot guy', walking past him i recognised him as dave.i just never realised the impact that boy justdid have on everyone everywhere whether they knew him personally or not.respect.cya mate..XxOo

I did'nt no Dave at all but a friend of mine grew up with him and when I saw his picture all I could think was damn that boy's hot!!! Respect xoxo

No Name
April Foolz day today... dave you made me laugh!!!

hahaha dave it was april fools today n i know u got everyone up there a good one, either that or they got u good hey .. well dude everyone is following ur words down this way " just pull back" one day ill have to put that to test ole mate .. keep it clean dave ..peace out

Betty Andrews
Well Russell and Amy's wedding went almost perfectly. We all know that there was one very important person missing. Dave was remembered during the night and was given a toast. Some time ago I mentioned that Shannon and I went to a local clairvoyant who mentioned to me to watch for a bird near a window-sill. I have been doing that and up until Saturday the only birds that I had noticed near window-sills were either indian minors and I figured David would have more class than to visit us as one of those ugly birds and half-drowned pigeons which looked pretty miserable. When Russell and Amy came around yesterday they were telling us that they had been woken by a 'peck-pecking' at the window quite early on Sunday morning - they spent their honeymoon night at Peppertree Ridge? Razorback (no not the nudist hippie place). They couldnt make out what the noise was, and when they woke up enough, they saw a kookaburra outside their window pecking away for some time. I mentioned what the clairvoyant had said to me and Russell figured it was in fact David getting him back for waking him up one afternoon by bashing the daylights out of Ian's drums. They say that good things come to those that wait and I knew that that bird would appear eventually.

No Name
Betty! Thank you for always sharing your little stories about David such as the one above, i love hearing them and it makes me believe that david is still in our lives! Thank you with all my heart!

Betty (Dave's mum)
Yes, that's what I think when people write little stories here - and I've just remembered what they call kookaburras - KING OF THE BUSH!!! Yes, it was David Im sure.

No Name
xxx.i miss u davey boy wish u were still here.xxx

Betty Andrews
I am writing here today to let anyone who may know of who has been taking things which have been lovingly and thoughtfully placed at David's gravesite how upsetting it is for us and if they have any grain of conscience they put them back. I had placed something special there for David which has been thoughtlessly removed and you have no idea how upsetting it is so the other friends whose objects which have been taken are probably just as upset as me. SO PLEASE IF YOU HEAR OF OR SEE ANYONE WITH THINGS WHICH HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM DAVID'S RESTING PLACE, PLEASE GET THEM TO PUT THEM BACK!

No Name
have some respect guys, who ever that may be doin that. thats not cool..... miss u heaps davey boy , love always n always, youll always have a huge place in my heart. xxooxx

No Name
the stupid thing bout someone tak'n something from Davey's grave, iz that they were obviously from the Dilly area which mean we know the sick bastard that did it... itz not funny, it hurts David was our friend n we LOVE him so very much have some RESPECT... Let him rest in peace... plus who is anyone to steal from Dave? Thatz just WRONG.... Dont worry boi i still love you xx

hey dave havent written hear in a while just thought id say hey and u should see your boys down hear every one just " pulling back " thanks for everything dave and missin ya heaps RIP

aint been on here in a bit davey but missin u heaps bro hope ur havin a blast up there nyways im off bro cya xox, RiP & ReSpEcT

i used to live in the dilly til i moved to goulburn of all places i miss the dilly i have come back and read this site lots of times it shows how close u guys really were to dave i neve knew him but a couple of my best mates did it hurt them badly and just to read this site bring tears to anyones eyes rip respect

Luke Walker
everyday goes past dave and i seem to miss u even more....ill see u one day again...peace out

Chopper victims
To the families if the HMAS Kanimbla who lost their loved ones in a tragic helicopter crash on the island of Nias in Indonesia, I express my condolences. Whilst these loved ones lost their lives helping others and it being their job it is never the less a devastating loss to their families. Those who lost their lives were Leading Seaman Scott Bennet, Lieutenant Matthew Davey, Lieutenant Matthew Goodall, Lieutenant Paul Kimlin, Lieutenant Jonathan King, Petty Officer Stephen Slattery, Sergeant Wendy Jones, Squadron Leader Paul McCarthy and Flight Lieutenant Lynne Rowbottom. I had worked with the father of Matt Goodall, to Doug Christine and family, as well as the other families who lost loved ones, please accept the condolences of my family and Davids friends, we know your hurt and our thoughts are with you all. Remember that your loved ones are Only A Whisper Away. Ross Andrews

my baby boi
Hey Davey, how you been?? I havent come on here in a while, but i havent stopped thinking about you at all! i just cant wait to see you again wit ur smiling face. I LOVE YOU so much, i read eveyrthng that haz been written here for u baby n i realize that everyone iz here for everyone n i love the dilly for that exact reason, we're all here for the Andrews family, n i just love you David, i wish you could still be here with us, but i suposed you get the best seat of all watching all us of down here making sure we're all doing wat we're suposed to be doing like you would be normally... Save me a seat next to you wont you baby... Love you always xxxxx mwahhz... RESPECT, RIP big Boi... Take it easy,

Leigh Gough
Yo David ive never meet you but im mates with Sam smith and his told me stuff about you and all the boys dude R.I.P Ill ride on forever so its never stops.

Powelly / 'Git'
Just thought i'd come on here and say hi, and let you know that i am missing you like crazy mate. I hope all is well, keep them laughing up there, as i know you would be.

dave u were an insperation to all who new u i love u with all my heart peace man love always and 4 eva from baby girl xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox mwah hun

No Name
Hey David, just thort i would come on here and say a big HELLO to you, and i hope all is going well up there, i love and miss you more everyday, keep it real wont you babe... love you long time. xx mwahhz

Betty (Dave's mum)
I wanted to let you all know that at the Council meeting last night it was passed unanimously that the Tahmoor skatepark be named in David's honour. Firstly I want to thank all of David's friends who, by their thoughtfulness and hard work, have now left an everlasting visual memory of David in the 'dilly. Secondly, I want to mention something that the spiritual medium said to me some months ago that will make the skatepark more meaningful for everyone I think - she told me that David didn't want to be remembered at Razorback, she said that 'David wanted to be remembered at his favourite place, and his friends knew where that was'. You guys got it so right! Well done!

No Name
Hey davey boy, hows it goin up there missin u a heap down here. wish u could come back Luv u heaps man. keep it real

No Name
I come on here almost everyday, just to see how everyone is coping and i am amazed so much. You guys are such beautiful people dave would be so proud to call you all his friends.. As you were proud to call him a friend. I'm sure his smile is beaming right now. Please be safe and take care. And dave you were an inspiration, and there is no words i can use to explain how beautiful you are... Just dont change and we'll be there soon.. Miss you heaps matey... Sweet Dreams!

No Name
I miss your ever smiling face.

No Name
missng you more everyday!!!!!!!!!!

No Name
i wish thiz woz all just a bad dream.... loving you alwayz xx

No Name
to betty, we admire u so much for being the way you are. no words do dave justice, he was indescribable! you are aninspiration to us all. and we PROMISE that NO ONE will ever forget him. that smile is forever impronted in all our minds. we love you dave. xo

No Name
dave you are our number one

Paul Walker
I miss u bro uwere da best RIP dude

Luke Walker
hey dude...berra trip kicked arse only was missin one person ;) wish u were there buddy but i no u were watchin us from above.....peace out boy!!!

Hello everyone. Just thought I'd let you all know that Deirdre and Sean have another son born yesterday (Anzac Day). Everyone is well and of course he is beautiful - black hair, beautiful olive skin, bluish eyes and gorgeous dimples (a David/Ian combination in a way). Bye for now.

Luke Walker
Congradulations Deirdre and Sean and the rest of the Andrews on there new adition to the family.......He'll be a true champion just like the rest of the family....take it easy....Be safe!!

we miss you Dave. you were an excellent and funny guy and im glad i had the chance to hang out with you before you got your chance to fly with the angles.miss you heaps sweety. had our fun times now its time to share you with the angles. mwa

congrats deidre and sean on your new son! your part of an amazing family but im sure you all know that! we all look up 2 you and we know dave is just so proud of everything that you do! dave we still miss you like absolute crazy but we must go on xoxoxo cya soon buddy

Betty (Dave's mum)
Hello again. When I wrote my message yesterday I wasn't sure whether I could let everyone know the baby's name, but I can let you know now. His name is Brody David. Deirdre and Sean were always going to have the second name as David but it wasn't until a few days ago that they decided that Brody was the first name. AND after these names were decided on they looked up their meanings and would you believe that Brody means brother and David means beloved. How amazing and special is that! It blew me away when I was told.

That is truly something special, congrats on it all deidre and sean..

congratulationz Deidre n Sean, you hav been blessed with a beautiful baby boy, and i know Dave is watching over you all knowing he has another nephew... He will always watch out for you all... I am so glad for the extra edition to the family. with love to the andrews family n david. take it easy xx mwahhz xx... we love you david.

Davey boy ya big beautiful spunk.Hope ya being good.I know everyone is missing you like crazy,so ya need to give those kids that are still hurting inside a kick in the bum and make sure they keep their heads up they'll always need you and love ya

I cant believe its been 6 months Dave.. i still miss you like crazy and i just wish you could come back. believe it or not, it still doesnt feel real.. i keep looking out for you. look after everyone down here like you always have, and we'll try to keep out chins up. Love you heaps and miss you always! xoxox

6 monthz my beautiful boy- six months that we havent seen your beautiful face- heard our cheeky alugh or seen that heart melting smile... shit thatz a long time.... i'll never forget you darin'.... mwahhz to you... love forever.. cant wait til we are all together again..... take it easy, i dont know what else to say! itz still sucks chicky....

miss you man just reading through and i just thought id say hey it sux with out u but we will all see u again soon dont change hey see ya

david was a good man. i miss him so much when i herd he dided i was really upset i respect you david your not forgotten :(

no name
i knew dave not very well but i knew him enough that it made an impact on me & my loved ones dave you were very well admired dave you will forever live on in my memory as the guy who stole everyones hearts cheer up everyone he would luv for us to be happy to everyone who loved him remember the happy times

Betty (Dave's mum)
Just to let you all know there is an article in today's Chronicle about the naming of the bike park at Tahmoor. I havent seen it yet but have been told its a good write-up. Thanks to all those who visit Dave and to everyone who takes pride in how it all looks. I wont mention any names in case I miss someone but I know that the cross has been re-varnished and looks pretty shmick(?). Thanks everyone.

this site had me in tears , i met you a few times only , but its so obvious what a great person you are ,in death you have inspired me to live my life for what it is you were such a wonderful person with so much to offer and it was so sad you time came way to soon

everyone needs to give roche a pat on the back for the coating on daves cross that was him putting in the tlc, well done big fella,

Luke Walker
cheers to roche......Thanks dude!!!!!

thanx roche

everone is so lost without you Dave....

LoVe u brother! mis ya always Ciao 4 now my pal mwaa

LoVe u brother! mis ya always Ciao 4 now my pal mwaa

hey dave! hows it going up there? i know you're keeping everyone safe down here.. it feels like its been so long since you were taken from us.. its so amazing to still see people writing on this its so good, look at the effect you had on people.. and from people who hardly knew you! you were just one of those rare people that everyone loved and its a shame that u had to leave, but you will never be forgotten! miss you lots hope u are having a blast, luv ya

to dave and friends/ to dave,there comes a time a day or two that your friends think of you,yes you are gone from this earth but you are not gone from there heart's. so dave keep riding like they say because someday we well see you face to face . god be with you dave.

Hey Dave! Take it easy up there!!

Luke Walker
Davey boy just read a msg cam left on here...... made me think dude..... i love u so much man..be seein you one day.....sometime......Dave - Cam - The crew WERIDE FOR LIFE.....keep on TRUCKIN!!!!!

i lve how all the weride crew are pullin together n helping eachohter out thru thiz

Betty (Dave's mum)
Yes it sure does help us when we can get on here and give each other support. I know for one that I wouldn't be coping near as well if this site wasn't here. Thanks heaps.

i miss you so much David...

god bless you betty and all your family... dave was a wonderful person and you sohuld be soo proud!

Hey Dave- not a day goes by that i dont stop what i am doing to think of your beautiful smile. Your beautiful nature haz blessed many lives- i know that when i wake in the morning n go to sleep at night that we are ALL being watched by an angel... You r so special to everyone that knew you- n i know that everyone reacts to your death in different wayz but we all miss you so very much n love you with all our hearts!!! i love you and so does everyone else baby boi... ****MWA**** take it easy up there n keep smiling. =) hehehe... love you long time sweetheart xx xx xx

pete irving...bargo pete
its been 6 months and 18 days and everyday is just as painful as the one before. when u were here i knew i loved u and i knew u were my best mate in the whole world but i never realised just how much of an impact your death could have on my life or the lives of everyone left behind. ive been told time and time again that things will get easier, that we will be able to deal with whats happened and be able to just remember the good times we all had with u. I just wanna no when thats goin to be, whenever i think of the good times we had together a tear comes to my eye cause i no now that those times can never happen again, i want to be able to no that your happy where you are and i cant. So many unanswered questions and thoughts fill my head. Every day you are the first and last thing on my mind and i couldnt have it any other way. i miss you more than these words can ever describe dave, the dilly has changed so much without you here and so has everyone in it... Hope fully for my sake its not to long till i see u again. peace

Betty (Dave's mum)
Pete, everything you just wrote is everything I feel and Im pretty sure everyone who gets on here probably feels. It is hard to come to terms with knowing that David wont be here to make us smile or to cheer us up when we need it - which was one of his great abilities and one which I for one was envious of. Wouldn't we all love to be able to have David's great character! How I would love to be able to make things better for you all - to be able to ease your pain. You all know that if you feel like you need a chat or a bit of comfort Im there for you. It helps me too to talk to you guys not only here but fact to face. The love and support we give each other is what will help us, particularly on those days when the pain of our loss seems almost unbearable. I love all you guys.

hey ppl pete man u know ill b here 4 ya im feelin the same way, life is 1 screwed up thing wen u lose some1 that meant alot to you, i always use 2 look up at dave as bein 1 of the coolest ppl ever, i still do but wats even more screwed up is wen that you lose a loved 1 that u and the rest ofthe area cared for.... i hope your goin well up there dave coz we sure are still missing you..sorry if what i wrote is a bit confusin ive had a few rums 4 ya dave nd now im off 2 bed.. Dave forever you will remain in our hearts R.I.P. bro)))**The Dilly misses u dave** Ronny

wow dave must have been such a breath taking guy to be around the best of luck to his family and friends the pain will never ease maybe from such a traggic accident but it gets better every time you let sum1 know what u r thinking stay close together and you will cope


to long



aww pete wat u wrote made me cry,ur rite everythin n everyone has changed since we lost our dave, i jus think its important to think n mayb u dont believe this but dave wants u 2 b happy, he is sittin there, he is beside u, beside everyone he loves n even if u cant hear him he's givin u encouragement, n laughing at ur jokes, n pattin u on the back, n telling u he loves u n always will! n more then anythin he wants u and everyone to make the most of there lives, to get out there n live it! living means feeling pain, hurt, love, fear, happiness, passion, u cant hav one with out all the others n u cant shut it out, not if u truly want 2 live, so embrace it all, n live your life to the fullest, u all know dave would want it 4 u all, the realationship u boys all shared was somethin amazing an somethin i and everyone else was in awe of, remember that ur special 2, n dave saw that or he wouldnt hav chosen u! n that makes u so very lucky , some1 like dave who was only meant to be with us 4 such a short time chose to bless certain ppl with his love, pete as much as it hurts dave gave u somethin special that alot of ppl will neva experiance there whole lives, a best friend who was truly an angel, i duno if that makes much sense 2 u, but i wanted 2 say somethin... be strong, he's still with u, im sure of it

Dave damn i miss you...

i miss you- n love you always bubs

No name
Dear Dave, Im really sorry i didnt say goodbye properly but you will always be in my heart i didnt even know u well at all but i remember u from being one of the kool kids at skool and when i left my phone at the bowling club i rang it and you kept it for me so i got it back... Thanx for that matey... I know you will be alright because there are plenty of people that love you heaps. Luv _____

I love u Davey Boy
david its been to long, as every day goes by its just as hard as the last and if u came back it would be all the best for everyone around the dilly. hope u like the new site Peace out Dave

Hayley B xx.
Hey Pal Its my Birthday 2mrw 31 May!! So ud better make a special apperance on both mine n ur mumma's Bdays heard is isnt too far off mine!! yay! Chin up Pals Davey Ain't really that far away!! like The Rig's said He's That Great Big Brightests of all Stars in the sky!! We Can Still see that cheeky grin a mile away!! Mwah! Love u baby boy!! Hugs N Kisses to the Andrews Family.. xx.

davey boy missen ya heaps always askin why u wish u were still here to have a cold 1 with and kickback and have a laugh later homeslice

shit this doesnt get any easier ay! i kinda find it hard to write on here and stuf coz i cant find the words to decribe how i feel. it still feels like your on a holiday and when i go out next your gunna just rock up with a can and a case and just say hey guys like u never left. the scariest thing is that were not gunnna miss u for 5 years or so, were gunna miss you for ever!! you were a beautiful boy davey and i cant explain how much i miss u! i know how happy you would be seeing all this but how could your friends not do nething for you, everyone was so proud of you dave! you were idolised by so many... i just hope your happy where you are and i know it may be a while but we will see u again... love u always dave xxx

Luke Walker
ROCK ON DAVEY BOY!!!! i no ur somewhere givin it absoulte fuckin hell :).......

i have been here so many times, then i cry and say nothing. dust ur words were awsome. the youth centre is working with Daves family in planning the biggest kick ass memorial service the dilly has ever seen. This is going to be a hard day for everyone but one that we can make to honour the memory the magnificantly funny, caring, beautiful maddness of Dave.The planning of this event for Dave is open to anyone who wants to join in. if ur interested call the youth centre 46832 776 ask for me. love ya miss ya Dave

I just want to stay... David Loved you Lisa... He always have and always will.. And dont let anyone tell you different. Lisa, Hang in there cause i know your finding it hard to with no support from anyone. Because everyone has turned their backs on you... I love you girl with all my heart... And i'll always be here for you.. Dave is forever with you in your heart remember that despite what anyone tells you... Missin your ever smiling face Dave...

To anyone who has been taking the gifts lisa has been leaving for dave at his grave... Leave them alone.. She has a right to mourn too.. And she doesnt need any petty games from anyone!

Betty (Dave's mum)
I do agree. Its upsetting to hear things like this - I know what its like to have gifts taken from Davids site. I would hope that gifts placed with David from particular people are NOT deliberately removed. What has happened to us over the last 7 months as I have said before is probably one of the most emotionally draining periods in our lives and we all need to do what is best for everyone to help us get by. Let us remember here that Davids passing has effected more people than we will ever know and we must let everyone handle their grief in their own way.

Davids Dad
Davids memory is something special to everyone. Those close to him at the time of passing and those who shared his wonderful life some time earlier. We as a family have always wanted everyone to celebrate Davids amazing life. Everyone remembers his smile, his funny antics, his love for everyone he embraced (there are so many of us). David will no matter what may come or go forever be in our hearts (only a whisper away. Dave we all love you and miss your presence.

oh davey boy this sucks hard...why.is still the question thats comes to my head all the time.and il never no why you had to be taken so early but hey they must of needed you somewhere else to make everyone as happy as you did when you were here.. you were a true gift to no and il never ever forget you..cant wait to see you bub... all my love ..love you matey x x x

Everyone still loves you dave and you made so many people happy.... keep an eye on everyone... miss you lots love you always xoxox

Davey itz bin way too long- i can't wait til we can all see your beautiful smile all over agen and have you in our arms to hug you again! you mean a lot to so many people and will forever mean so much to us!! even tho you are not with us physically u alwayz hav a place in our lives......... love you alwayz xx

lisa- dave loved you thatz something that no-one can tak away from you- but shannon dave died wit you in his heart and that will alwayz be with you! whether his friends and family are behing you or not, you know that its tru and you should be proud n priviledged enuf to go thru life knowing that!!!! so stop your bitching!!!

hey dave ive been think about a hell of a lot latly but hey we are all the time. but who eva feels the same way the rest of our life on earth is no were near aslong as the time we r gonna have with him in heaven, eternity. geez i cant wait. well dave hope ya got the booze on ice waitin for aus all. r.i.p dave

if u were with me 2nyt id sing to jus one more time, a song for a heart so big, god wouldn't let it live... may angels lead u in, here u meet my friends on sleepless roads the sleepless go, may angels lead u in...

2 of the luckiest girls! Dave's Girls...
Lisa and Shannon you are the most luckiest girls, you should both cherish the memories and the love that you shared with dave both in different ways... you were both at one time or another his girls and no one can take that.. you both have become apart of his family.. Dave was an amazing boy and you should both be happy that you were able to become apart of his life and expereince his love. There would be a thousand girls that would have jumped at the chance to steal a kiss or more (he was a hotty)but he chose to share these with you... stop being so nasty and rememeber the love and fun times that i know he brought to you both so often... he wouldnt want you to be nasty to each other and rather you support each other becuase you both knew in a loving and special way and only you can share that with each other... we know it is difficult and hard but think of dave.... he is very much missed and i couldnt imagine what it could be like to loose my boy but we should be trying to support each othernot fight.... LOVE YOU DAVE RIP. xoxoxo your missed by all....

itz so true!! i wud hav loved to be tha one dave called hiz girl- why all tha contreversy?? i love you dave you'll always be in our heatrs- much love to you boy!! to ian and family, i cant imagine wot yous are going thru-

There isnt any fighting or controversy at all.. The only point i was trying to get across is that yes thats right Dave loved lisa too.. Why is everyone telling her she doesnt derserve to cry?

because she is not the only person that got hurt with the death of Dave- we all are cut up and hurt about his death itz not all about her!!! gosh- stop your whinging- this site is for NICE comments about/for Dave!!! And while yous are whinging it shits us to kno that all yous can do is whine about stupid things like that. n not remember tha good things. yous dont get it- half of the dilly iz jealous of yous because Dave loved yous- yous both had hiz heart! i loved that kid he woz tha most beautiful soul i ever met- n i sit down everyday n think why he had to leave? n how different things are now and how different they will alwayz be without davey boy to make us smile- to hug us when we're down- or tell us to suck it up wen needed- or to give hiz absolute love and support to everyone around! he woz honestly tha best kid round!!! n Ian your pretty much doing tha same thing az davey woz doing!! we love you! Davey boy we all MISS you so much!! I dont go a day without thinking of you boy- i dont go a day without missing your smile, missing your hugs or slaps on tha bottom! you were such a shit of a kid but we love you always n you are definatley greatly missed n loved!! i cant wait til we're all together that sweet day! Love alwayz davey baby mwahh.....

everyone deserves to mourn daves death- dont worri bout wot anyone else says--- i would hav loved to have had daves heart.... why all tha melodrama???

dave i miss you more and more everyday!!!!!!!!!! it iz crap without u here!!!!!

Betty Andrews
This must be the next step in the grieving process I think. I feel the same way at the moment. Over the last couple of days my tears have come back and yes it is crap without David here. Maybe the reality is starting to hit us. The counsellor told us we would have good times and bad times and during the bad times we will need one another for support. Thank god for this site where we can get on and say how we feel and all you wonderful people.

Lauren Roche
dave i miss you so much i hate knowing that i cant just walk up the road and see you or just pick up the phone and call you all i can do now is drive over the other side and sit and and stare at where you rest. i know i havent been over for a while but thats only because im so scared i hate facing up to the fact that your gone. everyone keeps telling me not to be scared but i cant help it. i think to my self im going to go see dave and have a chat to him but i get there and no words come out. i know what i want to say but it just wont come out. but there are a few words to do come out and that is i love you so much and miss you lots and lots. i had my 18th and i ended up crying myslef to sleep because you werent there teasing me like you used to be honestly whats a birthday with out you dave. i have not gone a day since your accident without thinking about you and all the good times we used to have. there are so many more good times to come for us we will one day meet again. i cant wait to see my big bro again. chris's 21st is coming up dave i know if you could you would be here running a muck but i know you are going to be here in so many peoples hearts. well im just dribbeling now so im going to leave you now. but always remember dave i will always love you and miss you its gets harder and harder every day but i know one day when i see you i will feel no more pain. i love you big bro PEACE OUT mwa

I wish there was something i could say To erase each and every page you've been through even though its not my place to save you....... if you'll just hold on for one more second if you just hold on to what you have just hold on/ just hold on You will wake up tomrrow......... these arms remain stretched out to you maybe someday you'll accept them.......wake up wake up you've gotta believe wake up wake up you cant give up

Liam minishowtime ilgannon
wat up dave how you been its me Liam i broke my wirst talk to you soon budd seeya

Missing you heaps dave

Betty (Dave's mum)
Im having a quiet time at work at the moment - nearly home time - and thought Id jot down a poem that I had placed on a photo of David and gave to my family at Christmas:"Could we ever forget those sparkling eyes or the way that you brightened each day, or the smile that is etched in our memory so youre never far away. Could we ever forget those priceless moments, the answer of course is never; for you were part of our lives for a brief time but youre part of our hearts forever". Thought this might brighten what is otherwise a cold and bleak day. Bye for now.

Betty (Dave's mum)
Oh! I almost forgot - happy 21st Chris.

Powelly / 'Git'
I am just about to leave for Rochie's 21st tonight (July 2) and for a moment, i was like i can't wait to get there and see Dave. Sadly though, it hit me and you won't be there in person, but in spirit. It hurts all the time to know that you're not around anymore, because i miss you so so so much. Tonight, i will be thinking of you, and i will not be the only one mate. I hope all is well up in heaven and your humour is lighting it up, as i know it would be. One moment that is always in my mind, is at Rochies one night (2000, i think) when we were about to throw 'Margo' in the pool, and as we were doing it, he yelled out, "I thought you guys were my friends" such a classic line and one that i'll never forget. Love ya Dave, Powelly

daven matey missin u to much to describe,u is a legend thats all i can really say always wishin u was still here lave ya matey

Luke Walker
missin u dude

hey dave been missin you lately i have my cast off my wrist now and im ready to get ridin again anyways m8 i have to get goiing now and ill well seeya :]

beautiful boi
miss you so much, words cant explain it would make everything easier if you were here now, xoxo

tess (tribz sis)
onli the good die young...we miss u dave

its been too long- stop hiding and come out!!!! its just not funny anymore!!! i hate this feeling of emptiness!!! it just wont go away!!! but WE ALL LOVE YOU FOREVER N MORE!!! you'l be number 1 Dilly Boy in our eyes n hearts!

Dave.. words still cant describe what you meant to us.. like the rest of us.. ill sit there evry day at some point and think about what has happened.. just out of the blue.. ill just see someone with big badass burns and the first thing i think is you.. a big smile.. you again.. no matter were i look your still around me poking yourself thru to make me smile..

one thing that i stil cant and never will be able to cope with is that when we were riding.. and were sitting there watching the guys ride.. it was either you pumping thru the jumps crazy and happy.. or sitting watching... but that is something i took so for granted, i never thought twice about you not being there.. anyone for that matter.. and it was just us just kicking back on our bikes laughing and watching, burning in the sun and havin the most simple but rewarding fun of my youth.. patting eachothers back.. sitting at the roll in talking about someones party.. someones sketchy jump.. all these simple things that i loved.. that was us.. that is our crew.. and now i cant with you anymore dave.. i cant slap ur bum as you roll past me.. and hear you giggle.. i cant give u a hi 5 after you bust something new.. its gone.. and it kills me knowing that.. i fucking hate that dave.. i wish we could roll together just one more time man.. hearing our freewheels clicking together.. i love you man.. i miss you too much..

missing you more then words can explain, you always made me smile whether you being a smart arse or giving me a compliment.. i miss you so much dave, things are so different without you, i never realised how much someone could have a effect on someone!! loving you and missing you so much!! xoxoxox

hey dave hows it going up there? having a blast being a champ i bet! everyone misses you so much.. love u lots wish u were here xoxo

Happy Birthday Shannon, I'm sure Dave wishes he could spend this special day with u. I remember your last Birthday when he bought u that nice watch. He loved u so much- I bet he's close by you on your birthday! Happy 22nd. Miss u Dave xxx

james martyn
R.I.P dave your the best

love n miss u so much!!! mwa boi

Miss you so much Dave, not a day goes by that i don't think about you. Love you so so much xox


I was jus watching the time dave and rigs sang happy birthday to bonga with their bare arses jus reminds my dave how much we turely miss you with all your hearts!!!!! the dilly well never be the same!! love always nicole xxxooo

hey nicole how much of that do u have onm tape?? dusty had like the tinyest part and i know we went for ages, also it was rions party, something ill never forget thats for sure, cheeky assed giggles, yet another simple lil thing thats turned into a priceless memory

Betty Andrews
Rigs, I was wondering the same thing. I am still after any tapes people might have with David in it as I want to put them together not only for my kids but for anyone else who might want them. We do have a few (David's 18th, a holiday in NZ, Frazer Island, our last Christmas....)but there must be others (trail rides, etc.). Please let me know so we can start putting something together. Thanks.

i am really sory about what happend

i come from briss and hearing this dudes story really made me feel bad sorry about wat happened


my Prayers and thoughts go out to Dave's family and friends (who are also his family). You are missed. -Dirt

we r all missing you, dude.

we love you- n we cant wait to hug you again baby

RIP Mitchell Searle
On behalf of my family and Davids friends I wish to extend our deepest sympathy at to Bill & Roslyn Searle, family and friends at the passing of yet another Dilly boy. Mitchell and David had at least one thing in common that being a great smile. It is understood that Mitchell passed away in his sleep in the early hour of this morning following a long battle with a brain tumor. I know both Dave and Mitchell will have a few great parties when they get together. We love you both - Dave and Mitchell RIP - Davids Dad

Only a whisper away
He Is Just Away You cannot say, you must not say That he is dead. He is just away! With a cheery smile and a wave of the hand He has wandered into an unknown land And left us dreaming how very fair it needs must be, since he lingers there; So think of him faring on, as dear In the love of There as the love of Here, Think of him still as the same, and say He is not dead, he is just away.

lil mohan
Mitchel we'l miss you buddy, you're unique laugh - dam it waz funni!!! n jus seeing you round n getting hugs and kisses off you, but iam pretty sure that you n Dave will be having a ball, tak care of each other, we'll miss you so much jus lik we still miss Dave!!! love you alwayz n you'l both be in our hearts til forever!!!! mwahhz xx

RIP Mitch
mate u were also an awesome guy like Dave who made the most of the time u had with us all. last time i seen ya u were pretty gOone at the george organising our next nite out haha. sadly it didnt happen to date. keep havin fun champ - catchya.

Weve taken another tradgic hit to our dilly character.. mitch you were truly unique. i can say that with emmence truth.. u always seemed to turn things into a laugh.. miss you mate, one of a kind along with dave.. truly.. Narz

Its just so not fair. why does god want to take away the best people we will ever meet. Both had the biggest smiles that we cant erase and both so funny. They sure did leave great memories though. How we are going to miss mitch like we did dave. god above stop breaking our hearts and taking our people. love you dearly boys. take care of eachother.

missing you
you will never leave my heart, our time together was incredible, unforgettable, inspirable and undeniable.. i havnt been to this web site before but i must tell you it killed me.. not a day passes that i dont think of the precious time we spent together.. i love you with all my heart and soul xxxxxx you found a way inside my heart xxxx

rip mitch
sadly missed, rest in peace darling

Betty (Dave's mum)
Fate has dealt us yet another bad hand! Jenz is right it just isnt fair - 2 of the most beautiful boys - boys you knew would always leave you smiling - have been taken away. Another piece of our hearts are shattered. To Ros Bill Sarah and Emily my deepest sympathy. I know there are no words to describe the loss of such a loved child. Our boys had such wonderful friends and they become our friends. This is yet another time we will need one another for support and strength and I know that all you 'dilly people will be there for one another. There are so many questions that we will never get answers for and if we dwell on them too much they will eat us away.Who knows why these 2 special people have been taken away from us but let us try to take comfort in knowing that they are both together and in time will probably be causing mayhem (with alot of laughter in there too). My love to everyone.

stop taking them away from us!! both genuine boyz, both with their own uniqueness n both been taken away so suddenly, itz not fair, i mean so many people are still hurt from Dave going n now mitchy too, thatz jus not right!!! n i took them both for granted i think a lot of them did!! but all i kno iz that mitch made sure everyone knew how he felt about them,n how much he loved them (jus with a simple hug or kiss- they always counted) as did dave... i will neva forget either of you two, n i hope yous hav fun together.... itz just not right, they're both so young, n shudnt hav had their lives cut so short!!! peace out, love you forever n you'll alwayz hav our hearts boyz!!! love alwayz, xxx

it hurts so much

you know the emptiness has actually gotten bigger now

Mitchells Funeral
Mitchells Funeral will be held at St. Pauls Catholic Church, CAMDEN on Monday the 8th August at 11.00am. The Church service will be followed by a graveside service at Bargo Cemetery. A wake will be held at Bargo Sports Club.

Aunty Carleen
Will miss you dearly. Will sing you a tribute at the next karaoke opportunity.

Donna-Lee,Jamie-Lee,Tianna and Jarrod
Mitchy my little brother I will miss u more than I can exspress.I wish u were still here.Your neices and nephew will miss u so much we send our love to u hugs & kisses

we love u n we will miss u always. never 4gotten, 4eva u will be in our hearts.

Sarah Mac
Mitch, from the GOLDEN gates of heaven may you rest at peace in sweet release, as angles pass your way where the grass is always green & the sun shines everyday, may pain and fear never pass throughout your worried mind in the land where cotton candy is always easy to find. Love you matey xXx P.S if you want some pointers of a hot chick jst ask andrea you'll no who she is she has a smile just like you that can brighten anyones day

Mitchy your now resting your beauitful eyes you were only ever on borrowed time from above and now you are watching over us all. love you always little brother!!

Meg Murphy
i cant believe another great guy has been taken away from the dilly. i guess that saying is true "only the good die young" but mitch even though u were taken away too soon, you have left a mark in everyones hearts. You and dave will be and are, sadly missed and share the best personalities around! You are both top guys who everyone couldnt help but love. You two wouldnt have it any other way lol. Those smiles would melt anyones heart! And im sure dave is showing u the ropes up there and you two would be having a blast. Well look after each other and keep close by because everyone miss you so much!! I would like to express my deepest condolences to the Searle family, i am truly sorry for your loss. I also want to say hi to Betty as the family is always thinking of you. Both Searley and Dave were the finest boys around who were able to befriend anyone because of their beautiful nature. They were and still are, truely a gift from heaven and anyone who knew them would of become a better person. We love u guys and miss you so much!!!!! Love always and forever Meg Murphy

Ali & Brock
It still feels so surreal i can't believe I'll never see your smiling face or hear your infectious laugh. We r really gunna miss you especially at chrissy it will seem so empty at christmas time without you. We both love you heaps more than words can ever say you will b forever in our hearts & minds forever n always we love you heaps, look after nan we will c u not soon enough love n kisses Brock N Ali xxooxx

is it spose to hurt so much, the pain hasnt stopped

yesterday we sed our goodbyes to another dilly boy, another one of gods most precious gifts, we love both dave n mitchy so very much!!! it hurts so much to say goodbye, words cant decribe how much!Searley u were an absolute ANGEL my boy, n thatz the truth, u wud light any room up with your smile n laugh, you could make anyone smile, you had so many qualities alike dave n i jus cant believe we are now saying goodbye to you too!!!! i never thort it would be so soon we'd saying godbye to either of you!!! we love n miss you both. always loved, never forgotten!!! mwahhz my deepest condolences go to Mitchell's family and dear friends!!

Mitch, the one who could make anyone happy, the one who could make anyone glad to have a person such as himslf to call his son, brother, & mate. Along side his family Mitch has a very large number of freinds. Yes he could bring a smill to any face. Hay Mitch, do you remember the time when we were at Wee Jasper and we went for a walk up the river and some person gave us a yabie and we took it back to camp and said to everyone we cought it with our hands. I do. I can also recall all the fun we had on our many fishing & camping trips. I can still see you by that camp fire, with a smile from ear to ear, like a kid on Christmas day. Yes this young champion,& hero did leave us at a young age and for us we will remember him for the rest of ours. We will always think of were Mitch is but we have to remember as long as he is here in our hearts he is here with us in person. Mate: I wish you good buy.

RIP mitchy
mitch, i miss u so much and i hasnt even ben a week.Your were the most genuine guy, im really goin to miss that cheeky smile of yours.ill never forget the great times we spent together and how much of a gentleman you were.the things i will miss most is the great big hugs you used to give me wen i was down. its so not fair u were an angel.I could never give u enough hugs and kissers u deserved. i took you for granted sometimes and now i have relised nothing last forever. my heart goes out to Ros and Bill lots of hugs and kissers sweetheart xoxoxo mwahxx love u darlin.

Just a quick note to say bye to Mitch. I'll miss you so much, such a funny guy with the best bear hugs and addictive smile... you never had a bad word to say about anyone, and always made me laugh, your never forgotten, stick with dave up there and youll be fine (I know u guys will run a muck) but have fun up there guys, love you both so much xxx p.s Stick in there Em.. Mitch will take care of you

rest in peace mitch

Hey Mitch, just wanted to let you know how great a friend you are to me. You lifted my spirits high, always put a smile on my face when i was feeling down, and always had a way of making things better, no matter how bad they seemed. At all the camps and events, you were always the one to muck up, drink a bit more than you were supposed to, and flirt with all the girls, but at the same time, you were always the one to comfort those who were upset, encourage those who were shy, and put a smile on everyones face...i will miss you so much, but know that you will remain in all our hearts, and look out for us all Love always Loz

Keep bringing on the good times people,dave and mitch would be proud to look down on the dilly and see the party rockin on...always look on the bright side of life

Brad and Monie
What can we say you left us way too soon we are going to miss you so much. You are one special boy who has touched so many hearts. Your mum and dad are so proud of you their faces light up every time your name is mentioned Sar and Em are so sad without you. Your family and friends admire your charm,sense of humour and of course your gorgous smile you will be missed but never forgotten. Love you Mitch

To my dearest friends Ros & Bill. No perant should have to suffer the loss of a child. A child so cherished. A child so talented. So young. I am proud to say that I have known and been part of your wonderful family for many years. We who knew Mitch are better people for having him in our lives. Mitch touched many hearts, far and wide afield. The sparkle in his eyes. The smile on his lips will be remembered in our hearts. Your dear friend Donna.

a million words would not bring you back, i know because i've tried. neither would a million tears, i know because i've cried. they say momories are golden, i know that is true, but i dont want those all i want is you. my heart still aches in sadness and secret tears still flow what it ment for us to loose you no-one will ever know... we love you so much,mitch.RIP.

bmxr 4 life
rip dude

Mitchy you had the most amazing heart and soul and that smile of yours made everybody feel warm and loved. its sad that your gone and nothing seems the same, i no your no longer in pain but i just wish that we could have one more day. love you mitchy always

i will neva forget and will always love!!
mitch we have nown each other for a very long time but i just wish it didn't have to end not this way, not now, i feel so lost confused and mostly empty with out u, isee emily sar and ur mum n dad so very lost aswell and thats hurts even more, u were the rock in town everyones sholder to cry on and the strength we all need to keep goin, well i know i speakin for everyone including my self wen i say that will be muchly missed,along with that great big cheeky grin u always had to brighten anyones day... i love you babe always have and always will, and i will bw seeing u again one day.. so until we meet again, party hard baby n keep outa trouble... (look after my noy please dave) love 2 both u..xxxx

To the dilly you guys have lost another i can't put into words what you guys must be feeling right now being so close the pain must be unbearable i don't no how u guys do it rip dave and mitch bmx forever

a lil rider
u were 1 pretty cool guy u dont no wat it ment 2 all your good friends that ur gone

RIP to a fellow rider.....

Little Sis (London)
Mitchell, I dont know where to start from boy!...Im missing your famous bear hugs..and especially that "G'day" or "honey im home" basically every afternoon you walked through the front door and me then going "here we go!" but mum would always have a grin on her face...she misses you too Mitch, she treated you like you were one of her own. I looked up to you, you were truly a brother to me..always trying to be protective with me nd nay..just didnt happen for yah buddy. Nobody could be more protective than Adam. Umm it breaks my heart to see Adam upset though, i've never seen him this upset..and that bloody blow up sheep you got him nd that other sheep thingo is sitting in his bedroom..everytime i go in there i just laugh..you two make me sick. Well i must be off mitch.. have a good time you two Love you's!! xx

To Someone Special
I couldn't sit here and name every person you ever touched with that beautiful smile or amazing soul. You were loved by so many and we all miss you dearly the only blessing we can take is that your no longer in any pain. There is so many empty spaces in so many peoples lives and they many never be filled again. You had a gift for making people laugh. love ya!!

missen ya
im missen ya dave you will always be in mi heart xoxoxox

Your smile brought out the best in everyone mitch! RIP. Will miss u dearly.

why do they keep on taking our dilly boys. Mitch we all miss u so much. Mitch u touched so many lives and so many people have great memories of u. We will never forget u or your beautiful smile. We miss u dearly. Rest in peace Mitch xxxxxxx

hey davey boy, just sayin hey...missing you so so much bub...its not the same , i look for you everyhere.... watch over us big guy..love you xxxxxxx

loving u so much Dave.. i cant wait to see ur smiling face n be wrapped in one of ur bear hugs, n hear u laugh!!! i love you, we all do

Mitch we all miss you so much words can not explain it!along with that great big cheeky grin you always had to brighten anyones day. We will never forget you Mitch, you will always live on in our hearts

mitch i miss you more and more everyday

i never really knew dave or mitch but i know how much everyone misses them, nothing i say is really going to help that much as no words can fill such a big gap that has been left by two great dilly boys. All i can say is that when our time is up on earth and we meet up with dave and mitch again the only tears that will be flowing from our eyes will be tears of laughter as all the great things we did with them here on earth we will do with them again in heaven.....keep ur chins up and always remember the fun times with our beloved dilly boys.....R.I.P boys, you both may have been taken away from us but you both will never be forgotten...

David i love you-

Dear Mitchy
Every now and then beautiful Angles appear cleverly disquised as ordinary human beings. This is you and if only we had of known you were on borrowed time maybe we could of said our goodbye's. Your beautiful smile your amazing eyes and that laugh of yours are only some of the things that we will miss most. Not having you here to hold is even harder. With all the love and support is around us why is there so much pain, my heart still feels like its breaking in half. We all miss you so much and nothing that we do will bring you back no number of tears will bring you back. Im still getting my strength from you that you always gave us. All those cherished memories we have will be what gets us through. love ya mate, missin ya heaps. love always and forever

always in my heart
Mitch we all miss you so much! I still cant believe that you are not here. Im just waiting for my phone to ring to here your voice,and also to see your beautiful smile. Mitch you were truly unique. love you so much, always and forever in my heart. Not a day goes bye that i dont think of you. xoxoxoxox

to the Dilly boys
i didnt really know either dave or mitch really well but i knew there family members and i know that they where both great guys and i know that every step and choice we make in life they will be there guiding us through our life. they where both top guys and where very well liked. my deepest sympathy to both of there families for such a geat loss of two great guys. just because there gone physically doesnt mean there gone spiritually. they will never be forgotten.... + Rest in peace Dave and mitch +

To Dave Neil Andrews
only the good die young words can not describe the feelings that i feel, this can not be written down, or said cause it comes from the heart. god may have taken dave from us but he didnt take him away forever... take care....xox...

always and forever in our hearts Mitch xxxx

dave everything has changed since you left. everyones life is just not the same without you here. i miss you so much, not a day goes by where i dont think about you. i am so lucky and proud to be one of the very many people who know you. we will never forget you. and to mitch - what can i say? you were a champ and u were always so happy and it made everyone around you happy as well, you will never be forgotten either. I LOVE YOU GUYS XOXO

not a day goes by that i don't think of you

mitch you will always and forever be in my heart

not a day goes by where i dont think about you Mitch. You always brightened up my day when i saw you with that big cheeky grin on your face.

mitch may angels walk with you today and always!!!

Hey Mitch, we are all missing you so much! Wish you were here with us all. Always and forever in our hearts. You will never be forgotten XXX

marye and brett patterson

marye and brett patterson
my beautiful mitchell mitchell mitchell how will we ever be the same without you we miss you in our home and we miss you in our hearts you were the most beautiful godfather to riley and he adored you daniel and jason are lost without you all the time you spent with them will never be forgotten i miss giving you your coke and chocolate when you came to visit and i miss how you would laugh and ask me if the food i was cooking was real or pretend its still a bit of both but most of all i will miss your beautiful cuddles and your cheeky smile your mum was with me today and we talked alot. we love you m.m.m.

marye patterson
I forget to ask you m.m.m. if you meet my beautiful brother paul in heaven will you give him a hug for me he'll be the one with all the girls around him so you will be able to find him XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Dave and mitch
two great guys gone, inocent, loving and wher top ppl, i hope ther up there riding together and looking down on us cause down here its just not the same without them. just makes us relise how we take presious things for granted,some us never got to tell these guys what great guys there actually where, but im quiet sure they know............ we suffer, but we only get stronger not weaker from this pain...

Mitch I couldn't find the words to explain how i feel so i have done it by song. A hundred days had made me older since the last time that I saw your pretty face A thousand lights had made me colder and I don’t think I can look at this the same But all the miles had separate They disappeared now when I’m dreaming of your face I’m here without you baby but your still on my lonely mind I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time I’m here without you baby but your still with me in my dreams And tonight it’s only you and me The miles just keep rolling as the people either way to say hello I hear this life is overrated but I hope it gets better as i go I’m here without you baby but your still on my lonely mind I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time I’m here without you baby but your still with me in my dreams And tonight boy it’s only you and me Everything I know, and anywhere I go it gets hard but it won’t take away my love And when the last one falls, when it’s all said and done it gets hard but it won’t take away my love I’m here without you baby but your still on my lonely mind I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time I’m here without you baby but your still with me in my dreams And tonight boy it’s only you and me Mitchy not a day goes by that i don't think of you, you changed my life and i thankyou for that. Memories are something no one can steal, they just leave are heartache no one can heal. Forever in my heart. Love you, Jen xoxoxo

marye p.
jen i think your song is just beautiful and i am sure that m.m.m. will be in your heart tonight i

I have sat here for hours laughing and crying at the words you all have written and i wish i could write down how i feel and think but there are no words to descirbe the feeling i have inside of me. Its been over a month now since we lost mitch..... and not a day goes by that i don't think of you mitch... remember the time you helped me move into the city he he he all those stairs and all those boxes. You were always there for me .... always giving but never taking. Whenever something was wrong or i felt upset you always seemed to call .... you were my angel... remember your song??? You are my sunshine.... he he he the good times now make me cry... then i remember that smile. I will never forget you Cute boi!!! or what we had as we will be together again one day i just know it. I Love You Searle xoxoxoxox

Good morning Uncle Mitchell, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Ben Wilkinson
I dont know you but you sound like a mad rider and a funny guy...

hi Ian just thought i'd say g'day xoxo

Missing more and more everyday Mitch xoxoxox

RIP Dave

a clay pot sitting in the sum will alway's be clay pot sitting in the sun it has to go through the white heat of the furnace to become porcilan the same as how else but through a broken heart can the lord enter in...........

Mitch, If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, i'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again. I know one day i will see your smile again and get one of your huge hugs. Miss you. All my love Jo

Mitch why did you have to go, we all miss you so much words can not explain it. wish we could see yout smiling face again soon. luv you so much mate xxxxxx

Julz from Penrith

Julz from Penrith
Not a day goes by when you are not in my thoughts. God must of needed an angel Mitch you will be in my heart forever love you cousxoxo ;)

Mitch you were my tower of strength and now you are gone!!! I miss you so much, i would do anything to have you back. All my love Mitch xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Mitch it has been over a month since we last seen you, i cant believe it!!! I miss you so much. Wishing you were here with me, all my love xx

i no your not far away but it seems it coz i cant reach out and touch you, missin u heaps love you alwaysxxooxxooxxooxxooxxooxxooxxoo

My M.M.M. I miss you more today than I did yesterday...And i'll miss you more tomorrow than I did today... You'll be with me forever....Brett and I both love you so very dearly ou beautiful boy XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

davey, i miss you so much- almost 11 months hav passed since we lost u.... i just wish i could hug u one more time, n see ur beautiful smile.. love alwayz sweetie xox mwahhz

dave im goin to miss u, u had a great time with u. hope daves family can get ova this but i still love u dave.

miss you both so much, mitch i know you would of loved the shed!

i am glad there aint no mollys because it just wont be the same without you mitch, its last week it was funny they playd khe sahn i know it was for you having the last say! love you heaps mitchy!! take care up there till we meet again mate!! love you

missing you still, loving you still... rest sweet boy, i can't wait to see you again, i truly can't.. until then 'ill hold you close in my heart, and fly with you in my dreams xxxxxxxxxxx there is just no one, no one like you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

i love you

Simply angel's
Thankyou to the Angel that saved a small child yesterday. We all know who... And to the other very special Angel who kept the mummy calm and then crossed her the road... Your loved Sarah... By our family XXXXXXXX

Mitch you will always be in my heart!! I will never forget you mate!!!!! Even though molly's has shut down it will never be the same with out you at the shed!!!! xoxoxox They played Kah Sahn for you at the shed.

Mitch they must of needed another angel in heaven, that is why they took you so soon for us ALL! all my love for you now and forever.xx

Searley wat a guy, you were truly unique, you are one of a kind, you would always manage to put a smile on our face's didnt matter what you had to do to make it happen! You will always hold a special place in my heart forever./ xx

Well what can i say Mitch, i miss you so much words can not describe the pain im going through, i would do anyhting to have you back anything! its just not the same without you here with me. but i will be okay i will keep all those memories with me forever. love you so much lots of hugs and kisses xoxoxoxoxo

Dave's family
to daves family, almost a year has gone by and where still missin him. we will all be thinkin of the big fella on the 29th of next month and im sure we will all be haven a drink or two for him as he rides into the sunset... peace out and rest in peace dilly boy dave.

I wanted you to know I love the way you laugh I wanna hold you high and steal your pain away I keep your photograph; I know it serves me well I wanna hold you high and steal your pain Cause Im broken when I'm open And I dont feel like i am strong enough 'Cause I'm broken when I'm lonsome And i don't feel rite when your gone away You're gone away; You don't feel me here anymore The worst is over now and we can breathe again I wanna hold you high, you steal my pain away Theres so much left to learn, and no one left to fight I wanna hold you high and steal your pain Cause Im broken when Im open And I dont feel like I am strong enough Cause Im broken when Im lonesome And I dont feel right when youre gone away Cause Im broken when Im open And I dont feel like I am strong enough Cause Im broken when Im lonesome And I dont feel right when youre gone away Cause Im broken when Im lonesome And I dont feel right when youre gone away You're gone away; You don't feel me here anymore.

missing you badly.. wishing i could hold you in my arms, and i wish you were here to kiss away my tears.. no amount of words can describe the love that fills my heart and it's all for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx you were never nothing less than beautiful, stay who you are, and just rest my sweetxxxxxxxxxx

almost a year, and it's still feels like yesterday, i'd give anything to get it all back xx we may be miles apart but i'll keep you deep inside you will always be in my heart xxxxxxx

They say only the good die young

Mitch, it has been so hard without you here with me,but i know you will be guiding me along the way through many more ups and downs. I feel so empty without you by my side. I know i will treasure all the times that we spent together. love you with all my heart xxxxx

shit, nearly a year. its still so frozen in my mind, the phone call that told me, the quietness over the dilly. everything is like it was yesterday. we miss u all the same and i wish you could be here with us. we hurt so much your not here dave. u deserved so much more. we can never forget you. youl see me at your side on the 29th mate. love you always...

To the greatest guys anyone could of known
i just want to send my deepest sympathy to Dave and Mitch's family and friends and anyone else that knew them. I met them a few times and they were so great and that was my impression from knowing them for an hour, i can't imagine the pain everyone is going through but everyone is very strong to come out of this with your chins up. Everyone that has met the boys will know that they are both great guys and will never be forgotten no matter how many new people we meet no one will ever be able to fill their shoes, they were great guys and always will be, we will meet up with them again one day and it will be the happiest day ever but till then we have to remember the fun times we had with the boys and always remember that they would want us to think of the good times where everyone was laughing. Stay strong and keep your chins up, both of the boys are up there now looking down on us and having a laugh and a beer remembering the good times. RIP in boys, I'm out. xxxx

Missing you so much Mitch! Wishing you were still here with us. We will be together again one day Love you always xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

tomorrow it wil b 11 months since u hav been gone dave, n i cant begin to thunk of the things all of us, family n friends will b thinking. i jus wish so much that u would come bak here n everyone would b whole again.. you mean so much to everyone that knowz u sweetie..... alwayz loved, never forgotten... rip hunni xxx

xx MITCHxx
Hey Mitch, missing you so much mate. I heard Kah Sahn on the radio yesterday i thought of you straight away!!!! Love you xxxxx

i'm loving you still dave so much, with all my heart.. i miss you badly xx you gave me so many memories babe, more than i ever could of hoped for xxxxx

thinking of you on the 29th, the ANDREWS family, all my love, support and thoughts

REST IN PEACE BROTHER. Not a day goes by that i dont think about you. Until we meet again XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Mitch, I miss you so much words can not describe the pain that im going through. My life will never be the same without you here with me. You meant so much to me and everyone else. You have left a impact on every person that you met. ALL MY LOVE, HUGS AND KISSES XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

I Cant believe its been 2months on monday those days have just passed us by it feels like it was yesturday that we were told the news. I know your watching over us now and you will help guide us in the right way.... love you always and forever xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

hey boys theres not a day that goes by that i dont think of either of uz. Mitch im missin u so much bro i dunno wat 2 do man wenever im thinkin of u now im brakin down missin u heaps bro larda

M.I.T.C.H..... i only new you for bout 6months and mate the 1st time i met u u was a CHAMPION... and u will always be one..... always smiling and always had fun . keep on bustin a groove mate

i can honestly say theres not a day where i dont think about you,or look at my arm and wish i didnt have to have that tattoo,or go in to work and blow u a kiss on the way.i havent been here in a while and after reading the messages,the pain keeps flooding back.i hope u liked our cover of true believers last nite,no other song could epitomise the love and respect we have for you and the boys we have lost.i know i was fighting back the tears singing songs from the soundtrack of our lives when all they do is remind me of you,and i want you to know that you are the sole inspiration for me and many others to put in that extra 10 percent in what ever endeavours we take on in life.i will never lose sight of the lessons i have learnt from you.just want to let you know i love you dave.hopefully your looking down on us,coz we look up to you.love daggs

Some people come into our lives and quickly go, some people move our souls to dance, they awaken us to understanding with the passing wisper of their wisdon, some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon, they stay in our lives for a while, leave footprints on our hearts and we are never ever quiet the same again XXXXXXXX

Mitch im finding it really hard without you here with us, missing you so much, wishing you were here!

Mitch it has been so hard without you here with me,I'm missing you more and more as each day goes by. Wishing you were still with us. You will forever be in my heart. ALL MY LOVE xoxoxox

You left us all to soon, you have also left me with so many wonderful memories of you. That I will never forget Mitch! That beautiful smile, your infectious charm,not a day goes by that I dont think about you, they say only the good die young. God must of needed an angel so that must be why he took you from us so soon. I know you would not of been the same person if you had of recovered from the operation,(i think he knew that he would not fully recover) i know in my heart that you would of not wanted to live like that. i miss you so much, words can not describe the pain that im going through, everyone keeps saying it will take time, but how long is time? Mitch did so much in his short life time that many would not even dream of doing he was such a courageous person!!! Not many people even knew Mitch had a brain tumour, with his cancer experience i know it mad him a better person also alot stronger with what he went through he always had his ups and downs but he got through them. Mitch was always helping other people through there experiences with cancer through canTeen again not many people knew the envolement he had with canTeen, Mitch loved canTeen as he was always going on camps, always meeting the chicks. Within canTeen Mitch knew when it was time to muck around and have fun and then when it was time to listen and help others,he also wore his banadanas with pride. LOVE YOU ALWAYS xoxox

dave's sister
Hi everyone, it's taken me this long to write on the internet. i get on and see all the lovely things written about my brother and how much we all miss him and how much we all can't believe that he is no longer with us. as you know back in april dave became an uncle again and it's hard for me to comprehend that our boys will never be able to have the memories that we all have but i will also fill their hearts with some of the funny things that dave used to do and remind them everyday of such a wonderful bloke and a wonderful uncle. its nearly a year and i can't believe it, it fells like yesterday that i remember seeing him and hearing his voice. Just before dave left us for another world our nana was out from NZ and we were all having dinner at mum's house and i remember dave saying to shannon that he wanted to loose some of the fat that he had around his stomach "too much drinken he said" and as he said that he reach across to amy's plate and took the rind of fat from a piece of steak and said to amy "i'll have that" and amy said "you want to loose weight" and dave said "yea but the fat is the best part of the steak" it was so funny, mainly because of his facial expressions and his sense of humour that he had. I'd do anything to see him for just a few hours even minutes for him to see his new nephew. We'll see you all on the 29th at the dirt park. R.I.P. dave love you and missing you more each day. the Fitzsy family

"the bald and the beautiful" in loving memory of Mitchell Searle
A shave day is being organised in loving memory of Mitchell Searle with all proceeds going to CanTeen Mitch will be remembered by all for his cheeky grin and infectious personality. he has touched the lives and hearts of many, living his 19 years to the fullest. mitch enver let his illness get the better of him and even in the last week of his life he was everyon else's strength. mitch never did anything half-hearted and this was no different with CanTeen. He wore his bandannas with pride and was presiden of CanTeen's Illawarra Division in 2003 On behalf of Mitch we are organising a shave day and colour your hair day to raise as much money as possible for his much loved extended family CanTeen which greatly impacted on his life. The shave day will take place on: Saturday 5th November 2005 at 6pm at Picton Bowling Club's Auditorium $5 enrty to support the cause Come on down and see us, "the bald and the beautiful' and support this great cause If you would like to donate, sponsor or even participate please contact us on Alicia 0410178180 or Sarah 0423280079

In This World (Murder) By good charlotte
In this world all of our sins are simple We choose death over innocent life And in this world its not our money thats evil Its the ones who choose it over life And in my heart I can not believe in this murder And I will not be fed by the lies, or the life that is created just to be murdered, its murder No matter how hard they try And no matter how loud they cry They cant buy their way into heaven No matter how hard they try And no matter how high they climb up the ladder They wont reach up into heaven And they can't see the innocent lives The pointless suffering And in my heart I wanna undo all this murder And give back the innocent life Open cages and stop their luxurious murder, its murder No matter how hard they try And no matter how loud they cry They cant buy their way into heaven No matter how hard they try And no matter how high they climb up the ladder They wont reach up into heaven Murder Innocent life Innocent What have we done? No mercy For beautiful Money for blood Is murder No matter how hard they try And no matter how loud they cry They cant buy their way into heaven No matter how hard they try And no matter how high they climb up the ladder They wont reach up into heaven No matter how hard they try And no matter how loud they cry They cant buy their way into heaven No matter how hard they try And no matter how high they climb up the ladder They wont reach up into heaven, heaven, heaven.....

I miss you my friend ..you are so dear. Even though you are not near. I carry you within my heart. And i know that we will never part. You're special to me ..that much is true. Without you, I wouldnt know what to do. I depend on you and you on me. No truer friends could there ever be. I wish we were together ..that would be such fun. We would talk for hours and never be done. One day we will meet ...It has to be so. I would go anywhere for you ..no matter were i had to go. You're more than my friend.... And I know this much ....I will always love you.

even though i didnt know dave i can say that i ride and he rides and well he was a fellow rider and he seemed like a good fella. y did it happen to an innocent person??? who knows.... but all i know is that i wish i met him. RIP dave

To we ride
just thought i would congrat all the guys that have worked on this website you's have done an excellent job and im sure dave would be very pround of ya's eveytime i visit this website there is always something new and im sure others would agree you's are all top riders keep your heads up high and keep ridin'cause u's are the dilly boys x Peace out x

jesse ventura
rest in peace big man

To All
Mitch's Dear friend Abby need's our prayer's today as she is so very unwell, please all who read this say a prayer for her and keep her in your thought's today..................

Mitch, why did you have to go for??? We all miss you very much! Loving you now and always XOXOXOXO

Hey guys, we dont know these people personally but these riders have been a great influence to us. To hear about good people passing on such bad circumstances really hits ya in the heart. R.I.P boys

R.I.P Boys 4 Eva

Rest in peace beautiful girl, in Mitch's arm's safe for ever... no more pain or being frightened

missing you. loving you. wishing you were here. special you are and always will be. love you 4ever xxooxxooxoxoxoxxooxxooxx

my heart is broken twice in such a short time, Mitch look after my big sister, my angel. I miss you both so much. I love you more then i can express rest your beautiful heads.

Betty (Dave's mum)
My heartfelt condolences, along with the rest of my family to Abby's family and friends. We didn't know Abby only saw her at Mitchell's funeral but from me, after losing a beautiful child, when someone else's child is taken away its as though one of your own is taken away again - the deep sense of loss, the questions, the energy that gets taken from you in grief -these feelings overcome you once more. To all those who knew Abby we offer our deepest sympathies and want to let you know that we are thinking of you at this very sad time.

i love you Davey.. all my love forever until we meet again.. rest in peace baby

i love you so much David

Jen & Family
We only met you both twice through Mitchell, but you are in our thought's and prayer's our deepest sympathy to you jen and you family on the loss of your beautiful sister and daughter, from Brett and Marye Patterson................

sorry this might sound rude but who was abby and what happened to her... im not from aroudn here but i read this site constantly and feel lkei know some of you people personally... im deepest sympathys to all of you.

Forever in my heart Mitch, loving you now anmd always

Life in Memories...
In my lifetime, for however long it may be, Mitch and Abby will live on, because for as long as i can remember them, to me they are very much alive. I love them both dearly and will never forget them.

Cathy Herbert
Abby was a beautiful 21 year old friend of Mitch's. Abby sadly passed away as a result of a Brain Tumour, just as Mitch did. May they rest in peace, along with Mitch's mate, Dave.

Christine R
its almost been a year and im only writing now.. miss you Dave so much... everyday i think of you and everyday i have to remind myself that you're not here anymore. i see you in my dreams a lot- i hope that never stops because i wake up with you fresh in my mind. cheers boy anyway, i heard this song that makes me think of dave everytime i hear it- download it if you can CHANTEL KREVIAZUK feels like home something in your eyes, makes me wanna lose myself/ makes me wanna lose myself/ in your arms/ theres something in your voice/ makes my heart beat fast/hope this feeling lasts for the rest of my life. a window breaks/ down a long dark street/ and a siren wails in the night/ but im alright cos i have you here with me and i can almost see/ through the dark there is light.

Billy Williams
hey dave wish you were still here just to hang out with once more and have a good time life is a kick in the teeth this isnt fair

R.I.P abby.... take care off jen and the reast of your family!!!........ 2 great people taken from us so quickly!!! miss ya smiling face mitchie boy!!

i love you so much davey, you are in my thoughts today and everyday.. wont you sing me to sleep and fly through my dreams.. i love you i love you i love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dave, words cannot express the sorrow i still feel when i think about you. to not see you around anymore is just wrong. a friend of mine rang today, she lost a friend this week as well and she is going through exactly what we all were a year ago. its unfair, i know you are in a better place but i just wish you, and all those we have lost at a young age were still with us for just a bit more. R.I.P Davey, still missing you

hey dude its comin up and year already hey its been fuking wired with out you here dude we all mis ya well peace out dude xoxo

So many young and special people taken from us so soon. missin them today just as much as yesturday and even more tomorrow. step by step we start to rebuild our lives. there in our thoughts every moment of everyday.

i didn't know you but i know people who still to this day are heart broken with out you including your girlfriend lisa my heart is with everyone that was touched by daves wonderful presence and that lost a part of them when he was gone PEACE OUT MATTY

hiz girlfriends name is Shannon

I MISS YOU SO MUCH N THA WHOLE ONE YEAR THING IS GETTING TO ME, I DONT KNOW HOW ALL THA BOYZ CAN STAY SO STRONG.... my thoughts r with dave's family... we all love you, n are hear for u no matter when.....

Hayley B xx
HeY BiG BoY.. Wow a year tommorrow.. i was sitting on the floor in my room today going through my draws when i found the speech from the day we had to all say our goodbyes.. So i re-read it. And Then it hit me, its been almost a whole year since that day.. A year without you.. I swear it took it out of me.. Your Photos are placed around my room, every time i walk in there kiddo i see your cheeky face.. It just what i need to get me through my day.. Your like Straight Red Cordial to a 5 year.. Endless hours of Fun and Energy.. Anyway babe missing u So so Much.. Just imagine, 2mrw everyone will be celebrating u.. xx

one year
Its been one year... Wow...It hasnt been an easy one for ne one... Whether they knew you or just new people that knew you, you've really made an impact on peoples lives... RIP dave! xoxoxo

its been a year since you were taken away from us, i miss you so much! my thoughts are with the andrews family and shannon today, rip dave! xoxoxoox

i miss you mitch, nothing is like you, love you xoxoxox

A year passed and it still feels like yesterday that we were hanging out and riding, these are memories that i will never loose, it was an hounor to be able to ride your bike again. until i crashed lol.. but i know you would have laughed at me. Some of the best times came from riding with you. but most others.. one thing that i can never forget was in the carolla one day.. doing close to 240 and thinking we were going to hit a speed hump and instead of starting to slow down we speed up and both at the same time looked at each other and said... see you on the other side.. probably close to the stupidest thing we did.. but these are all the things i miss the most. all these memories will stay close to me forever. wishing you were with us.. missing you for ever..

Betty (Dave's mum)
Woah! I don't think I wanted to know that Dean, but that was in the past and hopefully a lesson was learnt from it. I got on here today to thank everyone for the great turnout on Saturday. What a great day! For anyone who is interested there are articles in today's Daily Telegraph and Illawarra Mercury with a couple of photos. Once again thank you - as I mentioned David's message was that he did want to be remembered in his favourite place and you friends were right, the dirt park was his favourite place.

To all,
just wanted to congrat everyone on there huge efforts on saturday it was a great turn out. everyone that showed up deeply respected and love dave, and im sure he would be very proud of all you guys the place couldnt of been dedicated to a better guy. dave made a huge impact on all of our lives and there will never be a day when he is forgotten...R.I.P. Dave *

lisa is in the past and thank god for that i never seen dave happier

Betty Andrews
Please dont start this again. This is not about David's relationships. Thank you.

jus me
hey guys- saturday was an awesome day.... it jus missed that one smiling face that i know everyone was looking for, Dave's.... i can not wait until i see you again... we still have to get married you kno that, haha... Mrs andrews is right- get ova it, dave loved who he loved there is no use fighting about it now... Dave i will alwayz remember you and your beautiful smile and gorgeouz ways of jus being you. i dont kno wot to say... there is so much i jus cant write it all. R.I.P davey boy xx with love alwayz

lil mohan

i realise that towards the end you and i drifted apart- tho you alwayz seemed to stop for a chat wen u saw me n i did the same... i still remember the first day i met you, my first day of yr 7. i will never forget that day.... i walked past you n smiled, u smiled bak winked, waved n blew me a kiss n oh my gosh my heart melted wow... hehehe... u also told me that my peer support leaders were lesbians n to stay away because they would crack onto me, i took baby steps around them i realli thort they were lesbians. i alwayz remember looking up to you, not jus because your taller than me but because u knew so much n alwayz knew wot to say n wen to say it. i see how everyone is affected by your passing n itz huge, i kno that everyday everyone of us that was lucky to kno u whether it was 10 years ago or 2 days before ur accident all think about you, and wish we could see ur smiling bubbly face i wont say that one last tym cos i dnt want it to be jus one more tym, i want it to b all the tym.. So we dont hav to see the hurt in Dean's eyes, or your families eyes, just to hav u here with us all the tym..... tak it easy cheeky... lots of love forever xx.xx.xoxo

"god only takes the ones who make the perfect angels"

you will truly be a legend that will live on...

Fix u - coldplay
When you try your best but you don't succeed When you get what you want but not what you need When you feel so tired but you can't sleep Stuck in reverse When the tears come streaming down your face When you lose something you can't replace When you love someone but it goes to waste could it be worse? Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones And I will try to fix you High up above or down below when you too in love to let it go If you never try you'll never know Just what your worth Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones And I will try to fix you Tears stream down your face When you lose something you cannot replace Tears streaming down your face and I Tears stream down your face I promise you I will learn from my mistakes Tears stream down your face and I Lights will guide you home And ignite your bones And I will try to fix you

Luke Walker
i no u were there havin a bash on sat boy.......Rock On

i no you were right in the middle of everything of satday boy, loking over everyone as you always did...hope you loved eberything that happened it was all for you coz we all love n miss you so so much dave...keep near sweetheart..every step i take,every move i make il be missin you...xoxo

Ben Hidalgo
even tho i had neva meet dave b4 he sounds lik 1 cool guy. i hope u loved the atmosphere on sat at the jam. rid on mate rid on

Missing you more and more each day Mitch.

did anyone hera who died in the car accident in tahmoor (rockford rd)last night?

Betty Andrews
I heard on the radio it was a 22 year old from Ruse - thats all they said.

hey betty i am just at work and had a look on here, i spoke to paula she is not doing them at the moment, will start again in a few weeks she will ring me when she has time!

Apparently the accident was Collon Saunders - He was hit while on his motor bike.

yeah he was riding round drunk on a 50 and was hit but a car

yeah it was colin saunders, the poor guy who hit him! my thoughts are with the saundres family and friends!

Mitch you filled our lives for 19 wounderful years, everytime we are feeling down we will remember that ckeeky grin of yours. What we hold in our memories is ours, unchanged, forever. Memories are like gold; they never tarnish or grow old. In our hearts, you'll always be forever young. You'll stay precious in our hearts forever!!!!

Respect accountability teamwork initiative understanding encouragement positivity integrity prideinclusiveness flexibility compassion inspiration CELEBRATION

daniel ferrara hit him- whit celica.... colin didnt give way, but they are all after daniel, poor kid.... it woz accidental... apparently he woz taking lukes bike for a test drive cos he was selling it n yeh. but i drove passed last nite to tak my friend home n there woz a bunch of them at tha corner where he passed n they threw a damn shovel at my car.... didnt hit tho..

Mitch's head shave is 5th November 2005 at 6pm at Picton Bowling Club's Auditorium $5 enrty to support the cause of CanTeen. COME ALONG for Mitch and the CanTeen group. See you there xoxoxox

can under 18z get in ???

A big thanks must go out to everyone who attended the head shave in memory of Mitch.

R.I.P Dave*

Missing you so much Mitch, You where always there for me when i needed you. Wishing you where here with me. Loving you now and forever REST IN PEACE xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


hicksy little bro
u guys do crazy stuff u guys rule when i grow up i want to be just like u guyes

hicksy little bro
can i hav ur autograph dean wall i saw u at bargo skate park yesterday you are good

The 29th of November 2005 has come & gone, a year since dave past away. What a way to spent that day then together with family & friends who knew just how amazing Dave is. The DNA Memorial Jam was such an amazing day not only did the day allow people to cry, mourn, remember but also to reflect, smile and celebrate the never ending inspiring man who continues to touch the heart & soul of all he knew. XXOXX I'd like to thank the Andrews family, the BMeXicans & Weride crew for giving me the opportunity to support you in the small way that i have & to know that people leave our lives at various times but they are with us always.

I was waiting outside work the other night and there was someone exactly like david in the drivers seat, I know that It wasn't him, but maybe just a reminder of him, my heart goes out to ross, betty Ian, russel, amy, deidre and shaun who this must come across regularly, my heart definatly goes out to you guys.

dave ive been sitting here for ages reading all these memory's and comments and yet again i find myself sitting in a pile of tears... cant get over that we wont be seeing you for a while,its the most f@#ked up thing....everyone misses you way to much hey...so many things are different without you dave...anyway hope your having the best time ever mate,you deserve the best of everything coz thats just wat you are,the best...miss you mate ..love always liz.x x x

god will link the broken chain closer when we meet again...x x x

<3 <3 <3
it has always been on my mind what an angel looks like but now i know it's you Mitch, i miss you more then words i love you more then words no one compares to you my darling

Dave your a legend live on

Mitch you will always be in our hearts, you will be forever young. You will stay precious in our hearts forever!!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH XXXXXXXX

...only the good die young... and only god knows why

Missing you so much Mitch, No one will ever realise how much we miss you.

Sarah L
I miss you so much, i wish i could pick up the phone and call you..Love you xoxoxoxoxox

everyone dies, but onli a few truly live, n i kno we all agree that boh Davey n Mitch did truly live their life, a short but full one

Why did they take you guys from us?? I just don't understand why! Love both of you's so much.XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO



searly.. wat can i say. all those times you made me laugh, just being you. you lived for the moment and were an inspiration for many. you are sorely missed and were a treasure to know. miss you and lots of love xox

Mitch you lived life to the fullest, you really knew how to party! I will always have a drink for you. Miss you lots.>

Riley Patterson
As my 3rd Birthday arrives on the 2nd Dec, It will be very sad that you my Beautiful Godfather Uncle Mitchell will not be with me. But I will have your Mum and Dad with me I ask about you all the time and I will alway's love you the way that you loved me XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

RIP both of you Mitch and Dave, the two most wonderful guys who have been taken from us to soon. Love both of you's lots and lots xxxxxx

baby boy im sittin here thinkin about how much i seriously miss your sweet sexy ass... i want you here with us right now.. why did you have to leave.. i love you so much babe! there isnt a day that goes by that i dont think of you.. and do i have some goss for you.. cant wait to let you know love you always dave you will forever be in my heart and will always be my NO1 boy!!!! love you so damn much wish i could give you a big hug.. but i guess i will have to wait.. love u babe mwah..xxx and R.I.P dave and mitchell you will always be in our hearts!!

heather burden
hey mitch i miss you soooo much not a day goes by that i dont think about you i visited you and dave the other day first time since the funeral it was so hard but i promise ill come more i love you xoxox

Hey Mitch,your favourite song Kah Sahn was voted the best beer song!!!!

there isnt a day that goes by that dave doesnt touch our heart and that we will all witness a bt of them in our lives

there isnt a day that goes by that dave doesnt touch our heart and that we will all witness a bt of them in our lives

there isnt a day that goes by that dave doesnt touch our heart and that we will all witness a bt of them in our lives

i love you always and forever gorgeous boy

it just doesnt seem fair, they may be in a better place but seriously what is better than the place you belong n the place that everyone loves you, n the place they both loved to be, the place they grew up in n knew?? i love you both, take it easy xx mwahhz.... christmas is soon, i hope everyone stays safe n remember the boys jus lyk they wud hav wanted

i dont know what to do, help me out here, give me some signs n point me the right way please....

Betty (Dave's mum)
Whoever has written the message above titled "Davey" if you need someone to talk to please ring me or come around. I feel the same way a lot of the time, particularly at this time of the year when Christmas is so near and you know that one of the people who you most loved and was most important in your life wont be around to cheer you up and make everything OK. Someone asked me a couple of weeks ago if things were getting easier as time went on - the answer was simply no, it doesnt get easier and in some ways it gets harder. Life is full of twists and turns and when the going gets tough we do need friends, family etc to get us through - talking helps and as Ive said before thank goodness for this website. Please, if any of you feel like catching up, either ring me or call around. My love to everyone and all the best Christmas and New Year - keep safe!

Blake Davies
R.I.P dave we will miss u forever and we love ya mate

As christmas approaches so soon after you Mitch, it will never be the same without you here with us all. Missing you more than ever. If i could have one gift i know what it would be, you! All my love xoxoxoxoxoxox

Did I disappoint you or let you down? Should I be feeling guilty or let the judges frown? 'Cause I saw the end before we'd begun, It may be over but it won't stop there, You touched my heart you touched my soul. You changed my life and all my goals. And love is blind and that I knew when, My heart was blinded by you. I've kissed your lips and held your head, Shared your dreams. I know you well, I know your smell. I've been addicted to you. Goodbye my lover. Goodbye my friend. You have been the one. You have been the one for me.I am a dreamer but when I wake, You can't break my spirit - it's my dreams you take.And as you move on, remember me, Remember us and all we used to be I've seen you cry, I've seen you smile. I've watched you sleeping for a while. I'd spend a lifetime with you. I know your fears and you know mine. We've had our doubts but now we're fine, And I love you, I swear that's true. I cannot live without you. Goodbye my lover. Goodbye my friend. You have been the one. You have been the one for me. And I still hold your hand in mine. In mine when I'm asleep. And I will bear my soul in time, When I'm kneeling at your feet. Goodbye my lover. Goodbye my friend. You have been the one. You have been the one for me. I'm so hollow,I'm so hollow.I'm so, I'm so, I'm so hollow. Mitch just a little song for you. Even everyones Christmas wishes put together can't bring you back and that breaks my heart. You know who this is from xoxo

*davey hun*

Mitch - My First Christmas In Heaven
I see the countless Christmas trees around the world below With tiny lights, like heaven's stars, reflecting on the snow. The sight is so spectacular, please wipe away that tear, For I am spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year. I hear the many Christmas songs that people hold so dear, But the sounds of music can't compare with the Christmas choir up here. I have no words to tell you the joy their voices bring, For it is beyond description to hear the angels sing. I know how much you miss me; I see the pain inside your heart, But I am not so far away. We really aren't apart. Be happy for me dear ones. You know I hold you dear, And glad I'm spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year. I send you each a special gift from my heavenly home above. I send you each a memory of my undying love. After all "Love" is the gift; more precious than gold. It was always most important in the stories that Jesus told. Please love and keep each other, as our Father said to do, For I can't count the blessings or love He has for you. So, have a Merry Christmas and wipe away the tear. Remember, I'm spending Christmas with Jesus Christ this year.

-- davey --
So where to next?? Where do we all go from here?? itzs bin 14 months almost, n i dont think anyone can answer my question! We all have this empty part of our hearts that can neva be replaces or refilled, n yes it tore us apart about Mitchy too. it iz christmas tym, n christmas is a tym for sharing n love... to show your family n friends jus how special they realli are to us, n well i kno how to show everyone else how much i love them n how special they r to me, but you- i jus dont know how to... i hope that your family have a realli beautiful christmas bcos they realli do deserve it... please tak care... xx with love....

hey dave, ive been thinkin bout you heaps lately, thinking how happy you always were how nothing ever used to worry you, how you were always there for everyone no matter who they were, how you had the most beautiful smile in the world. no one will ever replace you as if they ever could .everyone miss's you way to much.your not here with us but we have the most beautiful memories of you,it'll never be the same but no one can ever take our memories.. merry christmas dave hope your having the best time ever mate....cheers il have a drink or 2 for you buddy..miss you x

chrissy r
can anyone remember a party in jarvesfield where dave was walking round with his pants at his ankles... and he was yelling something out, over and over... i cant remember and its really getting to me... everytime i think of that night, or any night he was around really it makes me smile... and then i feel sad all over again cos it just is not fair that such an amazing life didnt get to do all the things we can... knowing dave he woulda had the best wife, best marriage, best kids... best home where everyone was welcome...

I know this christmas will be sad without you Mitch, But at this sad time we remember somewhere there's a place, where we will all meet again... A place where we will never say goodbye! Love you so much xxxxxxxx

Merry Christmas Mitch, love you so much xxxx

as you watch from above make sure were safe, were wishing you were here with us for christmas your here in spirit i no but it just not the same

Merry Christmas everyone i sit here thinking of you alot mitch, man im in tears almost every day still finding it hard 2 believe, dude i still dont want 2 believe it nd dont think i ever will its 24/12/05 11:55pm and hopin my christmas wish of seeing u mitch come true soon dude i miss you so much well anyways im comin 2 visit ya in the morning so ill talk 2 ya then cya bro xox

Merry Christmas Mitch, I know today you are here in spirit, but i wish you were here in person.

merry christmas
merry christmas davey n mitch... i hope you had fun... stay kool... wit love.. thinking of you always xx.... davey honey i miss you so much.... i hope the andrews family had a beautiful christmas... also hope the searle family had a beautiful christmas it must hav buin hard 1st christmas without mitchell but iam sure he was with you... much love xxx

We can't know why sad things happen... We can only know that nothing beautiful in this world is ever really lost... Because all precious things live on In our memories forever

iv been thinkin bout u heaps lately...christmas day wasnt the same with out u. u never realise how much u will miss a person until there gone. All i want is to feel ur arms around me and one of the huge big bear hugs u where so good at giving...im sitting here in tears with so many things i want to say to u and just cant... miss u honey... memories live forever love youxxxmwahxxx xxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxo

Thoughts of you are always a bright spot in my day

Hey Mitch, Tomorrow is new years, im sure everyone will have a drink or two for you! Now remember mitch.. dont play up to much. love ya lots xxxxx

i wish we could go back in time to a new year when you where still here miss you love you

it just wasnt the same without some group of people but the feeling just wasnt the same. there were tears for you we all drunk for you but it just didnt feel right. love ya take care up there

Mitch you filled our lives for 19 wonderful years, Everytime we are feeling down, We will remember that cheeky grin of yours What we hold in our memories is ours, unchanged, forever. Memories are like gold; they never tarnish or grow old. In our hearts, youll always be forever young. Youre only a whisper away. Youll stay precious in our hearts forever.

Happy New Year Boyz.... lets hope 2006 is a beta year than the last two.... tak care everyone... with love xxx

Hey there mr, this new year wasnt as gud as the last, because you werent there lyk last year... even though we only saw you for a little bit cos you got into a little bit of crap wit tha cops... lol,but i was sitll thinking bout you, n how it would be great ifyhou were here wit us right now....

Davey Hunni
Hey there my boy... i missed you so much this new years... i drove around for about an hour jus thinking about you, i ended up driving to bargo oval n sitting there for a bit thinking bout you, n your smile, your laugh, yuor eyes... jus you!! n how absolutely perfect you are... i miss you so much.. i am pretty sure everyone does... have fun where you are ... mwa baby xx....dont change who you arE!!!! You are our number one DILLY BOY n noone will ever forget you....

miss you so much bub
everyday i wish you were here with me.it hurts that you cant be. if i could turn back the hamds of time you'd still be mine. everyday i wish i could of known you better,so i cherish the time we had together,instead of thinking of you been gone,while im here all alone. everyday i wish i could call you so that i could have someone to talk to,but someone took you away from me and all i can say is "rest in peace bub" xxxxxxxx

Missing you more than ever Mitch. xxxx

wow it has bin so long since all of this has happened, n we still sit here on this site n remember all the things both dave n mitch did that has impacted our lives in so many beautiful ways... as i sit here now, i wonder how life wud be this very moment if dave hadn't left, n same wit mitch... we wouldnt hav this emptiness still in us, we'd hav our dilly boy here with us, n all the weride boys n all others that knew dave would not hav that sad look upon their face even wen they are happy.... dave the little shit would be running around with his sailor hat on, drunk, giving everyone hugs n kisses, slapping people on their ass... lol... it sucks, n even tho a year has gone by i stil wish you were here, n hate the pain of knowing that you arent n wont be, but i guess i'll see you one sweet day... love you so so much kid... tak it easy cutie... love always xx.....

Love ya mitch!!! take care buddy!!!.........

So much has changed in so little time but the pain is still so raw, late at night in my dreams i see your smiling face and for only a moment its like you never left me, then all of a sudden i wake and there i am again all alone in the cold of the night without you. love you always

In life there are moments, when you miss someone so much, that you wish you could grab them out of your dreams and hug them tight.

Hey Mitch, as your's and em's birthday approaches this sunday (15th Jan.) I know you will be watching over em. I know em is wishing you are here to celebrate this day with her. Take care buddy! xxxxx

Dear Mitchy.... (15.1.06)
If only we could be together on yours and emily's birthday, we'd start out the day with wishes and hugs and a song, so the smile in your heart would last all birthday long. We would decorate for hours with fun times and laughter and make birthday memories that we would keep forever after, We'd celebrate sweetly with ice cream and cake. We'd cherish each dream and each wish that you would make. Then after the sun had set we'd find the first star to remind you how bright-shining special you are. Thinking of the fun we would have if we could share this day. Wishing you lots of birthday smiles, hugs and kisses and happines your way. The way it should be for someone who's as wounderful as you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, love you always little brother.

there are years losts behind us, full of words we never spoke. But in my heart i have always felt the love we have and neither distance nor time can take away the bond we forged as children... perhaps words are not always necessary but today i want to remind you how much i really care you're the best brother i could have ever asked for.

wishing you and Em a happy birthday as hard as it is, i hope Emily, Sars, Ros & Bill see a little light in today. Love you all. Missing you Mitch.

no name
cya dave! i didnt even meet u but i no a few people that did! from wat they have told me i gathered that u were a great guy! i cant imagine the pain that IAN n the rest of his family r fealing right now! R.I.P

happy birthday mitchy sweetheart...... hav fun up there. with love

miss u dave, miss u mitch xxxxxxx

Betty (Dave's mum)
Hi everyone. I hope you all had a safe and happy break over Christmas. My thoughts are with Ros and family as it has just been Mitch and Emily's birthdays. David's 22nd is coming up on 4th Feb and I know the emptiness on that day even more than other days. Narz: I really like the new look on this site being different photos. Tell me, are you rotating photos as when the opening of the Dirt Park photo was up I sent my penpal in USA an email and told her to look on the website but next time I looked it was a different photo. As Im dumb at alot of computer stuff is there a way of letting my penpal know when that photo will be up again or will she have to fluke it! Thanks.

Hey betty, the photos just get choosen randomly when you come to the site, if you press the refresh button a few times, you should probably get it again, but if you want me or narz to email them to you, let us know.. the refresh button is at the top near the back and stop buttons.

yes betty. its really a great photo.. its just on a random script.. so if u refresh a couple of times it WILL come up eventually.. then u can right click on it and save it if you like :)

Betty (Dave's mum)
Thanks to you both. I have tried to print them off but it seems by the time I press 'print' theres another photo there and I get something else. (Now everyone knows how dumb I can be at this internet stuff!!) I'll email my penpal and let her know. Thanks again.

A belated birthday wish to you although you & Em were in my thoughts all day...miss you mate.

Even when someone as special as you leaves this earth, the love and memories remain. The special times, the moments shared will stay with us in our hearts forever. Missing you more than ever. xxxxxxxxx

not a day goes by that i dont think about u... i miss you so so much... love always

You Will Always Be In My Heart Mitch.
No matter what is happening in the world. No matter what worries or frustrations creep in. no matter what glad or sad tiding come our way. No matter how many bills come in the mail. No matter how good or bad the news of the day. no matter whether the weather is beautiful or not. No matter how many times your smile gets lost. No matter how difficult or demanding things can be. No matter what is happening anywhere at any time.... You will be in my thoughts and warmest wishes always.

God i miss you Dave..

late at night when im sitting there thinking of you the first thing that comes to mind is that beautiful smile of your and that laugh, i can still hear it in the back of my mind. on the days that seem worse then the one before its little things like that. that get me through.

Daves Dad
Happy birthday for the 4th Feb Son. Enjoy a drink or two with Mitch - Miss you

i miss you lots and lots my friend stay safe with a smile

Betty (Dave's mum)
Another birthday without you here Dave and it's no easier this year. Knowing you the way we do we know you'll be having a blast and making all your mates up there smile! Help us through this time of the year Dave. All your friends will be thinking of you. We love you and miss you more each day. Happy 22nd birthday for the 4th, Dave.

Catherine Minogue
I've just got to know Dave's mum. We are trying to get a small social club going where people who are on their own can meet. She is a lovely lady and although she is still mourning Dave's tragic death she is trying to move on and we all hope we can be a support to her. God bless you Dave. Catherine

Catherine Minogue
I've just got to know Dave's mum. We are trying to get a small social club going where people who are on their own can meet. She is a lovely lady and although she is still mourning Dave's tragic death she is trying to move on and we all hope we can be a support to her. God bless you Dave. Catherine

happy birthday dave!! have a good drink with mitcho....take care fellas.... god bless!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dave have a good one were al thinkin of ya

el skeato
HAPPY BDAY DAVEN,love ya matey,peace out

happy Bday dave

hey there davey boy happy 22nd gorgeous.... i love you so much sweetie, tak it easy.... see u soon xxx

Riley Joseph Patterson
my m.m.m. you know how brett and i feel about you i spoke with your beautiful mummy today she will be alright so dont fret i am well at the moment in soul anyway but not in heart i miss you in my house and i miss you laughing at my terrible cooking ps everyone is still surviving my din dins your still my beautiful boy xxxxxxx

gorgeous boy i miss u dream about u wanna hold u so bad

Betty Andrews
First off thank you Ryan (I presume) for getting this site back up for us because we all get alot of help and strength from being able to get on here and keep in touch! If you need us to help keep it running let ME know because there are alot of people who will put in to keep it going. Thats all for now and welcome back!

ian andrews
hey pal i dont know what 2 say i miss u more n more each day, u were always there when i needed sum1, 2 push me 2 my limits, no i'm scared, i'd give everything 2 have 1 last drink wit u, it's my 21st this yr n i'm so scared n upset bcoz i neva dreamt of turnin older than my older bro, i love u davie boy u wil alwys have a place in my heart i love u davie n thaks 2 al da bmexicans da dvd is da bomb da shiznik thank u al

im ripped apar, oh my god i miss you! i thought it would get easier but its only getting harder! no one can take the memories, and i thank you for all the precious and priceless ones that you have given me! you have made me who i am today,you have taught me so much, you shaped me and you have given me so much strength! i truely dont know what im going to do without you in my life to guide me! as i write the lump in my throat gets bigger, something i should be used to, these eyes havnt been dry in so long! I love you with all my heart and soul and im counting the days, cos i cant wait to see you, and it aint soon enough! xxxx

.......Remember only the good die young.............

To the Daves family and Ian, yous are the stongest people i have ever seen around after such tragedy yous have proved that this hasnt broken yous apart this has only made yous stronger. yous would make dave such a proud guy to have yous as family. happy 21st for this year Ian.

rip we love you

Betty (Dave's mum)
I dont know about us being strong - you just do what you have to, and as Ive said before if it wasnt for this website (and Mitch's family and friends would say the same) and all the kids friends, trying to cope would be alot harder. Just to get on here and read what people have to say and write stuff no matter how trivial it might seem helps with healing - things would be a heck of alot tougher if we had to try to deal with things on our own. So thanks to everyone again for helping US out.

Love ya Mitch mate!!... mising that smile and cheekyness off you.. youll always be in my heart champ!! Mr Attitude!!!! haha!! you still make me laugh man all the things you done!! R.I.P.....

hey Ian, even though you cant see him anymore dont ever forget that Dave will forever be by your side. The DNA Memorial video is finished, i watched it for the first time today & i cried alot, it truely honours a beautiful man & loving family. To all of the BMeXicans/weride crew; your strength, dedication & the amount of heart that you have given to support each other never stops amazing me, i am honoured to know all of you. i will be in touch with everyone soon about a launch of the dvd. Dave you are so sadly missed but i would of missed out if i never met you

i just wish i could take all the pain away from everyone, i cant begin to imagine how the Andrews family must feel, and i really just want to make them all happy again... to know when i see ian smile he truly is happy, not jus on the outside... i love ya davey xoxox ur beautiful, i miss u a lot.

Taken 2 soon from us, in Gods hands is where you fall, you broke our hearts when you left to prove to us, God takes the best, At first I hated God for taking the wrong one, but then I remembered all good die young!!!

wow thats a long list of all the people that have there respects 4 dave it just shows u that every one misses him RIP DAVE

13th March
hey sweetie, itz been 500 days without u, n each of them just as painful as the last... we ALL love u n miss you so so much sweetie.... hope ur having a ball n smiling a cheeky smile... ur too special boy n words just cant explain it.... xox my thoughts r with ur family, we are always here for you.... RIP davey gorgeous xox

i know fisrt hand that everybody is hurting something bad. i met u like once and it still shocks me to this day that such a funny guy was taken away so soon. im close to people that were mates with u and i know how much work and effort they put into things in dedication of u mate, ur a legend and always will be. To daves family, u dont know me, but i would like to include u in this as well because i have never seen so much courage and braveness from a family that has been through something so tragic, ur a great family to be so positive about a situation like this. everyone misses u dave, wherever we look, we r always reminded of u, whether it be someone wearing a shirt with u on it or driving past the jumps, ur all around and always will be. Im glad to have met u that once and find out how much one person can make me laugh, i was in tears mate. i'll always have that memory of such a great guy. well i guess ur having the last laugh, up there riding with a beer in each hand, looking down on us. im not going to say goodbye, its never goodbye, its always cya later.... everyone loves u man xoxo

Betty Andrews
I think David's great sense of humour and his ability to make people smile is the one thing everyone misses. I know it is the one part of David's personality that both Russell and Ian would love to have and I guess if you do have that natural ability to put a smile on people's faces you don't really realise how lucky you are to be able to do that. We would all love to make the world a better place and we have to thank those few like David who have made our lives so much happier and these are the memories we need to hang onto. These are the memories that will help us get through the tough times and its nice to know that we will still be able to smile and even laugh when we remember some of David's antics. What a funny boy he was. Thanks so much for what you have just written - its the things like what you have just said that help us out even though it might bring a few tears. Its just great to know that David has left his memory etched in so many people - even those who only met him in passing. Thank you.

To Mrs Andrews
Im really glad that my words helped you, even know you don't me. Im happy to know that i can help someone else that is feeling blue as well as myself. Stay strong and we'll always be here for you, thankyou for taking the time to read my statement, i do really hope that it helped. "forever young" xoxo

dave i miss seeing you do crazy shit at the skatepark...btw buddy i can 360 now "RIDE FOR LIFE BUDDY"

babe hold my hand! give me strength! i love you so damn much xx

so many memories, you left me with so much,you taught me so much, thankyou davey x i love you, i love you x

oh i had a moment last night my boy,marye patterson
when the winds blow we miss you and when the breeze comes we feel your presence i miss you in my kitchen and my children miss you in their lives were still today lost without you we love you so much our m.m.m. may god hold you in the palm of his hand and we'll hold you in our hearts xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

i dont know who is oh boy as above before my name

hi mitch
thinking of you always love ya mate daniel p.

i was saying that i had a moment and was thinking of dave. the funniest simpsons episode was on the one where lisa goes to the spelling bee and runs past barney and he goes 'thats what beer has done to me, suck it to me, suck it to me' really fast he he he he i thought of you davey boy because i know you knew, and i know i know! you would of laughed so hard! i dont think i have ever missed you more! i love you so much xx

how many people have to drink and drive and lose their lives before others realise thats its dangerous and it can happen to anyone. no more people need to die for us to learn this lesson, please, take this these deaths into account and realise its innocent lives and families being ruined. if u see ur mate about to get into a car drunk, do the right thing and take the keys off him. wouldn't u rather take ur mate home drunk and him get in trouble off his folks then the cops knocking on their door sayin he's in a body bag. i know this is harsh but please think before u do something that may endanger ur life or others. its not worth it to put ur family and friends through that much pain to show off in front off ur mates. and the people that push others to do these things, think do u really want one of ur mates dying for a little fun in a car. dont test the limits of ur car or ur alcohol level, ur not going to win. NO ONE IS INVINCIBLE, REMEMBER THAT!!!!! slow down and dont drink and drive, its not worth the pain.

i miss u so much mitch. its not fair that you done nothing wrong and still your life was taken.please people slow down on the roads treasure your life.. dont throw it away by drink driving..

Betty (Dave's mum)
To the person above who wrote about the weekend's tragedy, yes your words are harsh and I'm sure are well-meaning. Yes we have lost some beautiful kids in absolutely tragic circumstances and from a mum of one of these wonderful kids the effect on the family is devastating and it is with you every day. As a parent we can only imagine the pain that you all are going through again. Yes we all need to realise how precious our lives are and as young people your lives are all ahead of you - so much to enjoy. But in saying this I trust that what you have written IS based on fact and not hearsay or assumption. Somehow our kids do have to understand that life is precious and they need to take care - we as parents can't emphasise this enough. Our thoughts are with the families of Jack and Matt and again with all you young people.

Rose =) jacko that ones for you!!
the pain never goes away but it does get easier with the friends we have. dave i went and sat with you last weekend before work and although it made me sad just thinkin of you makes me happy. now ive lost two more of my guy best mates and to think that they are going to be with you and mitch gives me piece of mind. matty L, i love you so much but you already know this. thankyou for everything, and jack jack jackie aka(councillor parker)the same goes for you. your ROSE (lol) will never forget you, love u!!! i dont know how im gunna go not talkin to you both every day, random msgs at all hours just to annoy each other and phone calls when one of us was bored but i'll be thinking of you always. i think the hardest thing for me is that when i found out, the first two people i wanted to ring, to cry on, were you two... you were always there for me... you boys will never be forgotten, none of you, but of course you already know that too haha. its so unfair. to every one who reads this, please drive careful, the impact, we all know really doesnt get much worse. dave matty and jacko, i'll always be thinking of you... i love you all and cant wait to see you again! rip it up boys and do the dilly proud! to all families you should be proud at how much your sons meant to us all and know that they will never be forgotten... i cant explain how so sorry i am for your loss. boys, love you loads xoxoxox

deirdre (dave's sister)
I'd like to send my sincere condolensces to the Parker and Lye family in this tragedy and letting you know that you are in my thoughts every minute. If you ever need to talk i am here, Kirby has my number if you want to talk. I will always be a shoulder to cry on. I know its tough and its hard but i had support of friends and family that have lost brothers and sisters and it helps get you through a little. so give me a call i will be here to listen to you and a shoulder if you need. To all of the mates this goes for you too. Take care to all and our thoughts are with Jack and Matts family.

Who was Hamish Fuller?

Just heard about the accident. My thoughts are with Jack and Matts family.

Hamish Fuller also died on Saturday night on Razorback. Do we know who he is?

marilyn sayer
for the ones left to mourn..... do not stand at their graves and weep they are not there..they do not sleep they are a thousand winds that blow they are the diamond glints in snow, they are the sunlight on ripened grain they are the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning hush they are the swift, uplifting rush of quiet birds in cicled flight they are the soft stars that shine at night, do not stand at their graves and cry... they are not there..they did not die. peace young ones ....rest.

*amy(daves sister inlaw)*
This is for the person with the harsh words!!!! i just wanted to say that i understand where you are coming from, but you didnt need to say anything about a body bag i dont think you would like to think of one of your family members like that..... if you want to say things like that, in my appinoin i think you should be brave enough to say who you are.. i agree with what you are saying totaly,I wish that they would learn.( i bet you have done stupid things in your time and probly if you are half human still do... but you should practise what you preech and grow up too !!! any mature person would have feelings towards the people reading this web page, i know it hurt me to think of something like that, having gone through it. no hard feelings just think next time.. i would also like to say to the familys of the people in the horrible accidents on the weekend, that iam so sorry for your loss and are thinking of you guys..... DEAR DAVE, I MISS YOU HEAPS. NOT A DAY GOES BY... love you always and forever. OUR BEST MAN...!!!

Hey Mazzy Thinking of You, We're all going to miss you so much Mazz!!! Love always Emma

mitch D
i all feel every1s pain, ive lost 3 mates this w/e.....ive known jack since i can remember, he was an absolutly awsome kid, karen and wane, trent and kurby couldnt have asked for a better son or brother, he was such a respectful caring and considerate young guy... i send my regaurd to mr and mrs lye, his sister and ben, ive known mat since i was 13, alwaiz lookin for a good time, a party or sum1 to drink with he was jus a champion...And hamish fulham, ive known hamish for 4 and a bit years now, from the first time i meet him playin basketball to goin to footy trainin seeing his face there every tuesday n thursday nite( that 1 odd nite when he smelt like woodstock and coke lol ) but hamish died on worrombi road on saturday nite at around 8pm, he was a gr8 mate to us all, loyal funny and a bit of a smart arse at times aswell haha.... ill miss yous boys all so much, we all expect a coldie or 3 waitin for us up there cheers boys xoxo

it was Hamish Fullom, he lived in Jarvesfield and went to Macarthur Anglican. He was 17 and im pretty sure he had a brother named Matt who worked at the bowlo. if anyone hears the details of Matt and Jack's funerals please post them.

yet again we say goodbye to our beautiful dilly boys
words cant express how we all must be feeling. i got a phone call early sunday morning telling me that jack, matt n hamish had all passed away, my heart just sank. i agree that drink driving isnt the smartest thing but i guess they jus thort they'd mak it, we all thort they wud make it, i mean it was jack n matt like anything bad would ever happen to them. i just keep thinking about jacks smile, how cute was it, such a cheeky little smile. he was doing so well with his life, his house, car everything seemed so perfect for him. n Matt well if he wasnt a hottie, wow, i jus cant believe they are both gone. i feel as though i took them for granted, i never thought i would be saying goodbye to them, never thought i'd say bye to dave either, n we have. the dilly boys are now in 2 groups, the dilly boys in heaven n the dilly boys in the dilly. please take care of yourselves, i hate seeing all my friends n the families of the boys like this, it reallyoes break my heart to think we are saying bye to another 2. we will always love you, and i cant imagine anyone ever forgetting you boys. so much love, endless cuddles n kisses.. R.I.P the Dilly Boys, u have all stolen our hearts. i know you wouldnt want us to cry but its just all we can do.. i cant wait to see all your smiling faces. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

i know we werent real close boys, but i think the best part of the dilly is that everyone knows everyone n if u didnt know them directly you're mate did. n for me itz pretty much just the thought that no mateer what everyone in the dilly will always be in the dilly, its the comfort of knowing that maybe today or tomorrow i could bump into anyone from the dily, n it makes me feel safe n happy. but knowing these tragedies have happened n knowing that tomorrow or the next day n days after that i wont bump into them realy does make me upset. i see my friends n they are crying. u know the strongest people i know all the boys the ones that protect me n look out for me, they r staring bak at me wit red eyes, n tears running down their faces, its terrible i cant stand it. jack ur an awesome guy, u are an absolute shit head, u could make anyone laugh, n matt all he had to do was blink n iam pretty sure every girl was in love with him then again thatz the same wit jack, n dave. wow, all these boys so gorgeouz with their beautiful eyes n smile n perosnality, they didnt deserve this, n they sould be here with us, with their famiy. i dont know what to say, i see eveyone feel this pain n i just cant help but look at them n feel lost for words. i love our town so much, i love eveyron in it, n i love that no matter what everyone wil pull in together n show how much we realli are such a great town to live in. i hate knowing that you are all so far away n out of reach, it hurts. i love you always no matter what. please remember this forever. i love you dave, mitch, jack n matty xox

Natasha Kosub
Jacky Baby... how could u just go and leave me like this? you swore u would never break my heart agen now all i feel like is my heart died with you and all thats left here is my body... i cant imagine my life without u babe. seeing your family last nite tore strips off me, ur mum n sis jus clung to me n told me how much u loved me n ur mum was like ' i thought u 2 were meant to b..' fuck i cant handle this, i just keep staring at your photos n letters n shit everything u ever bought me and everything jus reminds me of u, it doesnt feel real. i dont want to say goodbye to u, your the first and ONLY person i have ever loved nd i no im stil so young but u cant put an age limit on whether u love someone or not, i seriously thought i was meant to be with u... we have shared things that no-one will ever come close to, memories shared with you i will never forget...seriously gorges i jus want u to come back and hold me til i fall to sleep, u were the one who i turned to wen anything was wrong wit me cuz u were the one who could put a smile on my face no matter what. i remember how my heart used to race whenever i heard your car coming up my street and how u used to put ferrero rochers chocolates or however u spell it on the seat of ur car when u'd pick me up from school, and how id want u to park right out the front so everyone would no it was me you were pickin up. i remember the first time i met ur family how nervous i was cuz i jus wanted them to love me like my family loves u.. and how comfortable they made me when i'd come over. i remember how excited we were the first time my mum let us in the car together and how we tried to drag it out as long as we could, even tho we only drove to bi-lo i'v never been so exciting to go to bi-lo hehe nd how we we got there u got the fly spray off the shelf nd chase me wit it and sed " u bug me natasha' then jus picked me up n kissed me, and how we went bushwalking in jervis bay national park then jus layed on the ground and made out then those japenese tourist people walked past n saw us! waking up next to u in the morning at husskissen was one of the happiest days of my life, bein able to see ur face as the first thing i saw on a morning...how we used to talk on the phone for so long we'd nearly fall asleep, then hang up nd still ring eachother back. how we had our own little language, and we knew what eachother was thinking, we could finish eachothers sentences. god i love you! there is so much im going to miss about u, and if i wrote down every memory i had we'd need to make a whole new website.. holding ur mum and sis last night as they cried in my arms is something i jus cant get over, i kept ringing your phone last nite jus to hear ur voice on the answering machine and praying that u would jus answer... no matter what happens in life jack u will always b the person i love and cerish the most in my heart. i dont no what to do jack... jus give me a sign that u can hear me or something, i jus cant stop crying n wishin i could talk to u, i kept expecting u to jus walk out of ur room last nite n come and hug me this is the hardest thing i have ever had to deal with and i dont think ill ever get over it... they say time heals everything but each day that passes, to me is another day without u and i cant handle it... i love you so much and u no i do. no matter what im going to live my life for u now, i'll do all the things we wanted to do, and im going to make u so proud of me babe i swear ill still keep in contact with your family i love them so much! Love you so much jack wayne parker and always will n miss u so soo much much.. ur (Chezzy)tasha Xoxoxoxoxo p.s. Mipsha Babe!

Why? Why again i dont understand why people keep getting taken away from us. its not fair it really isn't.

Thinking of you matty and jacko, miss you both already.! xoxox i dont know what to say

Tatiyana my beautiful girl. My prayers are with you, ben and the family. I'm so sorry to hear of the news. All your girls are here for you. Please dont hesitate to call us.

Only a whisper away - 5 Dilly Boys
He Is Just Away You cannot say, you must not say That he is dead. He is just away! With a cheery smile and a wave of the hand He has wandered into an unknown land And left us dreaming how very fair it needs must be, since he lingers there; So think of him faring on, as dear In the love of There as the love of Here, Think of him still as the same, and say He is not dead, he is just away. We have lost 5 Dilly boys in the past 18 months and it really hurts -It hurts more with each one. To the families of Jack, Matt and Hamish my sincere condolences. My family is there for you if you need any support. We know and understand your hurt. You can call me on 0419274381 any time. Take care and my thoughts are with you as yours were with us during our tradgic loss.

to everyone who is suffering from these tradgic loses, i am truly n deeply so sorry. words cant describe the feeling of loosing someone close to you and noone can take the pain felt..i wish i could do something to take away the pain we all are feeling but i cant and i dont no what will coz thisis something that we'll be dealing with for a very long time. i guess the question we all wanna no is why? why again? where all dealing with the loss of dave and mitch still and this happens what are we meant to do? i all pray for is that you'll all find a peace somewhere amoung all the mess.this is such a tradgic thing and words i write here could never express the sympathy i feel for all those close.. i no when i recieved a phone call on sunday morning telling me of this i felt so sick .i just cried i cant believe this is happening to us again.....to natasha i dont no you but i pray for you n just hope that you'll be ok, just think of all the good times,love you guys shared,this will hopefully bring a smile to your face which will bring a smile to jacko's face.x. to jack,matt,hamish you all will be truly missed and lovely foreveryou time was only short but you left a big impact..rip sweethearts x x x

everyone who is suffering from these tradgic loses, i am truly n deeply so sorry. words cant describe the feeling of loosing someone close to you and noone can take the pain felt..i wish i could do something to take away the pain we all are feeling but i cant and i dont no what will coz thisis something that we\'ll be dealing with for a very long time. i guess the question we all wanna no is why? why again? where all dealing with the loss of dave and mitch still and this happens what are we meant to do? i all pray for is that you\'ll all find a peace somewhere amoung all the mess.this is such a tradgic thing and words i write here could never express the sympathy i feel for all those close.. i no when i recieved a phone call on sunday morning telling me of this i felt so sick .i just cried i cant believe this is happening to us again.....to natasha i dont no you but i pray for you n just hope that you\'ll be ok, just think of all the good times, and love you guys shared,this will hopefully bring a smile to your face which will bring a smile to jacko\'s face.x. to jack,matt,hamish you all will be truly missed and loved forever your time was only short but you left a big impact..rip sweethearts x x x

i cant say goodbye yet i dont want to coz i dont want to believe this is happeneing again.. i wanna wake up and realise it all a bad bad dream, but i no its not nut when i realise that its guna rip me to pieces..im in shock...boys i miss you where did you go? it sucks you get to hang out with dave:) nah i wish you were all here so we could all hang together...rip you 2 beautiful boys..you were angels who touched alot of people including me x x x

my tears are endless when i think of you im love you boys xoxo

Jess Rainford
I didnt kno jack or matt but i knew of them and they seemed like such good guys.. I knew hamish n he was my bf's best mate...most the time i was wit joel... hamish would be there, or we d be at hamish s house...i have him to thank for meeting joel..he was such a happy go lucky guy who never had anything bad to say about anyone and everyone loved him..its so so sad to hear of the boys dying... 5 boys in the past 18months is bad... and theyre always the good ones... the ones who everyone loves are always taken.. its just not fair.. but they wouldnt want you to cry..to all you guys n girlz who were close to them n knew them, keep ur heads up n try to smile cos the boys wouldnt want u 2 b sad..just think of the things u did together and all the fun times u had..i think for many, the reality wont hit til later on but guys just be strong.. dont be sad.. the boys were good guys and everyone loved them i think u should all try and remember them happily..the way the boys were i doubt there would be anything negative to remember them by so think positive guys... im sure theyre lookin down on us all and smiling.. they ll all be runnin a muck up there..the 5 dilly boys forever R.I.P.. lova ya guys xx

**EMMA** not again its not fair!!!!
im so sorry to hear about the loss of jack,matt and hamish! i no it isnt fair and once again we are all asking why???? i cant begin to imagin wat use r all going threw but with the help of eachother we can all get threw it, seein their families torn apart like this breaks my heart! i no jacks sis very well and i just wanna say my lil honey bee im soooo sorry i no its not fair and it does suck bad! and for all their families im truely sorry!! tell your loved ones that u love them everyday as often as u can no one knows wats going to happen!!! natasha i dont no u but i no one of ur friends and girl im sorry!!! just hang in there reading ur entry made me cry and i no id do the same things everyone is in my heart and prayers!! R.I.P jack,matt and hamish use r all sadly missed by many many people!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Cant stop thinkin about you Matt

are the funerals tomorrow?

Daves Dad
I understand arrangements will be made late today - Tomorrow morning we should be able to let you know when the funerals will be - Take care everyone

I lost you brother, you dont know how much i think of your cheeky ass grin everyday, we did some crazy shit together it was always me after you you gave me balls, even though you said mine were bigger than yours, cant wait to see u again soon luv and miss u dude, I still dont know what to say jacko and matty but god dam im going to miss you boys R.I.P DILLY BOYS

Funeral Arrangements
Hamishs funeral will be held on Tuesday 18th April at St Johns Catholic Church, Camden at 10.00am Jack & Matt will have a joint funeral on Thursday 20th April at Forest Lawn, Leppington at 10.30pm

There have been so many painful losses in this area and even though you may not have had a friendship with them you can still feel that these people are not here anymore. Even though i did not have a relationship with most of the people that have passed, i can still realise how devastated the families and friends of these loved ppl must be feeling and pray that noone has to ever go through this extremely agonizing grief again. No matter what someone has said or done, nobody deserves to die so young. I just want to say how deeply sorry i am to all the people who have lost someone in their lives and hope that you can all look back, as hard as it may be, and remember all the good memories you made with these people and hold these special memories forever in your hearts. Everyone who is reading this, always be careful on the roads. Always stay focused and remember that one second can change your life forever. Not only yours but all the people who love and care about you.

alishia owers
hamish i miss you heaps, ill still remember all the fun we had at work..when the boss wasnt there!!!! u shit me up the wall sometimes but i still love ya and always will. i just dunno what to say, i cant believe it, jack n matt - u guys were champs and always will be and everyone loves you guys. everyone be strong xoxo

it was HAMISH FULLHAM and he lived in boundary rd thirlmere, not jarvisfield. he was 17 and an absolute champion

Matt, I know you may not remember the way i looked at you at school everyday. God remember how we use to laugh together and smiles melted my heart. You made waking up everymorning so easy knowing i will be seeing you. You were worth everything. My stomach hurts knowing i wont be able to see your beautiful smile anymore. I loved to hear you laugh. I dont think it will ever be real that your gone. You will always be my shining star at night and i know that you will be watching over all of us. Your my Angel Matt. You always have been and always will be. xxoo

Betty (Dave's mum)
I can't not write something to you all before the Easter break. PLEASE, PLEASE be careful on the roads. Its so painful to carry on each day with what has happened to our kids over the past 18 months. Go out, enjoy yourselves but remember the people who love you and the pain it causes when our kids don't come home! Have a safe and happy Easter.

it says 10:30pm about jack and matts funerals do u mean 10:30am

im so sorry to hear aobut jacko, matt and hamish. it was such a bad loss to all that knew them and best wishes to their families R.I.P

RIP jacko and matty... you were both great guys and i will miss you both sooo much... lots of love... xoxoxo

Funeral Arrangements - Time Correction
Hamishs funeral will be held on Tuesday 18th April at St Johns Catholic Church, Camden at 10.00am Jack & Matt will have a joint funeral on Thursday 20th April at Forest Lawn, Leppington at 10.30am

Take Care Guys


To Hamish, Matt and Jacko's family i am so sorry to hear about ur precious boys they will always be in your heart with you on thursday when you say goodbye to the most important people in ur life remember its only goodbye for now and remember they will always be in ur heart and watching u, and for kirby you must be going through a hard time i couldnt begin to amagion wat your going through but remember jack loves you he will be watching you when you walkdown that asle and when he becomes and uncle he will be there right by your side to the boys you will never be forgotton we all love you xoxoxoxoxoox

jacko, its a week today and i still cant believe you're gone. I keep having these little moments where i just have this sudden burst of thoughts about u and just cant help but cry. And i feel so guilty because there are just so many more people that are feeling so much worse. You were a great person with an awesome heart and genuine nature. You and matt will never be forgotten!! Hope dave is taking great care of you guys!! All my thoughts and love to Jackos and Matts families!! xoxoxoxo Love you Jack!!!


thanks for all the memories boys xoxoxo love ya

miss you all love you all xoxoxox

jack i found that rock u gave me and never said to throw out, lol, it still has all your chewing gum stuck on it. i miss you so much gorgeous. love you forever! and i cant believe u kept those photos n love letters in your drawers, haha your so cute! Xoxoxo mipsha Xoxoxo

miss ya buddy...

i didnt no these boys but my heart goes out to jack matt adn hamishs families... they all sounded lik such fun loving boys and i am sure they are watchin down on u all they are lucky to have such good friends lik all of u who cared about them so much R.I.P boys always in our hearts

Im sorry matt, i just couldnt bring myself to say goodbye to you today. I cant bear the thought of saying goodbye to a mate, lover and most of all a damn good friend. Though i wasnt there i said goodbye in the best way i knew i could and that was with thoughts and prayers. You were a godsend matt and i know that you will be watching over us for always. I knew it would of been a beautiful service because so many people loved you like i do it would of been magical.

Lovin you always Matt. And you will never leave my thoughts and my heart. Godspeed beautiful.

love you guys... you'll always be in my heart.... xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxo

Matt and Jacko
Today was hard for us all... We will miss you boys soo much!!!

today was os hard being there and watching all of matt and jacks friends and family!! it was a beautiful service and i think it was great how there mates drove the utes down there! everyone is in my heart! love you boys!!!!

alot of people had to say goodbye to these great boys today and it would of been so hard to let them go but they wil always be in everyones hearts adn everyone wil always wonder why it happned but everyone has to move on now but neva forget these fun loving boys everyone new and loved more than anythin. everyone wil have so many good memories of these boys that they wil cherish. R.I.P boys always thinkin of u

missing you dave.... i can only imagine you being up there drinking up big time, running a muck every where....i wish i was with you, but i know you are watching over us all... luv u dave...

i know how hard it must have been for families of the boys today. Jack and matt will be sadly missed by all i am sure. Everyones thoughts are with you xo

Hey Matty Boy Yesterday was nice, whatya would of wanted. But I wish it didnt have to happen at all. I kept expecting to see your face last night We miss you so much Matt. Love you man

Hey Matty Boy Yesterday was nice, whatya would of wanted. But I wish it didnt have to happen at all. I kept expecting to see your face last night We miss you so much Matt. Love you man

i saw a picture of "LOGAN" Greg the other day made me smile so i kept the picture it's now on my wall, memories are enough sometimes to get us through the day but other days there is to much missing from our lives to smile at those memories which have shared with these people. I Love you mitch

2weeks today jacky babe...im still lost,keep thinkin i can jus ring u up, my gorgeous boy god i miss u so much, this is way to hard love you always n foreva your chezz (((tash))) Xoxox

it is one of the hardest things to comprehend losing two of the best blokes ive ever known in such a short time. both dave and mitch didnt deserve the hand that was delt to them but its something that we will have to live with. knowing both of them and their families since i was a kid its hard to see them go away when they had so much potential i think i speak 4 the whole of bargo when i say we are going 2 miss u boys 4 eva until we met again RIP CUDO

all my love and thoughts. hang in there renee and tara god bless you! RIP matt

mitch god you are a champ... you made me laugh so much man! ha ha year nine english class vay-ga-han any one in the class will remember ha ha ha you crack me up oh and lets not forget the exploding bin you are the funniest! rest in peace buddy,cant wait to see you! i dont think i've ever laughed so much or met any one so funny! you always made everything so much better!xx

the boys were so lucky to have the friends they had, if they could see how many people loved them and want them to be bac i think they would be smiling thinkin how lucky they were. tragedies lik this really make you think about the people in your life and how much you love them. jack and matt we all love you and miss you more than anythin

anzac day boys, i dont remember much of last year but i do remember matty and grant gettin booted outta there at a really early hour and matt tryin to fight the bouncer thinkin you would win!! jacks laugh will be in my head forever!! its not even a month and god im goin nuts, i still try to message or call yous. last night kid kenobi was playin and all i thought about was you pair lol. i know how excited you woulda been haha. be good boys love u long time

not much to say really tho such big blow ... matty i was just geting to know who u really were and u are a top bloke .. you left to early big fella there was many more storys to be told and jacko "dingo" i dont no what to say man you have been there since we started riding with the walkers in year 3 you were one of the big guys we looked up to for so long ... now i look up to you in more ways then one i dont want this to be happening i miss u way to much already .... RIP men you were both such great people and you always will be ...

Dear Boys Well I never thought I would be in this position writing this but for some reason your up there and were down here and Its going to be so hard not having yous down here with us, but the memories we shared keep you close, and the thought of us all meeting back up keeps me going. Matt I hope you realised how much of my life you really were, you were my first true love, my real best friend and that one person that could forgive me, understand me, and love me no matter what. Jacko, i'm to miss the messy stories youd tell me, the late nights, and miss the friendship we had. In the time we all spent together the good and bad and the experiences we had, I wouldnt change or take back one thing. Im so grateful for every moment I got to spend with you two.. I dont know when how long it will be before I get to see you, but you guys will be on my mind and in my heart forever and I want you to know that.. Ill miss your friendships, Ill miss seeing you and Jacko round the dilly and most of all Im going to miss growing up with you two. Say hello to Davey, and that I miss you all too much. I hope youre having a great time up there together again. I miss you too much Matty but lifes short so I guess Ill see you soon. Love yous forever, TAZZY xoxo

Well, what to say, we have lost sooo many friends and all have caused so much pain and hurt. Tat & ben, your good friends of mine & i feel so much pain for the great loss of such a wonderful person (Matt). Ben, you keep living just the way Matt wanted you too!! You know i'm always here for you guys, life wouldnt be the same without you. Let's hope your babies a boy - couldn't be named after better people if it is! Bec, your a great friend to me too and i never thought we'd be catching up at such a tragic time, you keep in touch thinking of you. To dear Allan & Lucy, words can never be written and sounds can never be spoken to the amount of pain and loss you feel at this time. From Tat & I trying to push Matt out of the way cause he was hogging the mirror in the bathroom, making Matt pose for a photo as Cat in the Hat to turning up to your house with it packed full of people rushing everywhere will always be great memories I have and keep. I will remember you and Matt forever. Take care and i will visit soon. Miss you Matt!! Xxx

Betty (Dave's mum)
Hello everyone. This is just to let you all know that Michelle and Tamara have organised a group grief loss and trauma counselling session TONIGHT 28/4/06 at 4pm at the Tahmoor Health Centre (behind the Youth Centre. Please let anyone who you think may need a bit of help know about this session. Some people may be struggling alone and it will help them if they can talk to someone who deals with grieving. Some of us can cope to some degree and can let out their emotions and some cant and its these people who probably really need to talk and listen to someone suitably trained in this area. There will be a BBQ afterwards for those who attend, which is also a way of sharing feelings, etc. It would be a good idea to ring Michelle on 4683 2776 or 0427 488 244 so she can make sure she has enough handouts and food available.

Hi Betty!I just wanted to say that we hope you & your family are doing ok or as well as can be expected.They say time heals but I dont think that is true,time goes on but the pain & the ache in your heart is always there.If you ever need someone to talk to please give me a call (0405177749)I would love to hear from you.You must be finding it hard with Ian away now,Im finding it very hard with Daniel being away,I miss him so much but I am so very glad that Ian & Daniel are together as I think they are helping each other with their heartache from losing Dave.It was so GOOD to have them home for Easter etc but so sad that they had to be home to farewell more good mates.Its just so tragic.My heart goes out to Jacks & Matts families as well.I rang & spoke to Deidre not long after that tragic night & asked after you but unfortunately I havent rang again as I didnt like to intrude. When I lost my Mum & Dad I found that the nights were the hardest to cope with & wouldve loved to have had somebody to just talk to.If you find that you cant sleep & need someone to listen, even if its 2,3 or 4am It wont matter just give me a call.Im a bit of a night owl anyway.It just might help to know that when your feeling down that theres someone that you can talk about Dave to at any hour, as I know I wouldve loved to have had someone to talk about Mum & Dad.So Please know that I am here & if it is what youd like to do...just pick up the phone and give me a call. Id like to also say that I am so very very sorry that this had to happen to Dave as he is truly a very SPECIAL SON, BROTHER & FRIEND and is so very very missed by everyone that loves & knows him. Kindest Regards Gai

bye boys... missing u forever... this sucks so much. my condolensces to the boys families n close or afar friends. its now been 18 months since our Davey Boy left us, n it still hurts so much. my thoughts go out to everyone who is grieving n has lost someone close, it really sucks. the holes left in our lives will never be replaced, but the memories will keep us going, the tears will turn into laughter (from the best memories u have left us with) soon i hope... love for always... xox oxo xox



a friend told me about this sight i didnt no any of the boys that have passed away,but a few people i no knew them and ive seen the impact its had on them and i hate that i cant help them by just a simlpe hug or a word... , to everyone who;s been affected by this im truly sorry words cant come close to the feeling of loosing someone close to you, it hurts like hell... three years ago i lost my boyfriend in an accident, he had just left home and was going on a surfing trip to byron bay.. he never made it home to me and its been so so hard without him here, there's not a day that goes by where i dont think of him, somedays are good ,i think bout all the good times and love we shared and it brings the biggest smile to my face and others days im a mess... only thing i can say is dont shut people out,, handle it together talk to peolpe and never take anyone for granted you never no when your last time with them will be..... take care everyone, just remember yours boys would want you to be happy its hard but youll get there..RIP BOYS you will never be forgotten im sure.watch over everyone who you love they need you... x

if heaven calls im coming too,just like you said if you leave my life im better off dead..... i love you xxxx

JACK I carry your heart with me, i carry it in my heart. I am never without it, and anywhere i go, you go my dear. And whatever is done by only me, is your doing my darling. I fear no fate, for you are my fate my sweet. I want no world, for beautiful you are my world- my true... Here is the deepest secret no-one knows, Here is the root of the root, the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky.. The tree called life which grows higher than the soul can hope, or mind can hide. Its the wonder that keeps the stars apart. I carry your heart, i carry it in my heart... This isnt getting any easier jack I miss you so much... i'd give anything to hear your voice just one more time... XoXoXoXoX

r.i.p to the dilly bois we lost, we will never 4get you guys! Dillys 4 lyf! when they say the best die young i never understood till we lost dave, then mitch, n now you boys!

it has nearly been i month since we lost these boys adn it stil hurts lik hell...they are always in our heads...it doesnt really get easier...it feels lik they have been gone for so much longer maybe becuase of how much we miss them an want them back in our lives R.I.P boys you wil neva b forgotten

this cant get any worse... jack the last thing you said to me that saturday night was that i was one of your closest friends and you would be there for me no matter what, told you i loved you like a big brother and that i knew i could come to you whenever wherever, and it was so true. so many times i rang you just to cry or laugh with you even if you had no idea what i was talking about i wanted you a part of it. matt the last thing i said to you was pull up a chair lol... a perosnal joke i know u get. i cant believe you've left. i still cant grasp the fact your not here. you were something special to me, and it made me happy to hear i was to you to. we had a bond that was different and i know thats what keeps me smiling... if only things were different boys, if only they were. i still go to ring you every day like we used to. just to babble crap. every one at work used to tease ne after lunch and ask which one of u i ran my phone bill up on today and who had the best gossip lol... id always laugh it off and now i realise how much those phone calls meant to me. we didnt ring each other to gossip we rang to share our day together, shoulder to whinge on and strength to do better. you meant and still do mean the world to me boys... i still cant believe its both of you and i dont think i ever will. i kissed you goodbye that wednesday, but i dont think i will ever accept you are gone. untill i see you again... xxx

this cant get any worse... jack the last thing you said to me that saturday night was that i was one of your closest friends and you would be there for me no matter what, told you i loved you like a big brother and that i knew i could come to you whenever wherever, and it was so true. so many times i rang you just to cry or laugh with you even if you had no idea what i was talking about i wanted you a part of it. matt the last thing i said to you was pull up a chair lol... a perosnal joke i know u get. i cant believe you\'ve left. i still cant grasp the fact your not here. you were something special to me, and it made me happy to hear i was to you to. we had a bond that was different and i know thats what keeps me smiling... if only things were different boys, if only they were. i still go to ring you every day like we used to. just to babble crap. every one at work used to tease ne after lunch and ask which one of u i ran my phone bill up on today and who had the best gossip lol... id always laugh it off and now i realise how much those phone calls meant to me. we didnt ring each other to gossip we rang to share our day together, shoulder to whinge on and strength to do better. you meant and still do mean the world to me boys... i still cant believe its both of you and i dont think i ever will. i kissed you goodbye that wednesday, and farewelled you on the thursday, but i dont think i will ever accept you are gone. untill i see you again... xxx

"Who Knew" You took my hand You showed me how You promised me you'd be around Uh huh That's right I took your words And I believed In everything You said to me Yeah huh That's right If someone said three years from now You'd be long gone I'd stand up and punch them out Cause they're all wrong I know better Cause you said forever And ever Who knew Remember when we were such fools And so convinced and just too cool Oh no No no I wish I could touch you again I wish I could still call you, friend I'd give anything When someone said count your blessings now For they're long gone I guess I just didn't know how I was all wrong They knew better Still you said forever And ever Who knew Yeah yeah I'll keep you locked in my head Until we meet again Until we Until we meet again And I won't forget you my friend What happened If someone said three years from now You'd be long gone I'd stand up and punch them out Cause they're all wrong and That last kiss I'll cherish Until we meet again And time makes It harder I wish I could remember But I keep Your memory You visit me in my sleep My darling Who knew My darling My darling Who knew My darling I miss you My darling Who knew

When i heard that song (above) for some reason i thought of you Jack.. Im still to this day lost for words, I dont know what to say, I still keep hoping Ill wake up and itll all just be a bad dream. I have so many memories of you and Matty that i will cherish forever. But Jack Parker you had the biggest impact on me, you mean so much to me and always will. This is just so unfair. See you soon sexy boy! Love you boys so so much xoxx

"Did you ever know that your my hero, your everything i wish i could be, and i can fly higher then and eagle, cuz u r the wind beneath my wings... fly, fly high , so high i almost touch the sky, thankyou, thankgod for you, the wind beneath my wings..."that song will always remind me of you jack how we used to sing it together and the movie beaches will always remind me of you. everything is just gettin so hard without you i just dont want my life without you in it..i miss you so much love you xoxo mipsha heaps 'my dar-link!' (chezz) XXX

Matty, Jacko, Hamish you boys shouldn't have left like this. Everybody misses you all so much. Matty i'll never forget when you beleived us when we said our mum was blind and she uses Morse code to drive a car. And Jacko the time we fell asleep on different lounges but when i woke up you somehow ended up spooning me by morning. Hamish you have one cheecky little grin, It is missed by everyone. Matt, you were just becomming part of our family. You brought so much joy and laughter into our house and now it feels so empty. My sister loves you with all her heart, its killing us all. Forever in our hearts, never forgotten. The dilly is lost without you three. xxx

Three of the greats...

we love you Dave.... we love you Mitch.... we love you Jack.... we love you Matt.... we love you Hamish.... for some reason thats all i can think of to say... we will always love you boys... we live our lives for you, n we'll keep u forever close in our hearts.... please baby boys have fun up there, and make sure there is enuf for the dilly up there wen we're ready.... R.I.P our beautiful boys xxooxx

Danielle Lye
Matti & Jacko you were the 2 best boy'z I had met in my life! There was never a dull moment when yous were around...You lived life to it's fullest & that is something no one will forget! Matti Im not sure if many people ever realised how close we were! My whole life I looked up to you like my Big Brother & I always wished you were! I love you so much Matti and all I want is for you to come home! I loved the nights you wouldnt go out to one of your party's bcoz I knew you were home safe and you'd stay up all night sittin on our stretched lounge watching cartoons until all hours of the morning! Theres so many memories that I can tell of you but I just don't think theres enough room! I lived with you practically my whole life you were the one that sang to me throughout my childhood... It's just impossible to think that theres no more memories to come. JACKO no one will EVER forget your Gorjuz smile! There was never a time I can remember that I saw you not smiling, I reckon you were the happiest guy I ever met! Boyz I will never forget you, and it turns my stomach to realise that you have actually gone, But one day I will see you again and until that day there wont be a passing minute that a thought of yous won't pass my mind *ALLWAYS LOVED NEVER GORGOTTEN ,DILLY BOYZ 4EVA* I love you boy'z so much

Danielle Lye
Matti & Jacko you were the 2 best boy\'z I had met in my life! There was never a dull moment when yous were around...You lived life to it\'s fullest & that is something no one will forget! Matti Im not sure if many people ever realised how close we were! My whole life I looked up to you like my Big Brother & I always wished you were! I love you so much Matti and all I want is for you to come home! I loved the nights you wouldnt go out to one of your party\'s bcoz I knew you were home safe and you\'d stay up all night with me sittin on our stretched lounge watching cartoons until all hours of the morning! Theres so many memories that I can tell of you but I just don\'t think theres enough room! I lived with you practically my whole life you were the one that sang to me throughout my childhood... It\'s just impossible to think that theres no more memories to come. JACKO no one will EVER forget your Gorjuz smile! There was never a time I can remember that I saw you not smiling, I reckon you were the happiest guy I ever met! Boyz I will never forget you, and it turns my stomach to try and realise that you have actually gone, But you havent you will allways be with us & one day I will see you again and until that day there wont be a passing minute that a thought of yous won\'t pass my mind *ALLWAYS LOVED NEVER GORGOTTEN ,DILLY BOYZ 4EVA* I love you 2 boy\'z so much

Love Ya Mitchy boy!! Missing that great smile champ and the happiness and fun times we had 2gether with friends!! will never 4get the last night i saw mate!! Laughter laughter!!!... u was and still is one of a kind bro!!! R.I.P mitch!! never forgottern!!!!!

Beck Lye
Who am I going to worry about now Matt..my worst night mare over the last few years has come true, and unfortuanatly so many people are living it. You are the only one that always protected me and never got angry at me for doing the same...You appreciated it cause you knew how much i worried about you...Our lives will be never be the same... Thank you for so many good memories.. To Daves family i wish it wasnt the case but the only thought that gives me any comfort is thinking Dave is with Matt and Jacko..All the boys have such beautiful family and friends and that contributed to the awsome people DAVE JACK & MATT ARE....XXX XXX XXXXXX

1 month today gorgeous... still doesnt feel real. You'll never understand how much i miss you!! i still cant believe your gone jack.. Love you so much. *4Ever Mipsha* p.s say hi to matty XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

Has Tatiyana had the baby yet?

The whole world was sleeping And I was there You could just sense this feeling in the air Like no one's words were good enough to define what we feared And no one's words were strong enough to fix what happened here Lead on to save me Lead us all there Find me some answers Dilly beware Can't tell the difference between myth and man Or what's necessary or where I should stand The whole town is different now men have died They can just sense this feeling in our eyes Like no one's hands are big enough To hold onto this fear And no one's hands are strong enough to fix what happened here So do we do now Raise our voices loud Were searching for something that cannot be found Here open mouths I see open hands Blinded and silent I can't understand The whole world is watching with one blank stare I can just sense this feeling of ill-repair Like no ones heart is full enough To keep away this fear And no ones heart is strong enough to fix what happened here Lead on to save me Lead us all there Find me some answers Its time that you cared Cant tell the difference between myth and man Or what's necessary or where I should stand So do we tell now Raise our voices loud We're searching for something that cannot be found I hear open mouths And I see open hands Like the blinded and silent I can't understand.

no she hasn't had it yet, still waiting. x

chris's song
From the hands of a young boy, to the wings of an angel, you will find the same soul still breathing. who has set site on the whispering wind, i'm sure you will find two souls still living. dont want to let you go, from gods hands does this show, could you reach inside my souls and hold it, if you showed your face would i see it? If i said goodbye would you hear it? From our eyes a tear falls, into these hands we held through hard times, through the good times. on the eve of this darkness together we will walk the morning and thaw in the sunshine, we'll keep walking. how long will these tears flow? will i ever see them go? but if i dig beneath this soul I know i wil find your gold and ill treasure memories i'll breathe them, if you said goodbye would i hear it. Where have you run away to? when will the sun shine through? it's time to let you go, before you say goodbye please know, as a life is lost another one is born, your loved ones will mourn, but we will see you through the eyes of a new born as we say goodbye please hear it.. RIP MATTY AND JACK XOXO

man lifes changed so much now, again. im lost... all the best ben and tat xxx

Has Tat had the bub yet?

so much love n respect to u boys

love all of you gorgeous boys xxxxxxxxxxxx look after us k we need you to..xxxxxxxxxx

You took my hand You showed me how You promised me you'd be around Uh huh That's right I took your words And I believed In everything You said to me Yeah huh That's right If someone said three years from now You'd be long gone I'd stand up and punch them out Cause they're all wrong I know better Cause you said forever And ever Who knew Remember when we were such fools And so convinced and just too cool Oh no No no I wish I could touch you again I wish I could still call you friend I'd give anything When someone said count your blessings now For they're long gone I guess I just didn't know how I was all wrong But They knew better Still you said forever And ever Who knew Yeah yeah I'll keep you locked in my head Until we meet again Until we Until we meet again And I won't forget you my friend What happened If someone said three years from now You'd be long gone I'd stand up and punch them out Cause they're all wrong and That last kiss I'll cherish Until we meet again And time makes It harder I wish I could remember But I keep Your memory You visit me in my sleep My darling Who knew

you three were aces. love you matty, jacko and hamish... love you long time boys. xxx xoxo

Tat And Ben Had A Little Girl This morning! Congratulations, finally some good news in this town! X X X

Yes Tat and Ben had a healthy little girl at 11.40 am today 12th May.. she weighed 6pound 80 ounces and she is beautiful.xxx

R.I.P dilly boys for ever xxx

Arh i Miss you so much jack...:'( Love You.. <3Tash. Xoxo

happy 1st mothers day TAT AND BEN!!! what did they call her??

haha i mean just tat... and congradulations ben.

Ben And Tat Called The Baby, Isabella, hope i spelt it right!

I get back home and you're gone, Step inside and it's cold, I've been away so long, This feels wrong. Being without your smile feels wrong. I've been without your smile too long, too long. Feelings lie on the floor, Thinking nothing at all, Put my hand to the door, Switch the light on the wall, But I do notice, Just one thing I miss, What I know is this Being without your smile feels wrong. I've been without your smile too long, too long. (come back home, come back home, whoa) Being without your smile feels wrong I've been without your smile too long, too long, too long, too long, too long, too long, too long, too long, too long ....love you jack....

Grats guys, She is a beautiful baby. Going to be a stunner, an absolute bundle of joy.

hey ben tat congrants on the new bub, i was stoked wen i found out ;).... miss u boys a bunch. much love n respect for all u 3 lads, RIP jacko, matty n Ham

we miss you so much gorgeous boy

matt we really miss not seeing your smile when i look out my window i can still see you standing in the driveway in just tracksuit pants or sitting on the front porch with a cruiser and a few mates, my view from home is empty without you, watch over your mum dad sister brother neices and sister in law there doing it tough as expected you were a special person and the world is a far worse place without you in it, Jacko i only had the pleasure of meeting you a few times but a memory I have i one sunday morning after my sons 3rd bday party you and matt came over to my place and took turns on the jumping castle you were both so full of life, love and energy you to will be missed. Goodbye beautiful boys!

To My "PH" Love Hay B
Savin' Me - Nickelback Prison gates won't open up for me On these hands and knees I'm crawlin' Oh, I reach for you Well I'm terrified of these four walls These iron bars can't hold my soul in All I need is you Come please I'm callin' And oh I scream for you Hurry I'm fallin', I'm fallin' Show me what it's like To be the last one standing And teach me wrong from right And I'll show you what I can be Say it for me Say it to me And I'll leave this life behind me Say it if it's worth saving me Heaven's gates won't open up for me With these broken wings I'm fallin' And all I see is you These city walls ain't got no love for me I'm on the ledge of the eighteenth storey And oh I scream for you Come please I'm callin' And all I need from you Hurry I'm fallin', I'm fallin' Show me what it's like To be the last one standing And teach me wrong from right And I'll show you what I can be Say it for me Say it to me And I'll leave this life behind me Say it if it's worth saving me Hurry I'm fallin' And all I need is you Come please I'm callin' And oh I scream for you Hurry I'm fallin', I'm fallin' Show me what it's like To be the last one standing And teach me wrong from right And I'll show you what I can be Say it for me Say it to me And I'll leave this life behind me Say it if it's worth saving me Hurry I'm fallin' Say it for me Say it to me And I'll leave this life behind me Say it if it's worth saving me Missing u Jack, Let Me Know its Ok xx

Hamish, Just thinking about the day you got your new sticker on the back of your ute... You were so excited I walked out of work and there you were standing at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me. Jumping up and down screaming with excitement. Threw me over your shoulder and sprinted the whole way to your car. I'll never forget your cheeky smile or your gorgeous eyes. I want to stop hurting so much but I cant. I always expect to see you drive past on your way to footy training. Or see you when i'm out somewhere. Knowing that it will never happen is to hard to take. I miss you Hamish. x

It Doesnt Get Any Easier.

everyone is saying goodbye to all the great boys we know and have come to love so so much, n i guess that all i can say is goodbye my sweetie pie boys, all our precious memories will always be with us, everyday we will remember another memory, or jus the beautiful characters you all were, but i am so glad to have known you, n to have had you impact on my life the way you have... i feel bad however because hamish lived on my road and i did not get to know him, and from the things people have said about him makes me realise i missed out on knowing another great dilly boy... please take care... we all love you boys so much, always loved... u can never be replaced not erased from our lives. so much love and respect out to our fine and hott and sweet and funny and everything else that they were just perfect boys.. R.I.P friends xoxo

waiting on on an angel.... "Jack"
Waiting on an angel,one to carry me home. hope you come to see me soon, cuz i dont wanna go alone, i dont want to go alone... Now angel, wont you come by me, angel hear my plea; take my hand and lift me up...so that i can fly with thee...And I'm waiting on an angel,and I know it won't be long,to find myself a resting place...in my angels arms. So Speak kind to a stranger, cause you'll never know, it might just be an angel come knockin at my door..im waiting on an angel one to carry me home, hope you come to see me soon,cause I don't want to go alone..i dont want to go alone....To my Angel Jack...They say that time will make all this go away But it's time that has taken my tomorrows And turned them into yesterdays...once again that rising sun is droppin on down, and once agen my boy your no-where to be found.... MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!! Xxxx Love you... tasha

boys... what are we supposed to do. how r we meant to deal? so many people are hurting right now, and will be this way forever! i go to your houses see your families and try my hardest to be normal, but how can i do this when you arent there! it doesnt feel right and when i sit down and still wait for your hug and your voice! i look around me waiting for you's to be there but your nowhere! i want to be with yous like old times and feel safe and since you have left i sdont share that bond with anyone... i smile through the day and cry at night, i am so sick of pretending everything is ok when it isnt. it shouldnt be like this... i miss yous so much i cant wait to see your faces again!

so many lives has changed because of the day we lost the three boys we all knew and loved, all the things i hear about them, how fun they were to be around and how they were such great boys, i wish i had actualy got to know them, i only knew them through friends but to see how much my friends were hurt by this i realised u didnt even need to know these boys to have to be sad when i heard i couldnt believe 3 great boys were gone for ever,all teh great stuff i had heard about them, it was lik i knew them. these boys will never be forgotten not by anyone that knew them, for some people it will neva be the same without these boys, but just know that they would be lookin down on you lookin after all of you and they would want you to be happy again, being happy doesnt mean you will forget them,they would be all havin fun up there, and they would really appreciate how many people have wrote on here showin their love. R.I.P boys we all loved and wil neva stop lovin u guys

You three better be looking out for us. We need you boys all the time.

god is not real

We are losing too many people, everyone please be more careful, I honestly dont know if this place can deal with any more heartbreak. I mean yeah alright so we are all great support for each other and help everyone through it, but it shouldn't come to this. Respect life guys because we are losing the greatest people we know and the ones we love the most. Its getting so hard on everyone, all of us left behind. Life is precious, please be careful with it. Love you three boys.

Hey Matty The dilly misses you too much Every party I still expect to see you pop around the corner or hear your laugh you chipmunk lol Our memories of you are what has kept us smiling. Still I wish we had more memories to make We miss you matt Love you forever

i never thought i could think so much of somebody in one day... but even i have shocked myself. miss you boys so much! i just want you to come home!

trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someome you never knew

missing you more each day boys

Tash and Tahnee, hope you girls are going well still. Stay strong we all know how much you loved the boys and how much they loved you both. They'll be watching over you forever.

You said when you'd die that you'd walk with me every day And I'd start to cry and say please don't talk that way With the blink of an eye the Lord cameand asked you to meet...You went to a better place but He stole you away from me.. And now he lives in heaven But I know they let him out To take care of me... I miss your love I miss your touch But I'm feeling you every day And I can almost hear you say 'You've come a long way baby'.... In my darkest hour I know you are there Kneeling down beside me Whispering my prayer... Jack i miss you every single minute of every day...you will always be my angel... i love you so much.. xoxox Tasha

i love dave he was such a good m8 and fun 2 be around

mouse not a day will go bye that im not missing u like crazy and wishing u were here to hold your little niece i no u would be so stoked with Isabella she is everything we could have hoped for.I no u ,jacko and dave are watching over all of us . see ya,s again one day boyz love u all . take care every one

god is real

hamish, i still cant believe it, i still remember the last day i saw you and u stole a smoke off me,a week before your passing, i thought id see you again after that, i wish u didnt go i miss you xx

God is not REAL.........................

jacko and matty, you boys arent the ones missing out, we are, on having you around us. im trying so hard to deal with this but it aint happening lol. it really isnt. matty you would be so happy with your new neice. and proud! just like u were with danielle. i know how much you cherished her and i guarantee you would be the same with isabella. she is truely gorgeous! i miss you both so much i hate waking up every morning knowing yous arent just around the corner whenever i need you, or just a phone call to speak to you. i still call your phone sometimes jacko just to hear your name and that noise in the background that me and matt used to swear was a dog barking lol. its amazing the things you look back on and they make u smile... love u boys always will

Benny, Congratulations on Isabella, man. Glad to hear all's good with there.

love n miss u boys so so much......

You boys have left such a hole in the community, i knew how much we all loved you but now its so simple to see, you boys were the life of this town, the heart. you really did break every single one of our hearts the day you left. but as they start the heal, each memory we have of you that at first made us sad will now make us smile and remember you boys, we'll remember you all forever. and until the day we meet again, we know you are watching over us.

Hayley B
Hey Hooker its my Birthday today, The Big 20.. i woke up and msg'd a few people (everyone in my phone)to let them know.. i'm msging u to remind u.. every other year i'd get a "oh Hey Hooker Happy Birthday!!" back.. the most upsetting part is i know i won't get that this year.. will i? I'll be at Davos, and i'm reserving u a seat.. and i'll even share my cake? Oh Gosh jacko this aches, where r u? u'd make a mess of urself with me.. u'd even buy me more then one drink by that state haha.. u did that.. Happy Birthday To Me Hey :) im wondering if the gurls Comb there eyelashes n eyebrows up there pal.. love u xx.

i miss him so much he was the best dude eva

hey jacky babe...im missing you so much every day that passes i miss you more and more.. It was 3 AM When you woke me up Then we jumped in the car and drove as far as we could go Just to get away We talked about our lives Until the sun came out And now Im thinking about How I wish I could go back Just for one more day One more day with you Everytime I see your face Everytime you look my way Its like it all falls into place Everything feels right Ever since you walked away It left my life in disarray All I want is one more day its all I need Is one more day with you When the car broke down We just kept walking along Til we hit this town There was nothing there at all But that was all ok We spent all our money On stupid things But if I look back now Id probably give it all away Just for one more day One more day with you Everytime I see your face Everytime you look my way Its like it all falls into place Everything feels right Ever since you walked away It left my life in disarray All I want is one more day Its all I need Is one more day with you Now Im sitting here Like we used to do I think about my life And now theres nothing I wont do Just for one more day One more day with you Everytime I see your face Everytime you look my way Its like it all falls into place Everything feels right Everytime I hear your name Everytime I feel the same Its like it all falls into place Everything, everything feels right You walked away Just one more day Its all I need Is one more day with you I JUST WANT ONE MORE DAY!!!!! that was so us, every friday night... what i'd give for one more msg " oi tash, wat u doing?" at 2 in the morning.. i miss you so much gorgeous boy...Love you forever, Tashy...xxxx

Whenever I needed someone to talk to You were always there. My eyes filled with tears, my heart filled with pain, and You were always there. There was no time when I had doubt to come to you because You were always there. I could see in your eyes you wanted to help, and that you really care Whenever I was down and blue You were always there. No matter my problems, or what was wrong You were always there. Whenever I felt like nothing matters You were always there. Now your gone, and I don't know what to do I close my eyes and think of you, and how You were always there. It's hard to look at the pictures, and get memories of you Can you hear me now At night I pray, and I speak to you I guess you were right when you told me no matter how far you were You would always be there. I know one day I'll see you again, but till then I have to say goodbye Even though it hurts to hear your name, and speak of you One thing I will always say is You were always there. thanks for being our friends... love you boys so much xxx ash

Does ne1 know who was the 21 year old who was killed yesterday in picton??

he was an el huzri boy

Pierre el hazouri - picton high class of 2002 would know him.

what happened to Pierre? when was the accident?

It was on Rememberance Drive, just up from Picton high school. He crashed head on with a 58 year old Bargo man and then a 29 year old Wilton woman ran into the back of the 58 year olds car. Pierre died at the scene, the 58 year old has pretty bad injuries and the 29 year old is ok.

Oh sorry, And it was at about 4:00 pm on Monday

When will this end??? i think everyone needs to take a good hard look at what this is doing to our community.. take care of yourselves, cuz its all the loved ones who are left here to pick up the peices and try and live with the people they love so much...


hey guys just something i think people should know, our town our Dilly has the most motor related fatalities in NSW, thatz a pretty big deal, i hate this so much, so many people with big hearts and are so amazing are being taken away from us, please evryone drive carefully, i know we r young n think we're invicble i used to think it to, lol i still do, but the number of friends and family being killed is jus unbelievable.. please drive carefully.. with love to all the boys up there xoxoxox.... infinite kisses and cuddles.... please, life is too precious it realli is, and this town doent need anymore heartache...

love you baby boys... miss u all so so much
u took my hand, u showed me how, u promised me you'd be around, If someone said three years from now You'd be long gone I'd stand up and punch them out, Coz they're all wrong, I know better, Coz you said forever And ever, Who knew. wish I could touch you again, I wish I could still call you a friend, I'd give anything, When someone said count your blessings now, 'Fore they're long gone, I guess I just didn't know how I was all wrong But they knew better, Still you said forever And ever, Who Knew, I'll keep you locked in my head Until we meet again, Until we until we meet again, And I won't forget you my friend, What happened?

Pierre rest in piece.... your were a quiet but friendly guy. Its too young to die at the age of 21. I really think that the local council needs to look at improving our roads and giving students' advice and courses in road safety awareness. Everyone needs to think of the unexpected when driving and take care. Once again rest in piece Pierre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

miss u so much jack And Matt.... Everyday. BEautiful boys XoXoXoX

another accident with a young guy...there is too many of these, so many boys have lost their lives on the road it is terrible...so many people have lost loved ones. too anyone who new pierre i am deeply sorry to hear what has happened and this should be teaching every1 to be so much more careful on the roads because there are to many accidents wit young people these days R.I.P pierre jack matt hamish

Oh my god boys what can i say........ To many lives have been taken away from us so soon and so young.

Pierre el hazouri
to the el hazouri family my thoughts and prayers are with you as you grieve the lose of your son and brother. RIP Pierre xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

another young life taken from the dilly as we are left behind to deal with the heartache. as sad as it is to lose another and the pain it reminds us of all the young lost before. what will it take before we stop and start to change the actions we take life is far to special to not its our young lives lets take it into our hands to change the future. we love to all the families that have lost loved one in the dilly.

i understand that we need to drive carefully but if you look at the accidents that have happened they have all been exactly that an ACCIDENT, we can't say stop and start to change our actions, because its unstoppable, we all know that each time we get into a car or a bike that it is a risk but everyone speeds or has sped in their time. i think we should be saying; love everyone you are with, have fun, be careful, let everyone know that u love them, and do everything that you have ever dreamt of doing... don't let anything stop you from accomplshing your dreams, and live life as full as you can... i miss the boys so so much, and iam pretty sure everyone does... do drive carefully, life is very precious guys we only have one shot at it as us... with love xoxox mwahhz boys xoxox

LOST 4 WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when will this get easier... matty and jacko and dave... xxx

If I knew it would be the last time That I'd see you fall asleep, I would tuck you in more tightly and pray the Lord, your soul to keep. If I knew it would be the last time that I see you walk out the door, I would give you a hug and kiss and call you back for one more. If I knew it would be the last time I'd hear your voice lifted up in praise, I would video tape each action and word, so I could play them back day after day. If I knew it would be the last time, I could spare an extra minute to stop and say "I love you," instead of assuming you would KNOW I do. If I knew it would be the last time I would be there to share your day, Well I'm sure you'll have so many more, so I can let just this one slip away. For surely there's always tomorrow to make up for an oversight, and we always get a second chance to make everything just right. There will always be another day to say "I love you," And certainly there's another chance to say our "Anything I can do?" But just in case I might be wrong, and today is all I get, I'd like to say how much I love you and I hope we never forget. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, young or old alike, And today may be the last chance you get to hold your loved one tight. So if you're waiting for tomorrow, why not do it today? For if tomorrow never comes, you'll surely regret the day, That you didn't take that extra time for a smile, a hug, or a kiss and you were too busy to grant someone, what turned out to be their one last wish. So hold your loved ones close today, and whisper in their ear, Tell them how much you love them and that you'll always hold them dear

wow that's realli sweet.... n so so true.... with love to our dilly boys, the boys that have stolen all our hearts, we love you all.... love always n forever.... xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

You took my hand You showed me how You promised me you'd be around Uh huh That's right I took your words And I believed In everything You said to me Yeah huh That's right If someone said three years from now You'd be long gone I'd stand up and punch them up Cause they're all wrong I know better Cause you said forever And ever Who knew Remember when we were such fools And so convinced and just too cool Oh no No no I wish I could touch you again I wish I could still call you friend I'd give anything When someone said count your blessings now For they're long gone I guess I just didn't know how I was all wrong They knew better Still you said forever And ever Who knew Yeah yeah I'll keep you locked in my head Until we meet again Until we Until we meet again And I won't forget you my friend What happened If someone said three years from now You'd be long gone I'd stand up and punch them out Cause they're all wrong and That last kiss I'll cherish Until we meet again And time makes It harder I wish I could remember But I keep Your memory You visit me in my sleep My darling Who knew My darling My darling Who knew My darling I miss you My darling Who knew Who knew

u know me jack xx
its getting harder now hey, it hurts going out knowing that u should be there we cant even go to wollongong anymore, dancings not the same.. and i havent been back.. not to the Glass House.. U n Digs were the only ones keen to go on a wednesday night with us we'd make wog drive so we could get hammered and boogie..or Saturdays and sleep at gruggies xx what i would do jack, wat i would give xx.. i hated house music hey, u'd be like its sick but to me it was terrible cause i didnt know the words to all those gitty songs, that now im begining to love and learn.. And the Art House my god i only enjoy it once wen i was drunk.. You loved it pal.. i'll do it for u i'll do anything xx.. I've been having these terrible dreams please keep her safe i dont know wat i would seriously do if she were well u know so please.. there are these weights on my heart and they're pulling down it aches, im not scared of it anymore so wen its time i'll smile cause i know u'll be waiting 4 me 4 us all xx.. Missing u hooker xx

They Keep Saying that time will take all my pain away from me, and one day i'll look back at you and me, and all that we used to do.. and smile and not cry...? how could i possible smile when i know u cant share that smile with me, theres stuff that no-one knows about me and you.. and i thought i was gettin better and it was gettin easier, but now im come to realise that its not like that at all.. i dont want to be close to anyone else, i dont want to share things with people i just want to be with you so bad right now..i just want to hear your voice or see ur smile, i want to hear your phone actually connect, or just get a reply to a text message.. everywhere i go there is always something that stands out and reminds me of you. i've never felt a pain like this before..why dont you answer me when i talk to u at night? just knock something over or make the wind blow... i just need something to hold onto jack... i miss you so much..."these wounds wont seem to heal, this pain is just to real.. theres just too much that time cannot erase.." Love you so much, Tashxx

Matti and Jakco, Another day goes by that your not here!it never gets any easier thinking about what has happened!Everyday i wish that things were different! and that you 2 boys were still with us!...W

Matti and Jakco, Another day goes by that your not here!it never gets any easier thinking about what has happened!Everyday i wish that things were different! and that you 2 boys were still with us!...W

Matti and Jacko, Another day goes by that your not here! it never gets any easier thinking about what has happened! Everyday i wish that things were different! and that you 2 boys were still with us!...I know your watching over each and every one of us..R.I.P Matty-Jacko & Dave xoxox

u know what im thinking... i dont even know how to say it! how can u explain this feeling. i dont have any one to open up to anymore... its gone. we spoke every day without fail and you were always there. its so different now. nothing is the same. i dont want to be happy. its so fake. i thought id be better now, i thought id understand. but its not the case. i look at the boys and how strong they are around us. then i see them upset and it tears me up. oh boys youd be so proud of bobby lol he holds his head high and he is so strong. we havent been back to what hill yet... lol. how gay were we lol, us four. so immature but so much fun. id give anything just for one more day. it just feels like theres nothing here anymore... i dont know what to say.

changing days changing lives do we really have a say our destiney is written before we even arrive to it take the time to tell our love ones that they are our world and that we love them no matter what embrace life and each day embrace each other and the world that has become us never be left wondering.

I know you boys are still around, I can feel it. When ever i am alone all i can think about is the way you were all so gorgeous and such individuals. Hamish the cheekyness in you was always so obvious and its just shone out through your big beautiful smile, one that i will certainly never forget! Speaking of smiles, how could we ever forget matty's pearly whites! haha they were always clean, and always chewing gum. Jacko you crazy kid, you could always get a laugh out of everyone no matter who it was or what we were doing. oh you'd be so happy with the support everyone has given each other over the last 2 months, the dilly is tight now! I just wish it didn't take this to bring us together. You boys will remain in our hearts forever. I expect to see you with a case of Guava's next time i see you boys. xxx

missing you
i miss you so much Davey, Mitch, Matt n Jack, i can't wait til i can c you all again.... hav fun and run a muck boys... with love xox

dear betty
it's been a while since u have posted on this site and i was just wondering how u were, n if ur coping still, n being as strong as we all know u are... hope all is well...

miss you jack, sexy -boy... Xoxoxoxoxox I LOVEYOU!!!

Every step I take, every move I make Every single day, every time I pray I'll be missing you Thinkin of the day, when you went away What a life to take, what a bond to break I'll be missing you...

Hey Mitchy, missing you so much boy!!! Love ya lots xxxxxx

one tear for the days we spent together, one tear for the days we wont spend together. and a million tears for all the memories that we shared together. love ya missin ya

Betty (Dave's mum)
Thanks to the person who asked how I was. I do get onto this site every day at work so I have read all the entries. Were all doing OK - as well as expected I suppose. For anyone going to the forum this Thursday Ill see you there. Love to everyone.

Maybe we should post pictures of matt and jack? What do you think?

yeh lets post pictures of matt and jack too, theyre 2 boys who meant alot to the dilly Xxx

My apologies for the lateness in submitting this but there is a special forum/meeting being held at 6.15pm tonight (Thursday 22.6.06) at Picton Council for everyone to get together to discuss ideas on preventing anymore tradgedies such as these happening to our beautiful young Dilly kids. If you have any thoughts PLEASE come along & have your say in the hope that we may be able to come up with some solutions to prevent anymore HEARTACHE & SAVE ANYMORE PARENTS, FAMILY & FRIENDS HAVING TO GO THROUGH SUCH A TRAGIC NEVERENDING NIGHTMARE.Hope to see you all there


Hi Betty it was good 2CU & Ross last night.Just hope something good comes out of it.Im sorry I didnt get a chance to say goodnight but the neighbour I went with didnt give me any warning we were leaving at 9.I was wondering if U have a copy of "One Last Ride" that you spoke of last night?If so would it be possible to have a look or maybe do a copy of it as we havent seen it yet & would like to very much.Take Care

Miss you so much Mazz

Miss You Heaps But Love You More
Dave seemed like the one guy everyone seemed to go to when times get hard... Its a real shame that you have gone and left us so early in your gorgous life... So now who can we turn to maybe not dave but his heart and soul will be with us forever. I didnt know dave myself but i kinda wish i did simply to share the joy you all once and still enjoy today... My deepest thoughts and love go to dave's family and closest friends... R.I.P - Adored Dilly Boy For Life Love You Champ x x x

would some one mind putting up pictures of jack and matt.. i came across this site through a friend who new dave and ever since then i have been visiting it often... all you guys should be really proud of how youve come together to help each other through all the heart ache... yer so if ne one could post pics of the boys id love to see what these wonderful people you describe looked like... thanks... xoxo

X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X a million kisses for our beloved Dilly boys may you rest in peace.


Betty (Daves mum)
Gai: Ill get a copy of that dvd for you. And, just to let you know that Ross and I spoke to Jack and Matts parents and photos are hopefully coming on soon. Thanks to all of you who write on here and still let us know what an effect our boys had on so many people. We are so proud of our kids and all you guys who have had to find strengths you probably didnt realise you had. We love you all.

hey jacky babe, im missing you so much lately, its drivin me insane, i had a dream that u were jus playin a joke on me and u came back on my birthday, i wish so much gorgeous, god i hate this so much, it aches more and more each day, i cant help but think that this still is all a lie?? i dont feel the same anymore... i wish so much, id give ANYTHING to be with u right now.. id trade my arms and legs haha jus to see ur beautiful smile and hold u so tight in my arms..i'd honestly never let u go, i'd superglue my body to urs.. haha u'd love it lol..ahhh i hate this!!!! just come back, ill only b angry for a while for u leavin but it would make me so happy u coming back! i dunno if u can hear my crying but i wish u could i wish u could hear me sayin i love u before i go to sleep everynite, but its not the same, cuz i cant hear it back.... this sucks.. sweetdreaming darlin, i miss you more then u could imagine...Xoxoxox love u ((TASH)) xoxoxox

Tash- oh and the person who asked for pics of jack n matty, they were gorgeous.. especially jacky babe!xoxox

betty your strength and encouragement still continues to amaze me... your a blessing to this community and have really helped me personally through these tough times simply by reading what you have to stay on this site and how positive you are.... thanks! xoxo

Daves Dad
Last Thursday night was a bit of a shock to the organisers and the older ones present when the groups came back from their sessions and the younger ones came back with the system being to soft on young offenders. There is certainly a need for you all to look out for each other. This is an easy solution to a complex situation. If it seems wrong, it probably is. Do not just accept it say something or do something. Look after each other. I like other parents and community members hope something positive comes from the night. If we only manage to save one it is better than doing nothing. There was some great ideas put forward for council to follow through on. Take care everyone.

7 years for coward who killed the beautiful andrea and carmel of buxton.

7 Years is that all!!! Murderer should be LIFE!

I heard that on the radio this morning - actually said he could have his licence back in 6 years. Makes you wonder about the justice system.

no name
i used to no jack parker, me n him used to b good mates untill he got older n was in high school and i was in primary, after thht we didnt talk much. i remember when we always used to go down to the jumps down in picton with cowboy and the brethrons and stuff and jump. and wen we used to go 2 the jumps down along stonequarry crrek in picton. but although we didnt talk much anymore i still miss him now heaps and miss seeing him round. well R.I.P jack,dave and hamish

I am not denying that it is sad and a great loss to our community, but i dont think it was murder, i dont think anyone intentionally sets out to hurt or kill someone when they are driving - i dont know the circumstances of the Carmel and Andrea case, but the person who killed the beautiful girls may have remorse - and in that case i dont think its fair to call them a murderer... We are not the only ones who have to live with the pain - the person who was in the other car also has to live with the pain of knowing he has broken two families with a pain that can never be mended.

i thought there was only one car involved in Andrea n Carmels accident? am i wrong?

i miss you guys so so much....
love you all forever.... i wish we didnt drift apart in the end.... i am sorry for that....

There was only one car involved - 3 ppl in it.

There is no Justice in it. He was doing over 200k/ph and he jumped the railway lines in buxton. He deserves to rot in Jail. He also cowardly ran from the accident and left the girls there. Now think about it does he really have remorse? There was only one car involved! He was also i drunk driver! he deserves no pitty..

lives and futures were changed the night of that accident, and people want us to show pitty. i agree with the above if he had remorse why did he leave the seen why didnt he call for help. nothing will bring the girls back, but i cant understand how the legal system can fail them so badly, and to think he will be aloud to drive again even before he is out walking with the people he hurt so badly. this is the justice system were meant to have faith in!!!!

sorry i haven't really been on here dave i still cant come to terms mit everything going on, it really good to hear that evrybody supports everybody else, i miss u so much y cant we go back to the days we helped paint the house in vegemite n u bashing the crap out of me on the lounges so many fond memories my brother, like the time u fell out of the tree at roches place n ripped ur groin open on trying to catch cicartars, u would do nefin to put a smile on nebodies face, u will always be my supper man, i fonud sum photo's of u n cam in granma dilly undies i forgot u done to hot4s photo shoots i thoiught it ws just the 1 wit u n squiz n the pintara, like i said bro so mny fond memories n not 1 bad 1 every moment i spent wit u i cheerish, no matter wat time or what distance between us dilly boys awlays stay dilly boys,only the good die young my supreman, hey jacko aka gippo aka dingo ,so many memories n not enough words to describe the pain every body is goin throu, i'l neva forget sittin in english givin u the hand signal u givin the nod n me spending the next 2 days convincing my mum to drive us down to port kembla for a body baord, or the time ur parents went to europe n we had a lil get 2gther at ur place there was me u fenno walker nicole tara n liz n we go really really rediculusly drunk in ur spa bath that the red fants we were using to mix vodka ended up bein al the bath was full n probably spending the next six weeks cleanin up the mess, sorry i.v neva drunk at the dingo bar but when i come home next i wil have a few cold ones wit ur old man, peace out rabbit, let dilly boys unite matty matty matty wit out a doubt the most good looking guy in the dilly na na na forget the he is matty the most beautiful man in the cosmos, i'l neva forget the first time i met ur dad n the first time i swore in ur house cos it happened in the space of 1minute it happened jus as quick as ur dad let me in i was back out on the street (sorry al), or ur b'day spending al night making up shitty raps wit dale richo n denis thinking we were the shit, n then that great rumour of denis on the toilet yes my friend very good tyms take care dillians goodnight three wise men well past my bed tym, boodnight dont let the bed bugs bite n if they bit make sure its in there right places p.s. remember to take it easy n if its to take it home goodnight my dillians

sorry dave i mean u wil alwys b my SUPER MAN

to benny n tash
congrats on the new life the both of you bring into this world, i'l try my best to catch up wit everybody when i come home next xoxoxo ian xoxoxo

its 12:45pm friday night shud b in bed got work in the morning but i dont have enough time to read al the msgs tonight goodnight al n take care c u real soon

I think about you all the time, wondering why this had to happen, i dont understand and i dont think i ever will which scares me. People are telling me to talk but i dont know what to say or feel, i feel numb, nothing at all which scares me its not right. You will always be in my heart i promise, its hard to deal with the fact that your actually gone and not coming back, but I know that you lived your life to the full had so many crazy, fun, memorable times with me. Thankyou gorgeous. I know you are watching over me keeping me safe but id do anything just to spend some more time with you. It hurts there is a big hole inside me but i know that you will live on inside me, miss you and luv you always chook xxx

everywhere i look i see ur face in a crowded place os starin back at me throu a mirror u r every where dave u r the air i breathe the ground that i walk on i know that u guide my footsteps in the right direction i love u dave as a brother n as a best friend u were always there wen i needed somebody thak u for al the great times n i thak mum n dad for giving me the privalige of bein ur lil brother n prducin some1 so spontaniace to look up to, i love u my brother

thanku boys for letting me into ur lives i miss al lf u matty jacko mitch n dave p,s dave ur ute is back home love u al

thinking of you ian..hope your doin ok precious boy xxooxxoo

yea i'm not doin to bad stil tryin to b strong have my good n bad days, i miss him so much i know that everybody does, i shed i a tear n i am waitin for him to dry my face to run back throu the doorn punch me in the guts n tel me stop bein a girl, i wil c everyone real soon

why do people say things will only get easier? i dont understand cos they arent, its still all fresh in my mind. why does something bad always happen to the people that dont deserve it that havent done anything wrong. I just dont understand some things anymore, im trying to deal with it but its just way to hard, just wish i could see your smiling face one more time. Hey darl do you remember the time when we were supposed to be in some music concert one night at school, we got bored so we decided to wander the school and ended up setting off all the alarms and all the police came-oops, pretty fun though,i still claim it was your fault ofcourse, hehe.. wat i wouldnt give to be there again just to spend time with you. it really hurts me to know that your not coming back, not going to give me one more hug, not going to keep tellin me "chin up sweety" when things are getting tough, wish the pain would just go away. I always remember you use to do things to annoy me on purpose like if you were behind me in the canteen line ud think it would be funny to pick me up and put me behind you so you got there quicker -u cheeky bugger. il never forget you i promise there will always be a place in my heart for you, i never stop thinking bout you, luv ya always please watch over me and keep me safe luv you gorgeous xxx

hey ian, we;re all behind ya kid... miss ya lots....

pics of matty and jacko?

Well, Ive had a few tears again reading all the messages, some tears with a smile on my face...memories of what a bugger David could be...no harm meant with any of his pranks...just a funny boy. Ill get onto the photos of the boys, and I wonder if people could write who the messages are from as its nice to see who actually is writing things on here, eg who was it that picked the person up in the canteen line..our boys all had wicked senses of humour. What memories we had and its great to keep them coming. This was the first time Ian has been on here and I know it was hard, but reading what he wrote takes me back and puts a smile on my face. Ian...whats with the vegemite story! My love to everyone.

give me strength..

Liv Life Like Its Your Last Day and Luv Everyone Like Its Your Last!!!! The Good Die Young!!!......

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take , but by the momment that takes our breath away! R.I.P boys...

- tash -
** We have both been here before, knockin apon loves door, beggin for someone to let us in. knowing this we can agree to keep eachother company never to go down that road again.. my beloved one... your eyes shine through me, you are so divine to me, your heart has a home in mine, you wont have to say a word, with a touch all shall be heard, when i search my heart its you i find.. my beloved one... you were meant for me, i believe you were sent to me from a dream straight into my heart, hold your body close to me, you mean most to me, we will keep eachother safe from harm.... my beloved one....** i miss you more everyday jack, i dont imagine you never coming back and you never sharing my life with me.. i cant stop thinkin bout u, as soon as i wake up, all day long and wen i go to sleep its you that is in my dreams, i guess thats the only place i can be with you gorgeous...you'll never know how much u mean to me, and how much i love you and miss you more than ever i dont think i could ever miss anything more than i miss you right now...my heart is aching for jus one smile from your beautiful face.... i'll be seeing you in my dreams, i sometimes wish i could sleep forever just because i know ill be with you :'( Xoxox love you

Daniel Grice
hey dave i wish i could have grown to know u more im really feeling for all your family and friends and im shattered of just the thought of not seeing u anymore so peace out and R.I.P man.

hey tash is that a song? whats it called..thinking of you girl..take care xxxxx

ben harper ay,i answered that for myself :)

yer its ben harper :)... great song, reminds me of jack heaps.

Missing Our Dilly Boys
Matty, i used to get so excited when you drove past me, and i haven't seen you in so long it sucks.. seeing u would always put a smile on my face.... the hottest guy in our Dilly, most definately... love you gorgeous xox... i know that your watching over the ones that love you. and i can imagine you Dilly boys are having a ball, running a muck, n laughing at the funny things the boys down here are doing.. i miss you. Jack even though you and i never really saw eye to eye, i do miss you, and it sucks that i didnt get to know you as well as everyone else. Jack you are an angel n i wish things had been different... Davey Hunny, i love you, you're a little butt head, take care of them all please. keep them safe, n make them laugh just like you did when you were all here. come home. please all of you, you all belong here with us. This shouldnt be happening. You're all so young, you are supposed to grow old and wrinkly and a big fat beer belly. and the stories you could tell all the little kids about what you did hehehe. love our Dilly but it jus seems to be getting smaller and smaller with our Dilly boys being taken from us. PLease guys, i love ya's all... Dave you know year 7 was my best yr because of you. you made me laugh, whenever i walked past u, you'd jus giv me shit. n i loved it, or you'd run up behind me n pick me up n scare me. you were huge n i was so lil. i still remember thinking your long hair was a wig. i even tried pulling it. u didnt know what i was doing. hehehe. Jack i used to go to the Walkers n you'd b there and we'd look at each other, i'd laugh n you'd give me shit. n walk off. Mitch i'l never forget the amount of times you were chatting me up, was fun. or the cuddles you'd give al the time. Matt your still our town hottie, for always kid. love you all so so much.... Can't wait to see you all again. But until then, look out for the ones that love you, they need you to watch them lik u would have like you were still here. even thoughi cant see you again, i have your faces in my head. this town will never be the same without our Dilly Boys xox xox xox xox

hope the forum/meeting held the other night makes a difference coz i cant stand to lose ne more friends... xoxo

Ian be strong because i believe in you xxx hope to see you soon


miss u guys please dont let anything happen again we couldn't bare it anymore

i beg to differ, sorry matt, but jack was the hottest of the town in my eyes lol Xoxoxox miss you so much boys. i wish this would just end i hate feeling this all the time... i wanna talk to u so bad jack.. your the angel of my life and i love you more then you'll ever know. :( " if you wait for me then, ill come for you, although ive travelled far, ill always hold a place for you in my heart...remembering your touch your kiss, your warm embrace...ill find my way back to you.. if youll be waiting...together again it would feel so good to be in your arms where all my journeys end, if you can make a promise if its one that you can keep, i vow to come for u if u wait for me, and say youll hold a place for me in your heart..." :'( *MIP-SHA so much jacky baby*

XxX <3 ...For Jack And Matty... <3 XxX
they say we're young and we dont know, wont find out until we grow, well i dont no if all thats true, cuz u got me and baby i got you. BABE, I GOT YOU BABE, they say our love wont pay the rent before it's earned our money's all been spent..i guess that's so we dont have a pot,But at least I'm sure of all the things we've got...BABE I GOT YOU BABE..i got flowers in the spring, i got you, you wear my ring. and when im sad your a clown, and if i get scared your always around...dont let them say your hairs too long, i dont care, with you i cant go wrong... then put your warm little hand in mine, their aint no hill or mountain we cant climb BABE I GOT YOU BABE. i got you to hold my hand- i got you to understand, i got you to walk with me- i got you to talk with me. i got you to kiss goodnight- i got you to hold me tight.i got you i wont let go- i got you to love me so .... I GOT YOU BABE!....

when trouble fills my world you bring me peace you calm me down you're my release when walls come crashing around my feet you light my way you're my release so say you'll watch over me when i'm in too deep tell me you'll always be there to pull me free when the sun is beating down upon my brow you are my shade you cool me down every time i tried to turn away you brought me 'round your humble way so say you'll watch over me when i'm in too deep tell me you'll always be there to pull me free there to rescue me for every time you sheltered me from harm you showed me truth kept me warm every time you left me on the street i found my way i found my feet so say you'll watch over me when i'm in too deep tell me you'll always be there to pull me free there to rescue me there to pull me free there to rescue me miss you boys sooooo much it kills inside to think about life without you... i miss you like crazy. thankyou for having such an impact on my life and all the memories. love A.J xoxo

good night boys... sweet dreams and i love you all. god i wish this was a dream

three months has never gone so quick before! might go to "what hill" some time this week. lol gosh we had some funny times there... Jacko i hope you still find mattys pumpkin as funny as it was then hah... missing you so much guys xoxox ash

Daves Dad
Ian and I managed to catch up with Trent Parker and the Lye family last Saturday. They assure me that they will send a photo shortly. As soon as we get them Narz will do his bit. Drive easy - Drive smart

I searched for conversation, but i was lost for words, then a cloud of tear filled memories came crashing down on me, if it hadnt have been for the pouring rain, im sure he would have seen... tears in the rain, hiding the pain, maybe hed come back if he could see me crying? he thinks im so strong, but oh, hes wrong. he just couldnt see the tears in the rain. now i regret that moment, cause i didnt let him know, how much i still loved him, i was hoping it would show, but the rain drops and the tear drops ran together on my face,now hell never know, and no-one can take his place... he thinks im so strong, but he is wrong, he jus couldnt see the tears in the rain....

XXX...When I think back on these times And the dreams we left behind I'll be glad cause I was blessed to get To have you in my life When I look back on these days I'll look and see your face You were right there for me In my dreams I'll always see you soar above the sky In my heart there'll always be a place for you for all my life I'll keep a part of you with me And everywhere I am there you'll be And everywhere I am there you'll be Well you showed me how it feels To feel the sky within my reach And I always will remember all The strength you gave to me Your love made me make it through Oh I owe so much to you You were right there for me In my dreams I'll always see you soar above the sky In my heart there'll always be a place for you for all my life I'll keep a part of you with me And everywhere I am there you'll be And everywhere I am there you'll be 'Cause I always saw in you my light, my strength And I wanna thank you now for all the ways You were right there for me, you were right there for me You were right there for me for always In my dreams I'll always see you soar above the sky In my heart there'll always be a place for you for all my life I'll keep a part of you with me And everywhere I am there you'll be And everywhere I am there you'll be And everywhere I am there you'll be There you'll be XXX i miss you so much jack...:(

Betty (David's mum)
I have been looking on the internet at verses today and came across this: MEMORIES ARE GOLDEN: They say memories are golden, well maybe that is true, We never wanted memories, we only wanted you. A million times we needed you, a million times we cried, If love alone could have saved you, you never would have died. In life we loved you dearly, in death we love you still. In our hearts you hold a place no-one could ever fill. Ive found a good site for verses and will put some on from time to time. Love to everyone.

Hey Ian, What/where is the dingo bar?

Daves Dad
The Dingo Bar was just one name for the Bar at the Parkers residence, which I believe had a couple of names - I will not say what it means and let you try and guess. Drive Smart - Drive Safe

Searly!!! its been nearly a year mate!!... why so quick? still missing you more and more buddy!!! you'll never be forgottern!!! NEVER... love ya always!! keep on smiling. till we meet again..


mitch i can't come to terms with you been gone it's almost a year and only feels like one day, i miss you and hope your watching over all your loved ones and friends on the day.

it feels lik it was yesterday that we lost jack matt and hamish...it doesnt get easier and the pain doesnt go away. i know they will always be on our minds and we will always wonder why it had to happen to them 3....but we cant answer that no one can. all we have now is memories i guess we jst have to cherish our memories of them...and wen we hear their name not b sad but b happy and remember wot good people they were...luv ya boys

even tho i didnt know you as well as some matt you were always friendly and treated me like a mate and for that im thankful.. im thankful that i got to have a taste of the person you were. when i think of you being crazy at parties it still doesnt seem real.. thank you matt for sharing your self with me and the dilly you will always be remembered... 'forever young' RIP matt lye! xxx

hey mitch hunny! This year has gone so quick! althought not a day goes past wen i don't sit and think about or shed a tear for the fact that you are not here with us anymore! i miss you more than words can decribe! i'm hoping this pain that i feel will eventually go way but the only way i can see that happening is for me 2 c u again. my only comfort is that ur up there partying wit the boys and looking down on us. i know they say that god only takes the angels early but y did he have 2 take mine, I miss you babe! and i love you soo much

Y was it u I don't understand and nuthin shows me y mayb sum day ill c u again and tell u how much ive missed u things happen and no1 noes y if id erased this moment in time if id had known I would b by ur side if id had known I wuld hav said goodbye ur always ther even though it seems ur far away I miss u more than words im missin u more everyday where are u in my life wheres the song in my heart wheres the place of my mind and strength 4 me to carry on we will all move on and u will always stay in our hearts and every minute that passes by we wont let the memory fade away time will heal a little everyday ur always ther even though it seems ur far away I miss u more than words im missin u more everyday where are u in my life wheres the song in my heart wheres the place of my mind and strength 4 me to carry on then the somethings fade to nothing and the reasons gone life must go on and days will pass by tears will find happy memories ur always ther even though it seems ur far away I miss u more than words im missin u more everyday where are u in my life wheres the song in my heart wheres the place of my mind and strength 4 me to carry on, and strength 4 me 2 carry on.

Billy Williams
hey davey still missing you alot...

so kids, hows it going up there?? Wow, i miss you guys so much. i never really thought that we could lose 5 of our boys. it really does suck. i hope all families are hanging in there, n their freinds also.... take care everyone. tell those you love that you love them, make everything count. they sure did. RIP our beautiful boys xox....... much love -xox-

boys!! just saying hi and missing you soooo much... still doesnt feel real i gotta admit! one minute it feels like yesterday the last time i seen u, the next its takes me back when it feels like forever. love you always ash xoxo

Betty (Dave's mum)
Today is a quiet day at work and I am finding myself thinking about things and feeling a bit down. Ive been reading some of the verses Ive found to try to cheer me up and found this one: HE IS GONE: You can shed tears that he is gone, Or you can smile because he lived, You can close your eyes and pray that he will come back, Or you can open your eyes and see all that he has left. Your heart can be empty because you cant see him Or you can be full of the love that you shared, You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday, Or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday. You can remember him and only that he is gone Or you can cherish his memory and let it live on, You can cry and close your mind be empty and turn your back, Or you can do what he would want: smile, open your eyes, love and go on. We do have our memories and can smile at some of the antics our boys got up to - but it is hard when all you want is to grab hold of them and give them a great big cuddle and tell them how much you love and miss them. Just also to let the Searles know Im thinking of them especially at this time. My love to everyone.

what have we got planned to remember Mitch by on the day?

Hey Betty, whats the website where you get the poems from???

I dont go to any particular site - Im not real clever with internet stuff! I just enter in something like 'verses to remember' or 'poems of compassion' or something like that. These usually bring up sites where you can look at various types of verse. One site is www.ifishoulddie.co.uk/poems.

miss you so much matt, dilly isnt the same

mitchy cant believe how quick the time has gone it feels like only yesterday you were sitting around laughing with us all as that time comes i know you will be there watching over us all

hey pal as the yr draws nearer the memorys r stil there n getting stronger pal, like the time u got in alot of trouble at school for blowing up the bin n makin it land on the top of I block i bet it is stil there, u still managed to walk throu the school with ur head helled high smiling o whole way to the principles office, n the time we across the road from the caravan park stil witha smile on ur face tellin ur parents that u r alright, i mis u pal keep o smilin love ian

big brother
hey pal not quite sure wat to say i miss u so much pal but i love u so much more not a day goes by that i dont think bout u n how can i when u stil live in my heart memeries spent with u remain in head locked in ther forever, n the heart ache is stil there my broken heart n wil b forever as much as it hurts i know that we stil have to live our lives so i wil live my life as u would want me to u guiding my footsteps but as i and as i live my life and grow old i wio not grow stronger for the pain i feel i wil feel forever i love u davey love ian xxoo

hey pal my heart ache jus got worse because today i realised that what i thought was impossible has jus accured i'm older than u i neva thought this day would come u we're invincable it hurts me to think that i wil twenty one soon n i thought turnin twenty was bad enough n i know that u did aswell always aclaimng to be twenteen, sorry dave i jus needed some to talk to i love u bro love ian

hey jacky babe... jus finkin bout u.. it was my birthday last wk, i kept wishin that id jus get a sign from u, that u could do something but i know u cant. i wish i could have jus had one big kiss or a smile it would have made my day.. then on thursday i went and bought the magazine with u in it.. hey ur famous babe!! lol, but it kinda made me a bit upset to see u in there, i miss you more with each day but i no u would want me to get on with things sometimes its jus so hard, and i hate the fact that u jus left me i get so angry but im seein this lady n she is really good she is helping me come to terms with loosing u although there is nothing anyone could ever say to make the pain of missin u go away, im going to try n be good for u, and celebrate ur life from now on cuz all i have been doing is jus cryin n i no u would want better from me jack, so im bein happy for you more gorgeous boY! i really felt like i talked to u the other nite in my dream it felt so real and it made me feel kind of good cuz i felt like we really were together i dunno its hard to explain u no what i mean, anyway i jus wanted to let u no i love you! n always always wil... make sure u say hi to all the boys, especially matty moo lol.. xoxoxox

hey boys... i just wanna say jacko and matty im so glad u came through to karen. i read the article and although it made me sad it made me laugh at the same time. only you pair would argue about whos better looking lol... and when she mentioned the kiss on the cheek it reminded me so much how you guys used to do it. lol it never got old and it was funnier every time! so sly boys so sly haha... i miss you every minute of every day and i wish you would just come home, i know that yous cant but i want it so badly. so many memories over so many years get me through with a smile. but sometimes i cant help crying. lol then i think of something stupid you's would say to me and i have to smile wether i want to or not. love always ashley xoxo

what magazine? and whose karen?

tomorrow is going to one of the hardest days we have faced since you left us. i still cant believe its been a year it only feels like yesterday that the phone rang with that news and the world we lived in came to a stop the lives that were forever changed that day. i can still feel you around us and i know your watching over us take care until we are all together again all my lovexxx

miss you so much bubba... plz come home!!!!

Haven't posted in a while.. Just been trying to keep myself busy i suppose. Ive been sick for a while now and all this time at home has had me thinking, missing you boys.. It still feels wrong.. I want to be able to go down to davo's and see you there on the cruisers... Sometimes i still think you might be there... or at apex. But you never will be. Which is so painful. Hamish, Matty, Jacko. You boys were all beautifu people and everyone who knew you has a hole in their heart, and everlasting memories. I love you and miss you all. Please help us through. xxoo xxoo xxoo xxoo xxoo xxoo

thats life magazine and karen is jackos mum

rip searly, one year... miss u still. sleep tight

Mitchy Poo hey sweetie
You don’t know how you met me You don’t know why You can’t turn around and say goodbye All you know is when I’m with you I make you free And swim through your veins like a fish in the sea I’m singin' Follow me, everything is alright I’ll be the one to tuck you in at night And if you want to leave, I can guarantee You won’t find nobody else like me LOVE YOU SWEETIE... THIS DAY HURTS FOR SO MANY OF US... TO MITCHELL'S FAMILY I DONT KNOW WAT TO SAY BUT I AM THINKING ABOUT U ALL IN THIS REALLY HARD TIME. THIS TOWN IS BEHIND YOU N I AM SURE I CAN SAY THAT WE ALL LOVED HIM SO MUCH N MISS HIM ALSO. XOX RIP GORGEOUS KID. KEEP SMILING N RUNNING A MUCK, TAK CARE OF EACH OTHER UP THERE NOW WONT YOU


Hey, the thats life magazine is it the latest one out?? i cant find it.

Oh my god searley, i cant believe its nearly a year that you've been gone,its just gone so quickly. Everyone you ever meet, has something about you to say,you have left them something to remember you by. Love ya lots xxxx

Mitch as tomorrow approaches we will all be thinking of you and your family. Loving you more than ever xxxxxx

Think it was last weeks Thats Life

As we take these steps together i know you will be there helping us through each one

your beautiful godson riley knows just who you are your photos adorn all our walls i miss you my beautiful boy i will visit you tomorrow i love you m.m.m. and brett and i know when you are with us god bless angel and sleep a peace that is only yours love you heaps stax piles and loads xxxxxxxxxxx ps coffee roz my darling f riend


Article was in "thats life" issue 31, August 02.

Mitch Me Mate!!!!!!
Mitch its been one year since youve passsed away!! why soo fast why!!! Everytime i think ov u mate a tear rolls down my eye ... i jst wished i couldve rewind a few years so i couldve spent more time with you!!! you a champ funny lovable bloke!!! ill always remeber how we met!! :)...ill be having a few beerz for ya mate!!! R.I.P Mitchell Searle.... Never Forgottern!!!....

A year has passed Mitch, where has that time gone? I think about you all the time, sending you all my love xxx

we have always had that special bond. that only brothers and sisters share. we grew together knowing there was always someone there. as kids if one got into trouble they always knew the other was there to put uit right. Then came the teenage years and the problems changed but we all stood together and took on the fight of our lives, we supported each other right up until the end, and that still remains unchanged to this day. i may not have always told you how much it really meant to have a brother such as you. you were surely sent from heaven. I know there were times we may have passed an angry word but never did i even think that you didnt care you always did. Mitch you mean more to me than words could even say. that special childhood bond that binded us closer and stronger everyday. I know no matter where i go or what i do you will always be close by. xxxlove you always little brotherxxx

its been to long since we seen your smiling face hard to believe its been a year since you left us all behind rest in peace

hey mitch, miss ya boy.. xox love heaps

I read the article in thats life and i miss them both so much, ohh i'd give anything just to be around them again. DAMN boys you were the life of everything... n i still think i see yous around in cars but i know its not you. i jus wish so bad we could ALL jus be here together... Gosh they were funny boys, and i just can't wait til we are all reunited... til then OUR DILLY BOYS RIP.... LOVE SO SO MUCH xox

Hey Searley, missing you so much mate - RIP

RIP mitch as we now live two worlds apart!!

Cant stop thinking bout you today!!! hope your haveing fun!!!.... my thoughts are with the Searle family 2day!!!.... xoxo

R.I.P Searly....................
Till we meet again.

thinking of you ian ,you precious boy...xxx

thinking of you ian ,you precious boy...xxx

hey ian. hope your doing ok.. i cant imagine how much you must miss dave...always remember he's looking over you and smiling at you with his gorgeous smile... ... i dont realy no you that well lol i met you at bargo pete's party once but yeah i still hope your ok x

Hey Mitch Its been a year today you are in my thoughts everyday...today I saw a rainbow Somewhere over the rainbow Way up high, There's a land that I heard of Once in a lullaby. Somewhere over the rainbow Skies are blue, And the dreams that you dare to dream Really do come true Someday I'll wish upon a star And wake up where the clouds are far Behind me. Where troubles melt like lemon drops Till we all meet again in such a beautiful place XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Heather Burden
well a year has passed Mitch & i still have that hole in my heart. I miss you so much 'cute boy'. he he remember that at Pirelli. thinking about all the good times we had. i am also thinking of your family. i miss you RIP sweetie i miss you xoxox

Mitch I still cant believe that you are gone, you will always hold a special place in my heart forever. Love you so much my precious boy xoxoxox

miss ya heaps wishing ya were here just for one more bear hug. luv buddy

mitch it's been a year and what a hard year it has been missing you and watching your loved ones with a broken heart. Today i thought of all the wonderful memories you have given me and all the peoples lives you have touched, you truly are an angel. You give me some piece of mind knowing your looking after my sister and making her smile. You are missed more everday. Keep watching over family as i know you are. Missing you loving you Always Jen xoxoxox

hey pal i miss u so much a yr has one by n not a da goes by i dont think bout u well to tel u the truth not a day goes by wen i dont think bout l the dilly boys, i know that u wil stil b tryin to pick up n b a slippery as hell n probably geting shut down cos jacko n matty r keepin u company but i kow that u wil doin everything with that smile on ur face love u bro love ian

hey ya'l comin home this weekend then gettin ready for a bigger move up north to byron bay, if u wana catch up jus swingin us a msg n dont hesitate to call goodnyt al

i love u bro stil cant get that thort out of my head, n it hurts more than ever come home this weekend plz n have a rum with me,i love u so much davey boy goodnyt love ian

LOVE YOU -xoxo-
He was young, his life had just begun all of a sudden it was taken away I didn't even get to say the things I wanted to say. Only if God could see how he could of turned out to be. He wasn't the only one to pay, I still cry to this day. Sometimes I envision him in my mind As clear as I would in a mirror I only hope he knows that no matter where in life I go I love him so much I only wish I could feel his touch. Only if God could see how much he meant to me I never told him how much I cared or how much I enjoyed the things we shared all of mind is filled with hate because I never told him of my love and now it's too late

Joel Fittler.

You meant so much to all of us You were special and that's no lie You brightened up the darkest day And the cloudiest sky Your smile alone warmed hearts Your laugh was like music to hear I would give absolutely anything To have you well and standing near Not a second passes When you're not on our minds Your love we will never forget The hurt will ease in time Many tears I have seen and cried They have all poured out like rain

Joel Fittler
Hamish Is someone i will never forget. i still sit on the train every morning and think of all the stupid shit we did & all the good times we had. If i could have one wish, i wish that them days were still here, Now there's so much time, time & memory that fade away, we got our own roads to ride & chances we got to take, but we said until we die, WE ALWAYS BE BLOOD BROTHERS. AUSTRALIA LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!!! Never forget Ya Champ...

A son and brother so precious; a friend so true! Whatever he had, he'd share it with you! A thought, a deed, a kind word for a while But always, oh always, He'd share 'His Smile'. Our hearts are breaking, our thoughts are going wild! We've lost our friend: We've lost our child!

Kay Hill
What an amazing site! I met Dave's Mum and subsequently, his family through an ebay sale...bizzarre!!! I quickly learnt a lot about Dave and the impact he had on the community, his family and friends. Quite honestly, I am still coming to terms with the concept of someone so young having such a positive impact on so many people. Deidre warned me to have tissues in hand if I logged on to this site....fool me for not listening!!! And not only has David, but the other young people in the area who have so many friends and have affected so many people in their young lives. I feel so sad now at all your losses and although I feel truly lucky for my wonderful family, the many comments above, have put clearly in perspective for me, the reality that being there for each other is one of the most important things you can do...to make no judgement and enjoy life!! I will now go and wash my face, try to look like I havent cried for the last hour + and get ready to welcome my gorgeous husband and two beautiful children when they come home. I am blown away that a collecion of complete strangers have impacted me so strongly and made a reality of what I so often say - but rarely do!! Thank you. May happiness, health and love surround you always.

12months have come and gone since you left our world. if i had one wish to make it would be that of that our two worlds the one you left and the one your now in could meet only for a moment to see you smiling face one more time and to hear your laugh just one more time. as you now rest your eyes, we go on with you in every thought. take care love you alwaysxxx

deirdre dave's sister
Hi dave not a day goes by that i don't think of you, i struggle everyday it hurts to go down and see you. I know that you are with me and looking after me and my 2 boys (your georgous nephews) on of whom you haven't met but mate but you have come back to haunt me with him in soooo many ways. His temprament, his appearance, his jet black hair, his big dimples and that smile that we loved sooo much from you has come back in him. Which i am truely grateful for. I just needed to let you know that i am always thinking of you even though i don't go and see you i just can't do it. i am truely grateful that i had you as a brother and that you were one of a kind and loved by so many people. Just to let you know sean called Brody (your youngest nephew) FATTY the other day and i just burst into tears as that was my nickname for you and now that has been transfered to your nephew, i'm truely grateful for both my boys and knowing that you will always be looking from above and keeping an eye on them, they couldn't have wished for a better guardian angel. Take care up there wherever you are and i just wanted to let you know that i love you and miss you heaps.

Pics of Matt n Jack??

We have not yet recieved any photos of Jack and Matt from their families. If any one is talking to them please ask them to forward to me.A group has been formed called the Last White Cross. If you would like to become part or help this group their next meeting will be Thursday 7th September 6:30pm at the Community Centre, 6 Harper Close, Tahmoor (opp BiLo) or contact Michelle Williams on 46832 776

hey i have been trying to think for ages but it just won't come to me... what was dave's favourite band????

Daves Dad
Spoke with Ian and the family last Friday about Daves favourite band - We do not think he has a favourite but a couple of liked bands were "Penny Wise" and "The Used". We know he liked misic from a lot of groups.

afi, pennywise i know he loved pennywise

davey boy
miss you sweetboy and its more than i ever thought possible! I'll be loving you more until i see you again, you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skys are grey! i know you know and remember that! you left me with so many happy memories! i love you beyond words my sweet boy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

hey thanks mr andrews thanks heaps it was bugging me, penny wise, thats the one i was after.... thanks again

it wasnt mr andrews

k well thankyou whoever it was

3 years since andrea n carmel were taken away. god speed angels xoxoxxoxo

pictures of our beautiful matt and jack???

Matt we're missing you more and more beautiful boy, miss your laugh and the way you always took jokes way too far. i even miss you scabbin my ciggies xoxox

hey guys, time just keeps flying away, still so confused damn i wish u were here haha jack u always had the answers and matt u thought u had the answers lol... i hate this feeling of emptyness coz theres such a big part of me missing! im searching every day and night but never can find what im looking for. i know i cant have you back but i just wish... just one more cuddle! just one mroe anything! prepare me... tell me it will be ok like always. tell me just to chin up and laugh, steal my drinks and run off lol... anything.. somedays all i think about is how many years it is gunna be till i see u again. till i can get that cuddle! till i can be reassured! ill always love u and no body will ever replace you pair. "joined at the hip jetters" xoxox

Marye Patterson
Thinking of you today my MMM as alway'. I feel you around me all the time. Sweet is the sleep that ends all pain I wouldn't wake you to suffer again. Riley still tell's your picture I luz u Uncle mitchell xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

God bless all the beautiful young soul's on this website. young free and beautiful for ever.

davey boy, hows the chops!! dont think ive forgotten of u, haha as if i could get ur bare ass outta my head.. i hope u are lovin it up there with they boys.. now i have 3 of u to kick in the shins when i see u lol.enjoy urself whatever u are doing, i kno u will.. love u always dave xxx

Daves Dad
Have received some pics of Jack & Matt today. I will sort them and give a couple to Ryan to put on the site. Drive safe

Lucy - Matt's Mum
Wow - Dave, Mitch, Hamish, Matt and Jack are so so lucky to have the friends they have. I use present tense because I cannot seem to use past tense as they will all never leave us. The tears have not been able to stop, reading everything that you have all said about the boys. I would like to thank Betty and Ross and Ian for all the help and support they have given us. Also all of Matt's friends - because without you guys Matt would not have been the person he was funny, gorgeous, cheeky, loving, serious,emotional, caring I could go on forever describing him (I am sure he would lov hearing all these things about himself) No it does not get easier it gets harder, I find Friday and Saturday nights really hard, as there is not the constant procession of friends in and out of the house of the constant use of Matthews second favourite room in the house (the bathroom and the main thing in there of course was the mirror) is so so so quite. I miss opening the rumpus room door on Sunday morning and there was bodies everywhere. I miss all of you being there. I know I would do the normal mother things and rant and rave a bit, but I must have been doing something right as Matt said "he never wanted to leave home"-(he lied to me - I never never ever ever thought this would happen). I still see Dave standing in my kitchen with that beautiful smile and I miss Jack wandering in saying Hi Luce hows it going. I miss Matt saying looking good Luce or I luv you mum. I know on Mothers Day I brought one of the old cards he had brought me - as he got older he always brought me a really funny card. Lucky I have kept all the cards he ever brought me (thats a thing mothers do) I remember laughing at Matt that night he had brought a new jacket with fur around the collar - what a girl! I wish but I could have given him one more kiss, one more cuddle, I lie one more would not have been enough. The photos have been sent to Ross of Matt and Jack. As I am typing this "Three Wise Men" are playing on the radio, I always think of Dave, Matt and Jack. Yes there is a feeling of emptyness and there is a part of me missing, just like it is with all of you. I am so so lucky that Matthew had such great, caring, fun loving friends. Maybe you could write down some of the funny times you shared. I am so pleased that some of the crazy things the boys did where videoed. I was lucky enought to be a handed a video of Matt riding a push bike stark naked - (I wont say who the other person was - its our secret). I haven't been able to sit down and watch all of it yet still too emotional, but I am so glad that some of these crazy things were videoed. Its funny I feel better writing on this site. If anyone has any photos of the boys at all these parties they attened I would love to get them and do some copies as I would like to put something together for Karen and Wayne also. If anyone has a photo of Matt in his Coles work shirt I would love to get a copy of it for his day. I am so proud of my son and also of the great friends he has - our family is always there for all of you. As a mother you can nearly fix everything but I hate this as I cannot change of fix it!!!! Luv u Matt forever and ever Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

hey lucy, we should be thankin you for letting us eat you out of house and home and yes yes not always waking us up on those sunday mornings when a heap of us were recovering infront of the tv lol... and your right matt always stirred you he'd never leave, lol except to the garage but of course then he would've had to go further to steal your hairspray!!!! :-) ill come visit again soon.. take care! ashley xoxo

hey jacky baby, havnt posted for a while... it sometimes gets to the point where im lost for what to say..'im missing you' doesnt seem to be enough to describe what im feeling. over 4 months since u and matty have been gone, and no, time does not make it any easier. sometimes i jus sit and stare at photos of u and think.. i have done so much with u, i have shared so many memories, thoughts and dreams, and who can i talk to about all of that?? u cant talk about things shared jus between 2 people becuase they dont understand, they cant feel it.. only u could. i wonder so much if u can see me or hear me and then i get angry that u wont show me if u can.. i still sleep with ur pants and my 'jack doll' becuz i feel like a part of u is there with me in the night..and i ask u to hug me to sleep, i wonder if u do? its true that i will never be the same person that i was when u were alive, purely due to the fact that u were one of the biggest parts of my life, u affected the things i did, u inspired me so much that u will never know. i truely belive that i will never find another jack, how could i, there is no1 in the world like u.. and im glad becuz i would never ever want anyone to take ur place, and even when i am older and my life changes, there is one thing that will never change, and that is my love for you. i cant even begin to describe how lucky i feel that i got to be a part of your life.. i'll never forget the endless conversations, about nothing at all... i could talk to u for hours and hours and we would always be able to find something to keep talking about, half the time if we werent together we'd jus put on the same tv channel and watch tv while still bein on the phone, then comment on things that were happening. its hard not to cry when i think of you, and sometimes no matter what i jus lock myself in my room and scream and cry until i have no more energy to do anything else but fall to sleep. its like there is no escape from u, everywhere i go there is something stickin out with ur name on it, or something that u liked. i hate the fact i cant talk to u when im feelin like shit, but it seems these days that the only reason im feelin like that is becuz im missing u unbareably. i hope and pray so much that ur still around somewhere.. but no matter what ur not with me now and thats what hurts the most.i feel like i have learnt one of the hardest lessons that life has to give, life isnt great, life doesnt work out how u want it to, or think that it will.. and no matter what u cant control it or prevent it..it angers me that i have to do this, i look at people who dont have to feel this and im so envious.. but then i realise that there is so many people who have to feel like this, many that are feeling even worse and i dont know how they can, and atleast now i can understand the pain they have to go through.. im jus so greatful that u have the best family ever, and i know i cam go and cry with them anytime.. i think u were such a great person becuz of them jack and im sooo glad i get to still spend time with them becuz they make me feel close to u..i miss my convos with matt, i miss the way he would bag me out about my obsession with u! and he would always send me things from e-bay to check out haha, its hard bein around this town, without u two.. im envious of all the people who get to be with you now in heaven.. make sure u save a spot for me boys. im always dreaming of you jack...i hope i never stop dreaming of you becuz its the only place that i can be with you. Love you so much XXX

We have to thank God for one thing, its being able to have memories and being able to dream also photos, even though sometimes it hurts so so much to look at photos.We have also got to remember that we are so so lucky we were a part of their lives and we are special because they chose us all to be in their lives. Now I definately know what they mean when they say something has a "domino effect", think of two rows of domino's going on and on on, one falls and the others keep falling, the number of lives effected by both the boys is incredible. Tasha my heart goes out to you, I know what it was like to loose someone you loved. Just remember even if anyone tried to replicate what they had said or done even a few minutes ago it would never be the same thing, you have so so so many special memories, you are lucky because no one else has those same memories or feelings or moments of laughter only you and Jack had those. Jack is so so lucky to have your luv and Matt was a little shit for bagging you out,but you do know he liked stirring everyone, even though he was very sensitive, a side to him that I knew. Our lives will never be the same and this town will never be the same, they talk about a water drought, boy over the years the Wollondilly area would have filled a huge huge dam for all the tears we have shed for the boys and girls we have lost in the area. Matt would be saying to me that's enough mum you are getting too sloppy. Luv xxxxxxxxxx

Hey Boys, its been way too long since we have seen your smiling faces and all i keep thinking about is how long will it be til we can see them again.. The Dilly is lost without you guys xox... I love our Dilly but this sucks way too much... I hope evryone is doing well. and my love to the Andrews, Searle, Parker and Lye Family... Your boys are amazing, they are all loved so very much and missed also... With LOVE baby boys xox... Take Care Everyone.. Tasha girl, my thoughts are with you.. Chin Up .....

I have added the pictures of the boys up the page around the first posts from the accidents, it truly brings tears to my eyes just editing them together... they are some great shots of the boys and makes me truly remember what great times we spent together.. hope u guys can see how much we miss you.. you guys were something special and meant alot to absolutely evryone.. especially myself..

Thanks Ryann

looking at the pics of matty and jacko make me happy and sad at the same time.. happy bcoz it reminds me of the great ppl that they were but so sad it hurts bcoz i cant see them ne more... thanks for putting em up Ryann love you boys!!! xoxox

Daves Dad
Ryan thanks for the pics of Jack&Matt you have done a great job putting it together. Drive Safe

Betty (David's mum)
Oh dear, more tears today just looking at these photos and seeing our 3 wisemen having one of their many great times with mates. It seems so long ago that I could look through photos and get a buzz out of our kids enjoying themselves (and making everyone else around them laugh!)without that hollow emptiness underlying everything. Now I look at them and while I smile I wish more than anything on earth we could turn back the clock and change things!! ..Somewhere in our dreams tonight we'll see you standing there, You look at us with a smile "Life isn't always fair". You say you were chosen for his garden, His preciously hand picked bouquet. "God really needed us, That's why we couldn't stay". It's said to be that angels Are sent from up above. We've always had our angels, Our boys - whose hearts were filled with love. We love and miss you all so much.

-Mitch just a song for you, always missing you- It feels like rain has ran down on my face As you close your eyes for the last time Why can't we travel back in time I wrote this song tonight for you So you'd hear it everyday And know you're on my mind I wanna hold you in my arms and Watch you sleep until tomorrow Your silent sleep is pure beauty I wish our lives were movies So I could hit stop rewind Replay our favourite scenes And take out the bad dreams Repeat all the parts with you and me I could see you everyday As we travel back in time Some day I'll see you in heaven I feel you're everywhere around me These dreams that keep me up all night They replay these memories over in my mind I wrote this song tonight for you I'd give anything, anything To see you one more time I wanna hold you in my arms and Watch you sleep until tomorrow Your silent sleep is pure beauty I wish our lives were movies So I could hit stop rewind Replay our favourite scenes And take out the bad dreams Repeat all the parts with you and me I could see you everyday As we travel back in time Some day I'll be with you in heaven Now you're gone, your story lives on Life's a movie Life's a movie Now you're gone, your story lives on Life's a movie My life's a movie.... <3 JEN

wow , just looking at the photos of you boys.. all three of you are so so GORGEOUS..i dont live in the dilly, but its said that some of the hottest/nicest guys come from there, and this proved it....and coming from all the beautiful comments im quessing you were all gorgeous not just inside but outside..... rip boys....your in the arms of the angels now watching over all your loved ones... x x x

wow , just looking at the photos of you boys.. all three of you are so so GORGEOUS..i dont live in the dilly, but its said that some of the hottest/nicest guys come from there, and this proved it....and coming from all the beautiful comments im quessing you were all gorgeous not just inside but outside..... rip boys....your in the arms of the angels now watching over all your loved ones... x x x

the photos of the boys r great they were and still are gorgeous boys. its gud to see such nice photos of them and wen they were havin fun. u have done a good job on this site and its great to see how many people come on here and share what they are feeling

life is full of dreams i only wish you had got to live all of yours now i live mine thinking of you with every step i take

Luke Walker
Fuck boys i miss you guys so much, just wish i could have one more ride and one more beer with yous hey, i wake up every morning and you guys are the only thing that gets me goin for the day not nice that your not here but if im abit down or unmotivated i just think of the bullshit good times we had and im ready to go again, bought a big bike aswell jacko fuckin finally hey only took me 20yrs lol ill ride for the both of us mate all or nothing.....Dilly Boyz Born & Bred To Rip & Shred......Rock the fuck on fellas


hey fellas, just cleaning out my room and found pics of us and silly things that reminded me of you!! it is sooo hard sometimes to wake up knowing you's arent here. i miss laughing with yous and i miss crying with yous lol... well me crying to yous! haha. i just hate this emptyness inside that nobody can fill. i have still got messages in my phone that i cant even erase. i cling on to things that i used to take so for granted. it just isnt the same around here anymore, and i know we have to keep going and move forward, but i dont think anyone is really readt.. i dont know if i ever will be. i just miss yous sooo much!! be good kids love always ashley xoxo PS: i hope your tricking everyone where u are with the sly "kiss on the cheek" lol xoxo

Hay Boyz, just sittin here reading everyones messages, i have to try and hold the tears from running down my face, worked for a while, but anyways, ive been missing you 2 sooo much, Matty i hate the fact of even thinking of whats happened, its not fair, Isabella is soo Gorjuz, i was sittin on my own holding her the other night, and couldnt help thinking of you holding me when i was just that age, and singing to me "You Are So Beautiful", alot of the time she just sits and stars over our shoulders, and when she does we all know who she's looking at!. Im so glad to be able to hang out with your friends sometimes there so all great, Tahnee's so Funni & Gorjuz & im so glad you had something so speacial with her, it's great, i love when your mates and all visit, it brings back memories. I miss you so much matt, i keep hearing "The Pain Will Ease", it can't, it won't. I know it wont n it will feel like this forever, but as long as i have your memories with me im sure i will get through. I just wish that i could have so many more memories with you, i wish you never left n would allways be with me, never in a million years could i immagine this horrible thing could happen. When i saw that lady the other week and she stated "He's Keepein an eye on You With Your Bf's, Just Like You Used To With His Gf's" It gave me a good laugh, i know egzactly what you were talking about n i know you allways will be watching over me, everyones still feeling the pain, we all need you so bad, watch over us all Boy'z,i love n miss you 2 boyz so so much, love forever n ever Sozzy,

missing you buddy... hope you are happy where ever you are... all my love xxx

Lucy (Matt's Mum)
Ryann thank you for the great job you did with the pictures. This site is definately all about love, emotions, things you might not be able to speak about but can write down. Things that you might not be able to say to each other because you get so upset. My gorgeous gorgeous Sozz Matt loved you so very very much and always remember he will always be watching over you, so will Jack and always remember everyone is there for you always. The pain is just so unbearable. Luv you boys forever xxxxxxxxMatt I miss your smile and funny little comments, I miss you for just being you my son xxxxxxxxxxx

your my angel xxx
looking into your eyes I see all I want to be and I don't want it to end if I could only put to words the way I see you I only know I had an angel with me now and when I fall asleep you're all that I see you're in my thoughts and all of my prayers I wish I could be all that you mean to me I wish you could see all that you mean to me your my angel but I can never find the words to tell you


matt and jacko, i know your shining down on me from heaven like so many friends we've lost alone the way and i know eventually we'll be together.. one sweet day! love you guys!! xoxo

Boy's you would actually like the photo's that they posted, rather then pretent that you dont want to pose then suddenly change your mind and strike a random but always stunning pose. Brilliant job. Miss U Always

Missing you guys, it still seems like yesterday we were all at Kristines party having the best night. I still remeber seeing you Jack and you came over and said not this time trish and i said you could be so much jack, Im Glad that was the last thing we said to each other because its such a stupid thing we have been saying to each other since year 8 roll call. But it was our stupid joke and u used to laugh so much when you used to say it to me, i know your laughing at me now! Miss you all so much, like everyone we have our good and bad days. But some times i just think and will never be able to fully comprehend how many beautiful people we have lost. To all the boys, take care and i'll see you all again eventually xxxx Tricia

ash (nemo,rose) and russ (rusty shelly)
matty matty matty... WOMBAT is heere hahahah. me and russ just wanted to say hi! and we're thinking of you and love yous so so so so so much. we miss our cruiser on the grass day. and miss the comeback to shellys haha. jetters handshake matt i'll (ash) never forget when u taught me!! haha or when u run over my foot on the way to afi OR when after a party ever one crashd at mione and we took ur ute down to get brekky, u let me drive and made me park like 2metres away so i didnt scratch ur wheels. lol i didnt even have my P's!! oh and the time u swung off matthews lane trying to steal it!! and jack haha is that a microwave?? ill never forget when u were whipping those cyclists outside star city, OR the time me and ashy met u in the city and only ash was allowed in, they wouldnt let me and u paid for ash and made her check on me every ten minutes hahaha. boys we love you all love ash and russ!!!

Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road Time grabs you by the wrist, directsyou where to go So make the best of this test, and don't ask why It’s not a question,but a lesson learned in time It’s something unpredictable, but in the end is right ihope you had the time of your life So take the photographs, and still frames in yourmind Hang it on a shelf in good health and good time Tattoos of memories and dead skinon trial For what it’s worth, it was worth all the while It’s somethingunpredictable, but in the end is right hope you had the time of yourlife. It’s something unpredictable, but in the end is right I hope you had thetime of your life It’s something unpredictable, but in the end is right I hopeyou had the time of your life! MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH AY.THE PAIN IN SO REAL. IT HURTS WAY TO MUCH. RIP LOVE YOU GUYS.XXXX

Hey kids...
Words can't explain how much emptiness everyone around you here is feeling... We love and miss you so much boys.... I just wanted to let you know that i love you boys more than you could ever know, and i am just sorry i never told you that enough before... Lol, i think we were to drunk to have ever really listened to what i had to say, hahaha..... Miss you more and more evryday.. Keep an eye on us won't yas.... XOXOXOXOXOXOXO with so much love..... ME :) I hope the families of all our boys are doing well... Tak care guys....

WE LOVE YOU, THIS LOVE CANNOT DIE!!! xoxox stay with us
so far away, time can take forever. i couldn't wait to be with you, i just wanted to be together. No one to blame as your life floats like a feather, baby tell me i can ease your pain with a love that you cannot sever. Cause you're here watching the rain, feeling our pain, so don't you cry just look in their eyes and they'l tel you why, Cause they are here. Fly if there is a way, stay another day, and baby boys we'll try, if time can't decide we'll know it has tried. This love cannot die....

Awwww i miss you guys so much!!! i just can't wait to see you guys again.... "what lives to take, what a bond to break" love our Dilly Boys so much xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

The dilly will never ever be the same without u boys u guys were the life of this place and the night u died a small part of us all died. I have amazing memories of u matt u were part of the best times in my youth picking us up in ur ute cos we were too scared to go home cos we were so wasted. Words can not explain how much u are missed u were so beautiful matt thank you for the good times. You'll never be forgotten we think of u everyday love u miss u xoxoxo

its getting real close to two years Davey and I still miss you more than ever... You're an amazing kid... Love you forever sweety

heard this song today dave "all this love" reminded me of you for some reason, i love it. x x x

heard this song today dave "all this love" reminded me of you for some reason, i love it. x x x

hey guys, miss you more and more each day. sometimes it feels so real that you arent here, other days its like i just havent heard from you all day or week and i wonder if ur gunna ring. its the weirdest feeling! the pain doesnt stop... tears come and go. but my thoughts of you never end and the picture of your faces are constantly in my head. i love you

Betty (Davids mum)
I haven't been on here for a while to write anything but have been looking again on the internet at poems etc and found this one: LETTER TO MUM AND DAD: Please do not feel guilty It was just my time to go. I know that you are feeling sad, And the tears just seem to flow. I dont want you to keep crying You are shedding so many tears. We all come to earth for a lifetime, But for some its not many years. I havent really left you Even though it may seem so, I have just gone to my heavenly home, And Im closer that you know. I know you long to see me, But theres nothing I can do. Just believe me when I say this, "Im right there next to you." Ill send you little messages So please try and understand, For when your time is ready, Ill be there to take your hand.

miss you always

Tomorrow used to be a day away Now love is gone and youre into someone far away. I never thought the day would come When I would see her hand, not mine, holding onto yours because I could not find the time. Now I cant deny nothing lasts forever I dont want to leave and see the tear drops in your eyes I don’t want to live to see the day we say goodbye I just wanna touch you Boy I wanna feel you close to me Without your love I would give up now and walk away so easily. So maybe while we're young We’ll figure out together that even with the pain, there’s a remedy and we’ll be all right I don’t want to live to see the day we say goodbye. When I first met you I couldn’t love anyone oh, but you stole my dreams and you made me see that I can walk under the sun and I can still be me and now I can’t deny nothing lasts forever. But I don’t want to leave and see the teardrops in your eyes So baby while we’re young let’s figure out together that even with the pain there’s a remedy and we’ll be all right. I don’t want to live to see the day we say goodbye, we say goodbye, oh goodbye, goodbye. ** i miss you so much jack ** xoxoxo

If I knew it would be the last time That I'd see you fall asleep, I would tuck you in more tightly and pray the Lord, your soul to keep. If I knew it would be the last time that I see you walk out the door, I would give you a hug and kiss and call you back for one more If I knew it would be the last time I'd hear your voice lifted up in praise, I would video tape each action and word, so I could play them back day after day. If I knew it would be the last time,! I could spare an extra minute to stop and say "I love you," instead of assuming you would KNOW I do. If I knew it would be the last time I would be there to share your day, Well I'm sure you'll have so many more, so I can let just this one slip away. For surely there's always tomorrow to make up for an oversight, and we always get a second chance to make everything just right. There will l always be another day to say "I love you," And certainly there's another chance to say our "Anything I can do?" But just in case I might be wrong, and today is all I get, I'd like to say how much I love you and I hope we never forget. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, young or old alike, And today may be the last chance you get to hold your loved one tight So if you're waiting for tomorrow, why not do it today? For if tomorrow never comes, you'll surely regret the day, That you didn! 't take that extra time for a smile, a hug, or a kiss and you were too busy to grant someone, what turned out to be their one last wish. So hold your loved ones close today, and whisper in their ear, Tell them how much you love them and that you'll always hold them dear Take time to say "I'm sorry," "Please forgive me," "Thank you," or "It's okay." And if tomorrow never comes, you'll have no regrets about today. Life is to short we have all lost so much i hope this is a little reminder for people to cherish what was and what is. Jen xoxo

miss u guys

Even when a person leaves this earth, the love and memories remain, the special times the moments shared will stay will us in our hearts forever.

all i can think about is 6 months. wow. i dont know if it has gone fast or slow... its not good though either way. ups and downs highs and lows, either way u should be here. we miss u all soo much. love always xoxo

6 months boys and its still wrong. Miss u all. xxx

We LOVE our Dilly Boys so much xoxox

Life is Made of Dreams and hopes prays and wishes the people we care about but we never stop to think about the what if. so never leave without saying goodbye or telling someone that you love them as it may be the last time never leave in a fight. Share your happiness with everyone around you as they would with you take care of each other take each day as it comes.


Beck & Danielle Lye
Ian, wishing you a great 21st... You are a terrific guy and someone to look up too.. Missing you so very much Matt, Dave, Jack..xox

Hey Dave, it's coming again that time, and it sucks so much! It would be so much beta if you were here with Mitch, Jacko and Matty and drinking with all your mates, and we didn't have to "talk" to you through this. I miss you so. I just wish things were so much different. You guys were the ones we always looked out for when we went out to a party or anywhere. The ones that would make any girl smile, and everyone LAUGH, yous had amazing personalities each one of you had something different and special about you that made us love you as much as we do. Our lives have been left with holes, but I am so glad to have met you all and shared some memories with you, not as many as I would have liked but hey, I'll see yas again, we all will. To the Andrew Family we are thinking of you guys at this time. We love you guys. Stay Strong- by the way Happy 21st Ian, I hope you were ok and had a good day. LOVE you DILLY BOYS!!! Take care everyone. Lots of Love... Xxx

Yes its hard to begin to comprehend that it is almost 2 years since we saw Davids face and watched his crazy antics which made us all laugh - live was soooooo much better then. For anyone who can get their hands on the 9th October Womans Day have a look on one of the pages a couple in from the back and you will see Davids double. Ask Dean Wall my reaction when he showed me, I almost collapsed, I thought it WAS David. I surprised Ian with a flying visit for his 21st which was on Tuesday. He is living in a nice part of the world at the moment. My love to everyone.

ellie mills
hey im sorry about the bad enyry dave i wish it was me not u who had to go bro wil jorden jarrad gormo aaron we should have been the ones ot him sorry dave r.i.p love ya u where such a great man

Memorial at Campbelltown Skate Park
Hi everyone, Campbelltown council as part of its Fisher's Ghost Extreme Competition will be unveiling a memorial plague in memory of all Young Lives lost on roads in the Macarthur Region. Whilst this plaque will not mention names it includes our three boys, and all the other young ones who have lost their lives on our roads. The unveiling will be at 3.30pm on Saturday 11th November. Hope to see you there. Please pass this information on to anyone who you know that has lost a friend or loved one as we are all invited. Drive safe - Daves Dad

my davey
i love you bub

Hey Boys
I thought that it would get easier I really did, but it isn't, it's like I am stuck in this one spot where I just, well I dont know exactly. I think about you all every day. I wish I could see a smile or a wave, or even you driving past me. But it doesn't happen. I have no idea how the families do it, you guys are so brave and strong. Our love is with all the families and with our boys. You will NEVER be forgotten. Miss you Davey, Mitch, JAcko and Matty. XoXoX

Its hard to begin to even imagine that it is 2 years to the day since David left home and didn't come back. It seems like forever since he made me laugh and life in general was OK. Youre right it does't get any easier and we just have to make it through the best way we can. It never ceases to amaze me the impact the 4 guys had on so many people - their sense of humour and the fun times they had, their love of life and for the people around them, thats what helps us through knowing that they made the best of the time they had here. We are all the better for having them in our lives. To the rest of my family thank you and I love you all.

2 years have gone
hey apl 2 years have hearly come by some ppl u talk to say i cant believe its been 2 years it only feels like yesterday and other ppl wil say that it feels like forever well pal i wil say that it feels like yesterday it was this morning when i last saw u it was last night that i last dreamt of you it is everyday that i hold onto u becos it may feel like forever but i know that i see u everyday n whether it b in a photo or something that reminds me of u i know that u r there looking over me protecting me, i cant believe its been 2 years since u asked me 2 go shoppin at mac saquare wit u n shan n since the last time i touched u, but eveyday u touch me u r always thort of pal now there is heavan in dilly n dilly in heaven i'l b home soon pal love ian

Davey hunny, its been 2 years, and i still can't comprehend it all. I miss you so much. And love you so much too. My thoughts are with the Andrews Family today, stay strong. Not a day has gone by in the 2 years that I haven't thought about you, or wished that you were here. We wil ALWAYS LOVE YOU.... Take it Easy up there sweetie....

Dave ...your a good kid give hope to those who are losing it chin up guys

Thinking of you always
never far from our thoughts, we still cant believe its been 2 years today dave all our lives changed the day you left this earth. Our thoughts and prays are with the Andrews Family today as they are everyday. The Searle's

2 years man and thought of you on every single day... brings tears to my eyes this far on and it still hurts soo much to think about it love you boy. see you soon! xx

Hi everyone. I have organised a photographer to come with me to the unveiling of the memorial at Campbelltown skate park on November 11 at 3.30pm. I hope you guys can make it so I can have a chat with you for the paper and we can let people know how devastating it is to lose a close friend or family member on our roads. It doesn't seem like two years since Mike rang me with the bad news about Dave. Still gives me goose bumps when I think about it - I can still hear his voice and remember every single word he said. I am continually amazed by the way you guys have pulled through everything you have been through. Not many kids your age have suffered the terrible loss you guys have. It's not fair that some people don't know what it's like to lose one friend, but you guys have lost more friends in two years than our parents have in a lifetime. I am truly amazed by your courage and I'm so proud of you. I know the boys would be proud as well. Keep looking after each other and stay safe ok. chelle xx

hey narz
hey pal its ian i was wondering if i cud get a copy of those photos that r on this page of all the boys please cheers pal ian

hang in there
to all my dillians if u need someone to talk to dont hesitate to give me a call, with each othr we can all pull throu these hard times ian

When trouble fills my world you bring me peace You calm me down, you’re my relief When walls come crashing down around my feet You light my way, you’re my release So say you’ll watch over me When I’m in too deep Tell me you’ll always be There to pull me free When the sun is beating down upon my brow You are my shade, you cool me down And every time I tried to turn away You brought me around, in your humble way So say you’ll watch over me When I’m in too deep Tell me you’ll always be There to pull me free There to rescue me For every time you sheltered me from harm You showed me truth, you kept me warm And every time you left me on the street I found my way, I found my feet So say you’ll watch over me When I’m in too deep Tell me you’ll always be There to pull me free There to rescue me There to pull me free There to rescue me

my davey
i hope that i'l find you in heaven! cos i'm so lost without you down here!

if i could die and pass all these msgs onto the boys and come back i would... miss you boys

i reckon they read this, i bet they sit behind their family n friends when they write things and shed a tear or even laugh n poke them trying to be butheads like usual... i love our boys... So until we meet again, keep me a seat up there, ok well u better be keeping a seat for everyone in the dilly. Mwahhz nite kids.

Suddenly we have lost another Dillian, Jason Moore. Jason was a Loverly Guy with a huge Smile and an even bigger heart, i know that i will truly miss him as i am sure alot of people will. Jason will always hold a BIG place in our Hearts and Minds. Love You Jason

Hayley B
Miss You Jack xx..

What happened to Jason??

i was thinking just yesterday about all the boys we have lost and how when we think we are getting better and dealing with this, we lose someone else. i wish this would just stop. it really isn't fair.

I have just got onto this site after only 24 hours. What did happen to Jason Moore? Is he Sarah Moore's brother who used to live at Bargo? I know she had a brother but I can't remember if he was Jason. Please let us know.

what happen to jason??

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Yes Jason Moore as in Sarah's brother who used to live in Bargo. He passed away in his sleep earlier this week. Full details are not yet known... Our thoughts are with Sarah and Jason's Mother. Being in a community like ours, we can be sure they'll get the much needed love and support from all of those close to them to help them come to terms with their loss.

our thoughts and prays are with Jason's family and our support andlove is out there for them. Jason will be sadly missed

god, died in his sleep. did he hav a girlfriend?

wasnt sarahs brother shannon moore?

Wrong family. Yes one of the Sarah Moore's has a brother Shannon and one has a brother Jason.

my u rest in peace
i'm sorry to hear bout jason i used to b up at the skate park n he would always rock up on his blades i remember wen he broke his collar bone sucked on the morphen stick n asked the ambulance driver if they supplied it over the counter, can u please let me no bout the details wen we find out please rest in peace jason, my thoughts r wit ur family ian

Sez Moore
Jason i miss you like crazy and wish u were still here with me and mum, just remember how much we will always love you and i will never forget anything about you, it will stay with me forever. Love always and forever your baby sister Sez

Details for Jason Funeral
Jason(s) funeral will be held at the Church behind the Karate Center in Tahmmor, at 10am on thursday the 9/11/2006 - Everyone is welcome to come who would like to say goodbye to Jason. From the Moore Family.

Sez moore
Ian that story about Jason was a crack up, it brings back funny memories of him - if anyone else has anything to write please dont hesitate.

Jenny & Leigh
Hey Jason, Will never forget your smile with deepset dimples... Many good times spent with you usually at the local hang outs in bargo- The skate park, the mines and the train station. You will be missed.. I will look take good care of your sis.. love ya xxxx

To sarah and family
All our thoughts are with you now and forever! we all offer our support and love and understanding. although no matter what we say it will not make it any easier but just so you know we are all here for you.

im really sorry to hear abotu jason thats so so sad.. my thoughts are with his family and friends rip buddy x

Did we find out wat happened 2 jason?

To Sarah and Family,
I am so sorry to hear about Jason, He will be dearly missed. With love to you Jason and to your family. We are all here for you. Rest In Peace

miss u matt... sooo damn much! xoxo

Missing you Mouse, nothing's getting much easier, the tear's seem to ease, so does the pain.. but the moment i think that what's happened has hapened and there's no more turning back, all the pain from the last few month's comes crashing down all at once, I love you more than word's can explain, our memorie's sha'll allway's be with me, n never forgotten, wish you were still here to look over me like an older brother, i know you still are n allways will be!, love you lots n lots x x x x x x x x x

David - will neva forget ur beautiful smile and sense of humour!! Jack - will always rememba n think of u as the nice guy, u were always so friendly - could neva forget ur grin!! Matt - 1 memory i hav of u is wen on our last day of year 12 we were all takig pics n wen i got them developed all the 1s wit u in it u were doin sumthing silly - 1 i noticed u had ur fingers poking out of ur fly pretending it was sumthing else!! You were all such fun-loving guys, if this doesnt prove that life is unfair then nothing will!! My thoughts r now with Jason's family. B strong 2moro xoxoxoxxo

jason was like my big brother and i will never forget him!!!!!! Love you Leanne and Sez so much aswell! MWA

** Jack **I was jus listenin to that blink 182 song, and i remembered how we used to say " we'll live like jack and tasha" instead of the real words.. Would you come home and stop this pain tonight... i miss you...:( Ill Never forget u jack xoxoxox (((Tash)))

Thinking of your loss Sarah Hope you are dealing with it best as you can Im sorry to hear this terribe news xoxoxo em

miss you jay i just keep thinking your going to come back or ring my phone... it herts so much you not being here with us... hope your at peace up there xoxox


who erver put the butterfly on jasons grave thank u

miss you matt

Where is jason buried?

Jason is at the Bargo Cemetery

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how did jason die?? r.i.p boys miss u heaps xoxo

Matty, i had the best dream about you the other night, you barely even spoke a word but it the dream it was so clear to me, i could see evrything around you and i had to ask many people inside the dream if it was a dream bcos i could have swore you were really therei hugged u as soon as i could and i cryed and it was over.. i tryed so hard to fall back asleep and b back in that moment but it was over... if only i could get as much as a hug from all you guys once more, would mean the world.. missing you guys more and more. Ryann

My thouthts are with you!! xx

Ohh gosh- boys we miss you so much. Come back here for the boys, they are lost. We all love you dearly. Xxx my love to you all

Lost Forever
As each day passes without you in it, still not getting any easier. I wounder if there was anything more that we could of done! Love you always missing you more today then yesterday.

For The Young Men Taken 2 Soon
As we take those first steps into a new world without a son and a brother, just remember he is watching every step you take, From the arms of the Angels that now cradle him. Some days will seem harder then others, just remember you have family and friends around to support you and that understand.

Matty its ur birthday in a couple of days! its crazy, it feels like it was only a few weeks ago that we were at fennos house squirting pete with the water bottle lol and fenno was sliding down his stairs with his snow board and made the hole in the wall!hope u are watching out for everyone down here...everyones misses u boys like crazy Happy Birthday for Tuesday Matt!!! xxx

Miss you heaps boys!!

love you and miss you heaps jay xoxoxo

Happy Birthday Matty! Miss you boys so so much

Beck Lye
Matt where ever you are who ever you are with i hope they are giving you lots of love today on your 23rd Birthday. As we are all wishing we could give you a big hug and kiss and see you give us the embarresed look you give. Kissing photos doesn cut it... I love your dream Narz i have had one similiar recently. Hope you boys are all looking after each other. I love you Matt so much and know the pain of loosing you will not go away until the day when i see you again. Jacko an Dave Give him a birthday punch in the arm from me and a hug love you boys xox

x x x Sozz x x x [HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATTI]
Hay Matti, well it's your Birthday today!, Can't beleve it, wish you could be here with us!, just doesnt feel right that your not!, I love you so much n i hope your well where you are!, I can't beleve its been so long!, only seems like 2 or 3 weeks ago this whole nightmare began. Everythings just not fair but i love you so much and allways will, love forever Sozzix x x x

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATTY........ love you kid... Your amazing, miss you so much. Love you. To the Lye family, stay strong.

to matty, happy birthday gorgeous! i hope ur having a great time and that u can see us all and how much we r thinking of you and your family! feels like yesterday when we had that party out the back of your and destroyed the cheezels that every one wwas eating!... mmmm u now what i mean haha. u were so gross!! lol... i wish just one more hug and that the dreams were reality! love always ashley

To our gorgeous fun loving son Happy Birthday. I still remember the day you came into this world. I was so so lucky that you chose me as your mum and I know that your dad fealt the same way. You did not have it easy but you never complained you always had that cheeky smile on your face. Twenty three years has gone to fast I never never expected it would only be 23 years I thought it would have been forever. If only I had a few minutes more I would have told you we loved you more than all the stars in the sky,fish in the sea, with mu whole heart and soul that is how much I will love you always and forever.I know you knew you were loved and you always said you would never leave home-we must not have been too bad a parents then -we all miss you so so so much. You are remembered by so many people that was shown today with the phone calls, birthday bloons, flowers, cards, raising of glasses. The love that has been felt for you today is so overwelming. You are so lucky that you have so many fabulous friends and family. We could not have got through today without Jacks family, Tahnee, all your precious fantastic friends, and of cause all your family. Thank you everyone. xxxxxxxxxxxx our three wise men are shinning in the southern cross tonight.

Hey matty jus wishing you a happy 23rd birthday, although its not the same we're all thinking of you today and everyday you will always have a very special place in all our hearts, and missing you so much. We can't see you and wish you happy birthday to your face, i know that you can hear us, and you have jack & dave by your side and one day we will once again see you and make up for all the missed birthdays we didnt get to be with you. my thoughts are with lucy alan tahns and matts family & friends today and always Love always Tasha xoxo sendin my love to jack too xoxooxox


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its ok to be scared, its ok to be sad, its ok to feel, its ok to be confused and frustrated, its ok to be upset, to be angry. there are many things that can not be answered or questioned, left to wonder life is a journey and every moment is precious and valauble to this road taken. many people effect and shape our journey, which is why its important to not take relationships and freindships for granted. the angels that placed here to shape us leave footprints that will never be re filled... remember the good times... because these are the moments that complete pieces of this journey... remember the smiles the laughter ad the love these inderviduals brought to you and others... and when we reunite we will reminice on the past ... take care xxx rest in peace boys xxx

I have just read something that was written for Belinda Emmett but it is so appropriate for anyone who has lost someone precious and one of the people who mean the most to us, our children. "A golden heart stopped beating, Two smiling eyes at rest. Gods garden must be beautiful, He only takes the best". My thoughts are with everyone at this time. Christmas is supposed to be a happy time for everyone but there will always be a great big empty hole inside us knowing that life will never be the same again and every day is tinged with sadness. This pain will NEVER go away. My love to you all.

hey jack, how u doing?? i been thinkin bout u alot lately, i miss you so much!! its been so long, it feels like forever since i have seen you and it kills... there is so much i wanna say to u, u have already missed heaps..u should see how big zali and zac r now, i look at them and wish u could see how much they have grown! im so scared ill forget your face and ur smile n laugh and voice, sometimes i still smell ur smell and it makes me happy, and sad at the same time cuz its not you... i wish i could jus talk to u sometimes... so much :'(..love you.. Mipsha more then youll ever know jack wayne parker... love tash Xoxoxoxoxox " you can say baby, baby can i hold you tonight, maybe if i told you the right words, at the right time... you'd be mine." Miss you............

*** JACK**** i miss you!
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id give up forever to touch you, cuz i know that you feel me somehow, your the closest to heaven that ill ever be and i dont wanna go home right now. all i can taste is this moment, and all i can breath is your life. sooner or later its over, i jus dont wanna miss you tonight and i told the world to see me but i dont think that theyd understand when everythings made to be broken, i jus want you to know who i am..and you cant fight the tears that aint coming, or the moment ot truth in your lies. everything feels like the movies yeh you bleed jus to know your alive/// i just want you to know who i am

Anyone know who the 21 year old Tahmoor man was who was killed last night (3/12/06) on Picton Road?

it was matt keating :(

yeh it was mat keating, RIP mat another dilly boy down its gettin harder n harder to handle every time

OHHH MY GOSH! This is so stupid. The Dilly is getting smaller and smaller all the time. I can't stand this. These are our boys and they are being taken away from us, too often. I guess its cos the Dilly has the best boys but i think enough is enough. Its too many. I hate this. I remember the day Davey left the whole town just stopped. And its been happening a lot since then. I hate seeing the boys with teary eyes and so hurt- Why can't they just leave our boys alone? Why does this keep happening? Just when we think that the year is nearly over and nothing can go wrong it does, it goes terribly wrong. My heart is with the Keating Family, you raised a good kid. a great kid. He was gonna go to Europe for god sake. Its the ones that have dreams and go for them that leave, the ones we love and care about so much. Then agan we love all our Dilly. I just want this to stop. When will it end? I know its not their fault, its the ones above that can't stop taking our boys. This is just so unfair. Its Christmas and now we are saying good bye to another precious life taken from us too soon. My heart is with all of you guys... To the Keating Family i am so sorry bout this, My love to you all. Rest In Peace Matt "Keato" Keating... We will love you forever and you will be dearly missed, you will be in our thoughts everyday with the rest of our DILLY BOYS.!!!!! xox With love. xox

Bye Keato. Love you
So Keato is gone, its just so stupid- i hate how this keeps happening. thats 4 car deaths this yr, in 9 months. That just isn't right... There is nothing fun about this, but someone up there thinks its okz to take the people we love, BUT IT ISNT... Its MEAN! And its so unfair. Their families shouldnt have to say goodbye, or to feel this pain, this emptiness, not yet. Not now. Their friends shouldnt be left here crying. Wishing just one more time. Just one more Hi, one more hug, laugh, smile. Why won't it just end? Why can't these things just STOP. I am sick of it all. I am sick of seeing the boys upset. I am sick of all the Funeral notices. ITS JUST NOT RIGHT, NOT FAIR. Why is our DILLY getting smaller? Why is it the good ones leaving us? Why are the bad ones here still hurting us? Life just doesnt make sense sometimes. it realli doesnt. There are TOO MANY HOLES IN OUR LIVES now. TOO MANY! He was going places that boy was. Like it said b4, my heart is with you all. xox With Love xox

rip keato

RIP keato man u've left us to early its hurtin to much man, thinkin of u and all our boys non stop 24/7

keato...i am lost for words man. its just not fair. i will always love you man! always!!! my heart goes out to matts family and friends.. hope to see you soon! love daniel

live it love it dont waste it.... live like its your last.rip boys

another heart another soul when will it all stop the hurt the pain the tears. RIP boys love to you all.

i cant be u!!! i cant believe another one of you has been taken from us!!! i will miss you soooo much.... all my love!

RIP Keato.. Condolences to Phil and the family :(

Love you boys so much missing you all take care up there come visit every once in a while. Luv ya


i love u so much keato, rest in peace and please everyone slow down on the roads and take care in dangerous weather, love u so much man

another one lost. i cant believe it has happened again. it has got to stop. my heart goes out to the keating family R.I.P matt keating

Rest in peace Keato will miss your messiness and your stories at the greko. I cant believe your gone will miss you champ xoxo

Hi everyone another tragedy has come to the dilly. My sincere condolences to the Keating family for their sudden loss. Ian and I called in and saw Steve and Carol at home yesterday and Phil at the Greko before Ian flew up north for work. I am slowly meeting davids mates mums and dads but this is not how I want to meet them. They are all great parents so loving of the children. If any one need to talk to me you are welcome to do so on my mobile 0419 274 381 or email me on randrews@acenet.com.au. The hurt never goes away and each one of these tragedies only makes it worse. Drive safe everyone. RIP our Dilly Boys. Please no more.

Phill, You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Your brother will never be forgotton he had an awesome zest for life. I will try and catch up with you phill next time i'm down and give you a huge hug.

What have our kids done to be punished so much! Like in the message above I dont want to see our kids crying ever again as a result of another one of their friends losing their life. I dont think there would be a greater bunch of kids who are friends around the WORLD who have had to suffer the ongoing tragedies in their short lives, let alone those of us who are older seeing our kids having to try to cope with all their losses. Life seems so unfair at times! As Ross has said PLEASE RING US IF ANYONE NEEDS TO TALK!! I didnt see Keato all that often but I do have 2 memories - the first at David's 18th when I went up to him after he said hello to me and I said "Im sorry, which one of Dave's friends are you", to which he replied "Im one of the Rally twins", but I knew he was taller than either of those boys. And the last time I spoke to him was at Jason's funeral a few weeks ago when we simply looked at one another and I said to him something like "Lets hope this is the last funeral we have for one of our boys". Unbelievable! To all our kids left here who have again got to try to cope with a sudden tragic loss, my heartfelt sympathies to you all and if there is anything I can do to help please get in touch. To Mathew's family please accept my sincere condolences and as with the kids if I can be of any help please let me know. My love to everyone.

Keato, what a great kid...always the life of the party we'll never forget you babe xox

i cant believe it, another one of our boys has gone. it only seems like yesterday i was watchin u keato on stage at pennywise singing 'bro hymn', never in my life thought id be listening to that song and the words actually relating to you. i have only known you personally over the past year, and even in that short amount of time ive realised how much of a great person you are, and i cant believe i wont be able to see you again. Last time i saw you was a few weeks ago , and you had that horrible moustache, and u kept saying " hey tash, Me scuzi..." and i runup n gav u a hug, and that was my last. i remember how u wasted all my credit tryin to ring my brother on ur 21st, cuz u wanted him to come to ur party and when he finally got there u were in ur room, pretty much passed out but you were so happy to see him, he respects you so much n we both think your the biggest champ. your goin to be missed more than youll ever know by so many people. im so sorry to keatos family, i wish i could take your pain away but nothing anyone says could ease the hurt you are all feeling now. to all the boys, im so sorry another one of you has gone, and it sucks more than words can express... RIP keato, your got some great company up there... " keato, jack, matty, dave, searly... This ones for you...." XOXOXOXOX love always tash

Jess Rainford
KEATO KEATO KEATO! always the life of the party ..i didnt believe the news wen i heard it i thought i was dreamin.. too many of u have gone this yr n i was unfortunate i only really knew u n hamish.. but u were a mad one keato.. im gonna miss ur msgs n them l8 nite phone calls wen u were out wit the boys really drunk..hadnt had one in ages but i used 2 get them n god they annoyed me.. but theyre the lil things u take 4 granted ay..anyways just payin my respects and i ll b missin u and ur drunkedness!! u ll b runnin a muck up there wit they boyz tho.. have fun miss u lots love u xxx mwa

At 16 i was proud to say i had never been to a funeral. Now, as i sit here at 18 i find myself struggling as i am preparing to attend my 6th funeral on friday. this is suppose to be the best time of our lives and we're spending it saying goodbye to the people we love and cherish. Everyone has said it a thousand times when will people learn a lesson? Take care of yourself the dilly cant handle any more of this. I'm sick of losing great people over something so pointless. None of this had to happen and that fact alone tears me apart. Take care of Keato boys.. we're missing him already.

where is keatos funeral being held and what time doesnt ne one know??

sorry that was ment to be does....

....... R.I.P Keato ......
** Keato's Funeral will be held at 11:00 am Friday, 8 December at Bargo Cemetry **

Thinking of you phil... your brother loved you so much never forget that

To Keatos' Parents

you raised an unbelievably caring,funny smart ass and an all round enjoyable to be around u should be so proud of him he was so loved xoxo

If I lay here If I just lay here Would you lie with me And just forget the world I don't quite know how to say how I feel All that I am All that I ever was Is here in your perfect eyes They're all I can see I don't know where Confused about how as well I just know that these things Will never change for us at all If I lay here If I just lay here Would you lie with me And just forget the world

Lucy (Matt Lye's Mum)
It is just so unfair. The tears are flowing once more in the dilly. Our eyes are not even dry from Matt and Jack!!! Karen and I and our families are there for all of you. If you need to talk, cry and or even just come and see us and not say anything we are there for you all!!!!! To Keato's family we know the pain your going through. Going to see them on Sunday was so so hard and we realised how everyone that came to see us must have fealt not knowing what to say, but without all the support of the family, prescious friends and the Dilly it would have been so much harder. When I walked into Keato's house and the first person I saw was Cheryl (Keato's Aunty) who I know that was so hard and hearing that they had lost a 17 year old neice not long ago was worst. We know that Dave, Matt and Jack and his cousin will be there for Keato. The pain of watching you all hurting so so much is unbearable. I wish you all did not have to suffer like you all are. As parents we love you all so much never forget that. We only try to protect you all. Love to everyone

Keato. What can i say mate? when i heard the knews i my heart skipped a beat, then dropped. All through out school you were a mate. Funny, straight forward and didnt give a fuck, i admired that. Remember the days you had your old clanger of a kx80, trying to help adam jam chicken wire in the exhaust for a baffle, then hooning down rockford rd onto charlies point. You never missed a party, vodka slushies anyone? I gotta admit, and i dont know but i think everyone would agree that we're all a little selfish in saying why couldnt you stay with us longer, a hell of a lot longer. Matty, Jack, Dave, Mitch and hamish too. But we know those boys will be waiting for you with a nice fresh ice cold Vitamin B. Although you have left us, be assure we will always be thinking about you and you shall never be forgotten. Rock On Dude. Fong XOXOXO

words cannot explain the pain felt, the emptiness inside, no one can answer why.. i didnt no you personally keato,id met u a few times, but when i got a phone call early sunday morning i was in utter shock hearing that another life was lost,felt unreal... another dillian.... to all of keatos family and friends , im truly sorry . he was absolutly gorgeous, hell be deeply missed.. . please everyone take care. i just think and know that so many hearts are aching right now and that rips me to pieces knowing that nothing i can say to my friends hurting by this can do enough to heel thier hearts which have been shredded in the last couple of years.its doent feel real anymore it feels like a huge nighmare that keeps on going and going,i just want to wake up and see you all, go back to life with you all around, coz it doesnt feel real now... i pray that the pain stops right there that this wont happen again,we cant take it anymore.sitting here now tears rolling down my face i just cant explain how sorry i am. x

nothing will take the pain away nothing will make our small part of the world the same again, we were blessed to have had so many special young people walk among us, and as they now watch us from above(partying non-stop) they would want us to remember them for all the good and happiness they brought to our lives, we loce you all boys look after each other and watch over us, and PLEASE keep the rest of the DILLY safe. love to all

To The Dilly
nothing will take the pain away nothing will make our small part of the world the same again, we were blessed to have had so many special young people walk among us, and as they now watch us from above(partying non-stop) they would want us to remember them for all the good and happiness they brought to our lives, we love you all boys look after each other and watch over us, and PLEASE keep the rest of the DILLY safe. love to all

Does anyone know who the 23 yr old male from thirlmere is? that was in the accident on Picton Rd last night (08.12.06)

no h'es in a serious cond. tho but will be ok

ab AKA Hb.. xx
sorry.. its a reoccuring thing.. u put ur chin up and it gets smashed down.. how can u stand tall wen everything is making u give up.. u say this will be the last one, but it never will be.. someone said to me "i'm 22 and i've been to more of my mates funerals then i have weddings.. I'm sick of burying my mates..." Bubba, im hurting, watching u watching them being put in the ground. it breaks my heart. i wish there was more i could do, or have the right words to say.. but theres nothing to say.. Just take care of urself. watch over eachother.. "So Say You Watch Over Me, When I'm in Too Deep.. Tell Me You'll Always Be, There To Pull Me Free.. There To Rescue me" xx Mispah Kizmet, Always forever xx (9.12.06)

when is it goin to end! this pain isnt fair... miss u guys very much!!! xxooxxoo

cherish every moment you have with each other as it could be your last take care and drive safley

when i look into the eyes of the loved ones whom have had a golden child taken away from them i see the pain and discomfort that they feel and see how it affects there surroundings... this breaks my heart... no more should we feel this... these are the years to never forget as well as the people that have been apart of our journey ...

Anyone know yet who the guy was in the accident on picton road... 23 year old thirlmere


miss you keato!!!!!

Loved Ones
life changed in a single day our world never the same again, we try to pull all our hearts together but it just not enough for the pain we feel one step each day together and we can start to rebuild a world without our love ones just the memories of there beautiful soul's all you all boys miss ya heaps stay safe!!!

To our Dilly Boys
Hey Boys, I've been thinking for a little while, and all I keep thinking is I wonder what yous are doing right now?? I have some theories and they are making me laugh so hard. Keep shining on us boys. WE LOVE YOU MORE n MORE EACH DAY!!!! Love always xox "i carry ur heart, i carry it in my heart" (it was on a movie i watched)

keato u dirty man where are you miss you like hell mwah!

Hi, I didn't know any of the boys who have passed away, nor have I met any of the families affected. I have simply just sat here for the past few hours reading and feeling so emotional at what this group of close friends have been through. As a parent, it is our worst fear to have to say goodbye to our children. No one should have to go through this, all I can say is that I congratulate the people involved in setting up this website. You have kept the spirit of all the boys alive and well. To the families, I wish you all nothing but happiness for the rest of your lives. What you have been through should make us all stop and think about the little things that bother us, god bless you all and take care.

Wow. I know none of you but feel so effected and saddened when reading this site and reading about your losses. Love is everywhere here. I wish you all lots of love and healing.

Amie (Hamish's cousin)
Hamish Fulham- if there's still any confusion as to how it's spelt. thanks for everyones comments and wishes. he was amazing. there were three of us, Hamish, Brooke and myself all born within 3 months of each other. and it was hard to turn 18 without him. he was so full of life and it would have meant so much to both Brooke and i to have seen out the year with him. and now approaching Christmas i just wanted to extend all my love and thoughts to the family and friends of the other guys, because i know there is a lot of grief returning for me at this time. love you Hamish xx.

I didn't know any of your beloved boys, but this site is a credit to them, and all of you. I have 3 boys, and can't begin to imagine what it would be like to lose one of them. So take care boys (and girls), and get home to your mum. She needs you.

This is long but please read it and take extra care over the holidays The day I died was an ordinary school day. How I wish I had taken the bus, but I was too cool for the bus. I remember how I conned Mum to give me the car. "Special favor" I pleaded "All the kids drive". When the three fifteen bell rang I threw my books in a locker. Free until tomorrow morning. I ran to the car park excited with the thought of driving the car and being my own boss. Doesn't matter how the accident happened; I was showing off going too fast, taking crazy chances. I was enjoying my freedom and having fun. The last thing I remember was passing an old lady who seemed to be going awfully slow. (crash sound effect) I heard a crash, a terrific jolt. Glass and steel flew everywhere. My whole body seemed to be turning inside out, I heard myself scream. (scream sound effect). Suddenly, I awakened. It was very quiet, a policeman was standing over me. I saw a doctor; my body was mangled, I was saturated in blood. Pieces of jagged glass were sticking out all over. Strange, that I couldn't feel anything. "Hey, don't put that sheet over my head I can't be dead, Im only 17. I've got a date tonight, I'm supposed to have a wonderful life ahead of me, I'm about to leave school, I haven't lived yet. I can't be... dead." Later I was placed in a draw at the morgue; my parents came to identify me. Why did they have to see me like this? Why did I have to look at my mum's eyes when she faced the most terrible ordeal of her life. Dad suddenly looked very old. He told the man in charge "Yes that's my daughter". The funeral was weird, I saw all my relatives and friends walk toward the casket. They looked at me with the saddest eyes I've ever seen. Some of my friends were crying. A few of the girls touched my hand and sobbed as they walked past. "Please, somebody wake me up get me out of here. I can't bear to see Mum and Dad in such pain. My grandparents are so weak with grief they can hardly walk, my brother and sister like zombies they move like robots, in a daze." Everybody; no one can believe this. I can't believe it either. "Please don't bury me, Im not dead, I have a lot of living to do. I want to laugh and run again, I want to sing and dance. Please don't put me in the ground. I promise if you give me just one more chance God I'll be the most careful driver in the whole world. All I want is one more chance. Please God, I'm only 17."

Betty (David's mum)
This site never ceases to amaze me - after 2 years of it being set up by Narz (I don't know if he had any help)people-complete strangers- have happened across it and have been effected by the emotions it holds. To Mario, thank you for what you have said. The tragedies our kids have had to face is something we would never wish on our worst enemies. We are so proud of the kids, they have shown and due to circumstances beyond their control are still showing the greatest strengths and bonds and that is the positive that comes out of this 'hell on earth' situation that we have all been dealt. What other area and group of kids has had to pull through ongoing tragedies over a 2 year period. As mentioned by a few people here, at 18 I hadn't faced the loss of any friends or even acquaintances- life and the future was good. I take my hat off to all you kids for the love and friendship you have shown each other. You are there to help each other when times are tough and you know we mums and dads are here if you need us. Please take care over the holiday period. Your future is ahead of you, don't ever take things for granted. You all have so much to look forward to. My love to everyone, and I know I will always be thankful for this site - to read the great messages and to be able to contribute has been a way of healing for me. Please take care everyone and Merry Christmas.

This time of year just doesnt seem the same anymore no matter what we do, even trying to be happy coz they would want us to be is just to hard some days. holding them close daily just doesnt happen either and its hard. take care out there missin ya more everyday

christmas eve wont be the same this year without our boys... missing you soooo much!! x

Merry christmas jack... Love you.. always will, missing you so much xoxoxoxoxox

photo's of our man keato???

Photos have been passed on, its just a matter of time. Be safe these holidays everyone.

Feel free to email me pix of any of the guys and ill be happy to get them on here for evryone to see.. "Ryann@thrashedkids.com"

Lived your life to the full, with a lifetime of smiles. Made us know right from wrong, always knowing of lies. You made us be tough, but never too rough Rise above's what you said, never easily lead. And one day we'll all sing along; Cause this is your song, i wrote it for you. It won't take all day, just a minute or two. You were our friend, walk with you to the end. And one day we'll all sing along; Cause this is your song. So we'll try and go on, loving all that we know. Through the hardest of times, you put on a show. You made us stand tall, when all around us would fall. Even when you were low, you believed you could fly. And one day we'll all sing along;

For those who haven't seen the movie "CLICK" with Adam Sandler, go check it out. Once you've watched it you'll understand just how important family is. No one goes to the grave wishing they spent more time at work, but plenty do wishing for more time with family and friends. Cherish each other every minute of every day, Merry Xmas to all of you.

merry christmas i miss you very much

Christmas is meant to be a happy and joyful time and all i keep thinking about is how badly i want to see you boys. I miss you guys so much. To the family of the boys my heart goes out to you and to the Parker, Lye n Keating family this being the first christmas without the boys please know that the dilly is behind you completely and we are here for you always. Davey, Mitchy, Matty, Jacko, Keato we love you all so much and I think its fair to say if we could we'd change everything and bring yous back. Yous were definately the life of our DILLY and now its just not the same. Merry Christmas to everyone. Take care. Have a Safe and Happy Christmas and New Year... Hopefully its better than the ones we've been having lately. XOXOXOX...XOXOXOX MerrY ChriStmaS Dave, Mitch, Matt, Jack n Matt.

Merry Christmas Boyz!

Merry Christmas
Wishing you were here to celebrate this special holiday with your family and friends. Merry Christmas Dave,Mitch,Matt,Jack,Jason and Matt look after each other and keep the rest of us safe.

For some its the 1st xmas without a loved one for some its the 2nd or even the 3rd but no matter how many years go by its still that same feeling of emptiness and loss of that special loved one, and as hard as it is we need to be strong and celebrate christmas the way they would want us to, as we come together to celebrate christmas will also be celebrating ther lives and the souls of these wonderful people that we were bless to know. love you all boys take of each other merry xmas


Merry Christmas Keato Love you miss you so much dude xoxoox

Merry christmas my mazzy miss you xoxoxo

MERRY CHRISTMAS boys... I missed yas last night, wished you were out with us... Have fun xxx

Christmas will never be the same without you guys here with us! luv ya lots xxxxxx

in every laugh i hear you here with us behind every smile i see abit of you looking back at me. merry xmas boys take care look after each other up there

Love you so much... Have fun xox Xx

Loving and missing you every day keato xx

come back keato miss you too much xoxo

come back keato miss you too much xoxo

merry christmas and happy new year boys, have a beer for all of us!!! cheers xoxo

i find it hard to take in the fact that time is flying by so quikly, i never realised how fast it can seem to fade away... its been so long now yet feels like yesterday the day we lost dave, then the nightmare continued on, and to think that i wont ever see any of your faces again, to actually think about it again and again. it tears me up... the amount of people you guys touched and the memories we have is the only thing that can make us smile when we're down. i still scroll thru my phone and see your numbers and i just go numb, i cant i call u anymore and even worse, i know you wont be home.. it sucks. i hope you guys are having a blast wherever u are and sorry guys but ur gunna have to party with who u have now cause we dont want anyone else to leave us! love always Ash

lachlan ross kennedy
we will miss you dave you will always be remembedman

Matt 'kenno' kennedy
dave you will be remembered for the rest of everyones life everyone misses you but will never forget godbye dave

Happy 21st birthday you'll be in every thought in every moment thru out this special day. love you always

time is flying past but the memories will never fade. Keato still can't beleive your gone. Life is cruel but the dilly is a good place to be when you need a friend or support. Everyone here is always there for each other and i;ve never seen that anywhere else. Just please watch over us boys. We cant deal with losing anymore great people. love you all. xxx

Happy 21st Mitch! Love you lots and miss u more xxx

HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY MITCH!!! Who would of ever thought I would be celebrating our 21st without you here, missing you more and more each day, love ya lots and lots, cheers up in heaven em xx

heather burden
HAPPY 21ST MITCH!!! i thought about you all day yesterday. not a day goes by that i don't think about you i miss you so much... all those days at work together that i'd wait for you to come down and visit me and the lifts home you gave me.. so much has happened now mitchell and i are having a baby and i am about to qualify as a chef.. its my 21st this year too who would have thought that you wouldn't be here to party with me. i love you MITCH RIP xoxoxox

Matt Kennedy
dave you wil be remembered and never forgoten i will miss man cya later DAVE


Think about you boys every day. Sometimes i think i see you in a crowd but when i look again your not there. Driving scares the hell out of me these days. Watching any of my friends drive off makes me nervous. I hate that this has happened, i hate that we have no control and we're just spose to keep going. There is no justice for the amount of pain we have all gone through these last few years. I'm so thankful that i have my friends to help me through all of this but it also makes me wonder... How long will they be there for? What if this all just keeps happening. Is this what happens in life? You make friends and unbeleivable bonds with people, you grow with them, love them and then its all taken away. Gone. It's just so pointless. I love you boys and i'm missing you every day. Please take care of each other and remember we love you forever. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

to think of a today with out you is hard to think of celebrating your birthday without you is even harder dreams and wishes will be for filled you today for you in every moment of this day. luv ya mitch

Hey Mitch, just off to your Ems 21st, i will have a drink for you , im not driving ,luven you an missin you every day

Happy 21st Birthday Jack, i love you so much and always will. xxxx

Happy 21st Jacko..celebrating your birthday without u jus doesnt feel right! but im sure all you boys were looking down on us on sat having a few drinks yourself!!it was good to see yours and matts family again!makes me miss u boys even more...it's crazy to think it was almost a year ago that we were celebrating ashs birthday at the dingo bar..i'll never forget any of the memories i shared wit u two!..look after everyone down here..i'm sure we have enough guarden angels now to make sure everyone else stays safe...love n miss u like crazy x x x

Happy birthday jacky baby. 21 today, and your not even here to celebrate it..its not fair!!! thinking of you everyday. Love you with all my heart and miss you more then you know... xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox love Chezz!! p.s "Mipsha"

jacko! happy birthday, i cant believe ur not here!! ur gay lol... just kidding! thiking of you always and was good to see ur fam the other night! wasnt the same with out u although some effort from the boys was on fire at the dingo bar! i hope u guys are having a ball... miss u and much love, always "your rose"... "ill never let go jack" lol.. xxx

i know its late but its hard for me to get to a computer these days, first of al happy new years to everybody, happy 21st birthday mitch n jack, emily make sure ur home this long w/e i have a present for u, i no i have missed alot of occassions cos i.m always away from home but hopefully soon i'l b home for good, missing u all especially the boys i know we have had our hard years the past coule of years but this year wil b one to remember for al the right reasons i know that we wil b remeber bout the boys nearly everyday i know i think bout the boys everyday, it doesnt really amaze me the thoughts n feelings of everyone cos i know that we r a tight n great bunch of kids i have lived in a few places but there is no place like the dilly n trust me wen i say thisit doesnt matter where u go u wil always end up back in the dilly take care n i'l c everyone this weekend peace out n all my love to all n thats alot of lovin

hey keato man, i miss you so much, hope your drinking plenty of v.b up there, everyones drinking it down here for ya, have a good one, everyone misses you and are thinking of you!! love you man

Sitting here thinking about you looking over old photos that now seem like they were taken a life time ago, and looking a some taken just a few days ago your smiling face is whats missing from them, we can try to think of all the right words to say we can cry a million tears but they will not bring you back, alot has changed since you left our world but one thing that hasnt is the love we all share together as friends and family i wouldnt have wanted to have grown up anywhere besides the Dilly.

its taken me so long to get bac on this site i kno i cant ignore it but pushing these thoughts to the bac of my mind seams like the easiest thing to do keato's death hit me like nothing i hav eva felt before. my admiration goes out to the family's of the boys i honestly cant understand how you guys get thru it. im finding it hardest to get past the reality of there never be another memory to add to my collection during the years i knew keato. i cant believe the stories i tell are the only ones ill eva hav. nothings seams the same without this amazing creature tho im so thankful to say i neva took him for granted he was always someone i could jst stare at and admire everything he did the things he said had me mezmarized whether we were having our laughs our fights and teases or our forever long chats about his tatts, bands or the ralleys. ill neva forget you. oh ill finally apologise for that time i rubbed my foot on you at the shed then calling you a sook wen u wouldn talk to me bcoz of it! love u..xxx

Karen (Jack's mum)
This is the first time I am able to write. I often sit and read the comments but struggle with what to say.I miss my boy sooooooooooo much.I just wanted to let you know that I could not do this without you all.Thankyou to everyone who came to help celebrate Jack's 21st.You are a wonderful group friends and thankyou for loving Jack so much (even though he was easy to love)Don't forget to look up at the sky and look for our stars.Jack I love you.Mum

The Dance Floor will never be the same.... I need you guys back here to show me some new moves! or just so i can get a laugh out of you guys trying to pull them off. the numbness never goes away.

Ian thanks so much for my present, I absolutely loved it!! I know Mitch would've. I will always remember the story of how the painting came all the way from the cafe in Byron Bay to the Dilly to adore my wall. I bet you Mitch is up there right now with all the guys drinking his crown lager. Emxx

Every day i come on this site and read what people have written. I do it because i miss the boys, Because it helps me keep going and because the love and bond the we have in the dilly is so amazing i never think i will completely understand it. I hope my children grow up with people that are so laid back, loving, funny and genuinely care for each other. Working in Sydney people usually dont know where Picton or the Dilly is but i think that kind of adds to the beauty of it. I love that we dont have people all over the place and we have our own space to do our thing. Anyway the point is I love you guys. every one of you.

Betty (Davids mum)
For my beautiful boy. Every day we think of you and what you would be like now. Would you still be holding kids in awe doing your crazy bike stunts and pushing yourself to the limit? Would you still be going to Cronulla and come home scratched to bits from the reef? Would you be a qualified carpenter? Would you still have your sideburns down to your chin? All these questions, but one thing I know for sure is that everyones life would be so much better if you were still here - you never ever knew how important you were to people and how many of us wished we had your sense of humour and ability to make people laugh (our lives are so much the better for your being here!) And now its your birthday on the 4th, you would have been 23. David we miss you so much and my tears are starting all over again just wishing we could celebrate your birthday with you here. We will be looking up at your star and sending our love. Have the best birthday you can have with all those other loved ones with you now and keep everyone smiling. My love to you all.

HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY Davey Boy......... Have Fun up their sweetie. My heart is always with the Andrews Family, Chin Up! We love you kid so much... "i carry your heart, i carry it in my heart"

Happy Birthday for sunday Dave x x x My thoughts were with your family yesterday in particular

Happy birthday davy.... love u always

is there photos of keato coming?

i miss you so much jack. :-(

Hey Boys just thinking about you all and missing you. i never stop thinking about when you were all here. Everything was simple... I wish those days could come back. miss you all.

i miss you so much

Worlds apart but yet never to far, in all my memories thoughts and dreams you are, the one person that never judge and awlays loved was you. I no your watching from above and telling me to be brave, but its not the same without you here. I know we couldnt change what happen it was all ready written in the stars but just one more day to tell you all that. For just one more bear hug. luv you always and forever XxxXxxX

Angie Batey
Aunty of Matt (KEATO ) Sadly missed by all the family ,still cant believe it ,love you baby xoxoxoxoxoxo

Ryann Galea
Please anyone with pictures on there PC of the boys, who wants them up here for all to see, please email me them at


Thanks Ryann,

Hey Mitchy, missing you more and more each day. God i wish you were here, my life would be so much easier. xoxo

xoxox Mitchxoxox
Havnt been able to stop thinking of you for the past week...miss u so much gorgez...u will neva be forgoton the memories dnt fade u are such a beautiful boy and u will always be in my heart... love u hunnixoxox

miss you don't know what to do it's to hard

Love u all boys soo much, not a day goes by when we dont think of you.xoxoxoxoxo

melanie xoxox
hey man, i never new you personally, but from what i have read you sounded like a real nice bloke. I read you story in the papper and it touched my heart so i checked out this web site and you because a heart warmer for me. R.I.P and i hope the all the tears will remind younger drivers to behave, while driving.

just wanted to wish u Happy Valentines day jack... love u and miss u always.xoxoxo

havent been on here in soo long. matt i miss you :[ i wish i could just wake up one day and the entire past 10 months would all just be a horrible nightmare!. but i guess the impossible is just that :[, but still.. for as long as i live i will hope and wish and hope some more every day of my life. WoW 10 month's :[. thats crazy. I LOVE YOU MATT :'[

Still feels like it was yesterday. Miss all you boys every day. Your beautiful souls will be remember and missed always. love you forever

Miss you mofos so much words cant explain

never met you but from what ive heard your a great guy R.I.P dude

Its getting closer to that one year mark... i'll never forget the feelings i've gone through these last few years. losing someone you love is the hardest thing to ever do. sometimes i see a car that looks like one of yours and it brings back so many memories. i often wonder what you would be doing now... i miss you

missing you more today then ever before nothings been the same since the day you left our world, and it never will be. Same days dreaming of you and looking over memories of our past just aint enough and today is one of those days. The day i was told you were know longer with us, i thought nothing would ever break me again and that i would never feel that sort of pain again boy was i wrong. Everday it gets harder and harder. As more of our friends and love ones leave this world and join you watching above it doesnt get any easier. I will always love you no matter what path i take. Visit sometime soon please!!!

take care look after each other and watch over us

missing and loving you boys more then ever!!!

Miss you so much Jack xxx

Everytime i hear this song...i think of you and i cant help but cry from missing you...its been so long, time will never change how much i love u and ill miss you for the rest of my life...you will always mean the world to me, and forever you will remain a part of me, and in my heart for everyday for eternity... i miss you so much jack :'(.... ""I didnt hear you leave, i wonder how i am still here. i dont want to move a thing..it might change my memory. Oh i am what i am, ill do what i want. but i cant hide. i wont go, i wont sleep. i cannot breathe until your resting here with me. i wont leave, i cant hide.. i cannot be until your resting here with me.... i dont wanna call my friends, they might wake me from this dream, and i cant leave this bed, risk forgetting all thats been...i wont go, i wont sleep... i cant breathe until resting here with me. i wont leave, i wont hide... i cannot be until your resting here with me.....""" Love always tash ( chezz ) ***mipsha*** xoxoxoxoxox

its been so long since i've heard your laughs or seen that smile of yours hamish. It was the most gorgeous thing it would brighten my life every time i seen it. We all know how blessed we are to have been a part of each of your lives and you will forever be a part of ours. as i sway on the boarder of harsh reality and sweet dreams i am slowly learning that life will never be the same and you are gone forever no matter what any of us do. you've been and left your mark on each of us and we are forever missing and loving you all. xx xx xx

Just to let you all know Amy and Russell had a baby girl on 1/3/07 named Macy. Deirdre due any tick of the clock. Ian is now home - its all happening.

miss u guys so much, always in my heart keato, xoxoxoxo congrats to amy and russell :)

Congratulations to Amy and Russell on their baby girl.

Deirdre and Sean had their 3rd boy this morning. He is nearly 9lb. His name is Lucas James. Both doing well. After a few hiccups over the last 4 weeks her delivery was reasonably straight forward - very fast. Both doing well.

Congratulations to Amy and Russell on there baby girl Macy and to Deirde and Sean on there baby boy Lucas.

wish you was back here mitch sooooo everything could be happy again! you know who im talking bout RIP mitchy

Have we got sum more pics coming??

Needing you Here
I just keeping wishing you were here to tell me it would all be ok and that we will get through this but those days are long gone i went to sit at your grave today hoping that i would get some comfort from visiting you but all it did was make me realize just how real this all really is. I dont no how to fix this i dont no how to be strong that is what i need you for. I know as we take the steps into this next unknown you will be watching over us but i really need you to be here right next to me telling me it will all be ok it has to be i cant lose anymore people i wont.

hey boys, sorry it's been so long since i have come to see you, or visited the site. Sometimes i feel like i'm being selfish when i dont want to go out there but its only because i dont want to hurt anymore i dont want to be reminded of what things could be like now. Every story, every memory are all beautiful and i will cherish them forever. I worry i'm going to forget your laughs or your smiles or all those other goofy things you did. I know i will never forget but just the thought of forgetting scares the hell out of me. i come on this site every day and i miss you every day. all of your beautiful souls will shine on. love always xxxxxx

My god you boyz my heart still aces for you all, missing you guys more then ever, still trying to come to terms with all this. I still go down and see you guys from time to time but its just not the same, loving you all alwayz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

david hawkey
hey broz i just wana say hey and i love u so much to my girlfriend lauren. and u rock to everyone that rides for life

davo hawkey
i just wana say all the boys in blackwater rock the skatepark at and they are james dawson, matt kennedy, josh ingram,erik mcnab and keep ridin boys.

david hawkey
and chris carnell

david hawkey
david neil andrews R.I.P you will never be forgotin in our hearts from all ur friends and family xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Deric McNab
hey man sorry to hear bout what happin. R.I.P man live to ride, ride to live rock on.

This site never ceases to amaze me. It is obvious David met you guys (Blackwater?) and made a lasting impression, as he always did. I remember one of our boys telling me that David was his 'pitcrew' and he (David) got introduced to one of the other well known riders at a meeting. Next meeting this particular rider remembered David but not the rider who he was helping out! (If that makes sense.) He is remembered in so many ways - his build (big Dave!), his beautiful black hair, his flashy smile, his wonderful sense of humour (which got him into trouble sometimes), his crazy antics - the list goes on and on..... Not many of us will be remembered and thought of every day like our beautiful boys here. Their effect on so many people of all ages will never cease to amaze me. The memories we have and the great times will keep their spirits alive forever. These kids will NEVER be forgotten and our lives are all the richer for knowing and loving them to bits.

lachlan ross kennedy
your tricks were so smooth you stole our hearts david we miss you

Bargo Girls
Missin All You Dilly Boys =[ but we all know it wasnt a goodbye cause we will all catch up soon enough. might not of been the best cya but we all miss yas Lovin Youz 4 Evahh xxx

Miss you lot... always. I wish i could go back in time even if it was just to say goodbye. Imagine if cars weren't invented... i Know its weird and you boys are mocking my right now but seriously. How many lives would be saved. I know it would suck not having cars but you get the point right. i'm just going mad trying to think why you had to get taken from us. love you all. xx

Hey Guys, Im sure u guys are up there still having a whale of a time but down here its a different story i miss u so much everyone misses u so much, wish it didn't have to be like this. Rememeber how good it was everything was perfect. I love u xoxoxo

Missing you all ~

amy andrews
thanks for the kind words. our little girl is perfect. i want to say thanks to dave for sending us an ANGEL!! love you and miss you...

congratulations deirdre and sean on your baby boy, all the best. love and kind thoughts to you xxx congratulations russell and all the best for you in the future xx

missed you at russ and tahnee's 21st on the weekend boys. can just imagine the things you would have gotten up to on that slide. anyway wish you could have been there for the celebrations. miss you all.

Just heard bout bj. my thought r wit the family xoxo

who is bj

bj pendergast - picton high school - class of 2001 - killed in a work accident last week.

does ne1 no the story on BJ??

its in the highlands news paper, explosion at pine mill at penrose.

Our thoughts are with bj's family and friends.

If anyone hears when BJs funeral is and where can they please let us know. This was a tragic accident but I guess could have been worse as there were other workers with him. From what I understand there was another young local fellow with him. David used to play football with him some years ago. My thoughts are with his family.

Extract from Paper
Fatal Penrose factory blast under investigation WorkCover is investigating the death of a man yesterday afternoon at an explosion at a factory in the New South Wales southern highlands. The ambulance service says two people were injured when a moulding machine exploded at the factory in Forestry Road at Penrose. Paramedics arrived by helicopter, but they were unable to revive a man who had fallen 10 metres onto concrete and received serious head injuries. Another person received minor burns and was taken to Bowral Hospital by a private vehicle.

Someone said the funeral was on friday. But thats all i know SORRY!

The funeral is to be held at Leppington same place as Matty and Jacko

BJ's Funeral
The funeral will be held at Leppington on friday the 30th march at 11.30am. For the guard of honour please wear club shirts and be there by 11.00am.

Somdays life just doesnt seem fair it really makes you stop and think what if, we are all so blessed to have grown up here in the dilly and no matter what will be here for each other.

miss u so much boys, cant believ its almost a year since i last saw u... it tears me up. love you always...

missing you all more every day our lives were so much more full with you all in them. watch over us

* RIP BJ *

miss you so much, everyday jack...love tasha xoxoxo

Just dropping in to say Hi Boy's and missing you like crazy xoxox

one world but so far apart one day we will be together again until that day i will hold all my memories and dreams close by. missing you heaps

Just wondering the exact date the bois died? Isnt it a yr this w/e?

Ian and I were reminiscing last night and he said it was the 8th April.

Coming up a year mazzy and jack Miss you wish you could of been a part of our memories in the last year xoxoxo

keato we miss you too much to explain

it was the 9th.... not the 8th

Missing you guys more everyday wishing you were here stay safe

Hey Boys
I am so lost for words its almost a year. I still remember the phone call I got. My thoughts are with your families. Stay Safe guys. Have a great Happy n Safe EASTER! My Love to everyone... I Love our Dilly. And I love our DILLY BOYS XOX

hmm allmost a year, its not fair.. the two of you are just a few steps away from me :], hehe spooky.. love you two xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

a el bmx libre estilo nunca muere te recordaremos todos los biker de el m undo te estaran esperando bmx vida

hey whats that mean?

thinking of you all today stay safe out there! Happy easter guys!

miss u today and always jack....xoxoxoxoxoxoxoloveu

Beck Lye and Family

A year has passed, fricken unbelievable.Still feels like a week ago you were in bathroom getting ready to go to party and I was laughing at your fluffy jacket Matt,saying you looked gay...he he...We wake up every day thinking it was all a nightmare only to be hit with this ugly reality... To all stay strong, the boys would want that.Love you all...Miss you so much Mouse..

I'm just so tired Won't you sing me to sleep And fly through my dreams So I can hitch a ride with you tonight And get away from this place Have a new name and face I just ain't the same without you in my life Late night drives, all alone in my car I can't help but start Singing lines from all our favourite songs And melodies in the air Singin' life just ain't fair Sometimes I still just can't believe you're gone And I'm sure the view from heaven Beats the hell out of mine here And if we all believe in heaven, Maybe we'll make it through one more year Down here Feel your fire, When its cold in my heart And things sorta start Remindin' me of my last night with you I only need one more day Just one more chance to say I wish that I had gone up with you too And I'm sure the view from heaven Beats the hell out of mine here And if we all believe in heaven Maybe we'll make it through one more year Down here You won't be comin' back And I didn't get to say goodbye (goodbye) I really wish I got to say goodbye And I'm sure the view from heaven Beats the hell out of mine here And if we all believe in heaven Maybe we'll make it through one more year I hope that all is well in heaven Cuz it's all shot to hell down here I hope that I find you in heaven Cuz I'm so... Lost without you down here You won't be coming back And I didn't get to say goodbye (goodbye) I really wish I got to say gooooodbye. Miss you so god damn much Jack. Love you xx

Missing you all more today there ever

i remember that morning my ma waking me up tellin me to check on all of my friends cos there had been accident only to find out it was our beautiful mazzy our mazzy that stole my ciggies took jokes way too far and alwys picked us up in the lowlux nigga when we were wasted pre teen love and miss you mazz

rest in peace bj. U were one of a kind xxx

i could never have imagined 3 years ago that our boys wouldn't be here with us, and not i sit here and i can think about is how much time i took for granted with them. as i sit here and wish so much that i can just ring them or hug them or laugh at the crazy things they'd come up with. I just never really thought it could happen but now it just keep happening and as terrible as it is, every night i go to sleep and think what if it happens again tomorrow, and when i see an ambulance my heart pounds so much faster. I just wish things would go back to how they used to be

Well a year has passed since we lost our boys I know how your were all feeling over Easter. It has been the hardest year ever and I hate it because now I cannot say last year Matt you were here doing this or tha, working, doing crazy things. You were my sanity I miss you so much!! All you boys know how I was always telling him to put his shoes away that use to be at the front door well the pair of shoes he wore on the satureday night and then came home and changed into his sleeps are still at my front door waiting for him to come through that door and wear them again- If ony I wouldnot care if there were 50 pairs of shoes at the front door as long as I had my mouse back. I want to thank all of you for your love and support - it was great seeing you all on Anzac day -the one person missing was Grant - I could not believe he was not there - I missed you. Has Grant given up partying? What I have learnt is that we have to enjoy every minute of everyday andlive it like its your last. My life has changed forever. Karen and Wayne and Allan and I have said we wish we would have socialised when our boys were here, I know they were always saying we would enjoy each others company and its so true - I feel that we are not just friends they are part of our family for the rest of our lives. I know Matthew is around me I often feel like he is standing in the kitchen (of cause he would be in the kitchen he loved his food). One thing I do know a broken heart can never be healed. we will get old but Matt and Jack will be forever young. Luv to all our Dilly family

Betty congratulations to you and all the family on the recent births. I have not been on the site for a while so please forgive my lateness on wishing everyone well. Hope we can catch up soon.

Betty congratulations to you and all the family on the recent births. I have not been on the site for a while so please forgive my lateness on wishing everyone well. Hope we can catch up soon.

over a year now, feels impsobile for me to belve, i would never have thought a year ago i would be laughing and having fun again, it allways seemd like i could never actually 'live' again.. but everytime i take a single look at a foto, or rethink a single thought of you.. a whole years tears, hurt, pain and so many more feelings all crash down on me at once, it still hurts like hell and in the past week or two has been harder than the entire year, it has been the hardest year of my life!, and i think i know for a fact i will never have a worse time in my life... i love and miss you mouse, you two boys will live on forever in out hearts and thoughts xxxxxx

the dilly is a close knit family..
ive just sat down and read all the msges and realised the dilly has the most caring people in it..to daves matts jacks hamishs mitchs jasons keatos and bjs familys my thoughts are with you.. i dont know you guys personally but you raised great boys. ian chin up mate you have alot of support.. glad the community sticks together..

we miss you dave long live dave

We sure do Dave. It seems like forever since you went out our front door on that dreadful Friday. Who would have known you wouldn't be coming home. I still pray every night and wish like hell that you would have been sick that day or it was raining and you wouldn't have gone to work. We can't change things...but if only... We love all you boys to bits and my best wishes always go out to all the families and friends because I know how they feel every day!

If only we could change all of this and prevent each everyone of you leaving us so young! loving each of you missing you even more!!

Ryann Galea
Feel free to post your thoughts guys, i re-listed the domain and fixed the comment section to keep the thoughts of these great men in our hearts. I still remember the day i created this page and the response it got from the community. It truly shows the impact these guys had on the people around them.

Posted on 24th November 2014

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David's Dad
10 Christmases have gone by. We all still miss you smiling face. See you again some day. Love Dad and Merly

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